Princess history

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Chapter First

If you look at the map of North Africa, you will see that between the Red Sea and the Nile Valley is the Arabian desert, and along the left bank of the Nile are the sands of the desert of the Libyan Sahara. Egypt is a fertile valley between two deserts: The Sahara or the Libyan and Arabian. The length of this fertile valley is one hundred thirty to one hundred and forty miles. The width is about one mile. On the western side there are gentle slopes of the bare Libyan hills. On the east side are the crooked spurs of the Arabian Upland. Between these lofty deserted banks, the Nile River flows around the snake. From a bird’s-eye view, these shores are clearly visible as they move northward, and thirty miles from the Mediterranean, the river, spreading over several branches, emerges into the plain, forming a triangle, as it were. From this height, the Nile resembles the triangular head of a snake, drinking the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, vigilantly looking for prey with two sparkling eyes: the left — Alexandria and the right — Damietta.

From the end of June to the end of September, the Nile slowly and widely spreads, and from the end of October to May the spring waters gradually come down, exposing the silt-rich land that is rich in silt. Ecologically pure fertile silt replaces chemical fertilizers. A hot climate allows local farmers to grow a rich crop three times a year, completely without worrying to impoverish parts of the flooded land, and thus lose the fertile fertilizer and, consequently, the harvest. Of course Neil is a barn, and harvest, and life. And, to save water all year round, the Egyptians were forced to create a network of canals thousands of miles long. And to protect from floods, to build powerful dams and build reservoirs, which, when drought, were the source of water for watering their lands. Cultivate crops in the hilly terrain of the Egyptians forced to create simple and profitable hydraulic devices, which made it possible to scoop water saturated with fertile silt and pour it into plots. Clean channels, build and repair dams and build roads. All these works were properly carried out in huge territories simultaneously and required a disciplined organization. Egypt managed to create an organized working army at the source, which, the priests were standing, according to the decrees of the pharaohs were fulfilled the plans outlined by the priests. The Egyptian people during this period of their power represented a single organism, governed by the plans of the priests. The diligence of the people, and wise management was that cement of power in the heyday of Egypt, a civilization that reached its heyday five thousand years before our era. Three whales, which relied on the flourishing civilization of Egypt — work, management, planning. Planning — plans were made by wise men, to whom the priests, who had knowledge in astronomy, calendar, healing, future predictions, and so on, were involved. Management — was in the hands of the pharaohs, viceroys of the gods on earth, or the gods themselves, to whom Pharaoh often thought of himself. Pharaoh was also the commander-in-chief of the army, the richest landowner and resource manager. Work — belonged to the people. The country prospered, because it lived as one healthy and healthy organism with a clear distribution of responsibilities. In these distant times, the Egyptian society was divided into two classes of landowners and artisans. Egypt flourished only when the people, the pharaoh and the priests, labored together for the common good…

The boundary separating the fertile land from the desert sands ran along a navigable canal that stretched from Memphis to Lake Timsa and a large caravan route. From the desert, where the caravan route left, from the desert barchans, the canal was still visible all over. From the right side of the hilly bank of the canal, where small groves of acacias, tall sycamore and tamarinds were seen. Among the greenery were seen inconspicuous villas with columns and mud huts, yellow walls and flat roofs. The wavy terrain, which the hills gave, stretched away, hardly resembling a flat hill, but more on a spread rug on which in a chessboard sequence alternated green and yellow squares with various shades of vegetation growing on them.

On the caravan route, from the desert side, camels, loaded with gold-bearing sand, often moved. They carried gold-bearing sand to Memphis, where in the smelters under the relentless sounds of flutes and mournful singing of the choir, the priests directed the smelting of gold, which melted in special furnaces. Gold-bearing sand in itself was of no value because the microscopic gold grains were so small that they were not washed with water and swam with the sand produced during the singing sand dunes. Where did the gold come from? It was the secret of the high priest of Egypt, how to turn sand into gold. The power of the priest from this became more powerful and instilled tremulous respect and fear of the magical power of the minister of wisdom — the priest of the greatest temple in Thebes. This secret helped the High Priest of the Temple of Amon to inspire mystical fear and obedience to the peoples who were and then Egypt, and to Cleopatra’s father, Pharaoh Ptolemy XII — Avletu at the cost of bribery and generous gifts to the Senators of the Roman Empire to return the throne by the military force of the Roman legionaries.

Closer, to the left bank of the canal, pathetic vegetation was forced out onto the rocks and hills. And further from the canal, as the traveler’s eye could see, there were reddish sand dunes, rocky rocks in the lowlands of which there were oases where all sorts of cereals, grapes and water were growing. During the reign of the pharaohs in Egypt, in the middle of this desert area, a large oasis stretched the city of Per-Baset, where there was a bazaar, and there was trade for everything necessary for farming in oases. There were arranged lodgings for rest, following the caravan route, which delivered all kinds of merchant cargoes — spices, weapons, fabrics and other goods. Separately living in oases families could communicate among themselves only here among the bazaar bustle with an abundance of foreign strange goods…

Chapter Two

About the reign of Cleopatra VII written many historical works, staged theatrical plays, and filmed by the famous film studios of the world of films. But not one of this literary historical works from the life of the rulers of Egypt does not mention how in those distant times there was gold mining, which exceeded in comparison with the current annual catch taken together in the whole world. The priests carefully concealed this secret, passing from one high priest to another. However, the manuscript with a detailed description of the method of extraction, stored in the library of Alexandria, was partially destroyed in the grandiose fire. Of the remains of the surviving sheets, only partial elements of the gold mining method were known. There it was stated that for the production of gold is necessary to collect quartz sand containing microscopic impregnations of gold dust particles in Singing the sands…

It was the end of the month of Mehir (December) day of 57 BC. This year was coming to an end, but what did Pharaoh of Egypt in exile Ptolemy XII Avlet achieve? Only the decision of the Senate of the Roman Republic to allocate troops, but under whose command? And he decides to take control of his return to the throne of Egypt.

«Come to me, Cleopatra.» — Avlet looked toward his daughter, who was sitting in an armchair with a scroll of an ancient manuscript. The princess got up, carefully put the scroll on the table, where scrolls were piled up, went to her father.

«We are leaving for Ephesus tomorrow.» First to Naples, and then by sea to Ephesus, there I will secretly from Rome receive reports from faithful merchants on the state of affairs in Alexandria. I told Pompey about this, he approved my decision. The troops with cavalry already stand in Antioch under the command of Commander Avla Gabinia. Pompey wrote an order to Avla, whom the senate would appoint the governor of Rome in Syria. Now my task is to persuade Gabinius to invade Egypt, relying on the decision of the Senate to give me troops.

— Something I cannot believe that Rome is on our side? After all, Aulus Gabinius is not yet a consul or a deputy of Rome in Syria. — Cleverly Cleopatra said.

«Oh, my daughter, you’re smart beyond my years.» But I’m sure in Pompeii if this man said that Aulus will become the proconsul of Syria, and then so be it. The power of money and the efforts of the first Triumvirate will do their thing, I do not doubt it. And on the bribery of the senators, in order to get the right decision, I had to borrow a lot of money, which I owed to the usurer Rabiria Postum.

«And where will you take the money to settle with the creditor?» the daughter asked restlessly.

«I promised Rabiria the position of treasurer in my kingdom and more…» Avet hesitated, looked suspiciously at his daughter’s eyes. Cleopatra insisted:

— This robber will rob Egypt and what a good rebellion of commoners will arise.

— This is not true. The treasury of Egypt will cover any costs, the main thing will return to the throne and punish lovers to arrange riots. There will be no instigators, there will be no riots. — noted Ptolemy XII. The daughter agreed with him…

In Ephesus, Pharaoh and his daughter stopped at the church in the temple of Artemis. Ministers, priests of the temple of Artemis, were aware of the deposed pharaoh of Egypt, the high priest, Zeus governor on earth, Ptolemy XII, and had a good reception for him and his daughter…

It was 56 BC, the senate with energetic efforts of Pompey and generous bribes of protesting senators, granted Aul Gabinius consulate and appointed him viceroy of Rome in Syria. This was necessary to bring the restoration of the reign of Ptolemy XII closer. In the minds of the noble husbands of Rome, the idea was to get Egypt as its province with Pharaoh’s return to the throne. And this event could have happened already in this year 56, but the gods of Olympus prevented this achievement, postponing indefinitely the return of the throne to Ptolemy XII. Zeus said his word by striking lightning at the statue of Jupiter in the temple on the Albanian mountain. The priests of the temple turned to the interpretation of this sinister omen to the Sibylline books. Of course, it was not without bribing the priests in favor of opponents of the decision of the Roman Senate on the return of the pharaoh to the throne of Egypt. And the college of priests who kept the Sibylline books, found the interpretation of this: «If the Egyptian king turns for help, do not deny him friendship, but do not give troops, because you will expose yourself to many difficulties and dangers.»

