Petals of Passion

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An Erotic Short Story

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Petals of Passion
an erotic short story
Justin Fenris

Petals of Passion by Justin Fenris

Copyright © Justin Fenris 2020

Cover Artwork © Bogdan Ch

All Rights Reserved.

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All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.


Title Page


Petals of Passion

Author’s Note

Petals of Passion

Rhett Evans fastened his seatbelt after the pilot-in-command made the announcement to prepare for landing. That was it. The seven-hour long flight from New York to Paris was almost over. He looked out the window at the blue sky and fluffy clouds. He closed his eyes, imagining he would be walking soon the streets of La Ville Lumière, the City of Light.

A cute flight attendant in a blue uniform with a handkerchief around her neck walked by, checking that seatbelts were fastened.

«Well, we’re almost there,» said the gray-haired late-middle-aged man sitting to his right.

«Yes,» Rhett said, «So happy to have finally made it to this city.»

«Oh no, young man. Paris is not a city, it’s a world.»

Rhett smiled. «Right, Francis I of France.»

«You surely know your French history. Do you speak the language?»

«Oui. I received a Master’s degree in philology and cultural studies just a couple of months ago.»

«That’s very good,» said the man. «And what business is bringing you to France?»

«I took a sabbatical after college. To travel and explore the world.»

«It’s a great choice you started with France,» said the man. «I always feel like home here. Though, when I came here first I spoke not a word of French. It’s an amazing place I don’t think I’ll find anywhere else in this world.»

He fell silent, staring dreamily in front of him as the plane began to land.

Rhett checked in his hotel, unpacked his things and took a nap for a couple hours. He was heavily jet lagged. When he woke up, he looked in the mirror. He hadn’t shaved for two days but this didn’t bother him. He knew that French women didn’t like when men shaved too closely.

It was evening, when he went out of the hotel for a stroll. The fall leaves were falling off the trees like rain. Rhett breathed in the warm evening air.

It was not only the French culture he came here to absorb. He knew a lot about the world cultures but there was one gap in his education — women, which represented those cultures. Living in New York, it was easy to explore different cultures without leaving the city, and he had had girlfriends, who originally came from France, Denmark, or Korea, but it was not the same. He wanted to observe them in their natural habitat.

He needed to know everything about courtship, lovemaking, and sex traditions in various countries. He wanted to have a first-hand sexperience, he wanted to become a sexpert. Time for textbooks and lectures was over. It was time to go on a tour de fornication and put theory to practice. He had a lot of time on his hand for this. He also had had enough money to travel around the globe for a year. Besides he was young, handsome, and most importantly, he was free.

France was his first obvious choice. He loved French women, and he had an ex-girlfriend, Lucille, he was still fond of.


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