Princess Kira

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The Tale

Princess Kira

In the largest kingdom, by the old river with the beautiful name Volga, there lived a little princess with her mother the queen and her father the king. Her name was Kira. She was very beautiful, Kira’s hair was golden and wavy. And her eyes were big and light green. All the girls in the kingdom were jealous of Princess Kira, but at the same time they loved her very much.

Kira was very kind and responsive, she loved to help the people of the kingdom. But there was a very big problem in the kingdom, the inhabitants had no new clothes and they could not even make their own clothes. Even the queen and the king themselves wore old clothes.

The little princess had many dresses, but she kept only one and gave the rest to the poor people of the kingdom.

The pope tried to help his townspeople by buying colored cloth from neighboring kingdoms so that the residents could make new clothes for themselves. But unfortunately, the clothes quickly wore out and the residents had to wear their gray and old clothes again.

— Mother!» said Kira to the queen.

— What, my princess?

— I want to learn to sew and make many, many things that would be enough for all the people of our kingdom.

— What a wonderful wish — my mother replied. — But you need to grow up and learn to sew first.

— When will I grow up, Mother?

— Pretty soon, you’ll be big before you know it.

— Can you teach me to sew? — the princess asked.

— Of course my princess.

And with that dream Kira grew up and learned sewing from her mother. Day by day the princess was getting better and better, the only thing left to do was to figure out where to get new and beautiful fabric to make lots of clothes for people.

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