Such an interpretation was in favor of opponents who prevented Ptolemy XII from returning to the throne as soon as possible, and, of course, there was interference. Debates in the Senate were conducted without end, new and new solutions were offered. Lentulle, a few months ago instructed to restore Ptolemy on the throne, has already left for the province Cilicia in Asia Minor and with impatience waited for the final decision. His well-wisher Cicero regularly sent him letters to this remote mountainous country. But no matter how he wanted it, he could not say anything comforting. The situation got confused, there were so many different opinions in the Senate that even this famous rhetorician and philosopher, who was listened to, could not shift the stubbornness of most senators. Meanwhile time moved inexorably forward…

Ptolemy XII woke up early before sunrise. His rays did not yet color the columns of the temple of Artemis when he went out to the seaport of the port. In the morning haze at the pier, there were ships from different countries. Here in Ephesus at the junction of the sea trade routes, which followed the merchants, was a brisk trade. Ephesus in his prosperity was largely due to Rome, and in particular to the commander Gneya Pompey Magnus, who freed the Mediterranean Sea from pirate domination. The whole coast of Cilicia was cleared of this evil and this gave a surge in trade not only in Ephesus but also in the Roman Republic itself, as merchants from all the coastal countries reached Rome. Chinese silks and Persian carpets, jewelry from India, Japanese porcelain and much that is necessary in everyday life appeared here…

Avlet loved to make walks by the port. He wore a snow-white tunic, sandals on his feet, wore constant beads in his hands, an old flute behind him, which he inherited from his father with the secret of her magical sound. Moving through the black large pearls of the beads, it was easier to think and the thoughts came to order. He could not sleep for a long time. He was drawn to Egypt. To your palace.

To my favorite pastime of playing the flute before the singing choir of the singing churches, where amidst the farm buildings of the courtyard, coal pits that burn gold-bearing ore delivered by slaves from the stony desert were smoking. There, gold bars were melted under monotonous chorus choruses and flute chords. In the special mood of the sound of the ancient flute Avleta, and the chorus singing, sound vibrations arose, resonating in the atoms of microscopic particles of gold contained in quartz grains of sand. When melting on charcoal in a kiln of quartz sand, under the sound of the chorus and flute, gold begins to manifest itself from the ether, merging in a resonant interaction with the gold atoms contained in the grains of sand, into a chemically pure alloy, displacing molten quartz, like slag to the surface of liquid gold. Gold from the invisible ether repeatedly increased the microparticles of the inclusions of gold in the sand, producing gold in the melt of ordinary quartz sand into untold riches of Egypt. It’s terrible to imagine what could happen to the Egyptian treasury in case of publicity, this secret of gold mining. But in the world nothing just happens so and Pharaoh Ptolemy XII, the bearer of secret, had to derive the mocking nickname of Avlet (Flute), who idly spent his life amusing himself with playing the flute and singing a choir of singing beautiful maidens with divine voices. Some of the slaves of the chorus girls shared a bed with Avtel. One of these concubines gave birth to Avletu illegally born child, a daughter whom Ptolemy XII called Cleopatra…

Avet missed the palace, playing the flute, singing the choir, in a rhythm that multiplied the gold reserve of Egypt, and, of course, his beautiful choristers-concubines. About the people, About his needs, this ruler did not think…

In 55 BC, ignoring the decision of the Senate on the appointment of the Commander of the troops of Rome, the commander of the proconsul Aulus Gabinius took over and invaded Egypt, restoring Ptolemy XII on the throne. Now all the Romans, who had borrowed money for Avet while living in exile, began to pester the unfortunate Tsar with demands to pay. The main creditor was Rabiri Postum, and to settle with him, Avlet was forced in the spring of 54 to make him a diyoke, that is, head of the entire financial administration of the kingdom…

Chapter Three

Cleopatra entered the throne room to her father, when he signed his decisions, which Rubirius gave him. The sums were impressive on the financial papyri, which the pharaoh signed, without going into the content. The daughter entered her patiently waited at the door when her father finally finished signing papyri and Rabiri Postum would leave. It seemed that the infinity was behind the slow movements of the treasurer, and there would be no end to it. Cleopatra could not stand it, she came closer:

«Father, the caravan is waiting.» It’s already noon, and we agreed to depart early in the morning.

«Cases have detained me, as you can see.» Ptolemy looked with a smile at Rabiri’s eyes, a spark of mockery flashed through them. The full face of the usurer, at the same time, blurred in a satisfied and obsequious smile.

«Your divine greatness, are you leaving?» Where, keep the path, let me ask you?

Avlet smiled, expectantly peering at the small, cunning eyes of Postum. He could not stand the sight of Pharaoh, silently, bowed and quickly left the room.

Theo’s call came at the very moment when Kshatra was analyzing the way of extracting gold from the Absolute (Ether) in the manuscript, the remains that he managed to extract from the ashes of the burnt library in Alexandria. The manuscript ended in the technique of singing a special sacred mantra to the sounds of a flute, like the one played by the Supreme Lord Krishna, as shown in the scripture of the Bhagavad-gita. In the picture, Krishna is depicted playing a flute among the paradise vegetation that grows in the evergreen garden on its divine paradise planet.

«I greet you Kshatra. This is Theo.»

— «I’m all the attention of your supremacy». — Answered the priest.

«Waiting for you, there is a problem that we must solve on the outside surface.» When can you come?»

«In thirty minutes I will.» — Answered Ksatr. Telepathic communication was interrupted, silence reigned in the office of the two-story Kshatra mansion, where his office was located on the second floor.

Exactly at the designated time, Kshatr opened the door to the representation of the Supreme Curator of the Solar System of the Milky Way Galaxy.

In the room with a pink soft and steady glow, where Kshatra had two robots guard, a long-haired gray-haired sage sat at the desk.

— Greetings, your supremacy! — Entering, said Ksatr.

The curator looked at the priest who had entered. The frail little growth of Kshatra, every time he crossed the threshold of the branch of the Representation, aroused bewilderment in Theo’s gaze. The curator could not get used to this discrepancy of the great power of this man with his weak appearance. After a brief pause, Theo replied:

— Greetings. Come in, sit down, and I’m sorry that I summoned you, Kshatr, here to your representative office, but the question is extremely important and not for extraneous ears… With these words, Theo expounded the essence of the problem with which Kshatr had to cope and decide. The priest listened attentively to what was required of him, and then replied:

«How can I act in the role of Onisius, when Pompey will write the order and send the captain from» Artemis «to Ptolemy XII? Asked the priest in surprise.

— To you, Ksatr does not make sense, worries. Where you stand before Pharaoh, Rome will be far away, and in the protection of his divine Majesty, by that time, there will be no more Roman. Your name Onesius, will help you to enter the tent of Pharaoh without hindrance. There will be a dialogue with Avtet and he will accept you, and the amulet lost by Alexander the Great, you will hand to Pharaoh. You will join the caravan. You’re the mission boils down to not allowing evil intentions to turn the wheel of the history of Egypt against the accession of Cleopatra after Ptolemy XII Avlet, her father…

«It’s not for nothing that God Shiva on the night of the full moon on the eve of the spring equinox is dancing his famous dance to Tandav…» Theo interrupted him, snatching it, with a remark:

— Dance destroys the demonic power, destroys the creatures of evil.

«And in that case, the Amonite religion was an antipode or the opposite of Hinduism, and the priests are the ancestors of a tribe driven from Hindustan…

— Ancestors, this tribe, were asuras and demons. — Added Theo again.

— And the temples of Amun in ancient Egypt have always been the bearers of the cult of black magic…

Avlet decided to avoid confusion because of the Romans’ excesses, their arbitrariness, because of the forced appointment of a Roman rich merchant to the post of tsarist treasurer. This appointment was dictated by the huge monetary debts of Avlet, which he collected from Rabinia in exile to bribe the senators of Rome. Post Rapion, becoming a full-fledged master of the Egyptian treasury, robbed the people, imposing excessive taxes on each and every Egyptian. The discontent of the people increased with each new collection of taxes, heating up the impoverished people of Egypt, which sooner or later could explode as a riot. Anticipating the imminent threat to his rule. And, to propitiate the superstitious people, who passionately believed in the justice of the gods ruling Egypt. Avlet declared a pilgrimage to the oasis of the supreme god Amun. Announcing to the officials that he is going for the advice of the Oracle of the temple of Amun to the oasis of Siva, and calling upon his attendants to observe prudence, he will leave for the oasis of Amun. Like Alexander the Great, who visited the Oracles in his time in the oasis, Pharaoh intended to ask what is expected of Egypt after his return and accession to the throne. But in fact Ptolemy XII wanted to avoid losing power, foreseeing impending turmoil, enabling the people to throw off the yoke of the Romans and already return to Alexandria cleared of Rome’s legionaries. And so it was, before the end of the year 54, the popular uprising had banished Rabiria from Alexandria, but only after he had enriched himself and placed his acquired place in a safe place beyond the sea. The hostile party towards him in Rome gave Rabiria to court. Cicero defended Postum Rubiria, and his speech has survived to this day. However, history has not preserved what the verdict was handed down to him…

