Rag nar — Wild World

Бесплатный фрагмент - Rag nar — Wild World

Book 1

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Chapter 1
Mysterious forest

My name is Alexander Novikov. I’ll tell you a story that dramatically changed my life. Here is my story:

It all started with the fact that I was going to go on vacation. Ended a tough year, and it is time the long-awaited vacation, this thought won first place in my head.

I worked in the usual sales manager in the company, which in the country of a thousand. An hour later, I’ll fly to sunny Thailand.

I sat in my car (Honda Accord) and went to the airport. After parking the car, I hurried briskly to the entrance to the airport.

I was in a hurry to quickly be in a place where I can get away from everything that oppresses me so long.

Registration and inspection of baggage took, surprisingly, fifteen minutes. A few minutes later, I climbed the ladder to board their plane. I was lucky, my seat was near the window, as I wanted to. Passengers slowly sat on their seats, but a flight attendant asked everyone to take their seats and fasten your seat belts. The plane slowly moved from his seat and went to take off, with trepidation I looked out the window at how we come off the ground and climb.

I will not describe the details of the flight, not the point, and immediately proceed to the description of my story. But with the start of a little of my biography:

I was born in the glorious city of Rostov-on-Don in 1990 in the family of an ordinary engineer and a teacher of Russian language and literature. In the family, I was the only child, so parents devoted enough time to my upbringing. I studied not bad in school.

In 13 years, I became interested in Jeet Kune Do — a technique of battle, created by the great Chinese master of the twentieth century — Bruce Lee. Absolutely, accidentally I saw on television film starring this great master and immediately fired up to learn the art of combat. Why do I focus attention on this, but because it will play an important role in my stories.

As it turned out, in the town there is a school of martial arts, and I enrolled in this school. My daily routine immediately changed: jogging in the morning two or three kilometers, and night school for martial arts. After high school, I went to college at the Faculty of Economics, like many of my peers.

By this time, I became physically strong and fit, as in the art of combat, I did well and could stand up for himself, but about the most important of my success later. After graduating from college, I got a job in the trading company, which was mentioned above. Now about my adventures that turned my life upside down:

Flight lasted for four hours the path was coming not close. Outside was pitch black and the bottom flashed like fireflies, unknown to me the lights. Looking around, I noticed that many of the passengers fell asleep, including my neighbor — a full elderly man, who was snoring, his head thrown back a little bit. I did not want to sleep. And I looked back out the window.

Continuing to look into the outer darkness, I suddenly saw a ball of light in the distance. Looking around, I saw that only I could see how it seemed to me that light. I continued to closely monitor this light. I concluded that he is approaching and is at the same height as our plane.

Suddenly the glowing ball has accelerated its approach to the aircraft, and I with excited interest stiffened in his chair, watching this the phenomenon. And around hangs a deathly silence, all the passengers continued to sleep peacefully. Within seconds, this huge ball of light engulfed the entire plane. The salon has flown a small ball of light the size of a soccer ball. From the ball erupted as lightning rays.

Jumping up from his chair, as if hypnotized, I stared at it. Ball as a living react to my movements and slowly began to approach me, and I froze in anticipation of the unknown. My throat is dry with excitement. Unable to stand, I coughed, and the balloon flew up to my face. I froze, and he began to circle around my head.

It lasted a couple of minutes before I tried to raise my hand. Then the ball stopped in front of my face and drew near, and touched it. I felt that could not move, and all my body was paralyzed. I tried to gather strength and move. But in my eyes darkened, and I lost consciousness.

Don’t know how long I was unconscious. I woke up with a slight headache. Opening my eyes, I realized that I was no longer in the plane. In front of me appeared incredible beauty of the landscape. Looking around, I realized that I was in the woods. I was lying on one of the branches of the tree, giant size. The tree trunk was covered with a thick bark, and the branches are smooth, like the tusks of the elephant. Trunk diameter was about thirty meters. The branches were covered with leaves of light green color and oval shape. In the center of each leaf was a rose-blue flower.

