Real book of a red-skinned man

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A little speak: eat your head.

This magic book was compiled by a real Indian shaman. He combined the knowledge of the Shoshone, Comanche, Mayan, Vukvukaya and many others Indian tribes. The book was passed from hand to hand, from leader to leader, from shaman to shaman. By reading one chapter a day you will learn:

— understand the language of animals: dogs, cats and other animals;

— go through the mysterious rituals of the Indians;

— learn to make it rain;

— you will begin to distinguish urasa from tipi, wigwam from roach, and so on;

— make yourself: an amulet, a dream catcher, a hat with feathers, a bow and arrows, even a rocket!

— learn to summon and catch ghosts;

— develop super telepathic mind reading skills;

— every reader will become a discoverer and go into space!

Only a select few can see the magic text, the Giants cannot understand! Reading line by line you will gain real magical power. She will protect you and make friends with nature! The adventure begins with the «Age of Discovery» chapter. Only a real Indian can read the book to the end and pass all the tests prepared by the book. Whoever reads it can really make money. No cheating. The Indian does not deceive his own! He gives real adventure! Book readers will be discoverers!

As the Indian wisdom says: the less knowledge, the higher the level of superstition and the higher the knowledge base, the lower the level of superstition!

After reading the best and most attentive reader will come to the conclusion: A dream is not for sale it can only be found!

And now a pale face reading a book, you will move to a new world where you will always be welcome! And may the power of Manitou be with you!

Age of Discovery

A man named Mamuka was born under an unknown sky on an unknown land. Among the giants, he looked at them, lifting his head to the Sun to see their faces. The giants were many times taller than Mamuka. Sometimes they got angry and forbade him to do his great deeds. Once Mamuka took offense at the giants and decided to defeat the evil creatures. Time passed and he defeated everyone he wanted. Mamuka decided to pass on his wisdom to other tribes through this book.

The real wisdom of the Mamuka tribe is in your hands. Every word carries the magic of the Indians. The magic of the spirits of Indian tribes protects every reader and carries good in itself. Any follower of her becomes a real Indian. Mamuka will tell readers how to become a strong person and found your tribe. He will teach you to talk to your animal and understand what it wants. At the end of the book, the secret will be revealed on how to become a real leader of your tribe, find a treasure, build an Indian dwelling, make friends, become a wizard, make Indian weapons and much more.

— «At the very beginning, I had no friends», — Mamuka said to his faithful dog Hanukkah.

— «But I’m your friend»! — objected the little dog Hanukkah.

— «Hanukkah, you are a faithful friend, when you were not there and I ran alone among the evil giants».

— «And what did you do»? — the dog asked.

— «Hanukkah, do you want to know the secret and become the leader of a new tribe»?

— «No. I’m just wondering how you defeated everyone and became such a wise wizard and powerful leader of the Mamuka tribe».

— «Then sit down more comfortably and I’ll tell you everything. Sometimes I will give you assignments. They must be fulfilled. Otherwise, you will die of boredom without becoming the leader of your tribe».

The dog lay down on the rug and listened attentively.

My difficult journey into the world of giants began long ago. I hardly remember him, so I wrote this book. I had a lot to learn. As you can see, I can read. This is a magical gift. When I quarreled with the giants, I fled from their palace, taking a book with me.

My feet led me to a vegetable garden where magical plants grew. Then I learned that a cucumber is a fruit and a watermelon is a berry. A ripe gooseberry is a small watermelon, that is, a berry. Some of these plants were unripe and sour. Whether they were in time or not, it is better to ask the giants but I found out everything myself and therefore soon ran to the toilet. My path was not easy but fast.

— «You mean you can’t eat everything that caught your eye»? — asked Hanukkah.

— «You’re the smart dog»! — Mamuka answered the animal.

A real Indian knows his place like the back of his hand. I ran for a long time and remembered the names that were spoken by the flying birds. And then a cat caught my eye.

— «Cat?! Where is a cat?! I’ll ask him now»! — Hanukkah growled.

Mamuka looked at his four-legged companion.

— «Hanukkah, you can’t bark at cats all the time! Listen further if you can’t read».

The dog looked attentively at Mamuka and fell silent, wagging its tail.

A neighbor’s cat was sitting on the fence. It was he who gave me one secret. If you cannot remember something, then it must be written or drawn. I had to make a real map. After all, a true Indian knows everything that grows near his home. The cat also warned that if I climb into someone else’s garden, then I will have huge troubles.

— «I know this from my shabby tail»! — said the cat and quickly jumped off the fence.

After meeting with an unfamiliar cat, I went into the house and took a simple pencil and as well as a piece of paper. I needed them in order to draw a real map. Here is my first map.

Can’t you draw or write beautifully? It’s not scary. By the end of the book, you will be better off, the main thing is to start. Then I’ll show you a real treasure map.

— «Hanukkah, now you have to scout the place and discover uncharted lands».

— «I’m listening to you attentively», — the dog growled to Mamuka.

— «You will go out to our yard now and go around all the bushes with berries. You will remember their location and learn what they are called. If you need the help of the giants, you can turn to them. After all, I defeated them a long time ago and they are our friends. After that, you have to draw a detailed map with a simple pencil right in this book and write down the name of the berries and other plants. If there is a potato, then you need to draw it too. You will soon understand more. If you do not complete the task, you will not learn to speak with animals and you will not become a wizard or leader of your tribe. So go ahead»!

— «But I can’t draw», — said the dog.

— «Well, asking for help when you can’t cope with the case is the right decision. Never be shy about asking for help. I did everything alone when you weren’t and still became a real leader».

Quest from Mamuka: Map

To do this, you need a simple pencil and a piece of paper. You do not need high drawing skills. The main thing is to remember the location and name of the berries. As you draw the map, keep reading.

Remember that there are also trees! You can do it in a completely different way. In my own way. This will be a map too!

Until you draw a map, don’t move on to the next chapter.

Komaria currency

— «Hanukkah! Now I will tell you about our customs and secret currency. Lie down where it is convenient for you. Don’t you dare lick me anymore. You are already a big dog»! — said Mamuka.

The four-legged companion stuck out his tongue, licked his lips and wandered off to his favorite place.

«I’m listening to you attentively», — Hanukkah muttered barely audibly.

As in every country, we had money. We kept them in a bank. For this, the most courageous, namely Mamuka, that is, I, crept into Giant and quietly took the glass jar. The giants were furious. They shouted after them when the Indian ran away with the right thing to his home. Now that we are at peace with Giant and its inhabitants, we can simply ask for this thing, promising to return the jar closer to winter.

Hunting in Komaria can be incredibly rich! The main thing is to get hold of a large glass jar at the beginning of summer!

— «And will it make me rich?»? — asked Hanukkah.

— «Yes! Exactly»! — answered the reader Mamuka.

You have already noticed how the annoying squeak of a mosquito begins at night. Having caught a bloodthirsty creature, you must put it in a jar. By the fall, you will already have a huge capital by the standards of Komaria. One rich man had three full cans of mosquitoes. We called him: — «Great Khantman the hunter of bloodsuckers». He had no equal in catching these insects!

— «And if I slam him. Inadvertently. What will happen»? — asked the formidable dog Hanukkah.

— «This is exactly what you need to do! Otherwise, they will break free and eat you»! — Mamuka explained.

A long time ago when the first Indian walked under that sun. A squeaky tribe hunted him. The leader of the mosquitoes Iramok ordered to bite the Indian so that he quickly left this place. The brave progenitor of Mamuka fought with flying insects for a long time. His hands were bitten so that they were all covered with pimples. The battle for a place under the sun lasted for three days and three nights.

And when the stars and the moon were darkened a rooster sang. The exhausted Indian slapped the leader of the mosquitoes Iramoka. However, he collapsed to the ground from fatigue. For five days and ten nights, he slept peacefully until a new leader of the mosquitoes appeared.

Iramok II gathered an army and again wanted to bite the Indian. The clever ancestor of Mamuka decapitated the army with one blow. The insects folded their wings and promised to serve the winner until the end of spring. The first Indian proclaimed this country Komaria.

As time went. Summer has come. The vile Iramok the Third again gathered an army and attacked the king of Komaria. So these wars went on and on.

