Principles of Scientific Democracy

Principles of Scientific Democracy

Science-based Approach to Governing a Sovereign Nation

81 стр.
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Bad governance has a destructive effect on a democratic society: causes corruption and derails the process of building an open, safe, and sustainable world. This book presents the systems approach to solving the governance inefficiency problem. The author attempts to lay scientific foundation under a democratic system and create a universal model of highly efficient governance that complies with the universal rules of management science and meets the requirements of the Information Age.



Igor Flor
Igor Flor
The author received his Master’s Degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, Law and Human Sciences of the Ural State University of Physical Culture (Russia). His academic interests are concentrated mostly around synthesis of biology and economics. The monograph “Bionomics. Analysis Based on Bioeconomic Analogies”, other books and research articles were published on the subject. Today, his interests also include the spheres of state and law, politics and public activity.
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