Reference point, or Virgins will save the world

Бесплатный фрагмент - Reference point, or Virgins will save the world

How to gain, and that is more important, how to retain love

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The purpose of my book is to prove that the moral laws existing for many thousand years are not obsolete puritan conventionalities as commonly believed in the modern Western World, but the necessary measures for supporting order and stability in the society.

It is not only an important condition of physical and mental health of people but the grounds for economic development of any country.

The story I want to tell might be shocking but at the same time it is a copybook maxim known for a long period.

Information on this subject is sometimes occurs in various sources including scientific literature.

My task was to gather, comprehend, put in order and inform it to a wide range of readers.

The book will be useful and interesting to teenagers just starting their adult life, and to adult generation.

Chapter 1. Price of the ticket to heaven

Invitation to adhere moral norms and rules does not mean rejection of all the sweets of life in all its aspects, nor isolation from the surrounding World, as it might seem at the first sight. Just the opposite, it is the only correct way to achievement of one’s goal — to find happiness — the real love.

To make your own Heaven on the Earth.

Heaven is somewhere inside the soul; everyone has his/her own.

Sometimes it means something that was dreamt about but still remained unattainable.

The one who managed to attained what he or she had dreamt about, already lives in his or her own personally created beautiful Heaven.

Our Heaven is here, on the Earth, at our life-time, and not after it.

So what is it that frequently prevents us from gaining it, from living happy and free life?

What is the price of the ticket, the ticket to Heaven?

How much are we ready to pay for it

For it you do not necessarily need to have a luxurious house of great bank account. However, all these items are possible if you set the goal and persistently move to it.

But, prior to create the Heaven on the Earth, our tangible Heaven, we need to create it in our soul.

And it will give an impact, and, due to the support of the supreme forces, create prerequisites for attaining your goals.

Contemporary scientists have proven that a human being exists not only in the physical body, but in the fine, invisible one.

In the World of thoughts and emotions.

Therefore, without spiritual development it is impossible to be harmonious, and, consequently, successful, happy and healthy person.

The real price is just adherence to the main religious commandments, known to everybody.

The main rule: do not kill

Human must not interfere and destroy already created things.

Another, not less important commandment — not commit adultery is, for some reason, not considered to be the law necessary to follow in the modern World.

It is the most serious mistake of the Western thinking.

Recently, I have read an article by Anastassya Belovsa “Why doesn’t he call”: “Millions of women, every moment, on each continent, are spending hours near the telephone — waiting for a call from the beloved man, thousand times inventing the reasons and justifications, why he does not call”.

She gives advises what to do.

Indeed, it is unthinkable, how many women find themselves in this stupid and humiliating, intolerably stressful situation.

Instead, one can save plenty of money and forces if casts off the stupid illusions.

Men are very selfish; they highly appreciate their freedom and independence. Somewhere in the bottoms of their hearts they probably feel the insincerity of fast-gaining relations therefore escaping them.

A girl who respects herself and want normal long-lasting relations, must not afford intimacy due only to the starting affection.

It is vulgar and disgraceful.

Wedding is a special ritual which makes it possible to pass to another level of relationship. It sets our mind to serious relations of the both partners.

But this ritual is reasonable and must take place before the start of sexual relationship, and not after it, as it usually occurs.

At the moment of beginning the sexual relationship powerful changes happen both in the environment and in the destiny.

Girls, due to their higher sensitivity, feel and understand — now, they are bound with something, now she belongs to that man.

It is perfect if, after the night of love, the girl wakes up in the marriage bed. In this case, the relations will be complemented with the feeling of calm and confidence for her further life and destiny.

Otherwise, she will start a long period of warries, doubts and fight for her love.

Since the unspoken start of free love legitimization, young girls lost their power, beauty and femininity. They lost their priority in choice as well as an important stimulus.

They became pitiful executants, figure-heads in the dirty and indecent games of men.

