Prodigy. Roxanne Mitchell’s Diary

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Anastasiia Deniz Mitchell

Prodigy. Roxanne Mitchell’s Diary

Author’s Note

Actually, I like the Mitchell surname. That’s why I have included it in my pseudonym. One day, I was thinking about the main character’s surname, and suddenly, it dawned on me: let it be Mitchell as well! Why not? It’s such a vibrant one!

This book tells us about everything — the possible and impossible, love and hatred — and all in a prodigy’s life! At the age of twenty, she has already encountered multiple things that lead her to the conclusion: being happy is impossible without any trials and tribulations, by overcoming which you can really become the one.

Enjoy the book!


Anastasiia Deniz Mitchell


2 September 1998

The day I was born. My birthday. The day that became special for my Mum. For us both.

2 September 2007

My birthday. I turned nine. I was really happy to realize that I was almost an adult!

I’ve stated to read «The Garden Party» by Katherine Mansfield.

There is one major character, or protagonist, Laura Sheridan. Such characters as her sisters Meg and Jose, the mother of the family, Mrs Sheridan and the workmen, are minor, as there is not much information concerning them. Concerning Mrs Sheridan, I can say that she is the mother of the family. There is no information about her age, occupation and education. We can only suggest that the woman is in her forties, and, probably, she has received a higher education as she belongs to the upper-middle class.

Laura’s thoughts, actions and speech are described. She grows up in an affluent family, as only rich families are able to organize luxurious garden parties. The author does not present us the information about the girl’s age. Laura compares the workmen to the boys and makes a conclusion that the former are «extraordinary nice». In order to show us that she considers herself an adult, having a conversation with the workmen, the author employs simile: “...that she was ashamed and stammered like a little girl». What is more, the girl’s curiosity and admiration makes her closely scrutinize the men’s every movement and their appearance: «A little fat chap thrust out his under-lip, and the tall fellow frowned,» «another of the workmen. He was pale. He had a haggard look as his dark eyes scanned the tennis-court. What was he thinking?»

The author’s attitude towards the girl is good-natured.

11 June 2012

...My mother’s name is Armanda. She is a lawyer. She graduated from London University when I was two years old. Yes, things happen. But she was extremely happy I was born.

My dad is a Greek, although I’ve never seen him. Pity. And my Mum’s an Englishwoman. She says he was a bad guy. They were dating when she found out she was pregnant with me. The man’s name was Alexandros — the man who came to study in London. Mum was a first-year student. After Daddy, I took green-brown eyes and curly brown hair (not as curly as African-Americans have, though). Despite all that, I have got white skin.

She had to take a gap year then, in order to take care of me. A tough time it was, taking into account that both grandma and grandpa were ill and then died from cancer. So, Mum had to struggle. Struggle for our lives.

Fortunately, all the hardships were over when Mum got a degree in Law. She opened an office in Central London. As business was looking well, she expanded the office and founded her own company. Mum called it «Queen Elizabeth». I think it’s quite a good name because it expresses all our respects for the monarch and our homeland.

When I was five, I began studying in a private Christian school — St. Francis’ College — until I was about to turn fourteen. Why fourteen?

Because I’m said to be a prodigy! Although I myself can’t believe this! (Please, don’t accuse me of immodest boasting. It’s just my story! My diary.).

When I was one year old, I began to speak. At the age of two, I started to read books in English. When I was three, I went to the language school to study Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Greek. Mum wasn’t against my studying Greek because the country’s rich culture and the fact that my «betrayer» dad is a Greek are separate. I love Greece. I took to Ellada when I was a toddler: Mum and me visited it at the time. I wanted to speak Greek most of all. My love for the land is simply unexplainable. As for the other languages, I think it’s a must for any educated person to know these languages, at least one, if not all of them. Mum herself speaks German very well, but she’s also willing to learn a few other languages.

Thus, I finished school at the age of thirteen. In fact, I adored studying there, finding out plenty of amazing facts about Christianity, Christian culture all over the world and throughout the history. What’s more, we were taught morals and ethics, which is the basis of any Christian school or college. I think it’s great, because one should be well-brought-up. Otherwise, he or she would be an animal, not a human. It’s inhuman for anyone to behave like an animal.

