Password: Happiness for you

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Password “Happiness for you”

The book tells about a possible path to Happiness. If you have lost your compass, here it is. Open, read and act. Happiness is near and everyone can achieve it. Do not trust??! Maybe in vain? See if this path will help you. Only four steps separate you from Happiness.

Well? Forward? Then we start… one, two, three, four.

Instead of an intro

Let’s discuss a little

Happiness, happiness

what does this word mean?

Many books have been written about happiness, many...too many. There are those who “teach” and “help” to become happy in life. So why are so many people using these tips still not getting what they want? What does happiness depend on, and what do we lack for this?

I will not teach how to live. I only suggest you, dear reader, to get acquainted with one more theory. A theory that fits in just four steps, four simple rules that anyone can do. Some will be new to you, some will be familiar. But since you opened this book, then most likely you are still on the way to your Happiness, and I am ready to help you. I have only four tips.






Do not believe?! So maybe it’s worth checking and making sure it’s true!?! It doesn’t take ten steps to be successful. This is not what you need. Just four tips to help change your life for the better. But let’s step back from that for a moment. First, a little theory and gradually move on to the main thing.

Very often, when we search the Internet, we come up with huge and implausible lists that should help us find happiness. We are advised (recommended or even required) to do what is difficult to implement in life, or simply does not suit us specifically. There are no unique techniques — all people are different, this is a fact with which it is difficult to argue. So why are we offered the same thing over and over again? Although I have to admit that there are tips that should apply to everyone, but more on that later.

And yet I will not be unfounded. For example, in order to be happy and successful, it is often recommended to get up one hour earlier in order to do something a little more in a day. In a difficult traffic situation, a certain work schedule, or specific features of a particular person, it will not always be possible to get up one hour earlier. I can’t afford that luxury. On weekdays, I wake up at five in the morning and go to work. If I wake up at four, then the whole day will be down the drain — a bad mood due to drowsiness, given that I am already in constant sleep deprivation. And just what to do at four in the morning? You won’t start cleaning, washing, or exercising, because I live in a house with very (read as “kapets what”) thin walls and risk disturbing my neighbors. Yes, and it is risky to walk on the street at four in the morning in Mytishchi. And the question is, do I need it? Then why and for whom is this advice given? It is possible that for someone it will be effective, but what is the percentage of hits!?

Or they recommend meditation. Personally, for myself, I also dismissed this advice. Firstly, I have a negative attitude towards this “phenomenon” (this is just a feature of perception and in no case have anything against those who practice. For God’s sake, if it suits you, and it brings you pleasure — yes, this is only for the better). Secondly, the meaning of this practice, if at work they spoil my mood anyway, and then the essence of meditation is wasted time. And in this world, there is nothing more precious than time. But again, this is just my opinion on the matter. I personally know people who, on the contrary, practice meditation, and it only benefits them.

It is also recommended to switch to proper nutrition, sports. This is right. Right, but that’s not always what makes us happy. Again, I really love coffee and dark chocolate, and I don’t feel happy if I don’t have these two simple things. I’ve tried giving up a few times, but nothing good has come of it. But as a rule, in proper nutrition, this is often crossed out, or severely limited, alas.

Therefore, in this book, I want to share those tips that will help you find and find your happiness. I do not claim the uniqueness of my own advice or a professional outlook on things.

I want to help you. Everything that I will offer you in the future has been personally tested by me.

The point is to find exactly your path to a happy life.

One of the most important aspects is

A family

It often happens that a person thinks

happiness far from itself, but it

with inaudible steps



to him.

(c) D. Boccaccio


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