Chapter 2. Girl! Nice, shy, a little bit flirtatious…

You are looking at this World with your eyes widely open.

You are waiting for a beautiful fairy-tale in this life, and your future destiny depends only upon you.

Your soul is as pure as that of Angel.

Right now, your fate hangs in the balance.

Some more time… and you will make

Your most critical mistake determining a lot in your life.

You are still a virgin.

You are pure and innocent.

What do you dream about?

Probably, about the handsome price.

About great and romantic love.

Though, unfortunately, life is not so beautiful as fairy tales and dreams.

And your first affection will hardly grow into a serious and mutual feeling. It is only in the fairy-tales that a noble and decent prince leads a girl down the aisle.

The probability of meeting such a prince is one to a million. It is the same as hitting the jackpot.

Do not play gambles with your own destiny — for the payment for this gamble is a failed life — suffers and the broken destiny.

Don’t hurry up…

The Universe will certainly give you a man you deserve.

To be yes-girl means to agree to sex, no matter, at which date — the first or tenth.

It looks like the works has turned upside down. What used to be considered vulgar and shameful is now accepted to be a norm of conduct.

Ant thigs which used to be a norm have suddenly become almost a miracle. An exception to the general rules.

A decent pure girl, the one, who decided to save herself for the future husband, feels like an odd bird, and she has to explain to everybody the reasons of her “strange obsolete behavior”.

Nevertheless, such girls, as a rule, settle their lives quite well.

Long ago, I had a friend from the city of Vladimir.

What I had always wondered at is the number of her followers.

There were about 5 or 7 of them, I do not remember exactly.

Handsome, well-bred young men wheeled around her like the bees around the honey.

They walked together, romanced her, and invited her to the cinema.

And she had a good time with them without giving preference to anyone. As far as I know, she did not hurry in gaining the intimate experience.

All her followers were in such a deep love that they did not notice anyone around.

A no-girl is nonsense nowadays.

Something extraordinary and mysterious.

So, she has smitten them a little.

After that she chose one of them and married him.

Without the unnecessary tears and suffers, as it normally happens. She settled her life in a joyful and beautiful manner.

Though, it normally happens as follows:

You have relations with the first one you feel affection to.

Without proper thinking.

Who is he?

What kind of a person is he?

If you want to be the one and only, your soul mate must be your only man. To be so, he needs first to become your husband, and only after that- your man.

You must not do otherwise.

Or for him you will always be one of the many.

Any sex outside marriage is a depravity.

It is severely punished by the supreme forces: it results in suffers, diseases, and disasters.

For men are made like this.

They are difficult to oppose temptations and behave in the framework of the social moral.

The destination of a woman is to raise men to the higher level of their development. It is necessary for giving birth to the future generation of healthy and adequate children.

Limitations make men disciplined and stronger by increasing their sexual force.

Abstinence in the young age will not do them any harm.

It is their inabstinence and promiscuity will give them irreparable harm, which often causes troubles in the life and prevents from choosing the really right partner.

It is for this reason that in the countries — mostly eastern ones, where people adhere fasting and limitations life and sexual activity of mint last longer. Having got used to the easiness of such intercourse the guys will hardly be good husbands in future and keep faith.

80% of men, after such free rackety life lead a dissolute life even after marriage.

And the excessive trust and sensibility will rather make the pragmatic men laugh than touch their heart.

Girls are more emotional.

Having fallen in love, they excessively idealize their chosen ones.

Having agreed to make sex, you only lose your boyfriend’s respect, as well as his friends’.

And quickly turn into a call girl from proud and inaccessible person.

Girls… stand in own light by agreeing to easy and free-of-commitment sex.

Be cold-blooded and do not follow your passions.

Let men dream about you, dream about family.

Easily attainable things will hardly be appreciated.

You may be smart and very beautiful but you will get lost for nothing, wallow in vice due to the foolish illusions and the lack of understanding of the events.