Our curriculum also included two foreign languages. I chose Spanish and German, so that Mum would be happy with my choice. And she actually was. She loved German. Unfortunately, they didn’t teach Greek there, and I had to continue attending the language school I had been going to since my childhood, to go on learning this magnificent language, along with French and Italian. Giving up learning something meant becoming stupid. While I was combining my studies in both the schools, I did well. (Thank you, Ma.). Mum supported me in all sorts of things. She told me how to do better whatever I asked advice in.

As for studying music, we had piano, guitar, violin, and flute classes. Saxophone had been a novelty in our school since I entered it. We could choose up to three musical instruments to play. I picked violin, guitar and saxophone. Jazz music had always been an exotic thing for me, so why not learn playing it at school…? Brilliant idea!

As soon as I graduated, I passed C2-standard exams in all my foreign languages, including Greek. It took quite a long time to prepare for them all, but I did it! Well done! (It’s all because I didn’t have any free time to devote to myself.).

Although I didn’t have many friends. Only one. Clare. She’d got fair hair and blue eyes. Clare was my best friend, and the only girl I could confide in. We studied together in one class.

Those were the days. We played, and laughed, and ate, and jumped, and… and many-many things like that. I enjoyed the time I spent with my best friend. The matter was that… I’d never communicated with the boys. Of course — I studied at a girls-only school!

Therefore, when I graduated (Clare stayed at school for another four years), I was simply stunned by the fact how diverse the world is! There are so many boys, both little and big. And how many men there actually are! More than a billion…!

I thought I was just unsocialized. I had never talked to a boy or a man! Imagine that! Men are hard to understand. Hard to deal with. At least, I thought so. Imagine one more thing — after I graduated, the only creatures I dealt with were… Mum and men. No female friends in my life anymore! I kept in touch with Clare, but we didn’t meet at all after I finished school.

Right. I had never seen a boy or a man in person! I saw many men on TV, as well as boys. For instance, Barack Obama was often shown. I also had a look at Her Majesty the Queen more often than at the American President…

Although I have had a dream since I was a child. Every night, I saw exactly the same thing (or a person). A man. To be closer, a boy. Four years older than me.


11 June 2012

Today, I’ve turned eighteen. It’s amazing, of course. You can let yourself do many things. No, I don’t mean smoking or drinking alcohol. I like nothing of that kind. But something in your life really changes. For instance, you become an adult. There’s no way back. You can’t return to your childhood and do the things you did not long ago. You skipped about like a child. You used to run about the garden. Now, it’s all over. I can’t even realize it’s all over.

I’m Greek. My mother, Evangelina, is also Greek, my father, Roberto, being Italian.

Today is a marvelous day. I have nothing else to say about it.

Although I have had a dream since I was a child. I don’t know why this is so. And only today at night, have I stopped dreaming about her.

Right. I’ve seen a woman. To be closer, it was a girl. A young girl. Four years younger than me.


14 July 2012

I’ve entered London University to train as a Spanish student on a grant. I love Spanish most of all. I think it’s better for me to study all the other languages by myself. Especially Greek.

Right — the boy from my dreams is Greek! And my biological father’s Greek. Although I can’t forgive him in any way, it’s not an excuse to stop learning this beautiful, amazing language. To say «Milao ellinika’ meant a lot to me. For example, one could boost their spirit because of the fact of speaking Greek itself!

As far as I know, his name is Maximilian. He’s got curly dark hair and big round brown eyes. Frankly speaking, he is so handsome!

I started seeing him in my dreams when I was two years old sharply. He was little at the time too. I’d say he looked like an angel. I dreamed about my playing various games with him. Although in my dreams, I was already grown-up. And in reality, I was a child…

However, as time passed by, I saw Maximilian appear in my dreams less and less. One day, I completely ceased seeing the boy. This day was when I turned thirteen. My thirteenth birthday! And what for? I had a desire to have more dreams with Maximilian present there!

But I must continue to live. I’ve entered the university, so I have another six years of studies ahead of me. Four years of undergraduate studies plus two years of doing my Master’s degree.