There is a legend that there is a brave mosquito hunter. The earth will get rid of bloodthirsty creatures and peace will come. The Chosen One will be able to find the most important leader of «Iramoka some there» and will be able to rid the land of this tribe.

— «It will be me»! — said the dog Hanukkah.

— «My dear friend, I will only be glad, then you will become the leader of the tribe».

Now it is no longer known what summer, but the clouds of mosquitoes do not stop in Komaria. Year after year, they make peace, but as soon as the sun’s rays warm up, these flying creatures begin to squeak and bite. No one knows where Chief Iramoka’s lair is. He constantly sends his scouts to interfere with sleep. Using the cover of darkness, they attack and disappear into the darkness. There are also huge scouts!

— «Huge»? — asked Hanukkah in surprise.

— «Yes! The size of a dozen small mosquitoes! Their wings can break a light bulb»!

— «A light bulb»?

— «Once a huge mosquito Rokiy broke a light bulb and disintegrated into ten mosquitoes. They immediately took advantage of the darkness and bit one Indian of the Mamuka tribe».

— «Ten mosquitoes»? — Hanukkah was surprised.

— «You listen, listen. Rocky, though large, but slow. It’s easy to spot. He doesn’t bite. Its purpose is to distract and disturb. It can bang out the window or fly next to a light bulb, but it only attracts your attention. All so that small mosquitoes take advantage of your panic over Rokia and bite you».

— «And they are cunning! The dog barked».

— «Yes! And fast, and sometimes invisible»!

Mosquitoes are very afraid of the smell of tomato plants and valerian. There is a magical squad of alchemists in Giantania. They mixed magic ingredients and got ointments and perfumes to become invisible to mosquitoes.

— «Hanukkah! You have to go to Giant and ask for a large three-liter jar».

Any Indian knows the habits of a four-legged companion in advance. If you have to go to the kitchen, then your faithful friend will rush there. Carefully observing Hanukkah, one could notice a strange feature: when Mamuka turned away, Hanukkah raised his ears, but as soon as the Indian turned sharply, he immediately turned away.

Any dog can learn to speak. The main thing is to read books aloud to him. The more Hanukkah remembers the words, the better. At the end of one of the books he had read, the dog gave a voice. It’s hard to get Hanukkah to sit in one place and listen to the reading. Only the wisest or cunning Indians can achieve this result.

Quest from Mamuka: Komaria Bank

«The Great Khantman the hunter of bloodsuckers» was constantly on the hunt. When everyone was sitting on a bench with friends, he collected his prey in a matchbox. Then he came to his secret place and poured the booty into a jar. He himself hid her away from everyone so that no one would rob him. He collected three cans over the summer! And then he exchanged it for a real Indian hut!

Ask the giants for a three-liter jar. Hide the jar itself in a dry place so that adults cannot see it. Find a secret place for the can. Better if it is somewhere on the street. During the day, it is better to expose the jar to the sun so that the mosquitoes dry out. Be sure to hide the can from the rain. Find an empty matchbox to use as a wallet and stack your loot in a day. In the evening, having counted their number, shake it out into the jar. Keep a record of mosquitoes. If on the first day there were 10 of them, and then 5, then the bank will be 15. Accounting should be kept in order to know how many of them you have. Now what needs to be done:

— ask for a three-liter jar;

— hide in a secret place;

— find an empty matchbox;

If a three-liter can is not available, a large cardboard box will do.


After the bank has been tucked away in a secluded place, we can proceed to a very important task. First you have to explain that the Indians collected bird feathers for various purposes. Think you only have a feather in an Indian headdress? You will need them for other things too! We will create with you: a roach — a hat with feathers, amulets, dream catchers and even learn how to make tattoos!

— «But what about the arrows»? — asked Hanukkah.

— «We will make arrows without feathers, because we live in the world. Many feathers cannot be collected over the summer, they are worth the weight of three hundred dried mosquitoes»!

— «How much weight»? — the dog asked Mamuka.

— «When we gather the tribe, we will have our own currency. For three hundred mosquitoes, you can exchange a real bird feather»!

— «Wise Indian»»! — Hanukkah growled, looking sullenly at the man with the book.

— «Of course, because mosquitoes are caught in fair battles», — Mamuka replied.

There is one thing you need to understand. If you harm the bird or somehow catch it in order to pluck the feathers, then the spirits of the Mamuka Indians will turn their backs on you. You will become a terrible person and you will never find unity with nature. That is, not to become a shaman, and then the leader of your tribe. So read this book out loud!

A feather headdress will help you become a chieftain or a shaman. A shaman is a spiritual person. He is cheerful and can make it rain or even ask him to stop pouring water. In simple words, he is a real wizard. A wise leader always consults with a shaman.

A friend of mine, Yungani, caused a dry thunderstorm. Thunder and lightning flashed, but it did not rain.

— «Mamuka! But how is it a thunderstorm without rain, is it possible»? — the lying dog was surprised.

— «Hanukkah! I myself would not have believed it if I had not seen it».

The birds were frightened by thunderstorms without rain and flew away, dropping their feathers on the ground. The wise Yungani collected many feathers. After he made the headdress, birds often began to fly to him, believing that the shaman is a big bird. In order to get rid of the annoying winged creatures, he took a drum in his hands and ran away from them, threateningly knocking on it. But the birds were not afraid, but only sang along with the shaman. The poor Indian did not immediately realize that they took him for theirs.

Shaman Yungani beat the tambourine under the roof of his urasa for a long time. Urasa is the home of the Northern Indians. Somewhere in the book it will be written about how to make an Indian dwelling. How to chase away the rain will be written in the same way, but a little further.

Now we are talking about feathers. You should not constantly search for them. You already have a lot of tasks. As much as you collect, you will collect as much. Very soon, when you start to look like a real Indian, people will follow you. They will become your future tribe.

You never quarrel with anyone for no reason. You may be teased, but then everything will change. You will become a real leader! Curiosity is the main trait of the Indians. Whoever teases you is just jealous. Future Indians will ask you questions: why and for what. Use their ignorance wisely. Never deceive your fellow tribesmen. You can first ask them to help you find the feathers. Never force anyone to do what they do not want.

Now look at the picture with the feather. Parts of it are signed there. Just look at the titles, if you remember it will be great. You can tell other Indians by showing them a page from this book so that they understand what the pen is made of.

— «Did you say something about the dream catcher»? — asked Hanukkah, yawning.

— «You are a very curious friend, but do not rush, but listen further», — Mamuka replied calmly, looking at the dog.

There is a legend about one sleeping bird. Sometimes she can be found on the road. She doesn’t move. Go around her and do not disturb her sleep. Once upon a time she flew, but now she is tired. She is no longer interested in our world. She found a new home. Anyone who breaks her peace can incur the wrath of the Giants or even the gods of Komaria. On the street you can often find her dirty feathers. You should not take them.

— «But how do I know whose feathers they are»? — asked Hanukkah.

— «Dirty feathers should not be taken! You can get sick»!

— «Will you tell me which feathers should not be touched»? — the dog asked.

— «Yes, but listen carefully and do not interrupt, although if you have questions, then ask», — Mamuka replied wisely.

According to legend, the sleeping bird flew so high that it became invisible. She decided to leave our planet and hide behind the clouds. Having reached the sun, she met a new world. She was burned and fell down like a stone, but already asleep. If you make at least some object out of her feathers, then it will not help, but will begin to harm you. According to legend, the bird will wake up and look for its feather. If you see a dirty feather on an Indian, be sure to explain it to him. Even if you are at odds with him. Perhaps you will save your future friend. Remember the shamanic wisdom:

«The bird chaser has bruised legs and often a bump on his head».

Never imitate a bird, the shaman is not a bird. He is not trying to learn to fly, he is only driving the big eagle away. If he comes down from heaven, he can steal you or other Indians and take with him. Yungani told how he collected a lot of feathers and tried to take off, but a large bird flew in and pecked out all the feathers, as it thought they were from its wings.

Giants from Giant also do not like it when the inhabitants of Komaria rise high and jump down like a bird. One Indian named «Black as a raven’s wing» was placed under house arrest after being seen jumping three steps on the porch. Not only did the madman fall and broke his knees, but he also lost his freedom and the feathers he found. We saw him on the street only at the end of summer. When the tribe left this land.

Remember the mosquito jar? Komaria has its own money! They are called Komarii. Now you will understand everything.

