Pusya & Meowka. Friendship is above all!

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A little hole

Once upon a time at the bank of a wide river in a small village two kittens lived. His name was Meowka and her name was Pusya. She had bright-red fur; he was charcoal-black with a white heart on his chest. They lived in a big cottage with granny Valery and old Graham.

Old men were very fond of the kittens. They gave them a lot of milk and let to play anywhere the kids wanted. Only the trip to the river was not allowed, because the kittens could not swim.

Every evening granny Valery put the kids on her knees and stroked their backs. The kittens were purring with pleasure. They loved their grands too and rubbed against their legs expressing all their love.

The old men had a small farm. Mongrel Barmaley, cow Motley, nanny goat Mary and a flock of speckled hens. Granny Valery managed the house. Old Graham used to go fishing.

«Meowka! Meowka!»

«I’m here, Pusya.»


«I hid in the bushes.»

«What for?»

«I want to catch a butterfly.»

«Look, there it’s flying!»

Meowka jumped out of the bushes, but did not get the butterfly.

«Ow!» said the kitten, landing on the ground.

«What’s wrong, Meowka?»

«I got my paw in a mouse hole. It’s stuck.»

The kitty tried to pull out her friend’s paw. But the paw was stuck deep.

«I don’t have enough strength!»

«I’ll dig it up,» said the kitty.

The ground was dry from the summer heat and became very hard. Pusya’s small claws made nothing but scratches on it.

«I’ll call Barmaley for help.»

Pusya ran into the yard for help.

«Mister Barmaley!»

«What’s wrong, Pusya?»

«Meowka’s paw stuck in a mouse hole! Help him free!»

«Where is he?»

«Behind the house, near the currant bushes.»

«I can’t help him.»

«Why not?»

«My chain won’t reach the currant bushes.»

Pusya was upset.

«Ask the nanny Mary. She’s pasturing nearby.»

Pusya ran to call the goat for help.

«Nanny Mary! Save!»

«Who? Where?»

«Meowka’s paw is stuck in a mouse hole.»

«Let’s go quickly!»

The goat began to break the ground around the kitten’s paw with its hoof. The kitten was in pain.

«It won’t work!» the goat said. «I can hurt his paw with my hoof.»

How could they save Meowka? They should go to granny Valery. And Pusya ran to her mistress. She started to meow sadly showing that Granny should go in the direction of a friend in trouble.

«Meow! Meow!»

«What’s wrong, Pusya?»

Unfortunately, cats can’t talk.

«Meow! Meow… Meow! Meow!» the kitty pitifully mewed and, looking back at the mistress, went to the currant bushes.

«I should follow you!» Granny Valery thought.

«Meow-meow,» said the kitty.

«Poor little thing!» Granny Valery said when she saw what trouble Meowka was in.

Carefully, she freed the kitten’s paw.

«Well done, Pusya, you are a real friend!»

Happy little kitty ran alongside. She saved her friend!

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