Do not disclose your sole, nor your body to the first comer, as well as the second and third.

Your only man is your future husband.

Never follow evanescent whims and temptations, both yours and somebody else’s.

But if you are grimly determined to quickly step into the adult life and turn into a woman from a girl, escaping the middle stage — being a maiden for at least a short time, you must know what you are going to face in this — not so beautiful at all — future.

By the way, nobody will be surprised.

What will cause surprise is a modest, presentably dressed and decent girl.

Nobody and never will be able to make up for your loss.

After this stupid step you will always be pitiful and unworthy of the greatest and happy life.

As it normally happens.

You dream about meeting your only and special love.

Finally, you see him, the prince of your dream.

You are head-over-heels.

You spend your free time together. My love, you tell him. You may kiss me anywhere, I am already adult.

All is like in the mist, like in a sweet dream.

And sometimes these are the words of a gynecologist which awake you from this sweet narcosis: Lady, are you the next to abortion?

And if you still manage to be happy, it will occur after long tears and suffers.

Girl, think, are your illusions worthy of it?

Chapter 3. ABout chastity

Somewhere in the bottom of the heart, a Russian man longs for the past moral superiority when a maiden chastity used to be the main merit and pride of any girl.

What is chastity?

An integral composition of a man.

A correct constitution of a soul and the corresponding state of mind. Purity of thoughts, desires, soul. Harmony and integrity of the soul and the body.

The harmony and integrity of the soul and the body

Chastity means the wise, the knowledge of the essence of things, the order in mind.

A virgin, she is lighting with joy, the inner light.

It is a beautiful state of a person. It normalizes the endocrine profile. The light and honorable relationship create conditions for coming of love and happy family life.

Any disease is the loss of.

White blood cells — leukocytes — are responsible for immune system, and it activity, in turn, depends on the purity of mind. The integrity of our organism system is lost as a result of the space laws violations.

Combination of the seven colors of a rainbow produce white color — the color of chastity.

The tragedy of our planet is violation of these proportions and the consequential deficit of the sun energy necessary for normal life on the earth.

Any infection or disease is an act of dark forces.

Integrity is an ability of opposing to maleficent passions resulting in diseases and death.

Integrity provides health as well as the relations with the spiritual world. It creates a type of a bridge to the heaven — which makes it possible to connect to the energy and information field of the universe”… (an author unknown to me)

A person attains perfection, wise and happiness in life and love, rising to a higher level of development, acquiring the ability to better prove oneself in any activity.

Our ancestors have always had a reverent attitude to the female honor.

Both now and always a morally fallen girl, that is the one who has lost her virginity before wedding was considered to be naughty and unworthy a marriage.

“Nearly three months after the loss of virginity, visible changes of appearance take place in the appearance of a girl which has not come of age.

Her face changes. It looks like growing ugly, pinching.

The breasts stop growing and lose their shape.

Physiological process of fast aging starts up. The person changes, becoming harder and squat

The surrounding world is like losing its colors”… (an author unknown to me)

A guy must respect a girl’s desire to save the virginity until the wedding. One careless step — and everything will be destroyed.

An emptiness occurs inside, and the love which could generate between and young man and a girl, fades away.

The reverent attitude disappears.

In the most cases the young man, having lost his interest, starts seeking a new object for satisfying his passion.

Similar situations are often mentioned in our folklore warning the naïve girls from inconsiderate acts.

Just recall, for example, the song “Trees have been bent”

If you don’t remember I will recall you.

“Trees have been bent and reed has rustled

Amid the darkness all night long.

One infatuated couple

Has had a frolic “till the dawn.

And in the morning when they’ve got up

From their bed of crumbled grass

I’ve realized not only grass though,

My beauty’s crumbled too, alas.

When I come home, kin will ask me:

What kind of bridges I have crossed?

And I will answer: in a garden

A path to home I have lost.

But if your mom does not believe it

Then you should come back to this place.