Quest from Mamuka: Feathers

Since you have already completed the task with the bank and the secret place, you can proceed to the next one. You need to find the box. You will put the feathers you found into it. It doesn’t matter how big they are. All summer you will come across different feathers. Some will be broken, they are also allowed to collect, but never touch dirty! The little ones will become part of the amulet or dream catcher. Large ones will become part of the headdress of the leader or shaman. With the pen, you can apply a real festive Indian paint. And most importantly, remember, when there is a tribe, you can redeem feathers from other Indians for dried mosquitoes.

If the feather is large, count 300 Komariev, average 200 K, slightly less than average 100 K, small — 50 K.

Save Komaria

— «Mamuka! Potatoes are blooming in the garden and unknown beetles are running around it»! — said the silent dog. Then he bared his face from the heat and stuck out his pink tongue.

— «And what is it to me»? — asked the Indian and began to read the book further.

— «It’s right. It’s so hot there that you don’t even want to go out under this scorching Sun»! — answered Hanukkah to his companion.

Komaria is a country. There are many interesting things in it. Everything is interconnected. If the Indians help the white-skinned Giants, then everything is fine.

Long ago, before the founding of Great Giant, the Titans roamed the earth. A lonely big man found his own kind. Their first meeting was unkind. They got into a fight. It all happened because of fear. After all, you do not know a friend in front of you or not. By mistake, one of the Titans raised his hand with a stick in greeting. The other Titan thought that the big man wanted to hit him and hit him first. When the fight ended, both formidable enemies were beaten.

Then they came to the conclusion that it is better to walk together and more fun to live in friendship. After a while, they decided to build a real city. When the construction was completed, other tall residents also came to them.

As time went. Titans disappeared from the earth, according to rumors they flew to distant stars. They were replaced by the Giants, their height was lower than that of their predecessors. The Indians from Komaria did have the smallest stature. Of course, there was also a tribe called «snails». Their red-skinned inhabitants barely walked. There was always a pot of some kind next to them. That is why they got the name «snails». The entire Komaria tribe revolved around these Indians.

A certain Yungani shaman painted a picture of the growth of Titans, Giants, Indians from Komaria and Indians from the Snail tribe.

The Indians from Komaria greeted their tribesmen by raising their left hand. So they greeted. And when they gave something, they gave this item with their right hand. If in Giantania handshakes with the right acted, then the Indians had the opposite. They did not shake hands, but simply raised their left. It does not matter who greeted the Indian woman or the Indian man.

However, if the Indian got to the Giants, he greeted according to the customs of the white-skinned tribe. Therefore, when you have a tribe, you will raise your left hand as a greeting. Showing with this gesture that you have no weapons, and you came to the Indians in peace.

The Giants of Giants appreciate friendly help. By helping them, you are helping Komaria. You will find out about this a little later. Striped beetles crawling over potatoes are Iramoka’s main ally in the early summer. They can be everywhere!

There is one legend. The two Titans planted a huge field of potatoes to feed themselves. When the green leaves of the plants appeared, mosquitoes flew in from somewhere. They hid in the shade of green foliage. As the Titans watered their vegetable garden, the ground was wet. It became a wonderful habitat for Iramoka’s troops. When the first mosquito fell in the battle with the Titan, the formidable Iramok declared war on the great creatures. One of his scouts overheard the conversation between the two Titans.

— «How many potatoes this year! We will winter easily! So, we will survive»! — said one of the contented white-skinned big men.

An inconspicuous fly rubbed its legs and flew away to the potato field.

— «Iramok»! — said the insidious fly, — «I know how to lime these Titans»!

— «How»? — the king of mosquitoes squeaked.

— «We need to summon beetles from America! We will provide them with their favorite potatoes and they will eat them. The Titans will not survive the winter and we can be the rulers of this world»!

The mosquito king liked the idea. He sent his ambassador Krantumok to the Overseas, and ordered him to convey a message to Kuzh from Colorado, so that he sailed here on a ship. After a while, a striped beetle appeared on the potato leaves. He opened a magical portal for his followers. The magic worked very simply. Yellow eggs appeared on the back of the potato leaves. Then small orange bugs emerged from them. Over time, they turned into huge red creatures with black dots on the sides. So, according to the insidious plan of Iramoka and Kuzha from Colorado, they disguised themselves as Ladybirds so that the Titans would not suspect anything. And after a while, a whole army of striped beetles was eating potato leaves. The Titans fought back the plants from these greedy and cunning creatures. The battle lasted for several weeks. It would seem that the wave of Kuzha’s attack from Colorado was thrown back, but a day later, someone gnawed the potato leaves again. And so it all started anew.

The Titans walked around a huge potato field in search of beetles. They did not notice small yellow eggs because of their small size. After all, the Titans were looking for striped creatures. And when they met red beetles with black dots, they thought they were seeing ladybirds.

At first, Iramoka’s cunning plan worked with a bang. The beetles ate the plants. The mosquitoes themselves hid in the shadow of the mighty weeds. From time to time they flew up and quietly bit the Titans.

One of the emaciated white-skinned big men fell right on the bed of potatoes. His friend ran up to him and dragged him into the house. It turned out that Great Manitou does not spare anyone. He doesn’t care if you are a mosquito or a Colorado potato beetle, a Titan or a red-skinned Indian. His Fiery Eye shines equally for everyone. As soon as the Great Manitou squints, any of the creatures will be punished by Sunstroke. One of the Titans wore a headdress in the form of a tied headscarf. So he managed to avoid the formidable wink of the Fiery Eye of the Great Manitou.

While one companion came to his senses, the skin of another Titan was tanned by the sun. The Titan who woke up immediately called his companion red-skinned. The shoulders of the Titan in the kerchief burned, and it hurt him to touch them with his hands. When he sat down on a chair or lay on his back, he cried out in pain. After the skin peeled off, it began to have a distinctive color from the Titan that lay in the house. And so the progenitor of the first red-skinned Indian appeared.

Quests from Mamuka: find the leader of Kuzh

When you fulfill the request of the White Giants, they will definitely thank you. Perhaps it will not manifest itself in words. Usually creatures from the Great Giant can present a gift in the form of some kind of overseas soda. The Indians love these drinks. The requests of the white-skinned Giants do not end with the collection of the Colorado potato beetle.

Your task: to collect corks from plastic bottles. You will need them soon for your inventions. Therefore, try to complete all the tasks in this book on time. You already have quests to collect feathers and mosquitoes. Beetles should not be taken to their secret place. It is better to give them immediately to the white-skinned Giants. They will probably show you what to do with them. Listen carefully to the Giants! And if you go out to Komaria under the scorching Sun, put on a hat.

Important: Become a Red Indian! Sunbathe in the sun, obeying the white-skinned Giants. If they tell you to go into the shadows, go away. They will say to smear with magic cream, smear. Will be ordered to wear a hat or some kind of clothing, put it on. Much will depend on the obedience of the future Indian. Once your skin is tanned and peeled off, you cannot burn again. That is, you will develop immunity to the Fiery Eye of the Great Manitou, but you still have to protect your head.


— «Hanukkah, answer me. When you went to the places of Komaria, what did you see besides the plants»? — Mamuka asked the lying dog.

— «I saw how birds jump around the garden and crush the necessary plants»!

— «And what did you do»?

— «I chased them and drove them away»! — the dog said proudly.

— «You’re done, but you yourself also crumpled the plants and therefore the giants were not happy, listen to me further», — Mamuka said and, sitting down more comfortably, began to read the book aloud.

In addition to growing plants, Komaria is home to many magical creatures. Ants are one of its inhabitants. Who would have thought that this little insect was magical? If these insects are running near your home, then this is fortunately. This is the ancient omen of the Mamuka Indians. Ants are very strong creatures. Despite their small size, they lift fifty times their weight. Therefore, it is one of the most powerful beings on Earth. I, Mamuka, would never be able to lift fifty myself at a time, another thing is to raise my weight fifty times in a row.

An anthill is the home of ants. They have a real queen. It is easy to distinguish her from an ordinary worker. It has a pair of wings behind it. Sometimes you can confuse the queen with another creature. The male ant also has wings, but it is smaller in size. Ants bite with their mandibles or mandibles. When enlarged, the mandibles look like forceps. When bitten, they close. A forest anthill can reach the height of a giant.

