Revelations of the guest house

Бесплатный фрагмент - Revelations of the guest house

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The house lives when it is inhabited and dies when it is being abandoned

Its fate depends on people, as well as the owners fate changes, to some extent, with a new home purchase, sale or foreclosure loss.

This is the story of an ordinary house whose fate has radically changed thanks to the new owners.

My name is Moss Rose Vacation House. I was named after the street on which I have the honor to reside for forty-two years already. The Moss Rose Lane is located in a quiet neighborhood in a small Gulf town of Crystal River in Florida (USA)

About three years ago my life changed radically. Before that, it was no different from the boring life of other houses around in the area. My previous owners abandoned me because of the mortgage debt and I was handed over to the cold-hearted and indifferent bankers, replenishing the ranks of other similar houses, which, in those times of crisis, throughout the country were plenty. I just stood there and waited for my fate, deteriorating slowly but surely.

After all, any home is alive as long as it is inhabited. We like when we are cared for, clean kept and cherished. We like to have a living spirit inside, feel happy or get upset together with our owners, live a full life!

Who knows what my destiny would be, but one day I was bought by one very energetic young couple. I was completely renovated — from head (my roof) to toe (flooring)! It was a compete rebirth!

Do not even remember now how many plastic surgeries I went through… I gave myself trustfully and unconditionally into the skilled hand of my new owners. And …tah-dahm … — totally renewed! Shining like a diamond I was back in to this world again (on a market) put up for sale, in a new hope of finding caring and loving people But there it was…

I waited for about a year… starting to decompose again, feeling lonely, but hoping for the best… And then one day She came. The lightning stroke me — She is My Lady! It was love at first sight. Yes, and she liked me. Immediately I felt hope for a better life, that she would never give up, would take care of me and cherish. Nothing else needed!

Besides she was up to something interesting… to transform me into a Guest House, kind of short-term vacation rental property. I really liked the idea right away. On one hand it promised me an interesting life after so many boring years of being vacant, and on the other — only a short-term temporary parting from my Ownie, whom I liked so much!

I got an inexplicable feeling that for all these years I’ve been waiting just for her! And again I got a loving “family doctor” (one of the guys who did remodeling and decided to join my Ownie in this project) to take care of me. Him I got devoted to as well!

I liked the idea of transformation into a rental property very much. No sooner said then done! In a short time I was furnished and all necessary appliances installed.

And since it was the New Year’s Eve I got a very nicely decorated Christmas tree. By the way, it is still there… It was given the glad hand! My Ownie tried to put it away so many times, redecorate the interior, but guests liked it so much that my green beauty stays there all year round! So I can easily be renamed into the House of the Eternal Christmas Tree!

When the furnishing was over I was advertized on the hotel booking sites, my photos posted and full description given providing all my advantages and features for leisure activities. Well, this is the regular procedure in real estate business. There are a lot of houses on the market and competition is tough!

My advantages were that I was newly renovated, fresh, good-looking, well-groomed and spacious. I can easily accommodate a couple of families or a party of ten at once. And also I’m located in the very center of local attractions and entertainment spots!

The most important fact is, I’m literally a few minutes drive from the famous Crystal River and the Three Sisters springs where manatees live!

Manatee is such a sea mammal, a very funny and completely harmless creature, living in Gulf coastal Florida waters and strictly protected by law.

To see them, and if you’re lucky to swim with them is the dearest dream of every child and even adult!

The fact is that it can be done easily only in our little town. So people come to visit us from different countries to come in touch with this world of beauty. Besides being located by the Gulf of Mexico and the canal where such tasty seashells, the scallops, could be fished out once a year, I could be a perfect host for families and friends in a hope for their “lucky catch”. It’s been an annual tradition for scallop lovers for years…

Well, and the main advantage of our area is summer and sun all year round!

You can enjoy boating, fishing or just laying on the beach any season.

I have a garden with a small pond outside (it’s inhabitants will be introduced later). There are sunbeds in guests disposal and a grill, two kayaks and a pair of bicycles. You can make a bonfire outside or catch a fish.

With all these details I was posted on the most popular hotel booking sites. Also, guests were given the opportunity to contact my Ownie if there were any questions. Very soon we realized that questions are always there no matter how much information is given. Nobody really reads it…

Most of the time people just look at photos and make their choice based on what they see. Some of our potential guests prefer to talk to my Ownie in person (she sleeps with her phone nearby ever since!)

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