Deciding to look around, I stretched, as after a sleep and sighed the whole breast. To my surprise, I felt like everything blurred before my eyes, and I’m losing consciousness. Startled, I let it out slowly, and everything returned to normal. It turned out, the air was so clean that the deep breaths my lungs were not required. Adapting their lungs, I decided to stand up and explore the area.

Make an effort, familiar to my body, I tried to get up. Suddenly, unexpectedly, I soared up to three meters, but quickly reacted, rising to his feet. It turned out that the efforts of all my actions required in times less. And the reaction is much better. What a wonderful place?

Once I adapted, I decided to find a way to come down from the tree. I was at a height of about 60 meters from the ground.

I walked over to the tree trunk and began to examine it. The bark on the trunk was not smooth. A little thought, I decided to go down the bark of a tree. Slowly and carefully I put the left leg in one of the holes of the crust, then the right leg in the other hole. Moving his feet and hands from one hole to another I as a rock climber, began its deadly descent. The slightest mistake cost me my life. Step by step, inch by inch, I continued the endless path into the unknown.

After approximately twenty minutes from the beginning of the descent, I stopped and looked down, to determine the remaining distance to my final point. To my delight, I overcame the two-thirds of the way. With great enthusiasm I continued descent, knowing that most of the distance to the ground behind. I picked up speed, and that was my big mistake.

I felt left foot support and put your right foot in the next hole. Abruptly my right leg slipped, left leg waiting for the same fate. But my reaction was instantaneous, and I hung on his hands, trying to catch balance.

Finally, pressed the whole body to the trunk, I found support for the legs and decided to catch my breath. It was a resin made of a tree trunk, on it I stepped right foot. Recovering, I continued my hard work going down, only with even greater caution.

But my leg felt the soft soil, I got up on both feet and looked around. Around the dense forest was filled with a variety of shrubs and trees of various species and sizes. The color scheme was the same rich and saturated, light blue, then bright red or green. Looking at the beauty of nature, I decided to look for anything resembling a civilization.

Making his way through the thicket of the forest, I stumbled upon the trodden path. Looking closely, I saw footprints similar to human. Really Are my painful search is successful, and I will see people. I began to sneak up like a wild beast.

My brain began to boil from the different thoughts, entirely consisting of some questions. What happened to the plane, in which I was flying? And how did I get here? In what part of the planet I am and what is my fate? Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by a terrible roar of an unknown animal, probably carnivorous.

Froze in place, I began to listen. After a couple of seconds, I heard to the right of the trail in the thick woods, the rustle of leaves and the crunch of breaking dry branches. Then again I heard this terrible roar, but soon it was followed by a human cry. Having met with the spirit, I very carefully went in the direction where last heard the scream.

After about thirty metres, I saw a terrible picture: on one of the trees sat a man, or rather guy. The skin of this man was white, but not like a regular adult, but rather as a baby. Head covered only a small island close-cropped black hair around the crown. On the face of mustache beard was not. From clothes on it was a white tunic, which covers the entire body, leaving open hands up to the elbows and legs. Around the waist was a wide leather belt in black, on the left side of which hung a sword and dagger on the right. In his hand he held a spear, the length of which was about two meters, at the end of which was a conventional metal tip.

The warrior looked down and the reason for that was a terrible beast, like a cat. Rather, this predator resembled a black Panther, but with a few differences:

In length this cat was approximately four meters and a long tail whose length was about two meters, the awe-inspiring size! The whole body of the predator was covered with thick wool dark red, eyes emerald green. On paws were razor-sharp claws. From the half-opened mouth was seen the teeth in two rows, with the lower and upper jaw sticking out by two huge fangs, these fangs were closing in on the victim’s neck, depriving her life.

As an experienced hunter cat, pressed to the ground, slowly crawling to the tree on which stood a warrior, awaiting their fate. When he was about ten meters from the tree, the beast stopped. Then, having picked up under itself the feet, predator tightened like a spring, and jumped. After a moment, he was already up the tree trunk, sinking sharp claws into the bark, pulling his body higher and higher.

Seeing that the beast has already crept very close, a warrior threw a spear into a wild cat. Unfortunately for the warrior, spear flew inches from the animal’s head and stuck in a tree trunk. Then the warrior drew his sword from its sheath and began to retreat to the edge of the branch opposite of the tree trunk.