Meanwhile, in the spring of 54, having equipped a caravan with numerous guards and servants, the pharaoh set out on the road. To protect Gnaeus, Pompey ordered Antony to provide escorts to Ptolemy XII and protect him on the way. On this occasion, Avlet did not want to be surrounded by Roman legionaries, and refused the Roman guard, having recruited a group of Egyptians who proved themselves in the invasion of Egypt. Anthony stayed in Alexandria, and soon departed for Syria, as the trial of the self-proclaimed proconsul of Syria Gabinius. The territory of Syria remained without proper Roman control. Upon learning of the refusal of Aulus in the Roman guard, Pompey was indignant. He angrily went to the back-front of his villa, catching the fear of servants and slaves serving this beautiful house-refuge and a symbol of his power, where negotiations and receptions were conducted with the necessary and influential people, clothed not only by the Roman authorities, but also subject to Rome territories of neighboring states. Gnaeus Pompey sensed with some intuitive instinct that not only the pharaoh rushes to a remote oasis, only with the purpose of pilgrimage to the temple of Amun, to pay homage to the Oracle and ask About his further destiny and the fate of Egypt. But the fact that Avlet refuses to accept the protection of Rome, also confirms that the pilgrimage to the oasis of Amun is accomplished by Pharaoh for a different purpose. What is the true visit to the temple complex of Amon Ra in the oasis of Siva? This mystery haunted Pompey. And in order to find out About everything connected with the journey of Ptolemy XII, Gnaeus Pompey decided to withdraw from his flotilla the captain of the vessel Aphrodite Onesius, the best of best of his warriors and instruct him to accompany the caravan of Pharaoh. He thought for a long time and was tormented by this idea and even ordered the captain to come to his country villa. Before the order to the captain, he would go to Alexandria to the palace of Ptolemy XII, Pompey decided to discuss with Onisius a mission. When the consul sketched out briefly what was required of the captain, he replied:

«I am a simple soldier of your flagship Aphrodite; I will carry out any order of yours, Commander.» But I heard rumors that Avlett refused to guard the horsemen of Rome at the head of Antony, whom you commanded to accompany the caravan of Pharaoh, to the oasis of Siva? — said Onesius.

— It’s true. — Confirmed Pompey.

«I want to emphasize, Commander, that your dignity is above Abet’s vagaries, and your honor will be saved if I do not accompany the Pharaoh’s caravan.»

«Yes, you are, as usual, right, Onesius.» Pompey said with a deep sigh. «Return to Naples on your ship…»

«Do not you want to include even the trusted warrior Anthony in the guard?» — Learning About the refusal of his father Pompey, sending Mark Antony, commander of the Roman cavalry in Rome, said to his father Cleopatra. To which Avlet replied:

«This will not please the Oracle.» There is the sanctuary of Amon Ra, and the sacred place of the Oracle that keeps Egypt from foreign ruin. How can I take Romans with me as a guard?

«Father, but you can take it without his horsemen, Antony alone, as a mercenary, making your personal guard, consisting of experienced Egyptian warriors.» — Insisted her daughter — I saw him shoot with an arrow, how he manages the cavalry. He is a brave warrior and, moreover, he serves under the command of the proconsul of Rome, Gnaeus Pompeius, who saved your throne and you. Antony is loyal to you, like Rome! — Vehemently protested her daughter’s decision.

«I will not take a single Roman.» — Solidly stood on his Avlet.

Cleopatra did not lag behind, annoying her father:

— You know how, it will be honorable for him and your rear will be under reliable protection from enemies who want your death and want to conquer Egypt.

Ptolemy thought a little and to soften somehow his decision, vaguely replied to his daughter:

— Yes, daughter, you are very smart and every year you become smarter. Egypt will be in safe hands under your rule.

Cleopatra blushed slightly, and then bowed and left the throne room of the palace…

A richly equipped caravan of numerous guards on twelve loaded camels departed from Alexandria by the Mediterranean coast in the direction of Libya, to the Egyptian city of Mersa Matruh.

This city-port is located on the shores of the horseshoe-shaped bay of the Mediterranean Sea, which from the left joins the Gulf of El-Garam, fenced off from the sea by a natural dam. And in this port city remote from Alexandria, the traditions of the Egyptians were still strong, to perceive the power of the pharaoh, as the authority of the deity on earth, given by heaven, for the prosperity and power of the Egyptian kingdom. Therefore, Avlet was greeted with honors and offerings by noble officials, whom flattered the visit of such an expensive ruler.

Before moving the caravan trail of the Sahara to the oasis of Amun, the accompanying caravan of the servant changed the camels, and in three days, which the pharaoh held in the city palace, where the quarters for the noble guests were arranged, and, instructing local officials that they did not fail to complain About excessive taxes the tsarist treasury, set off early in the morning…

Twelve camels slowly moved stony desert one after another, led by the driver-conductor, the Egyptian of the Greek origin Creon. On one of the camels is fixed on four bamboo prop bushes awning. Silk curtains, light like butterfly wings, covered the princess Cleopatra from the rays of the desert sun. Wrapped from head to foot in blue embroidered clothes of women of the province of Ammonius, which is located in the oasis of Amun, fifteen-year-old Cleopatra was reliably protected from hot rays. A mounted detachment of selected Egyptian warriors with pyrites of arrows and battle bows on their backs walked on foot with their horses to follow the camels. Horses, people, and six sheep, moved leisurely along the caravan route of Mersa Matruh, an oasis of Amun. In front of the caravan on a white bay in apples, in a white Arabic robe with embroidered gold threads from below at the very heels and in a white turban, covering the head, forehead, face, except for the eyes, went the pharaoh. His black horse Orchid followed, on a leash for the bridle to the saddle of the pharaoh without harness. Ptolemy shore of the horse, knowing how much he needed, had to spend physical and spiritual strength in exile to regain the throne, and in the long journey of the desert, everything can become, and it may be that the last hope for the salvation of his daughter and daughter will be the faithful Orchid. On either side of the pharaoh, two warriors, in white long robes and turban, were leading their horses for bridle. The three horsemen are sent forward for reconnaissance. Trade caravans were often attacked by robbers, on this stretch of the road, as the city of Mersa Matruh, at that time, was a rich trading port, where brisk merchandise trade from all over the Mediterranean basin was…

Chapter Four

In the clothes of traveler’s caravan routes of deserts Ptolemy XII made this pilgrimage to the Oasis of the Oasis of Amun, with only one goal — establishing himself on the throne, reviving the faith of the people in the loving and just ruler of the son of Zeus-Amon appointed by the gods to rule over Egypt. His caravan had already reached the town of Secket El Sultan, when twilight came. In the desert, darkness comes suddenly, it’s only necessary for the sun to disappear behind the barchans, and while the disk of light is still hanging near the horizon line and its rays are reddish like copper, they paint the majestic heads of camels and the luggage, still light.

The first clay huts of the inhabitants appeared not far away. In this place the driver of the caravan knew where to water the horses of protection, replenish the water supplies and settle down for the night. The advanced warriors arrived to the pharaoh with a report informing him that the tent that they had taken with them was already installed and the territory inspected and safe. All residents are warned and will not leave their homes until the Seket El Sultan leaves the Pharaoh. The commander of the guard ordered to prepare for a night’s lodging, water the horses, and the servants to build bonfires and set About preparing food. The camel drivers removed the cargo from the animals and, spreading the hay in front of them, with a cane, began to bend their legs to the camels, not letting the animals lie on their side. The animals, at the same time, grumbled discontentedly, placing the drivers in front of the bunches of hay. And soon, already peacefully chewed the hay, resting from the path.

It was night in the shadows of the fires. Unbeknownst to the tent of the pharaoh came a black woman in a veil. Her hunched back and trembling hands gave out an advanced age. The face was stained with dust, covering the deep wrinkles around the eyes that sparkled like coals, reflected in the glare of the flames of the fires.

«You are an old wretch!» — shouted in the Egyptian dialect to her one of the two guards standing at the entrance to the tent of the pharaoh.

«Tell Avletu that the nurse of Cleopatra, Onisia, wants to talk to him.» — Squeaky voice with a Persian accent answered the woman.

The guard hesitated for a moment, and then went into the tent.

Avlet at that time was flushing dust from his face. He leaned over the copper basin, and his neck was watered with water from a golden jug by a white slave. The king snorted, splashing water on the carpet in all directions. The guard waited patiently. Finally Avet took the towel from the hands of a servant, wiped himself and only now drew attention to the guard.

— What do you have Dionysius, say, I’m listening to you?

«Oh, Divine Son of Heaven, an old slave to Cleopatra’s nurse wants to go to you.» «Low bowing,» and leaning on one knee, the guard said, not lifting his bowed head from the carpet that covered the clay soil in the tent.

«What is her name?» — Asked severely.

— She called herself Onesia. — Answered Dionysius.

Avtet picked up his ears. The name of the captain of the Roman military ship «Aphrodite», whose name was Onisii, was remembered. In memory arose a tall, strong physique of the captain. The swarthy eagle profile of this battle-hardened warrior inspired respect and confidence to Pharaoh when the proconsul of Rome Gnaeus Pompey took his and Cleopatra’s care and ferried them to the Aphrodite from Syria to Naples, the captain made a good impression on Ptolemy.

«Surely this is the captain sent by Pompey, with some important secret report, this forced him to come to me in the image of my daughter’s nonexistent wet-nurse.» — In the ear loudly ordered:

«Tell him to come in!» — Pharaoh’s loud voice sounded so that he could be heard and behind the tent.

Hearing the name of the wet nurse, Cleopatra ran out of the half-closed tent, dressed in a snow-white Roman tunic.

«My father never had a wet nurse.» I was breastfed by my mother! Said the daughter with alarm, with astonishment, trying to speak as quietly as possible, almost in a whisper.