As soon as the sunbeam begins to shine, the ants run out of their home and begin their work on the street. Komaria never fights with these hard workers. They are her allies. As soon as the first drop of rain hits the ground, ants begin to cover the entrances to the anthill. Therefore, near their place in the dwelling, you can find small heaps before the rain. They fill the entrances with them. Ants can also anticipate bad weather, so rain can be predicted. The main thing is not to confuse this with preparing for the night. At sunset, all the inhabitants of the anthill rush to their home. They rest as much as people do. They have a real kingdom, only hidden from prying eyes.

The Indians of Brazil have a whole rite of initiation of boys with the help of this insect. For this, an ant is taken and placed on the hand of the future red-skinned man. Redskins are also Indians, as some giants call them. The purpose of the initiation rite is to increase the immunity to pain. As soon as the ant bites the boy, he must not show that he is hurt. After that, you can take him with you on reconnaissance to the war with Iramok. An ant bite is believed to be beneficial. Ant’s mandibles contain useful substances that increase the immunity of a person or an Indian. The main thing is not to anger these insects, and they will not touch you.

— «I know, I was bitten by these ants! I immediately began to gnaw them»! — Hanukkah sighed.

— «So, you have not yet passed your ritual and have not become a real Indian», — answered Mamuka.

— «Why endure this sore bite»? — the dog asked.

— «In order to understand what your pain threshold is».

— «Threshold? But the threshold is at the door, below», — Hanukkah was surprised.

— «Listen to me carefully, now I’ll read it to you», — Mamuka said and sighed.

The pain threshold for each Indian is different. This does not mean that someone is stronger or weaker. The ant is small, but it is the most powerful creature on earth. It’s almost the same here. A small mosquito bite can hurt and make you cry. But this is not an indicator of strength. It’s just that the Indian’s body is not prepared for this. The largest pain threshold in my memory was the Wasp’s Sting Indian. While the brave Indian was eating a watermelon, Iramoka’s cunning ally, the striped wasp, flew up and stung the guy. He didn’t even blink an eye. A huge red pimple with a sting grew on his shoulder. Imagine, he couldn’t even lift a watermelon over his head! And when the evil Giant didn’t give him one more «skibble» of watermelon, he began to cry. He just felt hurt, but this is not an indicator of strength.

— «I also feel offended when they do not give one more bone»! — said Hanukkah, silently looking at the Indian with the book.

— «My four-legged friend, no matter how much you feed, there will still be little. You do not know the measure»! — answered Mamuka.

— «How can I not know the measure»?

— «Your belly is not that huge, but the Giant has it! Listen further, now I’ll read you more about ants».

You can also bite off the ass of a forest ant. It tastes sour, but healthy. It contains formic acid.

Important: only forest ants are allowed to bite, because they are clean.

Some birds specially sit on the anthill and begin to wallow in it. Angry ants start running around dirty or sore spots on the bird — this is called anting. This is how birds take care of their feathers and get rid of ticks.

— «I remember how one bit me»! — said Hanukkah.

— «If not for the Giant, you would have walked with him».

— «It’s not true, I would have chewed it off myself».

— Never: do not gnaw, do not scratch, do not tear off a tick!

— How do I understand that this is a tick? — asked Hanukkah in surprise.

— The tick cannot be confused with anyone. It painlessly, imperceptibly digs into the skin and becomes like a dark mole. It is necessary to immediately run to Giantania and tell its inhabitants that you have noticed a tick. Its movement through the body resembles a breath of breeze.

There are many inhabitants in Komaria, you will learn about this from this book. Now we already know that the creatures are allies of the Indians and their enemies. We boldly classify ants as allies, and Iramoka’s allies: mosquitoes, large mosquitoes, wasps and ticks. Other creatures will be written later. Since you completed the previous tasks, you should go through the ritual of initiation into real Indians.

Quest from Mamuka: Rite of passage

Now it will be a little unpleasant. You should go outside and find the ant. Feel free to put your hand in front of him and wait for him to climb up to you. After that, do not let it fall to the ground. Wait for the bite. If you restrained yourself and did not curl your face, endured the pain, then return the insect back where you took it. Otherwise, the creature will get lost, and the ants will run to look for it. If it hurts too much, then your test is yet to come. Wait a little and repeat the initiation ceremony again in a week.

When you accept Indians into your tribe, be sure to make sure that everyone goes through this Indian initiation ritual. The one who cries from the bite, the whole tribe protects and saves from fights, and «name-calling.» In other words, he intercedes until the future Indian begins to endure pain, having passed the rite of passage. This ritual is repeated once a week. If you have endured, then you have passed the ceremony and you don’t come back to it.


— «Hanukkah! You’re messing around again! Sit down and listen, otherwise you won’t learn our language»! — said Mamuka, picking up the book.

— «I listen to you as always. Sometimes the white-skinned Giant lures me with food, so read and do not be afraid, I will hear everything. You know what a sensitive ear I have»! — the silent dog asked.

When the era of the dinosaurs on Earth came to an end, the first man appeared. He had to survive in harsh conditions. The first thing people did without shovels and hoes was picking berries and trying to escape from ferocious animals. The Great Giant has already defeated many, only ardent opponents remain — these are mosquitoes led by Iramoka. Hordes of squeaky creatures fly around the yards in search of their prey. Among them, there may be more terrible creatures, but about them a little later.

Many berries and vegetables are already marked on the map. If this has not been done, then why are you reading this book? You need to make a map! If you don’t know how to draw, just write it schematically, so that it’s clear to you and you can navigate on your map.

When the white-skinned Giant is kind, the inhabitant of Komaria can get something good. Almost quid pro quo, but sometimes there may be exceptions. They are called goodwill gestures. The better you treat the Giants, the better you act toward them. There is such an expression: as it comes around, it will respond. Therefore, it is possible to improve the relations of the country of Komaria with Giant by offering gifts. For this, berries or crops are usually harvested.

Before going to pick berries, «Sharp Fire» once thought and took a huge bucket. Having collected all the berries from the bushes into it, he ran to the white-skinned Giant with satisfaction. Having made an offering, as befits all Indians, «Sharp Fire» left a bucket of berries at the entrance to Giant and disappeared about his business. After a minute, he was very surprised. The White Giant went out in a rage, despite the fact that there was an offering of all the berries from Komaria.

As it turned out, «Sharp Fire» gathered underripe fruits of sour gooseberries, overripe currants and rotten strawberries. The giant forgave the red man, realizing that he simply did not know when and what berries should be picked. After that, the great Giant began to hang out a leaflet at her entrance. On it the wise Giant wrote:

The Great Giant will generously reward any Redskin for the following:

— if someone picks up a full can of raspberries — white snow from the refrigerator in a waffle cone

— if someone picks up a full can of currants — any drink of your choice

And even for some reason they hung out a photo of Hanukkah with the caption:

— Wanted, especially dangerous!

«Sharp Fire» quickly collected everything on the list and was generously rewarded. The next day, an Indian ran to the door, but nothing was written there. Thinking that the mission was valid, «Sharp Fire» again picked the berries, but received nothing. The giant was furious again. As it turned out, the berries were ripe, but that day no one wanted to make jam.

Having forgiven the Indian, the white-skinned Giant went about his business for sugar. After a few chapters of this book, he returned and was surprised. It turned out that the Indian for some reason burst into the chicken coop and chased a rooster. Without thinking twice, the evil Giant took away the book and no longer allowed Mamuka to read it.

From this, «Sharp Fire» concluded: you need to read the book once a day and perform only those tasks that are written here. If you run ahead, then a miracle will not happen, namely:

— an Indian dwelling will not be built;

— you will not learn to speak with animals and understand birds;

— you don’t understand how to make it rain;

In other words, «Sharp Fire» might not have become a leader. After all, violating the laws of this book, any Indian runs the risk of being left with nothing. Therefore, you should read the book every day and one chapter at a time. Each chapter has a thousand words. All chapters are no more than 1,500. Tasks should be completed on time.

When the white-skinned Giant needs help, he will definitely tell about it. You should not run around and ask to build an Indian dwelling before it is said here. Everything has its time. Without gaining the wisdom of the Great Manitou, none of the readers will receive what is written here.

— «Mamuka! Why are they looking for me, have I done something again»? — Suddenly the faithful dog asked the Indian.

