PR & Media Trends 2018

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What are the biggest trends in PR and Media we could expect in 2018?

While it’s no easy task to make predictions, even if 2018 is almost here, there are some forecasts based on what happened this year and the trends that caught the highest speed in the past months. So, what is the communication industry preparing for us in the coming year? Let us see what the experts say about it.

Some experts in the national media sector may lose their trustworthiness

Since social media evolved in such a great deal, ending up the primary source of information and news for the population, the national media players are getting blows after blows. In spite of the fact that they were once the most important information providers in the country, they will now have to work hard to maintain their credibility in front of their audience, together with their trustworthiness.

PR is a value that cannot be replaced or ignored

We are living in a century dominated by speed, when people are looking to do things and achieve results fast, by even skipping a few steps if possible. This happens when executives believe that it is enough to use marketing on social media networks or digital marketing techniques, choosing to disregard the value brought in by a PR specialist. The truth is that PR specialists are irreplaceable and they should deposit more efforts into teaching people what advantages they can bring, as it is hard to achieve the desired results just by relying on digital marketing.

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