Romance at work. Beginning and Finals

Бесплатный фрагмент - Romance at work. Beginning and Finals

Pros and cons of such love relationships

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Work — this pastime, which, as a rule, occupies the main part of a person’s life. Strangely enough, but for a private life outside the work of the average person there is much less time.

It is all the more logical that personal relationships arising at work, where a person spends most of his time, are by no means a rarity. It is at work that people communicate and recognize each other in various situations: from stressful stresses during the delivery of important reports to free-relaxed ones during a corporate party. You can talk about a novel at work when relations from the plane of business and partnership go into the intimate plane.

It happens often as if completely unnoticed. That man and woman seem to work together, in an effective tandem solve production issues. And just one day they realize that they have become close people. And it is in such a tandem that they can and they want to solve not only production, but all life issues without exception. Thus, no additional period of psychological rapprochement is required. Everything has already happened by itself thanks to the work.

There are several options for the development of the events of the service novel. One of them, sadly, is a romance with a married man (a married lady). In the first couple, he inspires and inspires, I want to not just go, but fly to work. There is a share of the drive in that the novel still exists. And spend a lot of time together with the new lover is possible thanks to the production need.

However, if in the long term it comes to translating such relations into a more serious or, in principle, official level, then there are many questions. In most cases, the person in a relationship is not free, most likely will continue to arrange the situation of a service novel. Even despite the possible reprimand on the part of colleagues and the risks that information about the existence of the novel will still seep and reach its official life partner.

If you managed to twist the affair with the boss, then in the beginning it can offer additional advantages. After all, of course, such a boss will be more loyal to a subordinate, with whom he has a close relationship. However, the situation can drastically change if disagreements arise suddenly on the job. Often it is the close relationship that exacerbates them, and this is fraught with serious quarrels until dismissal.

The optimal and logical version of the development of events that can follow after the novel is fastened at work, takes place only if the beloved is single. Then it is quite possible that everything will end beautifully with a legal marriage. It is clear that actively working people have little free time, and accordingly, opportunities to get acquainted with some new person on the side. Moreover, colleagues like no one well understand each other’s problems, are able to share hobbies and be in one «theme». That’s why such marriages are really favorable.

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