Leaping on a branch, the beast, waving his long tail in different directions, slowly began to get close to his victim. Warrior, being in despair, continued to back away, looking into the eyes of his death. Understanding the fate of a stranger, I couldn’t stay away.

Looking around, I found a suitable branch and, taking it, walked closer to the tree. Here is the beast ready to jump and I’m realizing the deplorable situation, reacted quickly. I threw a branch in the direction of a predator. A branch hit the beast, when he jumped. My shell hit the right ear of the animal when he already soared into the air. Losing coordination in the air, the wild cat flew down, clinging desperately with his paws over the branch and snarling with anger.

After landing in a Bush with prickly flowers, she with a wild roar began to get out into the open. All in small cuts from the needles of the shrub and bruises from a hard landing, the cat came out of the thicket. Then the predator began to look for the culprit of his mishap. Seeing me, the beast gave a terrible roar and rushed in my direction.

I could only run. I ran with the speed of a cheetah, and maybe faster. What a strange place, where for me many pleasant discoveries. But the beast did not depart from me, it speed was a little less than mine.

Need something to do. To climb the tree I will not have time. And I have one crazy idea. Finding a suitable thick branch, about five meters in length, I stopped at the nearest tree and, crouching to the ground, began to wait for the approaching predator.

Revealing a terrible mouth and uttering his blood-curdling roar, the beast leapt. At the same moment I grabbed the branch. I sent the sharp end of the branch into the jaws of the beast. Fortunately, I went straight into the open mouth of a ferocious cat. Issuing a death cry, the beast collapsed dead on the ground.

Sighing with relief, I saw running towards me, a stranger with a sword in his right hand. Running up to me, he saw that the beast was dead and became lively something me to speak a strange language.

“I do not understand”, Shaking his head, i said.

After a brief pause, he sheathed his sword and came closer to me. Then he his left hand laid on my shoulder, and right hand stretched forth, and smiling, froze in anticipation. I understood it as a greeting or sign of respect for me. I laid my left hand on his shoulder and shook his right hand. After this ritual began our acquaintance.

“Dar tal”, Said the stranger, pointing with the forefinger of his chest. Then he pointed a finger at me and froze, waiting for a response.

“Alexander”, I replied.

Dar tal — that was the name of my friend. Then, waving his hand forward, Dar tal walked along the footpath. I understood it as a call to go with it, the choice I did not have. We walked down the trail into the unknown, for me, the thicket.

An hour later, we came out of the thicket of the forest on a piece of land, cleared of trees and shrubs, spread out over several kilometers. In the center of the plain, I saw a small town. The day was drawing toward evening, and was visible in the distance many lights of the houses.

Dar tal saying a few words, then motioned me to follow in the direction of the city. Not opposing him, I followed him again. In a few minutes we approached the city, surrounded by a wooden wall. The height of the wall was about twenty meters, and in thickness five. In the center of that part of the wall where we were heading, were wooden gates. Above the gate there were two soldiers, externally the same as Dar tal.

Once we got to the gate, one of the soldiers on the wall, something said to my companion, pointing to me. In response, the Dar tal, excitedly gesticulating, began to tell, perhaps, about our adventures. A minute later, the gate opened slowly, and we followed the inside.

In the city I saw a lot of buildings of wood of the same shape but different in size. Immediately it was clear that the beauty of these buildings is not important, and most importantly practicality. The walls of the houses were flat and smooth. The shape of the buildings were square or rectangular. The streets were straight and thirty meters in width.

The streets were lively, and they were filled with men and women. The men were dressed alike, with minor differences. Women from clothing was the loincloth and something similar to the top, covering the chest. All women, unlike men, had long black hair. We walked along the main street, and people passing by, staring at me, examining my clothes.

