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Two winds: fair and opposite

Through clouds and sky, eternity

Unexpectedly, I met a miracle

Crossing the cosmos milky way,

Two winds: fair and opposite.

One interfered and torn a lot,

Filling my soul with doubt

He scoffed and laughed after me,

He tried to ruin my life.

The other, on the contrary, gave me lightness,

Freedom of thought, flights without barriers,

Handed meekly movements dexterity,

I have always been given excellent results.

And that season of winds suddenly stopped,

I did not see more lightness and barriers,

Again I turned to memory for help,

After all, only heaven rules over us.

And he went on, dominating his mind,

With an open heart, feelings, with all my soul,

I saw the goal, I vaguely remembered the problems,

And a trembling peace settled inside me.

I will become the wind

I will become the wind

To always be there

Hearts of the storm with anger

A look that ignites everything.

I will become a river

To bathe you in water

In time I won’t stop

And make you forever young.

I will be the sea

Joy to be forever

I will hide all sorrows,

Because I love you endlessly

Sonnet about our dislike

Yesterday in a dream I met you by chance

She was kind to me like never before

I remember cox in those days for you extraordinarily,

I forgot you and memories are fog.

So what happened to us all of a sudden?

Your love is gone, your eyes are gone forever,

And in our life everything changed at once,

At that time, I loved to look into your eyes.

I am grateful to you that you loved me then,

So timidly, quiveringly, not at all for show,

I listened with delight when you spoke,

And everything burns from past pranks, pranks.

Their souls soared into the sky, into infinity

They trusted each other with all their secrets,

Honestly, openly, as is usual in the family,

Their meeting in this life is not accidental,

And enjoy being in silence.

He became for her, as the named «father»,

Was next to her and never condemned,

Her heart burned constantly, as if on fire,

He suffered and died away without her.

And nothing could separate them forever,

Love that overcomes and creates

Their souls soared into the sky, into infinity,

Each time further from the ground.

And she was no longer afraid of anything in the world,

And I knew that tender support was always waiting,

As a gray-winged angel stood on the wing,

And she will never be bold in this life.

When the soul flies to meet its love

When inside it hurts and blazes strongly,

And feelings tear the soul day by day,

And your heart literally reflects everything

And it’s so gratifying that the two of us met.

When someone else’s pain is accepted as their own,

And share your thoughts, dreams and dreams,

Do not ask for anything and will not leave on the edge,

Rescued and pulled out of the constant emptiness.

When you know, you are always welcome from now on,

At any time they will accept and kiss gently,

Despite other people’s thoughts and views,

And constantly as a native hug tightly.

When the soul flies to meet its love,

And not afraid of the cold and bad mood,

They meekly meet you, like a forerunner,

And everything inside boils and blazes with excitement.


In the midst of dreams so sweet and inviting

In the lightning of the sky and in the azure evenings,

I saw love in real deeds,

And the taste of passion again melted on the lips.

Among the mountains, the stream of thoughts and despondency,

I contemplated such indescribable happiness,

The soul was torn and thrilled in abundance,

And my pain asked again for voluptuousness.

I saw a light fragrant and tender,

What came from your eyes and heart,

And I was drowning in love from now on hopelessly,

He took off like a whirlwind into the sky like a bird boldly.

Your footsteps reverberated and nourished again

And the voice immediately penetrated extremely deeply,

From the look, the sigh, I understood at a glance,

And felt you and heard you too far.

And let no one believe in our happiness,

And constantly convinced of the inexpediency of this,

I melted again when I kissed and took my wrist

And I would trade the world around for our minute conversation.

Sweet cappuccino and some milk

Inspiration: Ivanenko Kristina

«Coffee Love»


When it’s so cold and chilly outside,

And the wind pretty much pushes all passers-by,

Drinking coffee is my simple weakness

And in this desire, you and I are so similar.

Sweet cappuccino and some milk

And in this world nothing more is needed

To know the truth that is unknown and deep,

With a gentle aftertaste, it becomes warm.

A little sweetness will bring back memories

How it was so comfortable and good with you,

How he suffered and suffered from eternal desire,

From now on, we are destined to be together.

And again I plunge into the ocean of your love,

With a sip I dive into infinity

I want to be quiet and explain so much

And give you the universe and tenderness.

Moscow is silent

Inspiration: Ivanenko Kristina

«Walking around Moscow in a strange state of mind»


Again silent, without giving a sign,

As if they are not familiar and not good friends,

So I want to roar, tear my hair and cry,

But I’m a man, and that’s impossible.

And again coffee is my great friend,

And thoughts randomly wander in the dark,

From experiences again I can not sleep,

Everything was fine for a week, but now it’s empty.