I’ve decided that I’ll stick to my major for the whole period. It would come in handy for me — Spanish is the easiest language to learn, and I will have time to learn the other languages as well.

Today, Mum said we would go to Italy for a holiday. For two weeks. I was overwhelmed because visiting a new country is a perfect opportunity of exploring the world. Especially after a long time spent at school. Therefore, we fixed the date of departure — the beginning of August, 1 August.

I’m looking forward to the trip very much.


14 July 2012

That girl stopped visiting me in my dreams a few days ago. Pity. She was very beautiful. What was her name…? I don’t even know. She didn’t introduce herself. Wavy hair, violet eyes… In a word, she looked like an angel. If only I met her in real life!

Nevertheless, I already have a girlfriend whom I love. Her name’s Maria. I love her more than my life. She’s the same age as me.

We lived in Crete, in a city called Iraklion. Iraklion is the so-called «capital’ of Crete.

I was going to enter the university. However, Maria wasn’t. «Let it be,» I thought. It didn’t matter to me. Actually, I didn’t care. What mattered to me was the fact that Maria and me loved each other.

I met her at school, in year 7. I was over the moon then. She was really beautiful. Since that moment, we have avowed our undying love for each other.

And we loved each other a lot. We even wanted to marry when we saved a bit of money. It was the biggest dream of my life. We’d have two or even three children — as many as Maria would want…

My parents both were lawyers, so it wouldn’t be a problem if Maria didn’t study at university. She’s a future mother of my children anyway.

Thus, Maria got a job in a restaurant as a waitress.

«Maximilian? Won’t you be against it?»

«Why would I? Of course, I wouldn’t! My dear Maria!» I hugged her.

«Thank you very much!» she smiled. «I knew you wouldn’t be angry!»

What a maddening smile she had!

By the way, I still didn’t understand why I should be angry with Maria…


1 August 2012

I’ve got violet eyes. It’s a fact. And long wavy hair. Mum says it suits me perfectly.

Today, it’s the day of our departure. I’ve taken my diary with me, so I’ll be able to write down something interesting.

When Mum and me found our seats, the pilot announced:

«Ladies and gentlemen, we will be showing our safety demonstration and would like a few minutes of your attention. There are several exits on this aircraft. Please take a few moments to locate the exit closest to you…»

Up, up, and up into the sky! It is awesome just to fly and think about nothing.

I want it so much! I wish the plane was flying faster and faster!

«Where are we going, Mummy?»

«To Sicily.»


I’ve never been there. Because I’ve been studying at school all that time. Now, it’s time for holidays.

While we were flying, I wrote a few lines about my school in my notebook. Right, apart from the diary, I’ve got a small notebook.

It took us three hours to get at the place.

After some time, the pilot finally announced:

«Ladies and gentlemen, we are now landing at Palermo Airport… It’s a sunny day with a light breeze… Please remain seated until we’re safely parked at the gate. Thank you for flying with us today, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on board in the near future. Have a nice stay!»

It was sunny! And it was great! A light breeze…

We got out of the plane and caught a taxi to arrive at the hotel, a three-star one.

It was hot here indeed. I put on trousers and a pink T-shirt. I like pink. It’s one of my favorite colors. I’m also fond of purple, blue and light-blue.

As we were in the hall, we were introduced to the receptionist, Domenico, and the porter, Luciano. I drew attention to the latter. Luciano turns to be two years older than me. Perfect!

I thought, «at least, I can make friends with him, I guess.»

Luciano literally flew up to us and took our bags to bring them upstairs, smiling. Our room was on the fourth floor.

After Luciano carried our luggage into our room, he asked me:

«What’s your name?»

He had good English, this Luciano.


«What a nice name!» he exclaimed. «How old are you?»

«I’m getting fourteen in a few weeks.»

«Wow! And when exactly?»

I thought whether I should tell him the date or not.

«Roxy!» Mum called me. «I’ll be in the room! Don’t get far away from here!»

«Okay, Mummy,» I said. «I promise I won’t!»

When she left, Lucian asked me:

«And where do you study?»

«At London University.»

