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Psysuccess 34

Huge effort and constant training,

They will show the way, fill the desire and strength,

You can do everything without stopping

And to realize all the ideas and impulses of the soul.

And may it seem impossible to you,

Only those who are prepared can create

Be bold and free in your thoughts

If you wish, you can master everything in an instant.

And every day you increase the load

Of course looking back at skill and health,

Do not be lazy and do not let despondency,

Delight will cover, like the coolness of the sea.

And soon you will be surprised at the new, fresh forces,

To your excellent mood and decisions,

From now on, the victor’s blood flows in your veins,

And you will become different: we adore and love.

Psysuccess 10

Don’t be afraid to do things

Find obstacles on your way

Do not make concessions to your fate,

You will always be ahead of life.

And set yourself at least small goals

Achieve forever, always move

Get yourself out of bed more often

And again a bright star will call you.

And do not be lazy, dare you constantly,

Your eternal fatigue will leave your body,

And you will wake up early in the morning,

Joy will soon fill your soul.

Fight and you will achieve exactly what you want

You get to know the world, you learn a lot about yourself,

Precious love will warm the heart

And you will begin to move contrary to fate.

The day will come, all worries will disappear

Your sorrow will go away and an eternal migraine,

And you will see happy roads ahead,

And light will become a cure for problems.

Fear the lies so close to the truth…

In the flow of time and people

We live unpretentiously

And we quickly get tired of ideas,

And we move slowly.

When everyone lies and promises

How to live, mother, tell me?

Friends instantly disappear

We are tired of this lie.

And many will probably think

If embellished, is it a sin,

So your opinion is very bad,

Rather put a ban on it.

Lies break your families

How to live when the trust is gone?

As if poison irrigates the lands,

With the loss of faith, family warmth will leave.

Lies break your friendship

Your friend is now a stranger to you,

And the heart will immediately plunge into the cold,

And it is unlikely that you will reach out to him with your soul.

Lies darken the soul, instill fear,

Your love cripples, hurts feelings,

And the joy disappears before your eyes,

And I want to scream from this madness,

What could be worse than deception, lies?

When truth is changed to bravado

You have long been surrounded only by mirages,

Fear the lies so close to the truth…

Psysuccess 24

Share your joy, sadness,

Do not be afraid to always open your soul,

After all, friends in difficult times do not leave,

And for good, you are boldly answered with your heart.

The best friend will constantly support in grief,

Will rejoice with you for success and career,

Suddenly you will understand, this is all true, dear,

Always invite you to a party and a premiere.

You cherish the sincere feelings of a friend too,

Do not condemn all his reckless impulses,

Convince that he can overcome difficulties,

Be tactful and patient in your words.

Sweet river… take me with you

Sweet river… take me with you,

Never to see people again

Day after day I will live under water,

And from now on it will be a home… dark water.

One… to be very afraid of your love,

Her life has been arranged for a long time, of course,

I love you so much, you are my angel,

Be happy, dear, endlessly.

Another… silently waiting… does not understand

How can you love and believe so much?

From now on, forever constantly avoids him,

No more soul-quivering matters.

And here I sit… so sweetly thinking,

One is afraid… the other silently rejects,

I’ll tell you honestly… that’s what love is,

The soul screams in pain… and soon falls silent…

Unsent letter

I remember you constantly from an early age,

When I was hot and so impatient

My love for you was a big secret

I didn’t let you go, even then I was jealous.

You turned the idea of;;;;life,

And inspired with her energy and passion,

Only about you my thoughts were filled,

I have always considered myself a part of your universe.

And everything was burning and forever blazing constantly,

Emotions inside were at their peak and on edge,

We soon had to part unexpectedly,

You said that I will come to life again free.

I survived all the pain and my disappointment

Energy rushed to the explosion, overcoming everything,

And even then he was constantly tormented in despair,

I remember you as a true spring.

You set that vector so that I was not afraid of anything,

And he went towards his feelings and his heart,

And even in terrible situations, I never got lost,

After all, once before I easily crossed the darkness.

She flew up and rushed to him like the wind

She lived before that only in the twilight of the night,

And nothing pleased at all in this world,

Met amazing sunsets outside the window,

Constant sadness reigned in her apartment.

I met him on a weekday so by chance

And plunged into his eyes as if into the ocean,

And this feeling was sweet in a new way,

It was as if light was breaking through the mist.