«Do not worry, daughter, this is my confidant with a report. — Pharaoh answered, trying to calm her. At this time, a hunched, dry, old age of a short, almost dwarfish woman entered the tent. She looked around with a guarded and piercing gaze and stared at the princess. Ptolemy began to look at him with surprise. And then, deciding to satisfy his curiosity with the unexpected appearance of an unfamiliar guest, he gestured for his daughter to go to her own half. Cleopatra was extremely surprised at this visit, but fears did not leave her, even when Avlet told her who Actius was in fact. The life of Cleopatra in the palace, where there was a conspiracy and betrayal in her family. And now, without informants, it was impossible to save power to her father. With this Cleopatra quickly hid behind the curtain. The Visitors did not say a word until the servant left the tent. As soon as the last servant left the bedchamber of the pharaoh, the woman took off her veil, rubbed soot from her face with the palm of her hand, and a lean, tanned, copper-tinged skin, a short man appeared before Avelt. Under the burqa on it were clothes and equipment of an Egyptian warrior, on his chest hung a strange amulet on a black leather lace.

«Greetings, Ptolemy. — Putting his right hand to his chest, and bowing low, began to speak entered. — I am sent to you by the sky to secure your way to the Oracle of Amon Ra. My name is Kshatra, I am a priest of the temple of the god Shiva Nataraja, which is in Hindustan. I am here because you are making a pilgrimage to the temple of Amun to priests, ancestors, who were asuras and demons. They were expelled from the lands of India. I’m here to protect the Ptolemaic family from the designs of ill-wishers, encroaching on your throne. I follow with your caravan from Mersa Matruh. On the way I had a chance to look at all of those who accompanied you. I did not notice any enemies. Be still, your way is safe. «Again,» Kshatr bowed.

Avlet threw him a wet canvas of soft linen:

«Kshatra, wipe your face, it’s soiled with soot, like a demon from a land of shadows on the bank of Styx.» — Kshatr, having caught a damp cloth on the fly, wiped the soot from his face: «I see that you come from the south of Egypt and will not give yourself away as a foreigner.» But, the fact that you are a priest, I see no evidence. Avet paused, expressively measuring the stranger from head to foot with his gaze. «You came here as a guest, and my path in the sanctuary of Amon Ra should not be overshadowed by anything, so I leave you life.» I believe that the god Amon Ra sent you to make my way successful, it is a sign from above. Tell servants who cook food, let them feed you.

«Oh, the governor of the god Amon Ra on earth, do not stand your divine concern for me, I’m not hungry. And here is what I am commanded to give to you the powerful heavenly powers guarding your path to the Oracle sanctuary, this amulet opening the way to the tomb of Alexander the Great and to his untold riches of the labyrinth under the land of the temple of Amun Ra. — With these words Kshatr, took off the amulet and handed it to Ptolemy. Pharaoh put the gift of Kshatra on his palm, carefully examined it. It was a metal key made of unfamiliar material. On one side of the key is fixed a plate with notches in the form of small protrusions. From the opposite, the holder rests against a semicircle fixed by the middle convex part in the groove of the rod-holder. Ptolemy drew attention to the scrapping of the edge of this semicircle, it looked as if someone had deliberately broken off half the mug from the key holder…

Avlet looked inquiringly at Kshatra, weighing his true intentions in his mind. A tanned, almost dark shade of skin gave him the appearance of a resident from the headwaters of the Nile. And did not produce the impression of a temple servant, Lord Shiva Nataraja from the land of Hindustan. Ksatr hastened to say:

— This key will give you respect for the Oracle, power and wealth, which the rulers of Egypt did not yet know, oh, the great governor of the god Zeus-Amon on earth.

«Oh, yes, that would be useful, because I need money right now because of which the troubles in Egypt are brewing.» — Pharaoh thought, he said aloud, — How will you continue to carry out your mission? — letting him of greatness and importance, spoke, letting the guest understand that he was accepted into the caravan.

«There’s no point in staying with you.» It will be useful if I go out to the oasis tonight and find out and investigate everything you need to know for your safe stay in the capital of Agurmi oasis Amun. «Having said this, Ksatr looked expectantly at Pharaoh’s eyes. Avlette was silent. He put on his neck an amulet, he hid it on his chest, began to consider the alien thoughtfully. He was amazed by the proud posture and boldness in the look of piercing black eyes, as he looked directly at Pharaoh, that commoners and servants and soldiers from his guard could not afford. He was a free and independent man, his behavior with the ruler of Egypt, one gesture that was enough to make the head of this frail man with a sudden appearance flew from his shoulders, spoke of this, a night visitor, even a hint of hostility to the untouchable person of the king. The pause was prolonged, Pharaoh continued, silently looking at the visitor. And then he said slowly:

«You are right, Kshatra, so it will be more reasonable.» But, tell me, how are you going to cross the desert for the remaining five days of the journey, and even alone?

«I agree with you.» All these five days I will be with the caravan. The remaining section of the road, after five days’ journey, I’ll leave first and fulfill my planned mission. «The guest answered very importantly.

Avlet was embarrassed by pride, which he observed in the behavior of the newcomer, and, in order not to attract the attention of the guards by leaving the guest’s tent, he said to him:

«You can go out of the tent unnoticed, come with me.» — Avlet led the guest to the back wall of the tent to the carpet hanging on the wall. He threw back the curtain of the carpet and said: «Look, there’s an inconspicuous way out in the tent, you can open it only from the inside, pushing aside this bamboo pole.» — Avlet grabbed a bamboo frame of the tent with his hand and pulled it on himself. In the tent immediately formed an opening. Kshatr with quick movements put on a veil and with the words of Avlet: — I will order that you will be accepted into the servant-cook, you will be at the kitchen all the way.

Ksatr nodded his head to Pharaoh as a token of gratitude, and he slipped into the formed path, hiding in the night darkness of the camp.

When a guest talk with his father had died down, and the tent was filled with silence, Cleopatra, tormented by thoughts of Anthony, decided to go to his father.

— I cannot sleep.

Avlet poured himself a palm wine into a bowl, sipping, said:

«It always happens in a new place.»

«Why did I fall asleep fast in Rome, father.»

— In Syria and Rome, you were still a child. Now you are a young and beautiful princess. You are already, my daughter, fifteen years old. This is the flowering of a young girl. And at your age, young princesses rarely fall asleep quietly. — said Avlet, guessing the cause of insomnia daughter.

— Father play me on the flute, under her wonderful sounds anxiety and fears pass, thoughts calm down and they wind pleasant dreams…

Kshatriyas, stealthily made his way to the corner of the wall of the tent, which was the entrance to Pharaoh’s bedchamber and looked at the dark figure looming in the guard that was standing there. At that time melodic sounds of a flute were heard from the tent.

Dionysius, hearing the soft sound of the flute, was banging into the night, as it seemed to him, to his partner, who was guarding along with him the entrance to the tent:

— It’s not for nothing that Pharaoh the twelfth of the Ptolemies was called Avletom. He does not even part with the flute even in the desert. — But his partner did not hear. And Dionysius spoke louder to his friend:

«Grigoris, why do not you respond when the senior guard tells you?»

Grigoris could not hear him at that time. He sprawled on the cold sand, his head resting on a shield from the shell of sea turtles, and was fast asleep, basking near the hot coals of fire, and said just loud snoring, forgetting their responsibilities to protect the divine governor god Zeus in the earth, the Pharaoh of Egypt Ptolemy XII Avleta. Dionysius did not wake his comrade. And the sky above the tent, desert barchans, sleeping camels and horses in the middle of the town square — shone with an endless multitude of stars.

Ksatr, having looked around, walked quickly to the hay-bred camels, where his donkey with two sacks on his back stood at a distance. He took off his bags and said something in the ear to the donkey. From this the animal knelt on the front, and then, bending its hind legs, sank to the sand. Kshatr put the two bags under his feet, not to lie on the cold sand, his body leaned against the warm side of the donkey and dozed off.

At dawn, the caravan of the pharaoh left the place of Seket El Sultan…

Chapter Five

The nights in the desert among the barchans were cold. The slaves serving the caravan of Pharaoh had to sleep near the bales of hay. Arranged spiked tightly adjacent to each other, protecting the place of overnight travelers. The warmth that came from the woven camel wool covered the tired people, saving them from the nights cold. Meanwhile, slaves always built a tent for Pharaoh and his daughter. Every time, before overnight, the vanguard laden with baggage horses, for the construction of the tent and utensils for cooking, horseback nominated far forward, and smashed the tent for the night Pharaoh. A «wet nurse» Cleopatra, Kshatriyas in the image Onishi, helping the servants, cooks dinner in preparation for the Pharaoh and his daughter. From fresh mutton, pilaf was cooked and brewed according to a special recipe of the «wet nurse» of Onisia, tea from dried aromatic medicinal herbs, which Kshatr carried with him in bales on his donkey.