— «I do not know! I need to read on carefully! And read aloud so that you hear every word»! — answered Mamuka.

Therefore, for everything to work out, Mamuka read the book aloud to his dog Hanukkah. While reading, he turned off the TV and music, and put his phone away somewhere. You need to be in complete silence in order to heed every word and understand what is written. Sometimes he had to read the same thing. Later, other children followed him. He read this book out loud in front of them. Later, the children entered his tribe. The guys and friends have become a real numerous and indestructible brotherhood of the Redskins. After passing all the tests and initiations, you will receive what you need. And what do you need, I will not write yet. We both know your secret.

Once the leader of the «Sharp Fire» learned that a cucumber is a fruit, and a watermelon is a berry. His surprise knew no bounds. The white-skinned Giant told him about it. The wisdom of Giant and the agility of Komaria are combined in great strength. Shaman Yungani once talked about the structure of the whole world. The following expression turned out:

Komaria in Giant, with the Great Iron Antenna on its roof. Neighbors are located near Giant. All Neighbors and Giants are part of the Great Giant. It also has a large Gordlandia.

Quest from Mamuka: Collecting by Request

As soon as the white-skinned Giant asks you for something, unquestioningly fulfill his request. For this, the Great Manitou will reward you with his knowledge, and you will become one of the Indians. Of course, to become a shaman or a leader, you will need to go through many tests. The first thing a white-skinned Giant may ask you about is to harvest some berries. Complete this task without question. The faster you do this, the faster you will go about your business. For example, seek adventure and replenish your Komariev bank. If you read very quickly and complete tasks, then well done! The main thing is not to miss a single ritual! Pay special attention to the appearance of caterpillars or some kind of potato beetle!

When you pick berries, try to remember their names. If the fruit is unripe, never eat it. Otherwise the summer will be ruined. And in order for everything to work out, be attentive and vigilant. Only a select few can see magic words. They say they have special eyesight. And if you have already completed all the tasks, and the initiations from the previous chapters, you can read on.

Great Manitou with you!

Eagle Eye

— «Hanukkah, do you remember we drew a map with you»? — asked Mamuka looking at the dog.

— «Of course, if not for you, I would not have been able to do this. I have not yet learned how to hold a pencil in my teeth».

— «Do you remember where our cabbage grows»?

— «Of course, she has not yet had time to tie herself into a large round head of cabbage»!

— «So, next time you pass by her, carefully examine the leaves», — Mamuka said.

— «What is this for»? — the dog asked in surprise.

— «Now you will find out! Listen to me carefully», — said the future leader of the Redskins.

— «Only you read louder, sometimes I don’t hear your words», — Hanukkah complained to Mamuka and put his muzzle with a damp black nose on his paws.

wet nose in dogs means healthy, but in a red-skinned person, on the contrary, a wet nose, it’s time to go to Giant. For them to heal you.

There are a lot of berries growing in Komaria, but you must also remember about vegetables. We have already dealt with ants and passed the first initiation into the Indians. To be called a leader, you need to go through many tests and rituals, as well as complete all tasks, this is the only way to comprehend the wisdom of the Mamuka tribe.

Once the «Eagle Eye» Indian passed a test with ants and saw several insects dragging a green caterpillar on them. She wriggled and wanted to break free, but was again captured. The wise leader overseeing the test asked the «Eagle Eye»:

— «Where are you looking»?

To which the Indian replied: — I see how the ants carry the caterpillar.

At that moment, the ant, crawling on the hand of the red-skinned man, clenched its mandibles, and the initiate cried out in pain.

— «You have failed the test, but for your vigilance now you will be called «Eagle Eye».

The ability to give nicknames to the Indians of the tribe is a hallmark of the leader. The main thing to understand is that the nickname is given once and is not disputed by other Indians. It is very important to highlight the best side of the red man.

For example: «Eagle Eye» saw a caterpillar in the distance, which means he has excellent eyesight. The Indians love their planet, so you should call the red skin, comparing it to nature. Sometimes an exception should be made. An Indian of short stature may receive the nickname «Growing Rock», simply for the reason that sooner or later the Redskin will grow up and, thanks to the words of the leader, will have the growth of a Giant.

The wisdom of the leader lies in the fact that he knows how to choose the right words and get rid of disputes in his tribe. An offensive nickname can affect the fate of the Indian in the future. It got to the point that one red man was offended and no longer came to the tribe. He became a loner. Nevertheless, the Indians continued to respect him, but the red man did not want to communicate. He was so offended by others.

— «I, too, sometimes take offense and can even bite»! — said Hanukkah.

— «That is why, when I go to the tribe, I don’t take you with me», — Mamuka replied.

— «It’s not my fault that it’s easy to offend me», — the dog sighed in response.

— «Yes! Yes! What if you bite someone, and they just wanted to stroke you! Okay, listen further», — say Mamuka.

The most important thing for a leader is not to choose a nickname. As it will be called in the company, so it will be called. The main quality in this situation is easy to treat yourself with humor and understand that the main person in the Indian tribe is a non-violent, intelligent and reasonable person. A little time will pass and the leader himself will give nicknames, and at his own discretion. And when the Indian tribe is replenished, at a large meeting it will be possible to rename itself. If in Giantania Mamuka was nicknamed — «The Leader of the Redskins», then in Komaria he can be called differently. The inhabitants of Giant often have poor imaginations and cannot come up with anything. Therefore, you should not take offense at them.

After the «Eagle Eye» Indian got his nickname, Mamuka approached the caterpillar.

Long ago, Yungani talked about a meadow with butterflies. According to legend, a real beautiful creature grows out of a caterpillar. Shaman Yungani caught them with a cage, and then it tore. There were no threads to sew next, but there was an empty jar. Yungani quickly realized that instead of catching butterflies, he could collect caterpillars from cabbage leaves. After all, they eat up the crop and harm the plant. And when they are full, they become a butterfly and fly away wherever they want.

— «I’m catching two rabbits»! — Yungani said and collected all the caterpillars in a jar.

The shaman did not think that these green creatures eat so much. I had to repeatedly wash the jar until the caterpillars turned into butterflies. Gianniya made a promise to the shaman that if Yungani saved the crop from pests, a real Indian dwelling would be built for him.

Giants are very cunning people. Sometimes they can promise something and forget their words. But Yungani fulfilled his promise and Giants, reluctantly built him a real tipi. This is an Indian dwelling, you will learn how to build it from this book. Read carefully so as not to miss the building instructions. Now let’s move on to our next assignment. If you have not completed the previous ones, I strongly recommend that you complete them, otherwise much will not work.

Quest from Mamuka: Tracking the caterpillars

Take a close look at your map. Go where the cabbage grows. Look closely at the leaves of all cabbage plants. If you notice something strange, for example a bunch of small yellow bubbles, then you should know that soon caterpillars will appear from there. If they have turned black, then there are several hours left before they go out. It is best to collect adult caterpillars and still need to be fed. We’ll have to clean up after them, cleaning the jar. Caterpillars feed on leaves: radish, cabbage, beetroot, turnip, shepherd’s purse, hoofed fish, green garlic and onion sprouts.

It is best to harvest the caterpillars in early summer. Then you can get a whole jar of butterflies closer to autumn. You will need a new glass jar, of course. I do not advise taking a huge one. It is better to perforate the lid. Ask any Giant about it and show this line:

«Mamuka, the leader of the Redskins, asks the Giant to borrow a glass jar. A certain Indian will return it in the month of October. Under the strictest responsibility of one of the Redskins of the Mamuka tribe».

You can pick up the tracks with your bare hands. You passed the ant bite, now you have nothing to fear. When going around the leaves of cabbage, radish, beets and turnips, always take a jar with you in case you suddenly come across a caterpillar. Feel free to take it and place it in your storage for caterpillars. Be sure to throw in a few radish leaves. Pull the plant out in cold blood, wash and eat its ripe red root. Then throw the green appendage into the jar with the caught caterpillars. Since you will frequently replenish the «Komaria Bank», the can with caterpillars will be under your strict supervision. Remember: if you leave for a long time and leave the jar unattended, you can destroy the caterpillars.

Be smart: lend the bank to someone you can trust. Thus, you will check your friend.


— «Hanukkah, have you seen strange small creatures instead of caterpillars»? — asked Mamuka.