«What? You’re only thirteen!»

«I’m a wonderchild,» I said proudly. «I’ve entered it this summer.»

«You amaze me!»

«Really?» I smiled.

«Yes, of course!»

«All right,» I thought it was high time I left too. It was rather impolite of me to stay in the hall any longer.

«See you, Roxy! I’m very happy I’ve met you!»

«See you soon!» I answered.

As soon as I entered the room, Mum told me we were going sightseeing. It was just amazing!

8 August 2012

All right, I haven’t kept my diary for a week. (P. S. My dear Diary, I’m so sorry about it! But I’ve got an excuse — Mum and me have been going to the beach every day, along with visiting the sights of Palermo.).

I adore it very much. You can learn about multiple landmarks like Via Vittorio Emanuele — the one between the Norman palace and the cathedral.

Moreover, I’ve made friends with Luciano, as I wanted to. The boy spoke to me when he was at the reception desk. We were talking about things like the weather differences between London and Palermo, the landmarks of the city, and so on. I also asked him why he had chosen the occupation of a porter. «Well,» he answered, «I just like this job, and that’s it.» Let it be.

It seems like I even… No, it’s illogical!

Anyway, today I came up to Mum and said:

«Mum, I want to marry Luciano.»

«But you’re only fourteen!» she said.

«And what? I love him, and he loves me!»

«My dear, I wouldn’t advise you to do something on the spot. You’re still a child. And — you don’t know him that well.»

In the end, I said I loved Luciano…

«My darling,» Mother asked, «why do you think he’s in love with you?»

«He told me I’m beautiful — the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen.»

«And that’s it?»

«He also said he loves me!» I exclaimed dreamily.

«My darling,» Mum said, «he might tell a lie. He’s Italian.»

«How come?» I raised my eyebrow. «I want to marry him!»

«Roxy,» she sighed, «according to the law, one cannot get married until he or she turns eighteen.»

«Pity,» I sighed heavily — at least, heavier than Mum. «Okay,» I agreed.

To wait for four years means that I need to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree. Good.

10 August 2012

Luciano and I talk every day, and I think he really loves me. One day, we’ll marry. I have only to get a degree in Spanish, for Luciano to have an educated wife.

When I told this to Mum, however, she began to laugh.

«My child,» she said, «you understand nothing. But, okay, by studying at university, you’ll learn practically everything. Especially if you’re in London, with me.» Mum paused and then said, «At home.»

«At least,» I asked, «can I talk to him when he’s at the reception?»

«Sure thing! But no more.»

«Let it be,» I thought.

I went downstairs.

«Roxy!» Luciano was already there. «I’ve got something for you!»

The boy was holding something in his hand.

«What’s it?» I was surprised.


These were earrings. Imitation jewelry?

«Thank you very much for the gift!» I smiled and took them in my hands, examining the earrings carefully.

The stones were shining like real ones. Like precious gems…

I decided that I would put them on when I was about to leave for London. Mum would be happy for me because I have received these things.

When I got back to the room, I showed them to her.

«What’s that?» Mum asked.

«These are earrings from Luciano. He’s given them to me as a gift.»

«A gift?» she frowned. «Roxy, these are jewels! Precious jewels!»

My mouth fell open.

«Indeed? It means that Luciano has bought me real stones?»

«Roxy! Could you give them to me, please?» Mum started fussing.

«But why?» I couldn’t get it.

«How naïve you are! It seems like he’s stolen these earrings!»

«Why?» I persisted. «Luciano is a good boy!»

Nevertheless, Mum didn’t listen to me. She went to the reception desk. I followed her. Mum asked:

«Where’s that boy?»

«Who?» Domenico said.

«Luciano! Who else? Do you have any other workers?»

«The cooks…»

«Okay,» Mum interrupted. «The one whom I need to talk to now is Luciano.»

«I’ll call him,» Domenico said and left to search for the boy.

After some time, he returned and muttered, «I’m afraid Luciano is ill now, so he’ll be here only the day after tomorrow. Or even later.»