The fifth day of the journey through the desert sands of the Sahara came to an end. In the afternoon, in this spring month, Pakhon, the god of the moon, Jorge, the son of Amon Ra and the goddess Mut, the heat in the desert was not as ruthless as in the summer. It was the 19th day of the month of Pakhon (March). The rays descended on the barchans of the sands, coloring the crests with the red shades of the setting sun. Evening desert at this time no longer so inflamed eyes with bright shades of sand and opened with a theater of colors of the pre-day. Cleopatra, swaying sadly in the saddle of a camel, looked with a detached gaze of huge eyes to the shaking heavenly silks of the curtains of her refuge, protecting her eyes from the searing rays of the desert sun. From time to time, she closed her eyelids, falling into a nap. Thoughts at this time disappeared, the sensation of the body went into non-existence, and all the surrounding reality ceased to exist. Such a state of her being helped overcome the hardships of the road and did not think About Antony. Thoughts About him stirred the young heart of the princess day by day, and even the memory of the childhood love of Gnaeus Pompeius the Younger, her memories of dating him in exile could not be saved from the sudden flash of very strong love at first sight to Antony. Still there, in the estate of Genia Pompey the Elder on the Alban hills, when she and Pompey the Younger bathed in the pool, Antony unceremoniously approached with a friendly smile to her and offered his hand, helping to get out of the pool water. How his touch pierced his heart, and how long she watched him on the trail, when Pompey the Elder called the guests to the table, and the hero retired to the hall to the guests. Since and then, and to this day, Antony has not left her young dreams. Dreaming only About him, she admired his stately figure, his bearing in the saddle, when his cavalry decided the outcome of the battle at the gates of the fortress, which had become on the way of her return and her father from exile to Egypt. And how unjustly his father acted with him, refusing his cavalry to guard the caravan. The heart of the princess was broken and it seemed that nothing could help her to endure these endless minutes, hours, days of the journey, in the endless chain of desert barchans. Suddenly the camel stopped. To drive away the obsession of thoughts About him, Antony, she nervously threw back the curtain that covered it under the awning. The princess’s gaze fell on the rays of the setting sun, a gigantic fan in the sky at the very horizon. On a chain of camels that froze motionless. It was evident that the conductor was being inspected, making the path more precise. Cleopatra decided to take advantage of the caravan stop and jumped off the peacefully frozen camel on the sand of the barchans. In the distance, an obelisk of the pharaoh’s tent, erected in the wind, a sign of the untouchable governor of the god, erected on the earth clothed in divine authority over the people of Egypt, Pharaoh Ptolemy XII, appeared by the slaves. The driver of the caravan, with his palm pressed to his forehead, resumed his move toward this landmark. Pharaoh riding his bay horse rode a string of camels, no longer ahead of the caravan, as the first days of the journey. The campaign affected him, fatigue pressed on the shoulders and thoughts of his rule by Egypt, were scattered, concentration on one thing and the important thing flew away the bird away, giving a place of fatigue. Avlet did not immediately realize that he was being approached by a conductor:

— Your divine greatness, we arrived at the night. Tomorrow you will see an oasis of Amun. He stood beside Avlet’s horse, waiting for instructions.

Pharaoh awoke from a napping drowsiness, looked around. The slaves already took the camels to the parking lot, placing the animals for the night. The luggage was removed from the animals and the portions of hay for feeding were taken from the bales. Carefully the camel drivers drove the animals to the sand first to the front legs, and to the rear legs. This was necessary in order for the camel not to lie on its side, otherwise he would not want to get up on the next day and raise the animal very hard, leaves for almost the whole day. The protection of the pharaoh brought the horses together and sipped each of the leather wineskins, and then special bags of oats were hung on the heads of the horses so that the oats of the horse could eat. And people began to build bonfires and is preparing to cook food and spend the night in the cold night of the desert.

«Yes, Creon.» I do not see my cooks and the place where my dinner is prepared? — getting off the horse, Pharaoh told the guide with reproach.

«Oh, divine, the fire is already burning behind the tent.» There the servants refreshed the last sheep, and the cooks prepare food for your royal majesty and your divine daughter. — Looking at the sand, bowing his head, spoke the conductor.

«Tell me, Creon,» said Avlet, softening, «is the nurse Onesia with them?»

— There is no it. She told me that I warned you, Divine Majesty, that she would be waiting in the temple of Amon Ra tomorrow.

— You’re free Creon.

The driver of the caravan, not looking at the king, with his head bowed, took five steps, back, turned his back, and retired to the camel drivers that they were preparing to eat and sleep.

Avlet, gave the reins to the slave who came to him, that he was waiting in the distance, and, meeting the daughter, who at that time approached, went with her daughter to the tent. A fresh light breeze suddenly appeared with a cool touch. Pleasantly touched the cheeks of the princess, her chestnut curls moved at her temples and on her high forehead. With a whiff of wind, suddenly, there was a plaintive howl. The sounds subsided, and then reappeared with renewed force, aroused in Cleopatra the alarming forebodings of an impending night in the desert.

«Father, what is this?» — Cleverly asked Cleopatra, — if someone cries, crying for help?

— It’s singing desert sands. When dry winds blow, the desert cries and asks for rain from the sky. — With paternal warmth in his voice replied Avlet.

In the tent Cleopatra sat wearily on the couch and, looking at her father, said:

— About! How tired I am of this transition. Every day an endless series of yellow and white sand dunes reflecting the sunlight that blinds the eyes. The sand crunches on the teeth, powder is poured from the hair. I can no longer endure this hot desert, the neighing of horses, and the loud voices of these guards from your guards who tell each other things About women and at the same time neigh, like the herd of stallions in the pasture, choking with laughter. — Sighing, the princess expressed an annoying and sore displeasure to the parent, hoping for the support of his loving heart. Avlette looked calmly at his daughter, not reacting in any way and not wishing to answer her. His father’s cold reaction even more irritated Cleopatra.

«You, if only you could answer me, why did you drag me into the desert?»

«Oh, my daughter, you will rule the people of Egypt and you must be a strong and courageous, strong spirit ruler who will not allow Egypt to become an appendage of Rome, but will be equal in power and spirit to the power with which Rome is compelled to be reckoned.» And for this, we went with you to the Oasis in the oasis of Amun, for he, and only he, can tell the people of Egypt About our royal power and our might, the power of Pharaoh Ptolemy XII, who leads his race from Ptolemy Lage, a companion of Alexander the Great. This is important especially after the disgraceful capture of our throne by Berenice, your sister, whom I punished by cutting off her head. — With a sense of royal dignity, placing emphasis, answered Cleopatra Ptolemy XII. The daughter sighed again, she remembered this horrible scene of recklessness. When hiding in the throne room of the palace behind the septum with flowers, I witnessed how the executioner on the tray brought Berenika’s severed head and pulled the bloody handkerchief from a dreadful burden, showing his father. Cleopatra did not answer. Silently, she went to the slave girl, who was waiting for her near the entrance to the half-closed tent. Soon, from behind the curtains, splashes of water and the laughter of the servant girl, who told Avetu in the best way, that the mood of her daughter had improved, were heard.

«What do you ask of God?» — in the gloomy illumination of the sanctuary there was a voice. Alexander shuddered in surprise, inspected the space of the room of the great temple. But there was nobody around, except for the huge figure of the giant, his horns bent back, on the broad and powerful chest, on the hands clenched into fists.

«I came to know the truth, who is my father?» And who am I? Asked Alexander. His gaze fell on the yellow glinting eyes gleaming in the dim light of the lamp with black slits instead of pupils. From the twinkling of light, the eyes of the statue seemed alive, emphasizing the auand thenticity of the answers of God himself, Amun.

— Your father Zeus-Amon Ra, you are his son! — The voice answered, and the echo of a sound repeatedly reflected in the bends and protrusions of the walls of the sanctuary was heard, gradually fading.

— I learned the truth! — Said Alexander loudly.

«Ask, do you want to know more?» — a loud voice was heard, again shaking the vaults of the sanctuary, echoing from the bas-reliefs of the ceiling and painting the walls.

«What will immortality give me?» — looking at the glare of the eye sockets of the ear, in the flickering light of the lamps it seemed that the sculpture of Amun was alive and looking at the stranger. Macedonian trembling waited for an answer.

— When you reach the temple of Shiva Nataraja in distant India, you will find the Black Crown of the gods. Put it on, and you will gain enlightened knowledge. Many secrets will be revealed to you. Secrets of the past and future. And you will attain immortality. — As the thunder of heaven rumble the voice of the Oracle, instilling confidence to the invincible Alexander, prompting him to future deeds.

«I will conquer India!» «Macedonian spoke firmly, and with these words left the sanctuary.

In the morning Alexander informed his colleagues About the visit to the Oracle and what he told him. Alexander also announced his decision to be buried in the oasis of Siva, not far from the temple of Amun. Among the companions of Alexander was at this time and Ptolemy Lug, later fulfilled the last will of Alexander. Before leaving the oasis, Alexander, at the invitation of the high priest, visited the temple of Amun once more.

«Have you come alone, as I asked you?» Alexander met the high priest.

— Greetings to you keeper of the home of the Oracle! said the Macedonian. «As you see, I came alone.»

«Come with me, I’ll show you everything that you own now, son of the god Zeus-Amon Ra.»

The priest with the lighted lamp, lighting the way, led the king in an underground passage, from the temple to a massive door with an image of an ancient inscription on it with an unfamiliar writing. The priest took out a double-sided key hanging from his neck, on the leather string, and thrust the doors into the hole first with one end and made a turn. He took out the key, turned it over and put the other end into the well, again turned the second key in the well. With this second action, the door slowly opened, issuing a metallic screech. The priest gestured for Alexander to enter with him into the formed entrance. Alexander’s gaze appeared to the treasures, stored in the room, where he brought his priest. Passing from the room to the room, the gaze of Alexander was represented by gold coins covered with dust. Antique items of gold, inlaid with precious stones, gold vessels stuffed with large, with a chicken egg, diamonds and sparkling gems. The rooms with huge riches seemed to have no account. The priest opened one after another the room behind the room in the endless underground labyrinth and slowly led his story.