— «Yes, I saw, but these are not caterpillars! There are so many of them, just a whole bunch! Am I Eagle Eye now»? — the dog asked his companion.

— «No, the „Eagle Eye“ already exists, and it wanders on the other side of this planet. Somewhere in the wild under the azure sky. Do not ask me unnecessary questions, when the day or the moment comes, the nickname will surely find you. Do not rush events and days», — Mamuka said calmly and continued, — «now we will read further. Lie down and listen, otherwise you will miss everything again and forget. And I will have to read aloud to you again»!

The dog lay down patiently in its place and turned away.

— «Don’t try to sleep! Sly dog»! — said Mamuka.

— «It’s more convenient for me, I listen to you», — Hanukkah answered barely audibly and stretched out his paws, and then curled up into a ball and hid his nose.

— «I see everything! You are going to sleep»! — noticed Mamuka.

— «You see me, and I hear you, even when I sleep. I saw myself waving my ear while snoring. In a dream, I remember more», — the dog answered practically without a sound.

It also happens that strange small creatures can be found instead of caterpillars on a cabbage leaf. They stick around the plants in a big company and eat the leaves. These are not caterpillars. They are called aphids. When there are a lot of them, they can destroy the plant. In order for Mamuka to save the harvest, you should immediately tell about the noticed insects to any Giant from Giant. Then maybe the cabbage harvest will be saved!

The dog lay down patiently in its place and turned away.

— «Don’t try to sleep! Sly dog»! — said Mamuka.

— «It’s more convenient for me, I listen to you», — Hanukkah answered barely audibly and stretched out his paws, and then curled up into a ball and hid his nose.

— «I see everything! You are going to sleep»! — noticed Mamuka.

— «You see me, and I hear you, even when I sleep. I saw myself waving my ear while snoring. In a dream, I remember more», — the dog answered practically without a sound.

It also happens that strange small creatures can be found instead of caterpillars on a cabbage leaf. They stick around the plants in a big company and eat the leaves. These are not caterpillars. They are called aphids. When there are a lot of them, they can destroy the plant. In order for Mamuka to save the harvest, you should immediately tell about the noticed insects to any Giant from Giant. Then maybe the cabbage harvest will be saved:

Fly the ladybug to the sky

There your kids eat sweets

All one by one, but not one for you.

The wise Indian shaman understands that children are children. They are happy with the «Ladybug», but the Indian can use it in a completely different way, wisely! After all, if aphids eat cabbage, caterpillars will not appear. And if caterpillars do not appear, then there will be no butterflies in the bank. You can even see through the glass how they will get out of their pupae into the light, slowly transforming into beautiful butterflies. Then it is customary to release them, and return the bank to Giant.

«Ladybirds» should not be caught. These are insects of a different kind, they have «babies». You may not know, but it is actually a bug. It’s just that the people called him that for children. When the first girl appears in your tribe, she can be called «Aphids»!

— «But she may be offended», — Hanukkah muffled.

— «My friend, I didn’t think to call her that», — Mamuka answered to the sleepy dog.

Wise Indian chief, never dare call an Indian a turkey! A turkey is a bird, and an Indian runs with Indians like you. The main thing is not to confuse it. Otherwise, the Indian woman may take offense and leave the Indian tribe. We’ll find something for her, too, but don’t think that the Indian is weaker than the Indian. They can often be faster than the wind or louder than the siren from Giant.

When you make yourself a dream catcher, you will understand that this is a very exciting activity. We’ll have to learn how to handle a needle and thread.

— «Hanukkah, how many feathers did you find»? — Mamuka asked suddenly.

— «So far, not a single one», — the dog answered in frustration, slightly lifting its muzzle and sniffing.

— «It’s nothing, the summer is long, so do not be sad, we will all be in time»! — Mamuka answered happily.

The leader must understand that often not everything works out as the Indian wants. This is not a reason for sadness and longing. If the leader is upset, the whole Indian tribe gets upset. When he says: I’m not in the mood, the whole tribe gets bored. But can a leader be a dirty trick? Of course not! So you should be tipsy. Otherwise, a shaman can become a leader. After all, the shaman is always cheerful and rejoices in the raindrops.

Of course, the Indian is also a person, so when he is sad, you can talk to the shaman so that he comes up with something. The Indians know how to have fun, many games will be written further. But games are games, and feathers are feathers. In addition, there are many interesting things to do that will not wait. The mosquito can fly away without getting into the matchbox!

Therefore, there is no time for sadness, there is only one more happy day. If someone is out of sorts in the country of Giant, then in Komaria an Indian is always welcome!

— «Hanukkah, tell me, where is our red cat Tutankhamun»? — asked Mamuka.

— «He is walking somewhere again, asked him not to disturb him once again, but what did you want»?

— «I’ve almost learned to speak with you, but with a cat, it’s somehow more difficult», — Mamuka said.

— «Nothing complicated, you can put him on the sofa and read to him the same way as I did», — the dog snuffled calmly.

Mamuka continued reading the book. Cats are the oldest animal. They also know how to talk to people, they only pretend that they do not know how. They have paws as always, but they will listen carefully to you. Yungani once talked about how his beloved cat suddenly started jumping. Towards the end of the book, the cat Luna suddenly spoke to the shaman. She said the following:

— «In order for us to start talking to you, we need to give something».

Yungani was so scared. After all, it was sudden. The secret will be revealed somewhere in the book, so read it carefully and don’t miss it! The silent cat then began to talk to the owner. Very often she pretended not to listen or not to notice him. She licked her paws, purred and slept just like Hanukkah. In other words, cats and dogs will speak at the end of the book, the main thing is to read the whole book to them aloud!

Quest from Mamuka: Developing Mindfulness

It is not so easy to meet the ladybug beetle specially. You should practice and go around the entire map of Komaria. It is necessary to count how many of these creatures caught your eye. They can be of different colors, even orange. This does not mean that they are poisonous. All this is nonsense of white-skinned Giants. They are your allies, especially in preserving the harvest of cabbage and other plants. Aphids can be anywhere. While you go around the places on the map, you may be able to replenish your matchbox with mosquitoes. Don’t forget to recalculate your capital. Until you have that much of it, you can just shake the can.

Bird feeders

After Mamuka told the white-skinned Giant from Giant about aphids, the door slammed. The giant went to get a potion in another country called Gordlandia. There he has to find a store with the wizard’s potions against aphids. Of course, the Indian could stay with his faithful companion Hanukkah.

— «And so it was»! — the dog snuffled, listening attentively to the reading of the Indian.

Shaman Yungani made history before becoming a wise Indian. Some terrible shadows outside his window swayed from the wind. Mysterious fairy-tale creatures came to life and knocked on the window with a branch. The brave Yungani went out into the courtyard, but there was no one there. Only some insects flew towards the light of the magic lamp, hitting it. Among them was Rokiy. Without thinking twice, the Indian took the stick with which he walked around Komaria. Suddenly the light went out. Ten mosquitoes grabbed the Indian. Only a miracle helped him return to Giant. When the Giant came, he noticed a stick in the hallway.

— «What is it for you»? — he asked in a kind voice.

— «From fabulous shadows! They fought against the window, and then Rocky flew in»! — Yungani replied.

— «Your home is your fortress. You are safe here in Giant! And who is Rokiy»?

— «Rocky is a big mosquito! As soon as he broke the light bulb, ten mosquitoes attacked me»! — answered the Indian.

— «And you are going to fight with them with this stick»? — asked the white-skinned Giant.

— «No, it’s from fairy shadows»! — answered the brave Indian.

A stick never gets in the way of an Indian. Leaving her on the street. Waving it around, not sparing the plant, is the lot of a stupid Indian. Any tribe lives in harmony with nature. The stick is only needed to test strange creatures with it. For example a large locust. It’s no secret that she has a formidable weapon! It is also a pest and ally of Iramoka. She must be driven out of Komaria. As soon as she flies over the Big Neighborhood Fence, the pursuit should be stopped. Hanukkah can do the job, but it can trample different plants like strawberries. Therefore, you should tread carefully. When the Giant returned from Gordland, the wise Yungani spoke to the representative of Giant.

— «I saved your harvest, it’s time to think about my promise», — said the Yungani shaman.

— «What promise»? — asked the white-skinned Giant.