And she became his fantasy and passion

Filling his dreams with extraordinary beauty,

And the heart was so torn from a secret attraction,

And since then, her whole attitude has changed.

He created her from his dreams and all his fantasies,

Filling the soul forever with awe and grace,

And at the meeting he stuttered, and his legs were already trembling,

She resignedly stretched into a gentle embrace.

And suddenly her gray world changed again,

Anguish and pain, all worries disappeared without a trace,

And since childhood, no one treated so well,

His words were like blessed water to her.

She flew up and rushed towards him like the wind,

Not afraid of anything else in this wonderful world,

And she was amazingly beautiful at dawn

Taking dreams and fantasies like magic.


All my dreams about her, if not strange,

She fills my dreams every day

I think about her all the time, even in the bathroom

Became my enchantress and harbinger of spring.

The long-awaited women’s holiday,

So desired and necessary

Endless kisses and flowers in a vase

Chocolate and white roses for your beloved.

Nice smile and close hugs

What else do you need for a loving person,

He does not need praise and applause,

Endless advice and guardianship.

I saw a dream…

Yesterday you came into my dreams

And surprise knew no bounds

Or maybe it’s just a dream

My blood boiled with passion.

This time you weren’t embarrassed

Loved me so passionately

And in the morning it turned out to be only a haze,

Kissed, slowly left.

I realized that you left completely,

No screaming, no tantrums, no offense,

But my heart aches in the meantime

It does not subside, it only hurts violently.

And at night before going to sleep, closing your eyes,

I called you, you come to me

When you open your eyes, you start to slip away

We will talk to you in silence.

And if in dreams we are happy with you,

I will plunge into my dream, from now on, forever,

After all, you were my quivering fate,

And in the morning, let me never wake up.

You keep short moments of happiness

You keep short moments of happiness,

Minutes together when everything burns inside

Take your love tenderly in your arms,

And joy is definitely ahead of you.

Breathe love and bathe in it,

Close your tenderness from the eyes of strangers,

Otherwise, gossip will only hurt more

And leave the magic only for two.

Communicate more and share constantly,

And let communication become better without offense,

True warmth will blow the word from the beginning,

And he who keeps his love will be happy.

What is love like?

Love is like a warm and tender summer

To the sound of water flowing from a stormy stream,

To the mystery of nature, waiting for the dawn,

The smell of freshness after a summer rain.

Still so similar to the flight of a free bird,

What rushes in the sky, not knowing any barriers,

To gatherings around the fire right up to the dawn,

It is similar in color to lilac, in taste to grapes.

At the touch of the mother and the look of the sister,

That is constantly protected and carefully stored,

The long-awaited coolness from the dry heat,

In loving eyes that only look at you.

Psysuccess 17

My soul sings and my heart breaks

From wondrous eyes and such charm,

Carries my sincere impulse to you,

You are my charm and the wonder of the universe.

I fly to you again in all the winds,

To listen, soak up all the wisdom

My heart is quenched with wonderful words

Together with you I again find myself in youth.

Where all my dreams are real, so close

Ready to touch them with my hand

The time when we did not suffer from longing

And they went headlong into their aspirations.

So what happened to us together?

Eyes are out, dreams and dreams are forgotten,

Glorious time as if I had a dream

And the old thresholds, the doors have been closed for a long time.

Where have all the dreams of your childhood gone?

Find love and go around the world

Day after day you don’t want anything else

And imperceptibly forever you fall into darkness.

Open your eyes and plunge into this world

Where everything is perfect, all dreams are real

Your fantasies went out of the picture,

Everything in your life has become perfect again.

Anfisa and Marusya

(from a woman’s face)

Recently I was given two kittens,

They are such cute, playful animals,

They look at this world in a special way,

And caress and undead them so nice.

And she called them: Anfisa and Marusya,

Perfect names for beauties

And the day does not pass without embarrassment,

Of course we can fix everything.

Marusya is a cheerful, playful bully,

Anfisa is as soft as a pillow

And if one of them starts to cry

A true friend will always support you.

And they are fun to be with. Never boring

And the whole day passes right away,

You can’t remain indifferent to them

Whoever has cats at home will only understand me.

Psysuccess 37

And who told you that women are weak creatures?