— On the planet, our civilization is experiencing a fourth birth. In this sequence of rooms of the underground storehouse, the treasures of the ancestors of the three flowering races that have gone into oblivion are collected. These treasures are many millions of years old and they are all yours, as the son of Zeus-Amon, born of an earthly woman and living on earth. I am entrusted with the Oracle of Amon Ra, to give you a piece of this double key that you will give to your successor by inheritance, who at a difficult time for his kingdom can take advantage of these riches. The key will help the offspring in this. With these words the priest was seen through groove on the mug holder broke, dividing the key into two separate parts and one handed to Alexander, saying:

«Take this part as a precious amulet, and never separate from this second key.»

«Thank you, Guardian of the Oracle,» said Alexander, taking his part of the key. «How many rooms are there?»

— We passed only one hundredth. It’s time to return About the famous warrior named Pharaoh of Egypt by the god Zeus-Amon Ra, for only the son of God has the right to transfer his throne to earthly children by inheritance.

The next day Alexander left the oasis of Siva…

Chapter Six

Kshatr rode his donkey through the desert barchans all night, checking his way through the stars. The sun had already painted the sky in pink tones of the sunrise, when in the distance bunches of still shaded palms appeared, which loomed on the horizon with a solid dark stripe.

Gradually the twilight retreated, clinging to the shadows of the dunes of the dunes. At this time, with the onset of the morning, a slight breeze blew a harbinger of a hot day. The donkey suddenly gave a sudden, sharp cry, as if happily telling the rider About the near end of the road. Ksatr splashed the animal with his palm on the right warm side, pacifying the ear-splitting cheers, encouraged by the words:

— I also see an oasis with tasty dates and olives that grow there, and most importantly, we finally get drunk on pure spring water.

And the donkey again answered the horseman with approving and joyous cries, in agreement with the host.

«You’re a clever worker, I’m sorry to part with you, but there’s nothing to be done, you’ll find yourself a new owner.»

The clay buildings of Agurmi were surrounded by a high wall built by the townspeople from all the same clay found in these places everywhere. Entrance to the capital of the oasis led through the city carved gates with engraving, heavy wings of which were made of palm tree. In the afternoon the gates opened from the very morning, and everyone could enter and leave the city. Agurmi is located around a rocky hill on top, which is the temple complex of the Oracle of Zeus-Amon Ra.

From a distance, Kshatra was struck by the fact that the elevation on which the temple of Amun stands resembles a man-made gigantic Buddhist stupa. Yes, it could not be otherwise, the priest guessed, because the erection under the temple of a giant, in several underground passages, a labyrinth could only be done when a shelter was built for this purpose. For the departed highly developed races that lived before us, with their construction technologies, this was feasible work. A clay soil, building material, is selected from the vicinity, which is confirmed by the formed valley below sea level around the rock. The departed civilizations possessed technologies of transformation of clay soils on hardness comparable to rocky rocks, which is confirmed by this elevation on which there is a temple complex. Reflecting on this, the path seemed imperceptible. And now the donkey entered the open gates of Agurmi and Kshatr sent him to the center of the city to see the temple complex, surrounded by high walls of four human height. The gate to the temple complex was wide open, and Kshatr sent his donkey to the foot of the steps. At the first step of the staircase he dismounted and standing beside the donkey waited. A long time passed. The sun reached its zenith, mercilessly burning the shaved head of the priest. Here on the dais, though a fresh wind blew, but bumping into a barrier of high walls, lost its freshness and was not felt here at all. Ksatr has become accustomed to the heat of his long life. He learned to endure with ease and patience all the hardships that human existence alone is capable of under the scorching sun of the deserts, blown out by the dry winds of khamsin. Only his donkey could not withstand the searing sunlight. He loudly began to cry for help, issuing such plaintive tones in his voice that he could not hear the animal, could not at all in the temple, who were probably closely following the newcomer. Apparently, however, the desperate cries of the animal became unbearable for the closed priests, as a servant sent by the high priest left the doorway of the sanctuary. He did not go down to the alien and from the heights of the steps shouted to Kshatra:

«What do you and your companion need here in a holy place?»

— Drink the donkey, and meet with the supreme Ur Hem Neter, the guardian of the shrines of the Oracle, talking with Amon! Answered Ksatr. Hearing him, the minister disappeared into the temple. After a while he reappeared with a wooden tub filled with water and a scoop, and descended the steps, put the bucket near Kshatra, scooped water out of it and handed the scoop to Kshatra. The donkey did not wait for the invitation to the tub, but immediately lowered his head to the water, began to drink. When the guests got drunk, the clerk said:

«The Supreme Guardian is waiting for you.» Go straight to you meet the high priest. I’ll take the donkey, I’ll give him food, the laws of hospitality are sacred here, just like our land in the oasis of Amun Ra.

With these words of a servant, Kshatr, from a sack loaded on a donkey, took out the bundle wrapped in soft linen cloth, and then handed the donkey reins to the temple attendant and began to walk up the steps to the doorway of the entrance to the sanctuary. From here, from the staircase, the interior of the room was not visible, the blackness of the door opening, an impenetrable curtain hanging over the entrance leading into the sanctuary. Kshatr entered the room. The eyes that kept the bright light of the sun’s rays, did not see anything around.

«What are you asking, guest from the desert?» — the voice of an invisible person who addressed him unexpectedly, sounded out of this darkness, made him start in surprise. Ksatr turned his head mechanically to the speaker’s side. Through the scattering gloom, as the eyes became accustomed, a figure of the high priest Ur Hem Neter appeared in a white, long toe-robed apparel. Below, near the ankles, along the perimeter of the clothing was a red wide with human palm embroidery strip with a woven golden thread, which gave the clothes of the keeper of the temple of the Oracle a rich decoration. The same embroidery ended with wide sleeves at the wrists of the hands. The head of the priest was clean-shaven. The eyes were summed up in black, emphasizing the gleam of the pupils, which made it difficult to tear off the view, which gave the priest a hypnotic advantage of influencing the interlocutor and the ability to subordinate him to his will. The room was cool and full of spicy honey smells, mixed with the smell of wax and incense incense.

— Greetings to you a descendant of the tribe of the priests expelled from the temple of Shiva Nataraja, that in Hindustan and who found refuge here in the oasis of Amun. I am the supreme priest of the temple of Lord Shiva from the shores of the Indus, brought you a sacred gift that must be preserved in the labyrinth of treasures, along with priceless treasures stored in the bowels of this sacred place. Accept and preserve this divine gift there. With these words, Kshatr unfolded the cloth, and the crown gleamed with a pomegranate ruby sparkle, the stones interspersed with leaves in a frame of black metal.

— About! cried the high priest of the god Amon. «This is the Black Crown of the Gods!» — This priceless relic should be kept here in the temple of the god Zeus-Amon Ra! — he wailed excitedly.

Author’s note:

From the ancient papyrus, the description of the Crown of the Gods — «On a narrow round hoop of black metal, thin, rounded, broadened at the ends black bipartite leaves bent outward. In the three sheets of a slightly larger size, apparently marked the crown, sparkling large scarlet stones, apparently rubies. Above the leaves, the bands of the same black metal were folded inwards. Ahead, where there were rubies, the strip ended with protruding teeth. On each side on the ground, which corresponded to the head on the head, golden discs were embedded in strips. In the center of each disc there were sticks of strange gray color, in the form of short posts, with flat ground ends. They dazzled brilliantly in the sunlight, eclipsing the burning of rubies. Exactly the same stones were embedded in the back strips, joined by two arms above the parietal part of the ornament.

A careful glance could be noticed that the special brilliance of the gray crystals came from the small particles scattered inside the clouds with metallic mirror-like ebb.»

— I am forced to bring this sacrifice here in this place, where the greatest commander of Alexander the Great, the Oracle called the son of the god Zeus-Amon Ra! And the Black Crown of the Gods is meant for a man whose veins are the blood of the gods.

— You, the repository of the relics of the gods, doubted the predictions of the Oracle? — The threatening voice rumbled high priest.

«No, I do not enter into disputes with the gods, for they lead the destinies of mortals.» I brought this gift for storage in a labyrinth of treasures, and ask to place the Black Crown of the Gods in the vault. Kshatr demanded to the keeper.

— I cannot do this, because I do not have a second key to open the door to the labyrinth of treasures. The second key must be kept by Pharaoh of Egypt Ptolemy XII. «Pompously with arrogance,» answered the priest, looking contemptuously at the stranger.

— «It dislikes, and then there is a second copy of the keys.» Those who built the labyrinth certainly took care of this. "Kshatra thought bitterly, and said aloud:

«Today, on the night of the vernal equinox of the twentieth day of the month of Pakhon, Ptolemy XII will be here.» His caravan is approaching the oasis. Give him honors worthy of his royal person. And lead to the labyrinth. Show all the treasures. Give him the opportunity to replenish the treasury, to restore the power of Egypt. And after the place of Ptolemy XII will be occupied by Cleopatra VII, his daughter, do not interfere with replenishing the treasury in times of distress and her. The second half of the key, unlocking the door to the treasury, is with the king, he took him on the road.

— Your priceless relic, oh, the high priest of the temple of Shiva Nataraja, for us it is the divine sign of the god Amon Ra, which gives us the right to keep the crown of the gods. And I, Ur Hem Noether is the supreme keeper of the Oracle temple in the oasis of Siva, I promise you to put a relic of the gods in the vault. We will render a worthy welcome to Ptolemy XII, and his daughter Cleopatra.