— «You promised me to build an Indian house»! — Yungani said calmly.

— «Yes, I remember, but now it’s night outside and I don’t have material yet», — replied the Giant.

— «And when will he be»? — the Indian asked.

— «When the main Giant has made me rich, then we’ll talk», — replied the white-skinned inhabitant of Giant.

There is no point in constantly reminding about teepee or urasa. In time everything will be built. You just have to wait. Giants have the same titles as the Indians. There are wise whites. Their faces are white-haired, sometimes they walk with a stick. They constantly want to feed the Indians. There are formidable Giants. To command, their distinguishing feature. They can prohibit or tell the Indian what to do. Since Giant is at peace with Komaria, you should listen to the instructions of the white-skinned Giants. After all, it is they who will help build a house, as well as create real cars, airplanes and even launch a rocket! For any Indian, all this will not be possible alone. Therefore, one should obey and obey the laws and orders of the Giant.

Suddenly the red cat Tutankhamun came running. Hanukkah the dog looked calmly at his companion. Mamuka turned his gaze to the four-legged friends.

— «Where were you, Tutankhamun»? — the Indian asked.

The cat looked mysteriously at Mamuka. Silently licked his lips and walked over to the Indian’s leg.

— «Mamuka, he asks you to stroke him», — said Hanukkah, lounging on the floor.

— «Why won’t he tell me this himself»? — answered the red man proudly.

— «Because if he speaks, then you have to explain everything to you, and so you yourself understand him and take care of him. Cats are cunning! When you are not there, we constantly talk to him», — answered the silent Hanukkah.

— «Why do you throw yourself at other cats and cats, but you don’t touch Tutankhamun and the Moon»? — Mamuka asked with interest.

— «This redhead does not call me names, unlike the others. Do the others know what they say»? — the dog asked.

— «What»? — the Indian was surprised.

— «What stinks out of my mouth! And I go to the toilet wherever I want»! — said the silent Hanukkah, offended.

— «That’s right, if you go to the toilet in the house, the white-skinned Giant yells at you. Can’t you do this on the street»? — Mamuka asked the dog.

— «It so happened, I ask you to understand and forgive me. It’s clear from my eyes. Vaughn Tutankhamun just looks, he is immediately stroked or fed, and I have only to bark, as they immediately shout: shut up! This is not fair»! — the dog was indignant.

— «You just do it loudly, you bark! And to train you like a cat is difficult. But you know how to serve a paw! It remains to teach you how to bring a stick», — Mamuka said and continued reading aloud further.

Any leader negotiates on behalf of his country Komaria. The one who negotiates is called a diplomat or negotiator. Mamuka is a diplomat for his tribe. Any white-skinned Giant is a Giant’s diplomat. It is worth negotiating with them.

Quest from Mamuka: first negotiations with the Giant

Talk to the White Giant of Giant. Ask him if he can help you make a bird house. After all, if you feed the birds, then they can drop their feathers. To do this, simply bring the book to the Giant and point to the next line with your finger:

Oh, the wise white-skinned Giant from Giant! The leader of the Mamuka tribe, tearfully asks you to cut a plastic bottle and hang it by the neck. Outside Giant Why outside and the Great Neighborhood Wall? Because the lured birds in your area can scatter around the garden and peck up all the berries. And since the Indian needs feathers and adventure, it is better to hang the feeder low, and next to Giant. He will feed the birds and wait for them to drop their feathers. By the way, how about a little red man’s salary for keeping you harvest? The Indian will need the salary in the piggy bank for the Indian dwelling. Now he will ask you for a jar, please roll up its lid and make a hole in it for coins. Throw in coins. Don’t give money into the hands of a red man. Now return the book to the Indian, please.

The main thing in the art of negotiation is politeness. You have already heard about this from the white-skinned Giants. Thanks to the magic book and courtesy, you were able to negotiate a small salary. The giant promised to make a bird feeder and a piggy bank for your future Indian dwelling. I understand that you are very happy, but do not try to negotiate with the mosquitoes. By the way, have you checked the tracks for a long time? If not, then it’s time to count your Mosquitoes in the bank or go on a mosquito hunt.


— «Hanukkah, you have long wanted to know the secret of the rain»! — Mamuka turned to the lying dog.

— «Yes, I really wanted to»! — the sleeping four-legged companion responded.

— «Then listen carefully, because this is real magic of the shamans»! — said Mamuka and began to read the book.

— «Are we going to find out how to make rain or drive it out»? — asked Hanukkah.

— «Exactly, listen carefully! There is some kind of spell here. A lot of magic text», — said Mamuka.

— «But how did you understand that, did you begin to possess magical knowledge»? — the dog asked.

— «Yes, this is an unusual text! You can see it immediately»! — Said the pleased Indian to his friend.

— «Then read aloud! Otherwise, I won’t talk to you», — Hanukkah answered sadly.

In order to understand water, you have to be with water. For the ritual of driving out the rain, one Indian wisdom should be understood: the rain only seems invincible. Shaman Yungani perfected his art of driving out bad weather to such an extent that he did not get wet while running out into the summer rain! When he jumped into a puddle, his moccasins stayed dry.

Dodging the falling drops, the shaman jumped on one leg, then on the other. He ran in the summer rain, waving his arms like a bird. If the rain got angry and turned into a thunderstorm, the shaman understood: «I angered Manitou with my audacity!» After that, Yungani quickly ran under the roof.

Nothing works the first time. Clothes get wet, but closer to autumn everything works out. The water gets cold and you should walk under an umbrella. For the first time, the shaman succeeded in driving out the downpour together with the Indians. He realized that the more people running in the summer rain, the faster the Sun comes out. Great Manitou, in this case, smiles at the whole tribe with a rainbow.

— «Mamuka, I ran in the rain and shouted a magic phrase! Remember it and when you drive out the downpour, shout: O rain, go away! I am not afraid of you»! — Shaman Yungani once shared his secret with Mamuka.

— «I figured out how to banish rain, but reveal the secret, how to cause it»?

— «Oh, Mamuka, this ancient teaching is called Kamlanie shamans».

To do this, you need to become observant like an ant. In the early morning, there is no dew on the leaves of the plants. You will notice how the birds begin to fly low above the ground. The smell of dampness fills the air. The wings of insects become heavy from this smell and the insects soar below. The birds are chasing them. The banks of the river and the well were shallow. A dark streak appears near the lake water. Clouds appear in the sky. Bees don’t fly far from their hive, so they don’t catch your eye. The clover drops its leaves and hides the inflorescence. Dandelions close, shrinking into a bud. The flies fly low, as always, so don’t confuse it with the omen. The smoke from the bath does not rise up, but spreads like fog. The White Giant washed his carriage. The dog is eating grass.

— «Hanukkah, why are you eating these plants»? — Mamuka asked the snoring dog.

The four-legged companion pretended not to hear anything.

— «Hanukkah! the Indian shouted loudly».

The dog shuddered, opened his eyes and turned to Mamuka. I breathed out barely audibly through my nose and lay down again.

— «I know you can hear me, don’t pretend», — the Indian said, and continued to read the book aloud.

When everything matches, feel free to take the drum and knock on it. The blow of one drop should be imitated. So Manitou for some reason believes that this is where the rain begins. He begins to direct his breath clouds directly to your sound. Just watch out for the thunderstorm. In this case, Manitou realizes that he was deceived and is angry. Better to hide under the roof of the house.

— «How hard should you beat the drum»? — asked Hanukkah.

— «Yungani said the force of the blow is not important. The main thing is to correctly imitate the sound of rain. If Manitou confuses it with a drop, it will rain down».

— «But I don’t have a drum», — the lying dog said sadly.

— «Nothing, I’ll think of something», — the Indian replied.

— «Then read carefully and louder, suddenly we again miss something», — barely audible, after a wide yawn whispered Hanukkah.

You can calculate how far away from you the lightning struck. For this, it is important to be able to count from one to sixty. As soon as you see a flash of lightning, start counting like this, pronouncing the number and pronouncing the «and»:

— 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6, if there was thunder on the count of six, then stop your count. Now you should divide six by three. It turns out the number… I don’t remember. So, the result obtained is two streets from you or two kilometers.

If you can only count to one, then close your ears. At home, immediately close the windows and turn off all electrical appliances. If you’re outside, try to find a roof over your head. Noticing black clouds in the open field, run quickly to the house.