They lack flair, passion and sports ardor,

Movements are useless, all efforts go to dust,

Able to overtake anyone, only the dust will settle.

They are much tougher to themselves from now on,

They do not know the pain and efforts to overcome themselves,

Do not suffer from pride, they will survive in the desert,

They will make candy to bring back the desired look.

They are used to competition and perpetual motion

Wake up early and come after midnight

And step by step they strive for their goals and achievements,

They go their own way and have not looked for help for a long time.

And you can never call them weak,

They know exactly what they fantasize and dream about,

Use their own strengths and factors

Only they understand the whole truth and benefits of sport.

36th day of quarantine

You reflected the sky, happiness, detachment,

And milestones dotted with love,

Your thoughts were complete

And my heart didn’t hurt anymore.

Minutes of glory are now so commonplace,

Minutes of silence and eternal bliss,

And digital skills have become relevant,

The soul asked for happiness, perfection.

You begged the sky to arrange everything and teach

Deal with disappointment and pain

Only quarantine helped to exclude communication,

I forgot what you used to call love.

Gone are all the things that I feared and feared,

Can’t explain to myself

Recently, I tried so hard to glue the relationship,

From now on, your favorite idol is gone.

Pure soul, untouched thoughts

Didn’t you know that there is an eternal war going on?

She knows no forgiveness, no mercy

And for success does not issue awards, orders,

And at the end, alas, parades are not waiting.

I’m talking about the battles of men and women

The struggle for power, love and eternal attention,

Live does not leave males, traitors,

Only with defeat comes understanding.

I ask sincerely, but is all this necessary?

When you can communicate, cherish and be friends,

And for dating you don’t need a clear method,

After all, everyone can truly love with their soul.

And it will be perfect when they find a language

The ability to make friends has not yet been canceled,

People have long lost the habit of being sincere,

And all the aspirations of the soul to the bed equated.

I want to give advice to all young souls,

While you are young, you are not sour inside,

Learn to trust the other sex as your own,

And a pure soul, untouched thoughts will be eternal.

Psysuccess 38

Regular training and hard work

They will bring you long-awaited delight

Your hard work has created a miracle

You get tired of greedy looks again.

You yourself marvel at the magical results

It’s so nice to be light and so airy

And people’s opinion is creepy,

From now on, your life will not be boring anymore.

And so attracts your wonderful gait,

Subtle curves excite male blood

May the day be woven from joy,

Rejoice for others and do not slander any more.

You changed the world and you passed all the obstacles,

Soon she became beautiful, persistent and strong,

And every day someone became so necessary,

I wish you happiness, love and be loved.

Psysuccess 55

Forward to the dream, regardless of the obstacles,

For whims and tremors, the prejudice of others,

When the wind of change tears apart without mercy

When in difficult situations we rely on ourselves.

Forward to the dream, even if all hands are down,

And there is no more strength, you are pounded and squeezed,

And everything inside trembles with eternal pain and separation,

Forward to a dream without rest or break,

Spreading our pampered wings, we fly into the sky,

Already lets you go and cuts your throat from a tear,

And outside the window, the oceans, the sea and your raging summer.

Kindness Pill

Open eyes and clean manners

And the voice is so pure, velvety,

You are haunted by these gentlemen,

You lit up the radiant day with beauty.

And the heart believes sincerely, openly,

To all the tender promises and your words

You attract me like a magnet

Once believed naively your wondrous dreams.

Time passes, your attention is gone

You don’t notice, you don’t write, you don’t call anymore,

Our charming nights were a fairy tale

When meeting in the eyes do not look and are silent.

And I believed so, literally freezing,

And absorbed all the tenderness, kindness,

Your pure soul is dry and empty

And only now contemplates silence.

Weeks, months and years have passed

There is no trace of that marvelous simplicity,

We were overcome by storms and adversity

I don’t need your kindness pill anymore.

Psychologist games

Exquisite phrases and a magnificent figure,

And the voice is gentle, like a blossoming bud,

Your chiseled figure, as if from an engraving,

And oddly enough favorites Aristotle and Plato.

And a warm, so enveloping voice,

Beautiful features, gait like a panther,

And everything that was suddenly erased immediately,

Colored dreams suddenly faded, black and white.

I listened to the voice, penetrating nirvana,

And he believed like a child in word and deed,

I adored the way you compose phrases,

And he walked towards you, as if returning to the former shores.