«Exactly. Ill, too!» Mum exclaimed. «He was here half an hour ago! So, when he happens to appear in here, please, be so kind to bring him to our room. Or, no, wait,» she lingered, «just hand them in to him and demand Luciano to get the earrings back to the owner.» Mum held the earrings out and gave them to Domenico.

«What’s it?» the receptionist asked.

«These,» Mum thrust in a word, «are earrings with real jewels!»

«What?» Domenico seemed to be bewildered. «Real jewels?»

He took the earrings in his hands.

«My God! It just can’t be!»

«What can’t be?» I asked, not understanding anything. It turned out that Luciano had stolen the earrings! But why? What for? For what reason?

I entered our room and began to cry. Mum came up to me and hugged me, «Roxy! Please, don’t cry! I understand how you feel now, but he’s just a bad boy. I’m here, with you! You must be thankful that he hasn’t done anything bad to you!»

«Yes, but I love him very much!»

«You’ve got to rethink all that, my darling…» Mum sighed, stroking my hair.

13 August 2012

Today, I asked Mum if I could talk to Luciano, as he was to come to work.

«In no way!» she exclaimed. «Here, in Italy, you’ll have been talking only to me since that day on!»

«But, Mummy…» I muttered.

«Roxy, the world’s full of idiots and dangerous people,» she looked at me. «No, I have no intention to intimidate you! Only to warn you of the people’s ability to be dangerous.»

I said nothing.

«Look,» Mum went on, «you’re only thirteen years old. That’s little, despite the fact that you have already graduated from school.»

«Okay,» I agreed. Well, Mum’s always right.

When we got downstairs, I saw there Domenico, Luciano, and… the police. There were two policemen.

What was going on…?

I know Italian, so that I could sort out what they were talking about.

«Senor Luciano Soriano?» one of the police officers asked in Italian.

«Yes,» Luciano answered.

«We have several questions to ask you. First of all,» he took out the very earrings, «do they belong to you?»

Luciano didn’t say anything.

«Senor Luciano,» the other one said, «do you understand that you’ll get in jail anyway? The European Union law says that everyone who steals must be liable for it.»

Perhaps, the police had just come to the hall.

Domenico intervened in the examination:

«This lady,» he pointed at my Mum, «knows that senor Luciano has stolen them.»

«How does she know?» the first officer asked and then turned to Mum. «Could you, please, explain to us how you came at it?» he asked her in English.

«It’s not a fact,» Mum started, «but only a suggestion. Look — how can a porter, a sixteen-year-old boy, buy these earrings, precious-gemmed ones, with his salary?»

«Indeed,» Domenico agreed, «I wonder how a boy can obtain such a thing.»

«It’s simple,» Mum added. «And when he gives them to a thirteen-year-old girl…»

«It’s strange,» the second police officer caught up. «If he’s her boyfriend, he must buy only affordable gifts.»

Suddenly, a middle-aged man flew in the hall.

«Here he is!» he exclaimed in Italian. «This thief!»

«What thief?» the first police officer became curious. «Isn’t it him?» he pointed at Luciano.

The man stared at the boy.

«Exactly!» he exclaimed. «How have you found him? I’ve been searching for him around the whole quarter!»

«I’m sorry,» Mum said in English, «do you speak English? Who are you?»

«Of course, I can! I’m an owner of a jewelry shop!»

Mum and me looked at each other.

«A jewelry shop?» the second policeman asked. «Interesting, interesting.» He started writing all the details down in his notebook.

«And when did you see this boy?» the first one asked the owner.

«Three days ago!» he exclaimed. «He’s stolen a pair of earrings from me!»

«Bah!» Domenico said. «Aren’t they the ones?» he showed the earrings he had in his hands to the man.


«Luciano,» Domenico asked, «how could you?»

«I’m sorry,» Luciano started speaking. «I’m really sorry. I just wanted to make a present for Roxy. She deserves the best of the best,» he looked at me. «But I didn’t have money. I’m sorry, Roxy…»

The boy looked down.

«Indeed!» the shop owner started shouting in English. «That’s what you study at school, ah? For a girl, you must buy things that are not too expensive for your pocketbook!»

