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Make grow your inner power,

Take care of it as of flower.

Make increase your amazing inner light,

And you’ll feel a harmony inside.

The harmony that you’ll feel inside

Will bring some inspiration, some delight.

It will be like a desert shower

And destroy your worrys’tower.

Improve talents and abilities,

Explore touching people, possibilities.

Be thankful citizen of brothers’world,

Never let your spirit become cold.

A stoic zeal

Be your lifes’ grateful Master,

Nourish a fluffy cluster.

Day by day and drop by drop

You’ll receive a cosy crop.

Let a pioneering thaw

Be your mentalitys’ law.

Let your belief, passion and zeal

Be your motivating meal.

Have inside yourself a spark

Even when it’s cold and dark,

Always have a stoic zeal,

Don’t let anything it kill.

Do not ask a grasshopper to be a bear

Every person has his role in your scenes,

He comes in time just to do what he should,

And later we know what this sign means,

And why somebody hadn’t done what he could.

We should not require for something more

Than he gives us, we should be glad with it,

As he must lead exactly to this door,

Another needs another creatures fit.

Don’t ask grasshopper to be a bear,

A dolphin to be a flamingo-

You will more often live without despair…

You will go where you should go…

Thanksgiving Day

Daily should be a Thanksgiving Day,

You should be glad with your lifes’ New Age,

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