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Dedicated to the Public Search and Rescue Formation rescue team


to the detachment chief Ivanov Yuriy, Bogdanov Yuriy, Mikhailov Sergei, Mikhailova Julia, Ponomarenko Sergei, Khaev Sergei.

And also to my friend, Tavadze Georgiy, who took part together with the detachment

in the rescue operation.

There are
Sergei Ponomarenko, Sergei Khaev and Matt in the center;
Julia Mikhailova and Yuriy Bogdanov to the left;
Sergei Mikhailov to the right.


We have got two cats, Matthew and Maurice. In general, they live amicably, although sometimes they can quarrel. All cat fights, as a rule, are arranged by Maurice, and Mat either watches what is happening from outside, decorously lounging on his sofa, or involuntarily participates in the captivity.

And once, on a calm summer evening, Mat was lying on the windowsill, dreamily watching the sun go down into the night, when Maurice appeared there.


He hissed and suddenly pounded Matthew with his paw. The next instant, Mat disappeared from the windowsill and a dull blow was heard just below the window:

— Boom. — as if a bag with something soft fell over the window, and then no sound…

In horror we ran outside to look for our beloved Matthew, but his trail had gone cold. Returning to the apartment, we heard a faint meowing outside the window, between our seventh floor and the neighbor’s sixth one.

I looked out of the window, down — there, on the neighbor’s air conditioner, our frightened cat lay meowing plaintively, with huge eyes in fear, fixed on the street.

The distance between the window and the conditioner was decent, about two meters. How to save the cat, how to get him out of there?

The first thought that came to my mind contained a logical hint that we could not do without the help of the specialists, so I dialed 101.

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