I wonder who called the police…

«My boy,» the man went on speaking, «no matter what the motive is, you must absolutely be in charge for your actions according to the law anyway!»

«Please,» I begged in Italian, «let Luciano go!»

«Roxy!» Mum took me up short. «Don’t poke around in other people’s business!»

«No, no,» Luciano said, «it’s only my fault! I admit it!»

«I’m sorry,» Mum said, «but may I ask who called the police?»

«It’s me,» Domenico said. «I’m afraid I didn’t understand anything in this situation, so I decided it’d be better for me to clear everything up.»

«You may go now,» the first police officer said to Mum and me in English. «Thank you very much, and have a nice day! Ciao!»

We went out as fast as we could.

«It would be just our luck to get in trouble,» Mum said when we were in the street. «I told you that you must stay away from him!»

I didn’t say anything.

«You’re so naïve, Roxy! You’re a child!» Mum went on. «Although you’re a wunderkind, you’re still a kid, and you’re so naïve!»

Mum always wears glasses. She’s got short fair hair and green eyes.

«And I’m saying it not because I want to blame you for something. I want to save you from a very big mistake.»

«I know, Mummy.»

When we got back to the hotel, Domenico said Luciano was placed under two week’s house arrest, because he himself had admitted his guilt, but the jewelry shop owner had been insisting on Luciano’s being arrested.

«I wanted to marry him, Mummy!» I cried when we entered our room.

Unexpectedly for me, Mum began to laugh.

«Roxy, I repeat once again — you’re still a child! I understand all your feelings perfectly — but he’s not for you.»

14 August 2012

The day of our departure. It was a pity for me to leave Sicily. But what else did I have to do? In two weeks, I’ll become a part of a big University community. It’s more than just great, taking into account the fact that you’re only turning fourteen!

I need to prepare a speech, because the Head of the University has personally asked me to make it.

To be honest, I’ve got only fond memories of Italy, despite everything that has happened to us so far.

Therefore, when our plane took off, I whispered to the land remaining below us: «Grazie, Italia! Ti amo!»

2 September 2012

Fourteen years old today! I feel like an adult. Although I have four years left before I turn eighteen…

17 September 2012

Today, it’s my convocation ceremony. I’ve made a speech. It wasn’t that long, for the people not to become tired. However, it’s not short either. One hundred words approximately. One hundred and thirty-three words sharply. To tell the truth, I tried to make my speech as friendly (and comprehensible!) as possible.

Now, I’m ready to walk through these doors.

The Head personally met me and asked to proceed to the stage, from where I was to deliver my speech.

I began speaking:

«Hello, everyone! I am happy to see all of you here, within the walls of London University! I’m here with you, although — imagine! — I turned fourteen just yesterday! But I feel like an adult despite my age! I am really happy to study here with you, hoping to make a lot of friends in London University! For each of you, dear students, dear freshmen, this is a moment that you will remember for a long time. Therefore, let me be one of the first, along with the President, to greet and congratulate you as you embark on this amazing adventure. You all have worked hard to get here; but it’s also your parents, grandparents, your other family members, and teachers, who have supported you on your road here. So, I wish you good luck! Thank you!»

Everyone present applauded me.

I am very happy to have entered this exact university because it was located in London.

The President thanked me and said that I should start getting along with the students right away, especially if I’m a Londoner, despite my quite young age. I told him that I wouldn’t let him and the University down.

A new group, a new atmosphere… It was all lovely!

2 September 2014

Dear Diary,

I’m sorry I haven’t written anything here for quite a long time. And what time! Two years!

No, my sixteenth birthday is not the reason why I’m writing something today. Just… I’ve had nothing to say!

Everything has been more or less the same. Studies, studies, studies… Sometimes, you begin to think that at sixteen, you’ve got to attend lectures and seminars and try to express your opinion in a most concise way. Right — if I start speaking, it’s going to last forever. But a class’s duration is only an hour and a half…

Being a junior student means that you are familiar not only with the language itself, but also with its system, concepts, and elements. You need to grasp its every sparkle, every special feature that a person who doesn’t study Spanish has no notion of.

I almost forgot (and completely forgave) Luciano. What about Maximilian? To be honest, I want him to appear in my dreams again!

