Russia and creatures inhabiting it

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Russia and creatures inhabiting it

Russia and creatures inhabiting it.

The first true book about Russia and its people.

1. The history of Russia.

2. Russia in World War 2.

3. Myths about invincibility of Russians.

4. Laws of nature.

5. Russian culture.

6. Science, education and astronautics.

7. Myths about mysterious Russian soul and special Russian spirituality.

8. How Russians perceive Europeans.

9. Forecast for the future of Russia.

1. The history of Russia.

Before baptism of Russia, there were scattered tribes that mixed with each other, were attacked by other peoples, vikings and Asians, they take some traditions and language from them.

There is theory that Western peoples descended from Slavs, similarity of language and appearance, but if you look deeper, using logic, it’s not so, according to my theory, white race came from north of Europe and gradually mixed with Eurasians, this is easy to prove if you look at Norwegians, Germans Aryan type, Danes, light eyes and hair, now look at Slavs, despite blond hair and eyes, even in Siberia, Mongoloid features, wide cheekbones prevail, which speaks of mixing with Asian peoples, in the south, Caucasians have Aryan facial features with addition of Asian genes, elongated faces with large nose, but with dark pigment in the eyes and hair, a sign of the Asian and Negroid races.

Logically, the white race could not appear on territory of Russia, especially in Siberia, the Asians peoples dominated there, the forces are unequal, purebred Aryans survived only in Europe. And from where come white people with snow hairs in northern Europe, let scientists guess.

Yes, it is possible that white peoples lived in Eurasia 10 or 100 000 of years ago, but with completely another language and culture, they were clearly not Slavs and the fact that they lived here, does not allow modern Slavs and Russians to consider them their ancestors. For example, when white people lived near India, Indians stole gymnastics and called it yoga, and after kill them.

Ancestors only those who gave genes, language, culture, gods, but not extinct great civilizations long ago living in this territory.

While whole civilizations grew in Europe, wild tribes lived here, the meaning of which was banal survival, this is a mix of all races that once lived on territory of Eurasia, these tribes ennobled the genes of Nordics folks who came here from the north of Europe. At the time of baptism of Russia there was no science or technology here, when compared with achievements of European peoples of those times.

These tribes were led by immigrants from the West, something like Scythians and Vikings, all this beast was regularly enslaved by Asian nomads, Vikings, and other more initiative peoples.

This population didn’t need anything, sun is warming, lot of land, animals and fish for food, it’ s animals life.

Perhaps the reason for their slavish psyche in that other nations fucked and chased them throughout their history, imposed their own language, culture, and in result they turned out in non-initiative cattle with suppressed will.

Lords of the west admired at these rich lands and inhabitants living there, and in 900 happened what we all knew, army of mercenaries bent the local lords with their villages and converted surviving folk in Christian faith, in slave religion. New lords were, according to some sources, from Byzantine or Jewish clan. They owned only land in the west of the Ural mountains, Siberia at that time belonged to the Eastern Asians tribes and Mongol Tatars, only in the 17th century Siberia was captured by Russians.

Throughout its small history, someone controlled the Russians, first Viking lords, then Byzantine immigrants, according to some sources, the Monomakh dynasty has Jewish roots, then Germans Romanov dynasty and after revolution, Jews Lenin and Stalin again seized power, after collapse of USSR, Jews again came to power, I think Germans killed Jews in concentration camps in vain, better to brought all Jews to the border of USSR, this Jews would put things in order there, they always had good life in Russia and by this Hitler would defeat the Russians.

Now in Russia live such peoples: Russians and Slavs about 60%, Caucasians, Asians, Ukrainians, Jews, descendants of European immigrants (Finns, Germans).

Russians and Slavs, what is difference, it would seem that these are 2 different definitions of the same people living in Russia, but no, they differ in psychology, outlook on the world and most importantly, the structure and function of the brain, which of course affects their appearance and facial expression.

At the end of book I will write what is their difference.

Russia today, who rules it. It’s not Putin rules Russia, he’s just some kind of actor twin of first Putin, the real Putin has long ago died, country is ruled by Hasids (rabbis) who can often be seen in the photo with Putin, they are tightly connected with Western forces in Switzerland, Russia never belonged to the Russians, by her always ruled by forces subordinate to European rulers.

2. Russia in World War 2.

To begin with, here is an excerpt from history for those who believe that Russians are peace-loving nation and they are constantly offended by the Western invaders.

“On August 23, 1939, between Germany and the Soviet Union was concluded treaty about non — aggression, according to which any possibility of an armed conflict between the USSR and the Third Reich was excluded, and spheres of influence in Eastern Europe were divided. On September 1, 1939, Germany attacked Poland, after which the World War 2 began. According to results of the war of Poland and Germany, the USSR received western Ukraine and Belarus. The USSR attacked Finland on November 30, 1939, the war ended on March 12, 1940 with the accession of the Karelian Isthmus. In 1940, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Bessarabia became Soviet territory.”

As you can see, Russian troops are as cute and good as Hitler’s army. Do you think Soviet soldiers were tormented by conscience when they attacked European countries, no, there was joy of simple Russian peasant, well now we will show who is the strongest and most important, a simple vile Russian peasant, I’ve seen enough of these creatures over the years of my life in Russia, this is the ziel of their life to assert themselves at the expense of someone, preferably a feeble drinking companion, a weak wife, their own children, and ideally stepdaughter or stepson, that’s where Russian man reveals himself fully, exposing his sadism, thirst for power and cruelty.

Hitler had no choice, it was impossible to allow the Soviet army to gain strength, it is too dangerous to have such strong and aggressive neighbor as the USSR, occupying almost all of Eurasia and actively promoting its rotten values;;and culture on the whole continent.

According to data from archives in the occupied territory, Germans destroyed only 1,500,000 of the 70 million occupied civilians, about 500,000 died of starvation, 1 million, not so many, Germans were not such beasts, they were killed out of necessity in case of resistance or provocation of local population, those who agreed to serve them, they usually did not kill. And what is Russian villager, do you saw first old photographs of russians villagers, these bizarre hungry faces with eyes roll out, look like photos of Indians taken by Americans at the beginning of the colonization of America, and these are hereditary faces cannibals, such creatures eat their children in the years of famine.

Yes, many cases of cannibalism have been found among Russian villagers during the years of famine in the 19th and 20th centuries. More than 10 000 cases.


Here they are true ancestors of so-called Slavs and great Russians, their genes were ennobled by the Germans, French and other descendants of immigrants who came here thanks to Peter 1.


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