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Sea erotica

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Part 1

That’s the sea! Beach, resort, all inclusive, 5 stars, super! Plus unlimited opportunities for dating and flirting. At dinner I was at the same table with my mother and daughter. My daughter is slightly younger than me, my mother is a little older. We arrived too recently. My daughter’s name is Vika, my mother is Alla. Both are of the same height, slender, the daughter has hair to her shoulders, her mother is short. Both moderately cute, behave like girlfriends, but from the outside, you can not say that mom and daughter, well, exactly — girlfriends. In the morning, walking to the sea, I came across them on the beach. — “Vitaly, go to us!” Played cards, bathed, sunbathed, brought them ice cream. And somehow it happened that time began to spend together. Together we went to dinner, together sunbathed, we met in the evening on entertainment programs. The friendship with Vika and Alla blocked me the possibility of dating with other, single travelers. Although, in truth, single girls did not really exist. All or families or companies. But there were a lot of women in the resort. Vika and Alla were well built up, pleasant to the faces, but they were not so beautiful. They were good at communication, they joked and laughed a lot. With them it was easy and simple, as with old acquaintances.

At first I decided to priudarit for Vika, not with my mother, I was engaged in flirting. But my mother and daughter were almost inseparable. A couple of times I managed to steal Vic. We walked around the town, along the embankment, went to a local restaurant. Vika did not really take courtship. I did not even succeed in kissing her once. And the days flew fast, one by one… There came a dinner, tomorrow Alla and Vika fly home. It was a little sad, but soon I was going to leave the hospitable places here. We sat at the table all already so rested, tanned, condescendingly glancing at the white newcomers. At the end of dinner, when Alla went to add dessert, Vika suddenly handed me a note. Her face was mysterious. “Read it in the room,” she said. I hid the note in my pocket. What would that mean? I was at a loss. After lunch, it was necessary to lie in air-conditioned rooms, it was still hot in the “yard” during the day. “Come at one o’clock in the morning to our place on the beach,” was written in a note. Really? Does Vicochka give me a date? This is the last night…

In the evening at a concert of local amateur performance I sat next to Vika, although the place with Alla was also free and it would be more convenient to sit there. I moved in Vick and began to stroke her hand unnoticed. “Not now,” the girl whispered to me and moved away a little. Well, not now, not right now. I hardly found the night. He shaved, put on weight, put on his dress shirt. I took a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers. “Our” place on the beach was a little away from the main, there were fewer people, in the afternoon. At night the place was completely deserted and dark. The sandy beach and the sea are illuminated only by a muted moonlight. The waves roll unhurriedly to the shore, there are no other sounds. I sat down on the sand, opened the bottle, poured the wine over the glasses and waited.

The clock was already half past one, when I heard a cry: “Vitalik!” The sound came from the blackness, from the sea. I looked, apparently there was nothing at all. — “Vika, you?” — “I!” I threw a shirt and jeans on the sand and jumped into the sea. “Vika, where are you?” “I’m here.” I swam to the sound. The anticipation of seeing a naked (almost) female body next to me on this black night stirred me. It seemed that I could now swim this sea from end to end. And so I saw her. She swam by and by. I rushed to Vick. She saw me, “rushed” napeyk, decided to play catch-up. Vika and Alla swam well, I was already convinced of this. But I was also a good swimmer. Lowering his head into the water, I powerfully earned my hands and feet, sending the body for the fugitive. Soon I began to overtake it. Here are her heels, very close. Touch, yet, but no, she’s not going to give up. The race continues. But my masculine pride was already touched. Some girl “makes” me like a kid. I turned on the maximum speed. For some time our pursuit continued until I grabbed her ankle. Still sailing after Vika, I noticed some absurdity in her appearance, but did not attach any importance to it. And now, grabbing Vika by the leg, I was face to face with… Alla.

— “Alla, how did you get here?” — “Bathed.” — “And where is Vika?” — “And Vika is at home, asleep.” Pause. We must return to shore. “We must return to shore,” I say. “Yes, let’s go back,” says Alla. And where is the shore? The lights of the shore were far behind. We swim to them. We sail slowly, there is nowhere to hurry. Alla sails nearby, breathes heavily, is tired. “Are you okay?” I ask. “Yes, I’m tired a little, I’m so swimming,” she grins. I look closely to Alla from the corner of my eye. A young woman in her prime. She’s pretty. And it seems that I fell in love, once I lied to a date, at night, at sea. She has a narrow waist, an appetizing ass, and how she makes legs in the style of a frog. How her legs are sexually pushed … “Vitalik, I’m tired,” she says. “Let me take you in tow,” I say, “lie on your back, I’ll pick you up from below.” I lay down on my back, crawling under Alla, taking her by the armpits and trying to swim. But you will not swim so far. From such proximity of our bodies, I immediately have an erection and Alla surely feels it. And it’s so uncomfortable to swim. Let’s try differently. Alla gets on my back, clasping my neck. We almost drown. And the shore is still far away. We swam again nearby. Our bodies are so close. Also it would be desirable to swim and swim with it eternally, let the shore and does not come nearer.


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