And I’ve return and what I’ve found

Was nothing but the empty space.

Trees have been bent and reed has rustled

Amid the darkness all night long

Oh, who have loved me with a passion?

Whom have I sung my heartfelt song?

The simple songs previously communicated the conventional wisdom concerning the correct behavior in relation to the opposite sex and the mistakes to be avoided.

So many years have passed since the day of composition these lines, but they have not lost their topicality.

So, how did it happen:

A dark night. A light tender wind is stroking the halm of reed, and an enamored couple, walking until late.

It’s time for girl to go home. The parents are waiting and worrying.

But she does not want to leave her sweetheart. His passionate embraces and the beautiful words excite so much that the girl cannot manage the overwhelming feelings.

Chapter 4. Uncontrolled sexual behavior

We — the current generation — make too many mistakes in the most important and life-determining affair.

It is caused by the inability to understand the laws of Universe.

“Sometimes people are unable to distinguish between the real love from the sexual attraction.

However, there is an explicit distinction — even the strong feeling, love, cannot serve a justification for sexual relationship out of wedlock.

The lusts of the flesh, affection able of going to the head are not sufficient grounds for the start of sexual relationship.

The only precondition for it is marriage.

Otherwise, it is depravity

The spiritual sight weakens; the heard hardens and becomes incapable of the real comprehensive love.

It becomes difficult to attain happiness and internal harmony to be characteristic for family life.

We also should not ignore the danger born by the relations outside marriage.

Spiritual suffer is merely a part of the pleasures of adultery

The guy does not respect the girl nor does she respect herself.

There is no confidence of the relation stability, there always is a risk of breaking the relations”…. (an author unknown to me)

Condoning attitude toward non-marital relationship has horrible consequences for many people and the society in whole.

The freedom of choice is not beneficial; just the opposite, it renders the right choice difficult, leading people to the way of physical and moral degeneration.

“It is the short-term relations that prevent the long-lasting alliance known as an affinity of souls — which needs faith, harmony and mutual understanding.

Short-term sexual relationships make it impossible to generate a deeper alliance.

Without fidelity we will never attain the upper plans of our development.

Sex produces karmic relations.

Unrestrained sensuality injures the nervous system. Erotic fantasies create entities in the undermost spheres.

They settle in places where people have invocated them by their thoughts. It is how the various nervous and psychiatric diseases occur.

Irregular sexual relations create problems at all the life levels.

It looks like the soul tears into parts.

Hollowing yourself out you can hardly move to the higher stage of development. (Dion Fortune)

One guy wrote in the social networks: I don’t want anything and anybody; I have emptiness in my soul.

Very many young people have such condition.

And this apparently reasonless emptiness occurs due to the violation of the laws of love, the laws of universe.

Female affordability and the lack of the norms of moral in the modern society seduce and destroy our men.

It is promiscuity in sexual relationships is the main reason for spiritual, psychological and physical degradation and lameness of our men. The modern man’s death is finally not the Grim Reaper but a young girl in a short skirt.

For very complex processes occur at the moment of intimacy. They involve the deepest strata of personality.

For the Universe it does not matter whether the marriage took place.

The fact of sex is the marriage.

And people who had sex become a husband and wife.

“They entered into agreement with the Supreme forces and have certain commitments to them.

A relation is established at the fine level, the involve the souls of the children getting ready come into the world” (Dion Fortune)

Why don’t modern men hurry to make a family?

The reason is the same:

The have lost the main stimulus.

The girl is no longer a mystery, and object of admiration and warship.

Girls, your affordability kills the boys’ romance, turns them into deprave egoists unable to have long-lasting and faithful relations.

The girls who started their adult life early create problems not only for themselves but for others, more adult ones. The latter, having realized the situation, change their behavior and wind themselves to more serious relations.

Nothing of the kind.

The mechanism of depravity is already started.

Girls, you must know that when you agree to easy and clear of commitments relationship you deprave them.


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