Rat Fairy

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From the author:

As you know, good always triumphs over evil. But sometimes, it takes time, days of effort and even training to win. In my fairy tale for children and adults «The Rat Fairy» I tell about a girl who, because of envy, was imposed a strong curse, turning into an ordinary field rat. But she did not give up, did not forget her dreams, and in the end she won the victory, becoming a man again. How difficult it is sometimes to just wait, be patient, right? And sometimes it seems that there is no time at all, and waiting is somehow not with the hand… at such moments, faith comes to the rescue! Faith in the best, kind, bright! If we believe, then our children, our loved ones and everyone around us will believe in goodness.

In this fairy tale everything that I felt as «the magic of life» was embodied. I hope you will enjoy.

Enjoy reading!


Once, when it was clear and the weather had already cleared up, Iya was playing with her dolls in the garden of the house. Around the green stretched towards the sun, sprouts of young wheat in the field behind the house — were already heavy, and fell deep to the ground. Iya gave her Ma and Flo dolls a real tea party, and every now and then rattled a toy set. Iya’s mom was busy in the kitchen, and dad was about to come to bring firewood.

There is no need to drown in such weather, but to cook dinner, you needed a lot of wood.

Iya said, «Flo, why don’t you ask Ma if she is happy that you came? Why don’t you thank Ma for the delicious tea? "The dolls answered her something, in the voice of Ia, of course. Holding a cup in one hand and a doll in the other, Iya smiled at the sun and twisted her head when the dolls did something «wrong».

Suddenly in the corner of the garden, there was a rustle. A moment later, the face of a hefty rat appeared in the bushes. Do you think Oya got scared and started screaming? Not at all! She did not yet know that rats should be feared. Apparently, the rat decided to take advantage of the situation, and went straight to the unsuspecting girl.

— Look what you are! — the rat bellowed. — What do you ride like cheese in butter? Dolls, play for yourself — I don’t want to!

— Iya looked in surprise at the animal, as it seemed to her, not dangerous.

— No, why. We are drinking tea here!

The rat cackled disgustingly. — She drinks tea. And they — she nodded towards the dolls. — Which also?

Iya smiled. — Yes, we all drink together.

— So they are not alive, child! This is already kind of big, but you believe in fairy tales!….

Iya was so upset that she began to whimper.

— No, they are alive! Alive!..

The rat grinned.

— Well as you know. I am to you in a different way … — said the rat and switched to a whisper.

— Tell me, are you a kind girl? — She looked at Eeya searchingly.

Iya thought about it and immediately nodded.

— You know, my kids are starving there, and I know your mother has jewelry. She is one less — neither cold nor hot, and we have a month to eat later. Take out her ring to me! — said the rat and added conspiratorially:

— The one with the ruby.

Iya was confused, she did not know what to say to the guest of their house, because my mother did not allow me to climb into her jewelry box.

— Mom will not like it — Iya shook her head.

— What is there! If you miss it. Tell me, some grandfather came in and took it away. And I didn’t ask you. Well, take it out, what does it cost you?

Iya doubted. And the rat, for greater persuasiveness, began to whine and shed tears on the asphalt path in the garden.

In general, pity outweighed caution, and Iya quietly crept into the house — brought out the guest’s mother’s ring with a ruby.

As soon as the rat saw him, let’s immediately run away, taking the ring with us. As she walked, she said, «Thank you! Now my kids will be grateful to you!»

Iya was in a terrible mood because she knew that Mom would be very upset. She knew for sure that her mother would find the loss.

And so it happened, half an hour later in the house, when the father had already arrived, and stopped near the crying Iya in the garden, a cry arose. Mom shouted that they had been robbed, that it was no good. That now we have to lock the house. Iya did not know that it was not a simple ring, but a magic one, a symbol of their kind, and that the «young lady» she met in the garden was the rat queen.


Many years have passed since then, Iya grew up, and was already a girl of marriageable age. She was about 17, she was wildly good, blossomed, as befits age. Parents, however, did not consider her beautiful, rather cute.

I must admit that by this time, from a good meek girl, Iya had turned into a rather absurd young lady who constantly contradicted her parents.

All the time it seemed to her that they wanted to belittle her dignity, did not see her good qualities, and gave her little tenderness. Father, however, was always gentle with Iya, but even he was strict.

So she grew up, and her parents more and more often talked that it was time for her to get married, since her character could deteriorate in the end. Mom, in moments of warmth, encouraged her: «You will definitely meet your prince. As simple as that. Once».

It happened once.

Iya was walking in the park (and her parents, who have grown rich since then, bought up the adjacent land), which belonged to their estate, and suddenly met a handsome young man. True, he was not dressed like a nobleman. There were a simple shirt, and boots. The pants were dirty gray and he looked pretty simple.

But something in his gaze caught Eeu so much that she could not resist and came up to speak to him.

— Hello! What are you doing here alone?

— Hello. I am not alone, the carpenter is with me. We’re fixing your stable.

The guy answered without much interest, and Iya thought that he was deliberately cold with her.

There was no point in continuing the conversation, but she finally asked:

— Are you from these places?

— Nope. From afar, he drawled. And he yawned.

«Everything is clear,» the girl thought. — Another good-for-nothing.

And yet, when she returned home, the image of the boy did not leave her head.

There was something so captivating about him. Some kind of masculine strength.

Two months passed, and with all the desire… She never met him again.


That year, on the day of the celebration of the new year, a large ball was given at the King’s Palace. And the Yi Family was also invited. Parents whispered that she would finally meet the same one and leave their house on free bread. They were already very tired of the conflicts.

Iya did not understand what was between her and her parents, but she knew that the rare moments of warmth and understanding were worth «enduring» their indifference.

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