Learning About the pilgrimage of Ptolemy XII to the Oracle of the Temple of Zeus-Amon Ra, he replaced the majestic rhetoric of contempt for a constructive dialogue, and the supreme minister of the temple of Amon Ra, the messenger of Kshatra, was warmer.

— I have to you, oh, the most worthy of the worthy Ur Hem Noether, you are the one who speaks with God Amon Ra, and bears the title of the Oracle, which gives you the right to broadcast in the name of the god Zeus-Amon. I need to take in the treasury a little food of the gods, to maintain the strength of the pharaoh, as I will watch his health in the desert.

«I already told you that I do not have a second key from the secret door to the treasury, but I have what you are asking for.» How much do you need? «The priest looked inquiringly into Kshatra’s eyes, waiting for an answer.

«Put me thirty beats (a measure equal to 7.5 grams) of Ambrosia.»

Ur Hem Heter made a sign to the attendant. He approached, bending to the ear of the approaching servant; the high priest whispered something in his ear. Having received the instruction, the minister withdrew. After a while, the returning servant handed the bag with the contents to the high priest.

«That’s what you asked for.» — Pulling a bag of soft leather Kshatra, said Ur Hem Noether, — Here thirty shat Ambrosia, may God save Amon Ra Pharaoh of Egypt.

Passing the Crown of the Gods and with a bag of fiscal gold, which in ancient Egypt was called Ambrosia, received from the high priest of the Temple of the Oracle of Amon Ra, Kshatr stepped down the stairs. There, with a donkey, the servant of the temple was waiting for him. He handed Kshatru the donkey’s reins, bowing low, expressing his respect for such an important guest. Kshatr led the obedient animal to the market square and sold the donkey, slapping his palms on the sides for the last time. The new owner asked:

«Dervish, are you not taking all your bags?»

— There are medicinal herbs and overseas fragrant tea. Dilute with hot water and prepare a pleasant, thirst quencher. To me anymore what for. — Kshatr answered, removing from the donkey a leather bag full of bundles. «Everything else that’s on it is yours, and tea and herbs.»

— I respect the tea here for a fortune; I cannot accept such an expensive product. — frightened the new owner of the donkey.

— You have nothing to worry About, I did not steal this tea, well, you want, take this gift from me as a tribute to you. I am a rich man and I have everything, even if you have a little good for the soul of the goods, it will be pleasant for me to remember that my donkey is in good and good hands. Kshatr said warmly, throwing his bag on his shoulder, and again turned to the merchant: «Tell me, good man, can you buy a good young camel?»

— Yes. You’ll go through the bazaar, behind it there will be a corral for the cattle, where the merchants sell good pack and race camels. There you will find anyone that suits you. — The new owner of the donkey answered, patting the animal on the sides.

«I’m very grateful to you, kind man.» Now I see that my donkey is in good hands.

«Well, if you say so, I’ll accept this gift, thank you.» Be happy and all the best to you, kind person. But the money that I gave you for a donkey is not enough to buy a camel; you need to have a fortune for this. — With a cunning eyebrow and a smile, the trader answered.

«Do not worry About enough money for this.» Kshatr answered calmly. The merchant surprised Kshatra from head to foot with surprise, counting his response with insolence. He was very puzzled by the poor clothes of the donkey’s salesman. But, nevertheless, he began to closely monitor Kshatr, watching which way he would go. And making sure that the poor donkey vendor is moving toward the cattle paddock, he made a sign to the people watching him. Those followed after the man who wanted to buy a camel.

Ksatr carefully examined the camels sold, asked the sellers how often they buy pack animals. The sellers replied that caravans arriving in the oasis needed young and healthy pack animals and that this was not a problem for these places. Kshatr talking with the sellers, surrounded him from all sides, and noticed several people that they came for him and silently, stood at a distance. Deciding that you can always buy a good pack camel, he left the market square.

Kshatr left the capital of the oasis Siva Agurmi, stepping forward to meet the alleged movement of the caravan of the pharaoh. For a while, he watched a string of camels moving toward Agurmi, and then turned to the aircraft standing next to him. I went into it. After a few moments a huge flying saucer soared into the sky and dissolved there, turning into an invisible point…

Cleopatra, sitting in the saddle of a camel, removed the curtains from the canopy. Looking impatiently at the misty distance of the stretching barchans, trying first to see the lands of the oasis. Suddenly a bright flash broke out in the blue of the sky and the sky pierced the lightning. She quickly jumped off the camel and rushed headlong to the horse on which Pharaoh was riding. The caravan driver stopped the camels; all froze in superstitious fear, waiting for what Pharaoh would say.

«Father!» — Cried the princess, approaching Avletu, — Zeus-thundered gives us a sign, you saw the lightning that the star swept over the barchans?! Exclaimed Cleopatra excitedly.

«I did not hear the thunder, it’s a good sign.» Zeus-Amon Ra gave a friendly gesture to us. This means that we are under his full patronage and that we are on the right track, my daughter. Go, you have nothing to worry About; we will soon be in Agurmi.

Cleopatra, encouraged by the words of Ptolemy, with the help of a guide, sat down under a canopy in the camel’s saddle, and the caravan moved on. Soon after the barchans at the horizon there were beams of green tops of date palms. The path of the caravan was nearing its end.

At the end of the day a caravan of the pharaoh appeared in the vicinity of the oasis…

Kshatr appeared to the Supreme Curator of the Solar System with a report of the work done on Pharaoh Ptolemy XII and his daughter Cleopatra. Entering the Curator’s residence, he went under the vigilant accompaniment of the security robots to the reception room. Before Kshatr the doors of the door opened, allowing the priest to enter the waiting room. An invisible barrier stopped Kshatra, and immediately he saw on himself a thin ligature of the rays of the scanning device that slid over it, looking for harmful viruses and unwanted objects that could cause harm. When the suspicious was not found, the invisible wall disappeared, and Kshatr walked to the door of the office. As always, at his desk from the green translucent stone sat Curator with a friendly smile.

— Greetings to you Supreme Curator Theo! Arrived from the oasis Siva, report on the completed task.

«Greetings, Priest Kshatra.» I know everything you’ve done and I’m grateful.

— I am glad to serve the Galactic Coalition for the sake of the prosperity of the Earth and the Solar System.

«Ptolemy will receive a lethal dose of radiation from the radioactive radiation of the Black Crown.» You have to save his life, as long as possible.

— Why, your supremacy, the Coalition decided on this step?

— Ptolemy XII knowingly bears the nickname Avlet. He is not so much a ruler as an artist. The hope of Egypt in a strong ruler and this ruler will be Cleopatra. And the extinction of her father before her eyes will be a strong incentive to absorb the knowledge of the art of governing a huge country. To preserve independence at the level of the power of Rome. I see in the young princess and the mind, and willpower, and the courage of a strong ruler in preserving the descendants of the civilization of the Phaeton.

— What do I have to do next? Ksatr asked.

«Return to Ptolemy as a Witch Doctor.» Extend his life as much as it will be possible after this exposure to the Black Crown…

Chapter Seven

— It must be stopped! A trip to Hindustan will destroy Alexander the Great. — Said the high priest of the temple of the god Marduk. «We, the council of the elders of the supreme temple of the god Marduk in the capital of the Persian kingdom, have gathered you here.» Babylon will receive you the wisest of the wise. You, who have arrived from four corners of the globe, to realize the most important decision. How to stop the bloodshed and suffering of the conquered peoples, in the event that he dies at the peak of his glory? Unavoidably, strife and strife in the lands conquered by them will follow. Speak thou a wise man from the northern latitudes. — We adhere to peaceful and noble deeds. And we will never take action that harms a person. I do not want Alexander the Great evil, I can only say that his worst enemy is the fall. Sin can kill. I’m sorry for the glorious invincible commander. I’ve finished. — The wise man inclined his gray head in a sign of sorrow, leaning with both hands on the staff. His long gray hair was strewn across his shoulders, on the gray fabric of his cloak, a long gray beard covered his arms, falling along his staff.

«What do you say, sage from the west?» — said the priest in a white Arabian foodie made of soft linen cloth, turning his shaven head to the Chaldean sage.

— We are the custodians of knowledge of our people do not wish evil to any of the people. As well as the sage from the northern land, I tend to believe that only sin can bring Macedonian mortal danger. — Said the sage, shaking black as a pitch, beard, covered with a black cloak with a hood covering his head.

«What do you say, High Priest from the East?» — With these words the priest of the temple of Marduk turned his shaven head to the sage from the East.

«It is a great honor for me to take part in a secret meeting of the greatest of the great sages who came from the North, the West, and the South.» Well, let my voice also be heard by the god Shiva Nataraja, who destroys the auras and demons with his dance Tandava during the spring solstice, to purify the aura of the world from accumulated sins by man. May the great god Shiva and Alexander, the greatest of the great generals of the world, resist the fall. — Said the priest of the temple of Shiva Nataradzhda from Hindustan. He was in the clothes of the Indians, seemed quite frail. His not high growth, like a teenager’s, huge brown eyes, with an intelligent and serious gaze, betrayed in him a man who was wise and experienced the life experience of the priest.

«What will you answer, sage of the Southern latitudes?» — asked the Indian who asked to the sage with an aquiline nose and an ornament from feathers on his head. The white hair of an Indian with his temples descended to his shoulders braided in two braids.

