Race for sex

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Football match in Colorado.

Cathy sits next to a friend-Alicia and two brothers — David and John. They are rooting for the Colorado Springs team. (The brothers are David and John, self-assured, tall.)

Alice’s girlfriend, self-confident, blond. Cathy is the main character, self-confident, brown-haired.

The brothers love her and she knows about it, on her cheek painted the flag of Colorado Springs)

Cathy gets up and screams:


— Come on, score!

(David) (her brother, addressing her sister, Alicia and John)

— Let’s all get up and shout together!

They get up and shout:

— Colorado Springs, we are for you!

After them stand all the fans and shout in support of the team.

David lifts Cathy and puts her on his neck.

John raises Alicia and puts her on his neck.

(Cathy) (yelling at the team)

— How are you guys? We are waiting for a goal.

(All fans) (shout)

— Goal, goal!

Colorado Springs scores.

The red Chevy Camaro goes on the highway and overtakes all cars. David, John, Alicia and Cathy aresitting in the Camaro.

They are coming from a football match. David is driving. The girls are sitting behind.


— Cool that our won! John, give me a flag please.

The winner’s team flag is on the panel. John gives itto Cathy.

Cathy opens the top window (car hatch) — and half crawls out the window. David turns on the music at full volume. Cathy waved the flag and shouted:


— It was the team of Colorado Springs, these were our guys!

Car rides.


Cathy enters his bedroom, goes to the computer. Cathy writes in the search engine: «Dating site, I’m looking for a guy.

«She removes the last word «guy» and writes «new guy».

Many dating sites are displayed on the screen.

Cathy opens the first site. She writes:

«I’m a girl, I’m looking for a guy.. Age 25—35

City — Colorado Springs.»

A list with the guys with photos opens. Cathy lists the list and says:


— Well, where are you, handsome guys…

Cathy gets up and goes to the kitchen. She makes coffee. With a glass of coffee, she returns to the computer. She sits at the computer.

The sound of the incoming message.

Cathy opens the message:

(Alex, no photo, 32 years old, Colorado)

Message text: «Hello, the sun»

Cathy writes the message:

«I’m Cathy, where’s your photo?»

A message came from Alex — a photo.

Cathy sees the photo. In the photo, Alex. He is tall, bodybuilder, handsome, blond. Very confident. He is dressed in a T-shirt that emphasizes all his muscles.

Another message from Alex: «Did you like the photo, sweet?»

Cathy says:


— Wow!

Cathy with surprised eyes, writes: «Wow!»

Message from Alex: «I want to meet, Soon I’ll come to Colorado and want to see you»

Cathy writes: «Where are you?»

Message from Alex: «In Vietnam, I have a construction company here»

Cathy writes:


— Wow!

Cathy writes: «When will you be back?»

Message from Alex: «Two months later, send me a photo, please»

Cathy writes: «Ok, now»

Message from Alex: «Send me a photo in a swimsuit»


— What? In a swimsuit?

She takes the swimsuit out of the closet. She dresses a swimsuit and takes a photo on the front camera.

Cathy sits down at the computer (she is dressed in a swimsuit) and sends a photo.

Message from Alex: — And now without a swimsuit


— I can not!

Cathy writes: — I can not.

Message from Alex: — Do it for me, the sun. You can do it. I’ll send you another photo.

Message from Alex — photo.

In the photo: Alex’s smile and the bare torso of a beautiful muscle.

Cathy opens the photo on the whole screen, looks at the muscles and face.

Cathy says:


— Wow!!!

Cathy writes: «You’re so cute!»

At the bottom of the screen, a message is displayed from Alex: «I want a bare photo»

Cathy lies down on the bed.


— Oh Alex!

She looks at the ceiling, then at the camera, which is on the shelf. She goes to the shelf and takes the camera.

She slowly takes off her swimsuit. She goes to the door and closes the door to the key.

She photographs herself in the mirror.

It takes a photo from the side and from the front.

Cathy sits at the computer and sends all the photos.

Message from Alex: «Oh, honey, sweet… You’re so sweet…»

Cathy writes: «Did you like the photo?»

Message from Alex: «Very, I want to see you completely.» Let’s Skype»

Cathy writes: «What? Skype?»

Message from Alex: «Write your Skype, please»

Cathy writes: «My Skype: kathymeyers»

Call via skype. This is Alex.

Cathy presses «to take the challenge» and sees Alex’s beautiful face.


— You? You’re so beautiful?

(Cathy) (with a smile)

— Thank you for the compliment. You are beautiful too.


— You’re very sweet. And I’m perverting you here.


— What do you do in Vietnam?


— I have a construction company here. I am an engineer.

Cathy smiles.


— You’re so handsome, you’re also a businessman.


— Wow! Wow! Thank you. I live in Colorado and I’ll be back.

Send photos, please. Hot photo. How do you masturbate. Do you have a dildo?


— No


— I’ll buy it for you now and order it with delivery.

Cathy with a smile, building his eyes.


— I get it.


— See you tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m waiting for a video how you use it. OK?


— Okay.

Alex turns off the connection. The call is complete.

Cathy lies down on the bed with a frozen look and says:


— Alex!

Cathy closes her eyes, says with delight:


— My Alex!

(She is already wearing clothes)

Cathy goes to the front door. She opens the door. On the threshold is a young guy:


— Delivery to the house. Ordered?


— Yes.

The guy takes out a sheet and says:

(The Boy)

— Sign

Cathy signs.


— Thank you.

The guy takes the sheet from her and gives her a box.

Kate takes the box in her hands and enters the house. She opens the box and pulls out a large blue dildo.

With astonishment, he looks at him. She lays down on the bed and looks from all sides.


— This is Alex`s dick!

Kate kisses the dildo.


— You have to make a video!

Kate takes the phone in her hands and shoots her face on the video with her front camera.

She presses the «start video»

Cathy looks at the dildo, shows it to the camera. She says:


— This is Alex`s dick!

He lifts the dildo close to his lips and slowly lick his tongue from all sides.

Then he looks at the front camera and makes an air kiss.

Click on «end of video».

Cathy sits down on the bed. With a very surprised look he says:


— Wow!

The phone rings. On the screen, «David calls.» Wright includes a link.


— Hi, David.

(David) — Hello, Cathy. Are you going to race

with us today? With us go John, Chris, Mac, brothers Razbi and Alicia.


Night. The Yellow Audi R8 rides high speed on the highway. (Audi R8 — 2010)

Kate is driving behind the wheel and looks at the road. Takes in hands in phone, presses Alex a call. It turns on the loudspeaker.


— Hello.


— Did you see the video that I sent you?


— Yes, I want you, my sun!



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