Again calm, like the moment before the storm,

I let you go again without pain and loss,

Without controversy and despondency, and come what may,

And I can not do anything, I roar like a beast.

Moscow is silent, as if it knows everything about everything,

Only quietly whispers that everything will be forgotten, it will pass,

«What do you love the wrong one, my naive fool,

He lives with another, he only loves you, hopes and waits.

Love is pure

Inspiration: Ivanenko Kristina

«Love in Quotes»


Love is pure, unpretentious and young,

And never demands from you, never asks

Born to please us by fate,

Always takes us to a cloudless world.

She lives in the eyes of a child since childhood,

In moments of joy and eternal knowledge,

Joy has become long-awaited for the bride,

It brings with it all the tenderness and suffering.

She is barely visible and unpretentious,

In noticeable dimples on the cheeks and a smile,

What warms the soul, free, so bashful,

And it can slip away, it is unsteady.

And let it seem to you that all this is ostentatious,

Callous emotions, strained smile, tenderness,

Not everyone will be able to enjoy that spring,

Open up to feelings, be serene again.

After all, many are unaware of all these experiences,

Only know from movies and romantic books

Others were disappointed, for them — suffering,

And quench bitterness in the knowledge of wine, intrigues.

Love cannot be ostentatious, in quotation marks,

She was born to suffer and rise again

She lives only with those who believe in fairy tales,

And it will become pleasure, faith and support.

Love is different, open and naive,

A little hidden, wide open, where feelings break,

So demanding, sad and happy

But more often we are carried away into the distance as a sincere impulse.

Wasn t happier. And you weren t

Inspiration: Ivanenko Kristina

«Made for each other»


When the soul so asks for tender passion,

And a gentle look serves as a continuation of thoughts,

Suddenly I realized that only with you is happy,

I just love the way you talk and think.

I like to dream with you

And contemplate all the wonder you have woven

Crossed by chance, the world is so small

I feel an unbearable pain inside.

I like to dive into the ocean of your love

And draw strength and create a new universe,

And hear the voice and steps, even if you are far away,

And call you in the night affectionately under the pale moon.

And every day love grows stronger, betraying strength,

Reaching for you, as if in search of nirvana and grail,

Sometimes joy and sadness are torn apart for no reason,

In the manifestations of the soul, we were sincere and did not play.

Suddenly you say that «I was not happier»

And I will answer sincerely «I was not, even in my thoughts»,

Spring called and in our passion flourished,

You gave me the sky, the universe and wings.

At a glance

Inspiration: Ivanenko Kristina



When you are cute next to me

The heart is beating, torn constantly,

Eat me unpretentiously with poison,

And only with you the fantasies are so real.

When you approach without looking up,

Everything inside is bubbling from pain and agony,

I’ve been stuck in your passion for a long time,

And I feel like I’ve been in exile for a long time.

Your phrases immediately fall into the soul,

And the thoughts are so similar and close,

I rush to the sky through separation,

And in this world, you and I are on the same path.

I see the look and feel the thoughts

How carefully you choose your words

And fortunately for our world is envious,

Gossip and rumors have not been so important for a long time.

When everything is like clockwork

Inspiration: Ivanenko Kristina

«When everything is like clockwork»


When everything moves like clockwork,

So I want to hold a moment

And rush like a bird to the horizon,

Towards the sun, inspiration.

And behind the lightness lies hard work,

What are you investing in every day?

And such a miracle will soon become like an emerald,

I love your words, they are so beautiful.

And it seems from the outside that this is a gift of nature,

Babies are born with one potential

Some only develop, others suffer from freedom,

One is satisfied with everything, the other is only a little.

When you choose a person forever

Inspiration: Ivanenko Kristina



When you choose half from the crowd

Among the many people and their characters,

Trying to reach out to your dreams, dreams,

You follow the general rules and factors.

And every time you’re looking for something new

As if in the reflection you will immediately find yourself,

To please and warm in harsh days,

And you bathed in love as if in tongues of fire.

And to be similar in character, manners,

The content of thoughts and way of life,

The soul was on fire and did not surprise only in size,

And you were never too much for her.

When you choose a person forever

You are so picky, attentive and sensitive,

Whom did you see in dreams, take for an ideal,

And she is always ready to wait, no joke at all.

I wish that all women become happy and desirable

Inspiration: Sophie Kurbatova

«Interview with the Queen…»


What attracts us in affectionate creatures?

Smile, marvelous gait, gentle aroma,

Life is changing and our eccentric consciousness,

When you meet, you find yourself in a wonderful garden.

They change lives, rush in like a whirlwind

Filling everything around with feeling and emotions,

Immediately open the heart of the secrets of the soul,

And everyone is bestowed with magic only in portions.