And now the years have passed and the blinkers opened,

And your busyness irritated from now on constantly,

Magic words, like a spell, dissolved,

And your actions were even a little scary.

And the games are tired, «honesty» and «openness»,

Illusion of feelings, sincerity and truth,

What used to worry is now long forgotten,

And now in the face of study long results.

There is only one request left.

Forget psychological games and specialty

Stay just a man, not a wolf,

And come back again from the sky you are in reality.

She lacked simple constancy in her life…

Under the mask of luxury and splendor,

In the flow of daily meetings,

From comedy, even to the grotesque,

He dreams of removing this burden from his shoulders.

She is sociable and open to everyone,

Strives for a new day after day,

Her soul is torn from screaming

And my head hurts from the weight of time.

She regularly promotes the business,

Goes towards people and problems,

Loves yoga, stretching, fitness,

And everything boils from the current dilemma.

But if we drop this screen,

Let’s forget the past for a moment

Her prestigious car, firm,

Let’s put emphasis on something else.

A year later, she remained like a child,

Who believes sincerely and forever,

And she trusted day after day from the cradle,

She considered lies only vulgarity, nonsense.

And it is difficult for her to understand in life,

There is so much envy and eternal flattery around,

It became easier for her to just part with people,

Than expect dirty tricks and bad news from them.

She’s tired of being open from now on

Closed, counting the world around against her,

And life turned around like a simple film

Suddenly, all the anger and whining began to tire.

She lacks friendship, warm, so that for a century,

To believe and cherish this person,

Who would go with her in the rain, and storm, snow,

He was there, and did not admire only her success.

She would return her successes and start from scratch,

The soul hurts from rudeness and eternal deceit,

And from now on, she is afraid of close meetings like fire,

She lacked simple constancy in her life…


Come to me from dreams wondrous creature,

Breathe into me all the wisdom, grace,

Fill your mind with passion

I will wait for you and suffer uncomplainingly.

Without your lovely eyes, wondrous speech,

Heart warmth and summer mood,

Warm up a passionate and exciting evening,

My heart is bursting with anticipation.

I take off into the sky like a gray-winged angel,

I rush to meet you, overcoming everything,

You made me incredibly happy

All my secret thoughts are only about you.


In the midst of dreams so sweet and inviting

In the lightning of the sky and in the azure evenings,

I saw love in real deeds,

And the taste of passion again melted on the lips.

Among the mountains, the stream of thoughts and despondency,

I contemplated such indescribable happiness,

The soul was torn and thrilled in abundance,

And my pain asked again for voluptuousness.

I saw a light fragrant and tender,

What came from your eyes and heart,

And I was drowning in love from now on hopelessly,

He took off like a whirlwind into the sky like a bird boldly.

Your footsteps reverberated and nourished again

And the voice immediately penetrated extremely deeply,

From the look, the sigh, I understood at a glance,

And felt you and heard you too far.

And let no one believe in our happiness,

And constantly convinced of the inexpediency of this,

I melted again when I kissed and took my wrist

And I would trade the world around for our minute conversation.

Moscow is silent

Inspiration: Ivanenko Kristina

«Walking around Moscow in a strange state of mind»


Again silent, without giving a sign,

As if they are not familiar and not good friends,

So I want to roar, tear my hair and cry,

But I’m a man, and that’s impossible.

And again coffee is my great friend,

And thoughts randomly wander in the dark,

From experiences again I can not sleep,

Everything was fine for a week, but now it’s empty.

Again calm, like the moment before the storm,

I let you go again without pain and loss,

Without controversy and despondency, and come what may,

And I can not do anything, I roar like a beast.

Moscow is silent, as if it knows everything about everything,

Only quietly whispers that everything will be forgotten, it will pass,

«What do you love the wrong one, my naive fool,

He lives with another, he only loves you, hopes and waits.

My Gerda

Through pain and tears you reach for me

Fearing neither the sun nor the bitter cold,

And you always shine with a spark in the darkness,

Eternal love will melt the ice of longing and bitterness.

You are not afraid of anyone and believe in miracles,

And your heart gently warms everyone around

And it’s sad without you, my heart is so bad,

My joy, my soul, my heart friend.

When everything in the world is fast and fast,

Countries are at war, people, black hearts,

Бесплатный фрагмент закончился.

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