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Coloring Pages and Pictures to Redraw

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This manual is a tutorial. If you need additional consultations or classes, you may always contact me.

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How to begin to draw well

You probably think that it is a very difficult thing to learn to draw well.

This is not entirely so. You just need to train a lot and hone your technique day after day in order to start doing something well.

You can fist learn to paint the coloring well, and then try to redraw the pictures already drawn by someone.

That is what I propose you to do now. I wish you creative success!


Tatiana Oliva Morales

Dedicated to the Public Search and Rescue Formation rescue team «SpasReserv»:

to the head of the detachment, Ivanov Yuriy, Bogdanov Yuriy, Mikhailov Sergei, Mikhailova Yulia, Ponomarenko Sergei, Khaev Sergei.

On August 3, 2019, the squad saved the cat of the author named Matt from fierce death.

And also, to my friend, Tavadze Georgiy, who together with the detachment took part in the rescue operation.

There are
Sergei Ponomarenko, Sergei Khaev and Matt in the center; Julia Mikhailova and Yuriy Bogdanov to the left; Sergei Mikhailov to the right.

Coloring Pages and Pictures to Redraw

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