Such beauty warms the heart and all the memories,

When it’s so cold and everything inside hurts, it saves you,

Encourages all efforts, fulfills all dreams,

And in difficult times it makes you believe in miracles.

These divas change everything around with kindness and happiness,

And the air is forever melting from tenderness and affection,

Rushing to the sky, they take part in your dreams,

He always comes back to them like home: to an oasis.

And after them there is an aftertaste, longing and spell,

That interfere with sleep and fill dreams with wondrous beauty,

Only with them will you again become like an angel you are winged,

Surprise with an open heart, sincere simplicity.

And may men never reveal this secret,

They will suffer, fight and strive constantly,

Only after trials will they succumb to their temptation,

I wish that all women become happy and desirable.

In your eyes I will find tenderness and the univer

Inspiration: Sophie Kurbatova

«Indiscreet Dreams…»


Thinking out loud and dreaming of unfulfilled dreams

Endless winter lulls and seduces

I plunge into your eyes, like into the abyss, the ocean,

Gentle words heal the heart like a balm.

Endless heart-to-heart conversations after midnight

Languid breath, voice, touch and bliss,

The charm of the universe and the admiration of the dawn,

My soul burns and endlessly asks for the sky.

The thirst for passion breaks and revives the heart,

Velvet voice goes straight to the subconscious,

Feelings endlessly and invariably ignite,

Only joy brings this pain and lack of sleep.

The scent of delicate roses, incomparable skin and smile,

I’m drawn to you endlessly, irrevocably,

You were madly surprised by my awkward attempt,

And let it be sometimes so difficult with you, troublesome.

In your eyes I will find tenderness and the universe,

Gentle dawn; coastal, warm wind,

The incomparable sea will pour foam with love,

And shelter us a cozy and so vulnerable evening.

Sneak like a cat, get into the heart

Inspiration: Sophie Kurbatova

«You are the lips of the lost general…»


You are the mistress of my lips and eternal joy,

Love to tremble, crossing the coast,

Called me like you knew everything

And before you I lived in the twilight, slightly drunk.

The wine of desire clouded my mind

Your voice melted my heart and my dreams

I accept past mistakes as an incident,

I walked forward, burning bridges behind me.

Killed by your love and your tenderness,

Captivated by wondrous beauty and affection,

I shore you, hiding forever from all friends,

You have become the expression of a dream and a fairy tale.

Sneaking like a cat, you will penetrate the heart,

To remain the mistress from now on forever,

My life will soon cease to be the same

I remember I flew to you with the wind in my dreams.

You smell like a woman

Inspiration: Sophie Kurbatova

«You smell like a man…»


You smell like a woman so beautiful

Irresistible in my dreams and dreams,

It can be passionate, unpredictable, like an abyss,

It breaks all the hearts of the unloved.

You smell like a woman, like bliss, grace,

All tenderness in affectionate words and glance,

Always ready to suffer meekly with her,

A warm and sincere blush pleases the voice.

You smell like a woman so free

Takes off into the sky like a gray-winged angel,

She is irresistible in her love, incomparable,

Only with her next to become happy.

You smell like a woman and it’s hard to forget everything

Minutes of quivering happiness and wondrous flight,

You can’t get away from sensual fate,

And you understand, the world is woven from this beauty.

And in the New Year you will give me infinity

Inspiration: Sophie Kurbatova

«Burned by you…»


Your heat will excite such a hot blood,

Inside boils from a light touch,

Favorite glance will pass through the veins casually,

I love these feelings so much.

And in the New Year you will give me infinity,

The bliss of irresistibility and eternal passion,

And all my constant worries will go away without a trace,

You make my heart burn and break into pieces.

Your voice will soothe my soul and call me with it,

There, where happiness is close and so inevitable,

I follow you, like a detached and intoxicated one,

After all, only yesterday you called me your favorite

Enchant me and bewitch me with your charm

So that I could not take a step without you at all,

So magical night comes, robes fall,

Amidst the frost, the smell of chrysanthemums fills the room.

She reads the pages of her diary in tears

Inspiration: Sophie Kurbatova

«And you can’t live without her…»


«And you can’t live without her…»

Moments of pain and constant despair

The soul is so torn and falls into darkness,

You have not heard for a long time and all your remorse.

«And you can’t live without her…»

And you are waiting for a phone call regularly,

Once I could enjoy and breathe

Now the memories are so vulgar.

«And you can’t live without her…»

And millions of women, alas, do not warm the soul,

You go to the voice and crawl in the dark,

You can only occasionally contemplate separation.

«And you can’t live without her…»

Although only he created his own distance,

And I was able to meekly trample all the tenderness,

Once you were waiting madly for your ideal.