Chapter 2

I just relaxed and decided to gather his thoughts, as my companion stopped me at the crossroads. He took my hand and gestured for the cause of our stopping. To the intersection slowly walked animal similar to an elephant, only two or three times more. The length of this giant was about twenty meters, a height of about twelve. His head towered a few meters over the back. Head shaped like an elephant’s, but without the trunk. Trunk replaced the nose like a hippo. From the mouth, studded with teeth in two rows on the sides went two tusks, which are crescent looked up. His eyes were small and deep-set. Between eyes and nose were horn three meters long. Thick gray skin covers a thick black hair, a couple of centimeters long. The legs and tail were like those of an elephant.

On the back of the animal was pinned hardwood construction square shape. Inside the structure there were people on the wooden seats. In front of the structure sat a man with reins in hand, with their help he ruled the giant. In the jaws of the beast, as the horse had a bridle with long reins. To the rear the animal was attached a wagon full of wood, even the wheels were made of wood. The wagon was filled with a variety of food, clothing, weapons and other, unknown to me things. I froze and looked with admiration at this miracle of nature. As soon as the giant passed the main street, we moved on.

After a couple blocks, we stopped near one of the houses. Then Dar tal opened the door and we went inside the house. The house was three rooms, one was used as kitchen, the other two for rest and sleep. In the house we were greeted by a girl with a handsome face and chiseled figure. Smiling, she walked over to Dar Tal, kissed him on the lips, and then, looking at me, something he asked. Dar tal apparently told about our adventures, and then introduced me to a girl. Her name was Lora tan and she is, as I understood it, was the wife Dar tal.

After dating, the girl invited me to the table. The furniture in the house was made of wood, like so much in this city. Lora placed on the table in the wooden dishes meat, fruit and some kind of drink. Since I was hungry, was silly to refuse. The meat tasted like pork, the fruit has an unusual taste, but hearty, and the drink s sweet and sour, perfectly quenches thirst. After the luncheon, the girl took me into one of the rooms so that I could rest.The bed was covered with the skins of some animals for a comfortable stay. I lay down and was finally able to reflect on the incredible events that nearly made me insane. The main question that tormented me — where am I? Really, on earth there is a place about which nobody knew, unlikely. So I’m probably not on earth, but where? This question while remains open. Even the language of these people I don’t know, to determine its location. From fatigue and nourishing meal, my eyes were closed, and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, initially did not understand where I am. Then, in my memory surfaced yesterday’s events, and my temporary confusion evaporated. I left the room and met Lora in the kitchen who lays the table. Seeing me, she smiled warmly and invited me to the table. Dar tal was not, apparently, he’s already gone somewhere, so we had Breakfast together. As soon as we had finished the meal, came Dar tal. He said something to his wife, looking at me, and then left us.

Cleared the table, a girl came up to me and looked into my eyes. And then looked away, and her expression became as if she wants me to say something, but can’t find the words. I do not know their language, and she is my, that’s the rub. After standing in silence for a minute, Lora picked up a plate and looking me in the eye said the word. She waited for an answer from me. I quickly realized that she spoke in their language the word “plate”, and wanted me to repeated. Because in their language this word just sounded, I repeated it without difficulty.

Putting a plate on the table, she picked up a chair and said the word. And here I am, with ease, to repeat the word. She is with great enthusiasm began to do the same with other items. So I began to learn their language, which was given to me easily. Words in their language was short and easy to pronounce. For dinner I learned the names of all the items in the house.

After lunch, seeing my phenomenal success, Lora moved on to more complex tasks, that is, to study the proposals. There was a little more complicated, but here I coped. I realized that the men’s names have consisted of three letters and women of the four and the second word in the name of the woman and the man was their father’s name. Therefore, the name of my teacher was Lora, and her husband a Dar. Studying the language, I did not notice that the street was dark, and after dinner I was sent to bed.

I’ve been tossing and turning and couldn’t sleep. It is strange that the day flew so fast, maybe because I was fascinated by the study of language. But, as it turned out, I found out later — a day on this planet, only sixteen hours and divided exactly in half. Eight hours of daylight and, accordingly, eight o’clock dark night. The land here around its axis rotates faster, so gravity is less. Therefore, because of this, I have here the strength, speed and other parameters of my body is higher than in their native land. The climate on this planet warm and stable, with the exception of the North and South poles. With these thoughts on the new land, I fell asleep.