Quest from Mamuka: complete the Kamlaniya ritual

Don’t you have a drum? Well, that’s not scary. The shaman uses what is at hand. You can take an iron plate or turn over a plastic bucket. It’s more difficult with a bucket, you have to sit next to it. The iron plate allows you to move and run. The bucket should be tapped with your palms. In the case of an iron plate or an iron mug, take a teaspoon and, running out into the street, hit the bottom of it. Remember the main rule: you should beat the tambourine lightly, imitating the falling drop.

When you make it rain, try to chase it away immediately. Dodge drops, run around the yard, try not to wet your shoes by jumping into a puddle. When you reach the Yungani mastery level, a large bird will fly to you and give you many feathers.

If you hear the sound of thunder, try to determine the distance from you to the place where the lightning really struck. To do this, on the way under the roof of Giant, go and count from one until you hear thunder. You should count while pronouncing the «and», listing: One and Two and Three and Four and Five and Six and Seven and Eight and Nine — if about nine you heard thunder, then the distance to the place where Manitou threw lightning is equal to three streets or 3 kilometers. That is, we divide 9 by 3. Here is a table, if you are not a student of the school:

— 1 and — thunder: beside you, cover your ears

— 2 and — thunder: almost one street away from you, less than one kilometer

— 3 and — thunder: exactly the street from you or one kilometer

— 4 and — thunder: street and half of the street, one and a half kilometers

— 5 and — thunder: slightly more than the previous one, but less than two streets

— 6 and — thunder: two streets, two kilometers

— 7 and — thunder: two streets and less than half of the third street

— 8 and — thunder: two streets and almost half of the third street

— 9 and — thunder: three streets or three kilometers

After the storm has passed, you can explore new territory! Do not forget, you are leaving the familiar lands of Komaria. There are a lot of angry mosquitoes after the rain. Manitou always forgives the Indians, do not be afraid of thunder and lightning when you are under the roof.

Don’t forget: there is something magical to be found on the path of thunder. True, this is something that is usually found after a thunderstorm. When the lightning and thunder are gone and the rain stops. Remember the side where the thunder came from. Calculate the approximate distance, if you don’t know how to count or divide, ask the white-skinned Giant to teach you how to divide by three. They say that the Great Manitou himself throws arrows from the wings of Pegasus and throws them into the ground. You can find them only after a thunderstorm.

Look in the eyes

— «Hanukkah, what happens after the rain»? — asked the Indian Mamuka from his faithful companion.

— «Puddles! And sometimes I drink of them», — said the snoring dog.

— «Never do that! What do you need a bowl for? And what else happens after the rain», — asked Mamuka, looking at his four-legged companion.

— «Rainbow»! — almost immediately, without hesitation, replied Hanukkah.

— «Yes, you are right. How many flowers did you count in it»? — asked Mamuka.

— «Now I will count», — the dog silently looked at the wall and scratched behind his ear, — «that’s so much»!

— «How much is this»? — asked the Indian, not having time, counting the movements of his friend.

— «How many times I hit, so many».

— «Okay, in this you are also right, listen to me carefully, now I will read you a secret. Perk up your ears and don’t dare sleep here»!

— «But I remember it better», — Hanukkah looked mournfully from under his brows.

Shaman Yungani talked a lot about one big bird. In her tail were all the colors of the rainbow. The shaman ran out of his dwelling, and a bright bird walked in front of the entrance. For a very long time, the shaman gazed at her colors. Yungani was afraid to frighten off his bright guest and did not take his eyes off her.

— Seven! — the satisfied shaman said loudly, after the bird fluttered up.

In response the wind blew right into Yungani’s face. A white feather gently descended from the clouds. After scratching his head, the shaman looked at the rainbow and began to laugh like crazy.

— «Eight, eight! Eight»! — the Indian shouted loudly, having fun in the wind. His clothes fluttered with the breath of Great Manitou. He breathed carefully on the pleased Yungani. Some sages believe that this is a real mystery. Why did the shaman shout eight?

— «I did not understand anything»! — said the sleeping Hanukkah.

— «You will understand this when you become a real shaman», — Mamuka answered and continued reading the book aloud, so that the dog could hear every word. After all, he did not understand anything. Therefore, you should pronounce the words carefully. Read and think about every word in this book.

After the rain, there is a lot to see in the sky. But at night it is better to sleep, and not to walk around the yard. Now let’s go down from heaven to wet earth. After a shower, apart from puddles, you can often see some creatures. They hide so skillfully in sunny weather that it is almost impossible to meet them. In simple words, they are masters of disguise and it is almost impossible to win at hide and seek.

These creatures are called worms. After the rain, they crawl out of their hiding places. They say that if you watch them for a long time, you can even see their eyes! There are also other creatures — snails. If there are many worms in Komaria, then the earth will become very fruitful. More delicious plants will grow on it. On the contrary, snails are the enemies of the harvest.

The wise leader «Sharp Fire» eventually realized that his land was dry. You can’t find worms in it. Therefore, after the rain, he always went out and collected them in a jar. Then he went to his possessions and released them. A few years later, all the neighboring tribes envied his harvest. The leader’s habit remained. He even began to sell worms to his familiar Giant, who brought fish to his cat. Later, the white-skinned Giant told how to make a fishing rod. He then taught «Sharp Fire» how to fish.

— «Well, there is fish again»! — Hanukkah was indignant.

In the next room, something jumped to the floor. Then the red cat Tutankhamun appeared in the doorway. Licking his lips, he idly turned his gaze to Mamuka.

— «That’s always the case»! — the dog was indignant.

If you want to make friends with cats, then you should learn how to fish. We’ll talk about this later. As promised, we will teach cats and cats to talk. Read aloud for them to hear. This book will do magic. You will see! In addition to useful plants, harmful weeds that are unnecessary for the Indians grow in Komaria. A weed is a pest, only in the form of a plant. Better to fight them when the rain has passed. Their roots are easily pulled out. Before leaving for the worms, «Sharp Fire» prepared a leaky bucket, presented to him by the cunning white-skinned Giant.

— «But why does he need a bucket full of holes»? — suddenly silent Hanukkah intervened.

— «Don’t be ahead of the events from the book, you understand, maybe it will be written further», — Mamuka answered.

— «I’m very interested, why does he need a bucket»?! — the dog snuffled.

Hanukkah got up, put his paws forward and stretched his head down. After that, he shook himself of sleep and wandered into the kitchen.

— «Where are you going? Hanukkah! If you miss words from the book, you will not speak like a person! I will have to wait for you when you return», — the Indian protested.

Lapping sounds were heard in the kitchen.

— Do not be afraid, I hear and see everything, so read aloud when I’m in the kitchen, just turn up your volume! This will give you the great Speech skill! — said the returning dog.

Mamuka continued reading. Sometimes he noticed how the dog was distracted and scratched behind the ear.

Shaman Yungani said that dogs can transmit their thoughts over a distance. It’s just that many do not understand the riddle that he managed to solve. The path of any Indian will sooner or later lead to unity with nature. In Komaria, the telephone is a hostile object. It is often distracting and the acquired strength is wasted.

Acquaintance with worms is a must-have ritual for any Indian. If a white-skinned person does not pass this test, he will not become an Indian, and therefore a leader or a shaman. Now you will understand why.

Firstly, in Komaria, berries and vegetables will begin to give better fruits, secondly, you can sell worms to white-skinned Giants from the Neighborhood or exchange them for fish, and thirdly, they will be useful to you for fishing. Very soon you will be able to make your first fishing rod! Even if there are no lakes or rivers nearby, white-skinned Giants may one day go and take an Indian with them. It is better to be prepared in advance for such an event.

Quest from Mamuka: Acquaintance with worms

There is one thing you need to understand. Worms are unusual creatures, the more there are in Komaria, the better. If you find a broken bucket, you can breed real worms in it! Create a whole farm. Dig a hole in a secluded place, but only with the permission of the white-skinned Giant, put a leaky bucket there. Put a large plastic bag in it, pierce it with needles a little. Now throw in some earth from the dug heap, it will be next to the hole. When the rain has passed, release all the collected worms into this bucket. After the «inhabitants» appear in it, place potato peels, banana peels on top and cover with torn weeds. Look carefully at the drawing and you will understand everything.

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