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What does Leonardo da Vinci write about?

His paintings are written in the hope of knowledge, imagination and logical thinking of the viewer.

Everyone is looking for Leonardo da Vinci’s secret code and some of them think they’ve found it.

We also found clear evidence that, in his paintings there is a secret meaning transmitted to the viewer.

To reveal the secret, you need to know what Leonardo thinks, to find out it is necessary to learn to guess the true meaning of the picture. How this is achieved, we will show you the example of miniature drawings of his contemporary from the East Kamaliddin Behzod.

I show you thirty drawings and three of them I will try to explain, if you learn to understand the drawing correctly and reveal the secret meaning of all the other drawings of the great miniaturist and carefully study the picture of Leonardo, you will understand what the secret of the Da Vinci code is.



The gesture men in this picture much something claims, probably the father of two children says that without a father a child can not appear.

This figure explains the world believing society as would two girlfriends and two children one of them in house, but in reality one of them not girlfriend and each under the guise of girlfriends. Because the hand shows the gesture of the female and male and it is not a coincidence. He makes a cuckold of the people who believe this girl.

When studying genetics, some people have doubts about the integrity of the virgin Mary.

Especially people dissatisfied with the world and religious orders.

Leonardo da Vinci was also an illegitimate child of a notary from Vinci, and treated low-grade class in origin and probably many times in my life had to stoop. In addition, he lived on a non-traditional sexual orientation.

He could deep of his heart have reason to hate the creators of those times world orders. This state could be reflected in the paintings, too, that is, although he created many paintings on a religious theme, but in deep heart could be an opponent and in his works introduce non-art opinions.


Everyone knows that the «Last supper» is the night before the crucifixion of Christ. During the day, Jesus was in the city with his companions, made a visit to the temple of Jerusalem, declared himself the new king, and in the market turned over several trading tables of street vendors, declaring them to be swindlers.

In the evening they sat down with the twelve apostles for the Passover meal.

This picture shows that everyone is discussing the day’s events. The faithful three sitting to the right of Christ listen attentively to what others say. The man sitting next to them persuades the woman to run away with him while quietly. The fourth person from Christ’s left of it pointing saying «He made very rude custom error». Man which shows gesture fingers right-wing hands, in fact foresaw the next events — «For today’s actions you’ll be put on call.»


When the first time I wanted to share my thoughts with the members of the group and said only that this picture has a secret bad meaning, immediately I was accused of homosexuality and refused to publish the article.

This drawing is not good, that’s for sure, but the author of this painting is a world-famous and very respected artist.

Why does his hero show such a bad gesture?

If he wants to tell the audience that he is the first-it’s nothing, if he says- «I will break you», then it is very serious. To whom it is addressed, really all?

Did the author of the picture come to such an emotional state of mind?


1. Hadja Abdallah Ansari talks with dervishes. Illustrations to Hamsa of A.Navoiy. Amazement of religious. Great 890/1485. Bodlean library, Oxford University.

Elliot 287. l. 24а, 11,5х16,3cm

Despite of the strong shahs and sheikhs of the world wanted to prohibit the works by the artist, they couldn’t make it in the legislative way because in spite of the fact that critics tried to find in them sedition, they didn’t manage to find proofs that the artist was beyond decency, has made a challenge to society. Kamoliddin Bekhzod like nobody else managed to rush the ideas as camel through an eye of needle. For example let’s take for an analysis of this problem a miniature of the great artist which he has written to poem «Hayratul Abror» included into «Hamsa» of Alisher Navoiy. The miniature is called «Hodja Abdulloh Ansoriy talks with dervishes». At a superficial glance it is possible to think that here are imprinted the moments of ordinary conversation in the garden of Hodja Abdulloh Ansari. But if to pay attention to top plan of a picture, then it is possible to see skillfully written mountain landscape. An artful fox, pursuing a mountain goat, she has brought it on such mountain top that a poor animal has no chance to move. Naturally, there is a question: what aim did pursue a fox, by having bringing the goat on the rock?

If to follow usual logic, then the answer will be as: the fox had no other exit. It is known that fox is a gourmand. She has guessed the appetizing odors coming from the house, but as doors and windows have been densely closed, an opportunity to get there in regular way was absent and then she has decided to use a chimney. The house was high, it was possible to jump on a roof only having bringing the goat on the rock. And already from her back she will jump upward to a chimney.

For the artist wishing to rise by art tops, a main objective is recognition of his achievements by world community. For its occurrence, the society has to study his works, and to see in him the outstanding artist who creates original masterpieces. In those days there was the following tradition: before the work was exposed on court of the public or put up for sale, it had to receive blessing of official of the governor. There was a whole staff of critics who meticulously tried to discover defects or forbidden thoughts in the work. It was a peculiar censorship.

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