«And you can’t live without her…»

And the heart is on fire and everything inside hurts,

She reads the pages of her diary in tears,

And he knows for sure that without you she will burn.

Your hands will replace God for me

Inspiration: Sophie Kurbatova

«Neck… Lips… Dreams… Mutual…»


«Your hands will replace God for me»

And tenderness will melt my heart

You will rush towards the threshold,

Trembling kiss at dawn.

White rose petals,

A breath of magical wind

Look kindly through your tears

Like an unanswered exclamation.

And I will kiss my beloved goddess,

I will never let go to another

«Cause I’ve already overcome my pride

I was always called through the fog.

And I flew towards, like an angel,

Spreading your pampered wings,

Your passion fills my soul

And I became stronger without effort.

Through the cities and the universe I clink a glas

Inspiration: Sophie Kurbatova

«I raise my glass for you…»


«I raise my glass for you»

And I kiss gently at any distance,

I dream that our story will last,

And I melt in eternal and languid expectation.

«Do not let go to the ground to take a step…»

Hold my hand and take me to the clouds right away

And I rush to the sky, I’m breathing a little,

Nothing will stop us, only a gentle sunset.

«Lips lips touch for a second…»

And in this world nothing more is needed

I remember you every minute

After all, you have become my own for a long time.

«I love to tears and I will be eternal happiness…»

Through the string of time and the chiming clock,

I hear your voice… looking for you everywhere,

I clink glasses through the cities and the universe…

You and I are so happy and free

Inspiration: Sofia Viktorovna

«You kiss…»


You kiss… and the heart breaks out of the chest,

I wouldn’t trade your gentle hugs for anything

So precious happiness awaits us ahead,

She became such a dear and sweet deity to me.

We fly with you through the wind and gray clouds,

Where the scarlet sun meets the dawn

Only tenderness and gentle sunset will calm us down,

I enjoy you like a charming summer.

We take off like doves that know no barriers,

And enjoy passion, bliss and trust,

And only heaven knows this charm of love,

You and I are so happy and free.

Matured Assol

A misty look into the pampered distances,

You aspire boldly, expecting dreams,

You only wish that the stars all coincided,

Dreaming all the time, climbing the cliff.

Yesterday you grew up and school is behind

And you always think about your happiness,

Yesterday the other day you were able to bloom,

Strive at once to the light with a blazing fire.

You take care of that light: restless and free,

Take off to the dream, creating your own personal world,

And learn everything new, as in the sea plunging into the waves,

Love, dare, dream, off the ground.

I have 4 paws but no tail

I have 4 paws, though without a tail,

Sometimes I scream when I call my mother

Like you, I’m drawn to the bed,

But I can brag about my pajamas.

You teach me to run and not to fall

Listen to your mom and don’t run away

But if I fall, of course I won’t cry,

Like you, I can squeal with joy.

May you be smarter than me and know everything,

But soon I will grow up and become strong,

And if we run, you won’t be in time,

You will forever be my brother.

Angel among people

Only those who do not think about happiness will lie,

And always be a child and believe in miracles,

And take part in the plans of your life,

And in dreams to rush to heaven.

One day people will suddenly realize that you are different,

You have your own opinion, your fantasies and dreams,

Your soul has long found bliss and peace,

And you will understand that your dreams are so beautiful.

And you see a lot, you immediately distinguish a lie,

It is very easy to find the cause from the effect,

And it infuriates many that you are so different from everyone,

And from the fragments you see the whole picture.

And where is the essence of things? What have you been dreaming about for a long time?

You broke out of the darkness and fly in the sky like an angel,

Your open soul bubbles only with tears,

And from human fear, only emptiness in your eyes.

Magic of love

Listen to me, dear friends,

I’ll tell you the truth about love

Without any flattery, my truth,

Past thoughts are my own.

So how do our feelings arise?

Once you meet her, you can’t see her

When in the crowd they notice you with a smile,

How it burns inside, you can’t explain.

So I’ll tell you the truth without hiding

Her love will begin only then

When you let go, the world is not ashamed,

And here is the truth of life for you gentlemen.

And that’s when the magic begins

When she comes back to you herself,

Eyes do not believe, like witchcraft,

Suddenly remember what you needed.

And in that moment you realize again

Love not only lives in fairy tales,

Appreciate her more when you lose her

You only believe meekly she will come.

You will stop wondering soon

When you notice girlish jealousy,

You will no longer be afraid of separation,

Appreciate and always take care of her loyalty.

And the heart will burn with a flame,

She will cherish you until dawn,

And the heart will tremble, the past will wait,

You realize… the magic of love.

Words are like the wind

Words like wind fill the air

Give support and hope to the downtrodden,

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