My study of the language with Lora, surprisingly, went very quickly, and in a few weeks I was able to communicate with her and her husband.

“Alexander, I want to thank you for helping Dar to survive in the woods if not for you, I don’t know what would happen!”

“Lora, no need to thank me,” I embarrassed. “Any decent person in my place would have done the same.”

“We owe you,” She insisted. “And than will be able, in order to help.”

“Well, have it your own way,” With a smile I replied.

“Not everyone can kill Sita without weapons, my friend,” I heard behind.

Turning around, I saw a smiling affably Dar. Sita, as I understand, was the wild cat, with which I was closely acquainted in the forest.

“I see you’ve successfully mastered our language,” He said.

“To my surprise, it was really easily for me.”

“Well, if you understand our speech, let’s sit down at the table, a little snack, talk, I have lots of questions for you.”

“In the beginning I want to thank you for the assistance provided during our acquaintance,” Began Dar.

“Always, please.”

“Judging by the clothes and your appearance, you’re not out of our seats?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I think I’m not from your world.”

“Not from our world!” exclaimed Dar. “Are there other worlds!”

“Of course, I’m proof of that!”

“Tell, please, about your world, Alexander.”

Within an hour I described to him the earth and told about our civilization, habits, tastes and way of life. Dar endlessly asked me questions. I patiently answered all his questions. Finally, he paused and added:

“I believe you, this come up with is not possible. And you don’t look like a liar.”

“Dar, tell me about yourself and about where am I,” I said.

“The world in which you have got, called Rag Nar. And the city in which you are now — Tal. I am the commander troops of this city. In the course of a few hours walking away is the town of Var, with whom we are at war. Earlier the head of the city was my father — Tal Dor. But a month ago the enemy sent to us a messenger of the armistice and the desire to meet my father, to discuss terms. Until now, no rumors about my father, and in his place is now my uncle — Fer sel.”

“That day when I found you, to Fer sel came news where is my father. He sent me with a guide and a detachment of ten men to ascertain the veracity of the information and, if possible, to rescue my father from captivity. About an hour later the way on us, suddenly attacked a detachment of enemy soldiers. Enemy forces outnumbered us, so we had to retreat and flee. I did not notice how I was alone. Hearing a menacing growl Sita, I climbed the tree, but then you became a participant in future events.”

“What can I do for you, Alexander?” Dar Asked.

“I have an idea: find me a large bag, a rope, a little soft wood shavings and loose soil.”

“Well, why do you need it?” Dar Asked.

“How to say, to train my body and hone skills of warfare techniques,” I explained.

The next day, my new friend brought me all that I asked for.

I filled the bag shavings and earth and went out into the yard. Then I tied a rope bag to a tree branch.

“And now what?” Dar asked, entering the courtyard.

“Look,” I said, and started to practice hitting the hands and feet on this homemade pear.

“Excellent, I’ve never seen that kind of technique?” Dar admired. “What is it called?”

“Jeet Kune Do — machinery of warfare, created by a Chinese master Bruce Lee!” I replied.

“He’s probably a respected man in your land?”

“There is no place on earth where would not know of this great master, who, unfortunately, passed away more than forty years ago,” I explained.

Our conversation was interrupted as my friend was summoned to the palace, and I continued my training. In the next week is nothing new did not happen. I continued my training, bringing their skills to automaticity. In the morning and in the evening I was doing jogging.

In one of these evenings I was doing jogging near the main gate. I saw a glimpse of a shadow on the wall. Suspecting something amiss, I stopped to see what will happen next. Less than a minute I heard a scream and saw that the warrior guarding the gate dropped dead. Seeing this, I rushed to the gate, and in the same moment from the door guard ran a warrior in a black tunic. Judging by the clothes he was not from our city, as local men were dressed in white tunic.

“Wait, who are you?” I shouted to him.