15 September 2014

Today, an Italian exchange student is to come to our university for a year. I think it’s a perfect opportunity for me to practice Italian. Why not…? I mustn’t forget any language I speak just because I study full-time and don’t actually have much of a chance of practicing all of them!

As a person who speaks Italian, I am sent to meet the student in a delegation. As it turns out, the boy’s name is Fabio. He’s a Biology student.

When meeting Fabio, we asked him all about life in Italy. But first, we greeted him cordially, of course.

I said in Italian:

«Buongiorno! We are happy to see you here, in our University. My name is Roxy, you can call me anytime. This is Clare,» I introduced my groupmate who knew Italian, «and this is Max, who will help you when needed.» Max was the Head of our Student Government.

«Buongiorno!» Fabio smiled. «I hope you’re all doing well too! It’s very nice for me to come here to study in London. Thank you very much, all of you! Grazie!»

Then, he looked at me for a long time…

«Now,» Fabio looked away, «could you show me where my room is, please?»

«Sure thing!» Clare said.

We took the boy to his room.

«Amazing accommodation!» Fabio exclaimed. «This is where I will feel at home!»

We clapped our hands happily.

«Now, I think you can be free. I will have some rest after my journey,» Fabio said to us. «Thanks again!»

When we left the room and began to drift out, I heard Fabio’s voice calling me:


I turned back.

«Roxy, could you help me with something, please?»

«Of course! How can I help you, Fabio?» I asked.

«Is there a singing club or something like that in the university?»

«Well,» I said, «actually, there is…»

The boy smiled, came up to me and looked right into my eyes.

«It’s amazing! Let’s sing together!»

«Sing together?» I raised my eyebrow.

«Yes. A girl like you must adore singing!»

«Right,» I muttered, «but I’m afraid I study full-time…»

«So what? It’s not an excuse!» Fabio chuckled.

«Fabio,» I said, «studying Spanish requires a lot of efforts. And if you’re planning to be an A-student…»

«Are you?» the boy snorted. «Don’t be a nerd! Even if you are, you must appear before the footlights at least once!»

Perhaps, Fabio was right…

«Okay,» I agreed. «Let’s try.»

«Of course!» he graced me with a smile. «And remember — you only live once!»

«I know,» I smiled back.

«Roxy?» Fabio said.

«Yes?» I answered. «I’m here!»

«First of all, you have a good sense of humor.»

«Thank you very much!» I was pleased.

«And second, your smile is so charming!»

That was more than a compliment…

«Thanks again!» I decided that I couldn’t think of a better answer.

We were still standing in the hall.

«Will you show me where the club is based, then?» Fabio suggested.

I looked at him, but said nothing.

«Yeah. Let’s go.»

Helping one is my duty, so I couldn’t refuse to show the club to Fabio.

While we were walking to the club, Fabio and me fell into talk.

«So, Roxy,» the boy started the conversation, «you look so young. I understand it’s impolite to ask about it, but, anyway how old are you?»

How did he guess…?

To answer or not to answer how old I really was…?

«Okay,» I decided to tell the truth. «I’m sixteen.»

«What?» his answer followed.

«All right,» I said.

«You’re a liar!» Fabio didn’t believe me.

I didn’t move a muscle.

«What?» the boy asked. «Why such a reaction?»

I began to laugh.

«Because I’m sixteen indeed!» I said.

Fabio’s jaw dropped.

«So, you mean to say you entered here when you were fourteen?»

«Yes. I’m a wunderkind.»

«And now, you’re a third-year student?» Fabio wondered.

«If you say so…» I said.

«Roxy, you’re full of mystery,» the boy chuckled.

«Why?» I smiled. «I’m just a human…»

«You’re not a human, but a superwoman!»

In fact, I like being praised. But in such a way…

«And what do you usually do in your free time?»

«Does it matter what I do in my free time?» I raised my eyebrow.

I couldn’t believe that I’m such a terrible flirt! But what I was like now was not just mind-blowing. It mesmerized me.

What for did I need to flirt with Fabio? I myself didn’t know the reason!

«It does,» the boy chuckled.

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