Pirates of the Sleeping Lake

Бесплатный фрагмент - Pirates of the Sleeping Lake

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Where did the chipmunk go?

Once upon a time, in the same forest, in the same family, a small chipmunk - Burun. It was time for him to go to the forest school, to gnaw the granite of science. And since his teeth were not bad (my mother went with him to the Rook Dentist on the 2nd Aspen Alley for a whole month), the study did not frighten the young rodent. He has already packed his briefcase, putting in it, in addition to notebooks and pens, a couple of toy cars, 10 soldiers, a slingshot and a pillow.

Burun gathered up his briefcase, including a couple of toy cars, soldiers, a slingshot, and a pillow.

…Here comes the long-awaited September 1-the holiday of all forest schoolchildren and forest teachers. Mom-chipmunk wanted to wake up her son, but found instead of him on the bed a note with a short text: «The mother was horrified, the father was still asleep, and the baby was walking slowly along the Purple street and humming a cheerful song:

— There’s nothing better in the world,

Than to wander friends around the world,

Forest roads are dear to us…

«Fox!» our friend almost shouted.

Red-tailed crouched near the house of hares, waiting to catch one of the slants. Burun was not at a loss: he took a slingshot from his briefcase and put a pine cone in it. Taking aim, he fired. The pinecone bounced off a nearby pine tree and flew straight into the red mouth. Along with the lump in the Fox’s throat, all the words were stuck, which then merged into a single sound, reminiscent of the buzzing of an apiary. The fox did not understand what had happened in this quiet forest, and as she ran away, she imagined a terrible picture: an evil hunter with a double-barreled shotgun, who took aim again and was about to shoot from the second barrel. There was no sign of it, but there were a lot of fir cones lying around, and the little hunter sent a few of them after the Fox.

The creak of the door opening distracted Burun. From behind it, first appeared a long mustache, then no less long ears, and finally, the pope-hare himself. He rolled his ears furiously, trying to determine how far that terrible «LJ"had run. And LJ was far away, on the 2nd Aspen Alley, and already knocking at the clinic of Uncle Rook. Papa Hare, after greeting the chipmunk, sent his younger carrot-eater to school with him. The guys were friends for a long time, went together to the forest park kindergarten. And today the forest school was waiting for them with open doors, beautiful music, balloons and festive ribbons. The seekers of knowledge did not take long to wait and rushed to the school with all eight legs. They were met at the door by a worried mother Chipmunk, a sleepy father Chipmunk, and a Gray Wolf junior school teacher. The three of them couldn’t read the note chipmunk had left. Or rather, they could read it, all had higher forest education, and some even had a gold medal. In general, everyone read in their own way. Mother:

The lump flew straight into the red mouth. A hunter?!

Here it is written about some snake that ate the school, but nothing about our son.

Dad took up reading:

This poem is obtained. — Only it is not clear who «lobudu», «kobedu» and «Burundu"are.

«I’m Burundu,» shouted Burun, who had run up, «and you should read it like this:' I’ve gone to school, I’ll be there for lunch. Chipmunk.»

— All clear! Dad said. «Go learn to spell, or my mother and I will have to learn to solve ciphers.»

School already?

Briefcase thief

The frowning, misty morning was startled by a terrible rumble coming from the orange-roofed house. The fox, having fallen out of bed, was watching the last dream — strange hares (with huge crocodile teeth and mammoth tusks) surrounded her house and counted the count:

The fox had a terrible dream and fell out of bed.

— One, two, three, four, five

The hares went out for a walk,

To play with the Red-tail (the fox did not really want to play with them).

Eus deus krasnodeus

BBC chameleon

Get out of the circle.

Бесплатный фрагмент закончился.

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