«The spirits of my ancient Maya people and the spirits of our sages tell me that only the sinless and pure deeds of Alexander the Great can help him live a long and full of life full of good intentions. However, man is not sinless. He will be destroyed by sin. I said everything.

— So, how to be? — asked the priest of the temple of Marduk.

— In our Shiva temple, the Black Crown of the Gods is kept. «The high priest of the temple of Shiva Nataraja took the floor, the sage from the east. — Alexander will step on the conquest of India, tempted by a crown giving power over the world, to someone who dares to hoist it on his head.

«Before, he will enter Egypt.» — The wise man began to speak from the West. — There, the Oracle of the temple of Amon Ra in the oasis of Siva will proclaim him the son of the god Zeus-Amon Ra and this will give the conqueror strength and confidence in his invincibility. He will step on the conquest of India, to become the master of the world on his own; will try on the Black Crown of the Gods. But the crown can only be put on his head by the one with the blood of the gods flowing in his veins. Sons of mortals cannot even touch the Black Crown without negative consequences for themselves.

— In Hindustan, the epidemic of malaria is spreading; the sage from the South began to say. «He will fall ill with this disease, we should warn the commander About this.»

— Returning from India, Alexander will feast, and enjoy all the temptations that are only available to a person who has everything to fulfill any desire. From this, his immunity will drop dramatically, and malaria can kill him. «The sorcerer began to speak with sadness,» I do not wish him to die with all my heart. But I cannot help, because he will not listen to me and will not accept my advice not to invade India.

«Well, so be it, for no one can escape from fate.» What cannot be avoided? — Finished his speech priest of the temple of Marduk. He said goodbye to the wise men, the aircraft waiting for the wise men in the inner courtyard of the temple. Ksatr, driving a flying disk, brought each of them to his abode…

The sun was still shining over the distant barchans and tops of the date gardens when the high priest of the sanctuary of Amon Ur Hem Heter stepped out onto the terrace of the temple. He put his hand to his forehead and peered into the distance. There, a string, akin to the thrown by God on sand dunes of beads, the caravan stretched out, which moved to the oasis.

«Your path is close.» — Said the priest aloud, turned to the doorway of the door leading to the sanctuary, and disappeared there to prepare for the ceremony of meeting the pharaoh…

Cleopatra, exhausted by a long transition, could no longer sit in the saddle of a camel and leaped impatiently onto the soft sand, went to her father.

— I saw in the distance a green of date gardens, covering almost the entire horizon. And in the middle, this green, towers the structure of the temple on a rock. I just cannot believe, Father, that our way will soon end.

Ptolemy looked at his daughter with paternal tenderness, as they looked like characters. Like her, he could not sit in the saddle when he saw the first tops of palms, got off his horse. Slowly moving along with the caravan, as a simple camel driver.

«We will meet with the priests of the temple of Amon Ra before we go on vacation.» And at night I will go into the sanctuary to the Oracle to ask what awaits us?

«Father, will you take me with you?» Cleopatra asked cautiously.

«Yes, I will take you with me, even if it violates the canons of the sanctuary of Amun.» We will still go there together, because you will rule Egypt after me.

Ptolemy looked into the distance, at the palm trees already visible and the walls rising on the rock of the temple.

«Father, tell me, it was not for nothing that you went so hard to just ask the Oracle About our destiny.» What really made you do this transition?

— Black Crown of the Gods from the temple in India, a lost relic from the treasury of Alexander the Great, which he inherited as a military trophy. He entrusted the crown of the gods with him to the sarcophagus.

— How could she be at the priests of the temple of Amun here in the heart of the Libyan Sahara desert? The princess asked curiously.

— All in due time the daughter. — Pharaoh left the answer. «I brought you here so that you would learn a lot About what will give you power and power to rule Egypt when I do not.»

«Father, you are still young and full of strength, and so often you tell me About my government.» — Cleared Cleopatra.

«After our exile, as a crow flies over the body of a wounded warrior, a flock of robbers of Romans of all colors attack Egypt, we need to be prepared for anything that does not happen.» — With a sigh answered the daughter of Avlet.

The panorama of palm gardens opened to the caravan’s eyes with lush vegetation and the blue of large lakes. The terrain sloped downward, forming a wide valley around the rock on which the temple of the Oracle of Amun Ra is erected, as if hovering over the tops of date palms and olive trees.

The sands were gradually replaced by stony soil, and the lush date and olive gardens left the horizon. Approaching the gardens, the palms almost completely concealed the temple, their tops.

Between the two gardens of date palms on the caravan’s path, suddenly a huge round pool was laid out with hewn stones, with a stepped staircase descending directly into the water. Soldiers guarding, tied their horses to palm trees, and in clothes began to throw from the shore directly into the water. Some of them could not swim, and went to the bottom, crying for help. The comrades helped them to get ashore. There were incredible, joyful cries from the heavenly bliss of ablution with cool water. Ptolemy and his daughter were standing on the slabs of the pool with smiles on their faces. Cleopatra suddenly took off her blue veil, remaining in a white tunic, ran down the stairs to the pool and began to scream and laugh in the pool water. Two guards standing on both hands of the pharaoh, watched with tension the princess, threatening the soldiers, so as not to dare to approach the royal person. Finally the soldiers noticed Cleopatra. They began to get out of the water on the stone slabs of the opposite shore and shout out so that Pharaoh could hear them:

«Thank God, Amon Ra, who sent us the pool of Princess Cleopatra?»

The princess heard her name in the Egyptian dialect, shouted back:

— Peace to the people of Egypt and prosperity, be it to you!

She got out of the water, and, going up to her father, said:

«I have such bliss as here in these waters of the basin, called by the people my name just now, I have never felt. Truly it is necessary to pass through the desert to plunge into these divine waters, which give healing to the decline of forces from the sand of hell.

Pharaoh indulgently turned his head towards his daughter and majestically replied:

«Come, the priests of the sanctuary of the Oracle await us.» — Having said this, Ptolemy turned towards the city, through which Pharaoh and his daughter had to go, accompanied by two guards to the temple. Cleopatra gave her veil to a slave girl who served her on the way and herself in a wet yet tunic followed her father to the capital of the oasis of Agurmi.

Security soldiers were engaged with a representative of local officials, who was engaged in caravan accommodation and accommodation.

The road again went up, and the roofs of the houses were already visible above the high city wall. From the Cleopatra’s basin with the date palm garden, Pharaoh and her daughter, accompanied by two guards, walked unhurriedly to the city wall, along the road trampled by the pickers of dates and olives from the gardens that grow on its both sides. Earlier, the horses and camels of the caravan were arranged, arranging them for rest, while the soldiers and Cleopatra splashed in the pool. Pharaoh and his companions entered the wide open city gates, skillfully made from palm tree and painted in blue. All houses were made from a clay straw mixture with manure that became hard in the sun like a rock. The road led to the square where the pilgrims saw before the benches of hay, the camels were chewing the food slowly. The horses of the guard snorted beside the tether. Leather bags with oats are fixed at horse mouths.

The road became steeper, until it hit the high wall of the temple complex, which began on the right and left of the wide staircase that led to the terrace at the entrance to the sanctuary of the Oracle.

Pharaoh and her daughter walked through the open gate of the gate and, with the steps of a wide staircase, climbed to the terrace, where eleven priests in white linen clothes and long dresses until they met them. To the right and to the left of the lined priests, two clerks with censers with smoking incense, from time to time, swapped places, fumigating their row with the smoke of the censers. In the middle stood the high priest of the temple of Zeus-Amon Ra. His white robe was with a rich embroidery trimmed with gold threads at the feet around. All the priests without exception had shaved heads and masculine eyes.

Pharaoh and his daughter stopped in front of the high priest, two guards behind him. At the feet of the high priest stood a basket of dates, and in the hands of a bowl filled with water.

— What led you to the Oracle of Amun, the divine governor of God on earth? Said the priest solemnly.

— What will give my people prosperity and Pharaoh Power with the blessing of Zeus-Amon Ra!

«Come tonight on the full moon.» On the day of the spring solstice, the Oracle will reveal to you all the secrets and God will give you Zeus-Amon Ra everything that you ask him with clean hands. «Having said this, the priest handed Ptolemy XII a bowl of water. Pharaoh dipped into the water the phalanx of the fingers of both hands, held a few moments in the bowl, and then slowly took it out. The servant handed a soft linen cloth to Pharaoh, and wiped his hands. The priest handed the cup to the princess. Cleopatra dipped her fingers and the second clerk, who was standing with a cloth of soft linen next to her, wiped her hands. The high priest handed the cup to the temple attendant and brought a basket of dates to Pharaoh. Avlet took one date, bitten a juicy and sweet fruit, bitten put back into the basket. The priest handed the dates to Cleopatra. The princess ate the whole date; put the bones into the basket.

After this ceremony, the priest, turning to Pharaoh, said:

— The laws of hospitality are sacred in this fertile land. In your tent you will find everything you need for rest and dinner. This is your land and you are the master of it. — Having said, the priest bowed to Pharaoh, which meant the end of the ceremony. The priests turned, one by one. At the head of the high priest, the procession slowly disappeared into the sanctuary of the temple of Amun Ra.

Pharaoh with his daughter and two guards stepped down the stairs. The heavy gates of the gate were half open. They went out into the city’s streets and the gates behind them closed.

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