Instead of answering, the soldier turned and threw a spear at me. Quickly reacting, I took a step to the left, dodging the spear. Then I hurried after him as he ran to the gate and tried to open them. I realized that it inflict damage to the city and its inhabitants, and i need to stop it. Hearing that I caught up with him, the stranger drew his sword and tried to hurry to kill me. But he was in a hurry and a sword with a whistle cut the air. I immediately responded, hitting the toe of the right foot under the wrist of the hand holding the sword, which the warrior immediately dropped. Not giving the enemy time to recover, I right foot hit directly in the jaw of the attacker, depriving him of consciousness. After looking around, I realized that foreigners are no more. Then I hurried to tell Dar about the invasion.

At maximum speed I reached home Dar, where still the light was on. Running into the house, I found my friend and told him briefly about everything.

“Varyans!” Blew a Dar. “I’ll report to the military Council about the invasion, and you’re my friend stay here. You’ve done a great service to both me and this city.”

“Maybe you need my help?” I did not let up.

“All that is possible, you have done!”

I stayed with Lora to look forward to the return of her husband.

“You are a very honorable man,” She began. “What you’ve done for us is priceless and if you prevented the invasion Varyans, in the Palace will not be ignored!”

“Thank you for such kind words, which touched me. This city and its people have become like family to me, and you with Dar brother and sister. I didn’t even miss home.”

Our conversation was interrupted by Dar, who ran into the room.

“Fortunately, everything ended happily, off the wall, we saw the enemy troops retreating into the forest. Without your help, Alexander, not known how it would all end. And yet, tomorrow is waiting for you in the palace Fer sal, he learned about your heroism, and wants to see you.”

“Well, the desire of the king the law, go to the Palace tomorrow,” I agreed.

Chapter 3
King of Tal

In the morning i with the Dar on the main street went to the Palace. Along the way we met several times those giants, similar to elephants. As I learned later, was the name of this animal Gor. The closer we got to downtown, the higher was the building. Finally, it seemed a palace, which surprisingly was not made of wood. It was built of cut stone and decently towering over other buildings.

Near the entrance we were met by guards, but knowing my companion, they saluted him, and we moved on. Inside the building was very beautiful, the walls had a lot of stucco and paintings. The walls were like marble with turquoise tint. Climbing the stairs to the third floor, we found ourselves at a large wooden door. The staircase was made of the same stone as the walls. Near the door us were again met the guards.

“Pass on, please, the commander-in-chief,” Officer invited. “The king is waiting for you.”

The door opened and we found ourselves in a large hall, richly decorated with various Antiques which I have not seen on earth. At the end of the room stood an exquisite wooden throne, on which sat a man of advanced age and a strong constitution with a stern expression on his face.

“Dar Tal,” Fer sal greeted. “Come closer.”

We got closer, and the king began to carefully inspect me from head to toe, especially because I still remained in the same clothes. Next to the throne chair sat a young man of slim build, who blinked eyes and with a wry smile on his face, drilled me with his eyes.

“I Fer sal, ruler of the city of Tal,” King begun. “And this is my son Sol Fer,” He added, pointing to the guy sitting on the left.

“What’s your name, stranger, and where you’re from?” asked the king.

“Alexander Novikov — my full name, you can just Alexander. I come from the glorious city of Rostov-on-Don, which is in Russia, a country that is not located on the Rag Nar,” I replied.

“So you’re not with Rag Nar, and how did you get here?” The king asked in surprise.

I briefly told his story, and then answered a few questions about my native land.

“So this warrior bare hands dealt with Sita in the forest and disarmed varyan at the gate and killed him,” With a malicious expression on his face, Sol Fer asked.

“Yes, it is,” Dar confirmed.

“Something I can not believe,” Sol Not appeased. “let him show us how he succeeded.”

“You,” Sol asked to one of the soldiers who stood along the wall. “Pull the sword and attack this stranger.”

The warrior drew his sword from its scabbard and lunged at me. When he reached me, tried to take my head off. I instantly took a step to the side, then hit the toe of the right foot under the wrist that held the sword, thus disarming the poor. Then, without delay, the left foot hit the warrior in the chest, but not as much as varyan, not to kill him. The warrior fell, writhing in pain, but staying in consciousness.

“And so it was, except that I dealt the final blow to the jaw, not in the chest, and much stronger, killing the attacker. But, I understand, you need warriors, “I explained.

“Well, you are a really strong warrior, but we’ll see how you can deal with all the soldiers in this room,” Sol persisted.

“Maybe that’s enough Sol,” Dar protested.

“What are you worried Dar, they will not kill him and just check his power,” With a wry smile on his face continued Sol. “Warriors main thing is not to kill him.”

After looking around, I counted twenty soldiers, too many to handle with bare hands. I saw the spear on the stone floor, which dropped a warrior. Lifting the spear, I broke off the tip, thereby obtaining a fighting pole. The warriors, seeing as I easily dealt with their friend, slowly surrounded me from all sides. Realizing his deplorable situation, I took both hands, close to the center, my new pole and began to rotate as any fan rotates. Alternating the rotation of the pole with the left, from the right side of the body. Seeing this, the soldiers froze in confusion.

“It’s only a stick, you have swords, attack him, I order you as the king!” Fer sal cried.

One soldier rushed at me with a sword, but because the pole was longer than the sword, I struck him first, and immediately deprived of consciousness. One by one, the soldiers attacked me, but I only had time to distribute blows right and left, or the pole, or kicks. If the warrior overtook me from behind, I just abruptly pulled his foot in his side, not even turning around. Has not passed also minutes, as all the attackers were lying on this stone floor. Someone writhed from aching pain, and someone was just unconscious. The king ordered one soldier, who managed to get to his feet, check the status of the others. Holding his stomach, the warrior looked over all.

“All alive,” He confirmed.

“And I and the lad did not expect that you will cope with them, because this is our personal protection and they are the best,” Bewildered king began. “I want you tomorrow with Dar went hunting and brought me a pair of carcasses Biv, this all can go.”

On the way home, I asked Dar:

“I do not understand, the king with the Prince wanted to kill me?”

“I do not think, but you surprised them, and me, too,” Dar answered. “Fer sal and father always had differences, so he behaved at the meeting with you so.”

“And Biv, what kind of animal?”

“This is a very dangerous and large animal, but the meat it tender and tasty. We often has to hunt him down, tomorrow you will take part,” Explained my friend.

The next morning, after breakfast, we went out into the street, where we were already waited for Gor — a huge animal with a rider on his neck. We approached this giant and began to wait for something, I was tormented by one question — how are we gonna to climb on his back. And then I saw that solved that mystery. The mahout pulled both hands twice over the reins and Gor knelt down, bending the front legs. We climbed on the animal’s head and settled on the seats in the design, attached to the back Mountain. I was happy like a little child, because I wanted to ride an elephant in Thailand, and here such luck.

“Dar, i can pet this handsome?” I asked.

“Of course, they are quiet and docile animals.”

I climbed up on the animal’s neck near the drover and stroked the huge head, and then began to scratch it behind the ear.

“See, apparently, he likes!” Cried the driver.

I looked down and saw that Gor rowing with your right foot on the ground, probably from pleasure. Then I sat down next to Dar, and we moved down main street to the town gate to get into the woods. Without any incidents, after a couple of hours we arrived at the forest. I was armed with a spear, and Dar was armed with only a sword.

“Since you are very quick and agile, will be distracting. The main thing is when you will see that he noticed you, run to the nearest tree. Only on the tree you will find salvation, and I’ll deal with it,” Dar said.

Only Dar instructed me, as I felt the heat at my back. I turned and saw a big head Gor, who was on his knees opening his mouth. Then he pulled his big, long tongue and licked me right in the face.

“You really liked him, Alexander!” laughed Dar.

“Yeah!” And I burst into laughter.

“Take it, Alexander,” Shouted driver, he threw me a piece of some kind of matter, so I wiped my face.

Then, we went into the dense thicket of the forest. After three hundred meters, we stopped, hearing a rustling of leaves near us.

“Get ready, most likely, this is it,” Whispered Dar.

Suddenly, about thirty meters from us, out of the bushes popped a large head similar to the head of a wild boar only twice more. Immediately my friend fell to the ground and called out to me: “Run!”

Бесплатный фрагмент закончился.

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