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It has been more than two years since the last incidents related to Arthur and his dark deeds. All these events were outdated and no one remembered them anymore. Conversations related to crime and the abduction of girls eventually subsided. Other owners have replaced cafes and restaurants that once belonged to Arthur. The Oriental Fairy Tale has been closed since the day of his death. Even the Sultan, who I had to go through the terrible moments of her life in this restaurant, sincerely regretted the fate that befell the «Oriental Fairy Tale». — Don’t be sad. The Eastern fairy tale is outdated. It ended with you. Soon you will have another fairy tale.

— What do you mean?

— «Don’t forget you’re my assistant. I have already started my medical practice, and yours will start soon.

— «I’ve got plenty of time.

— «That’s what you think. Time does not fly noticeably.

— Yes. I did not notice.

— That is what I am talking about. That you do not notice anything.

— What do you mean?

— The fact that it has been three years and you have not noticed.

— «And what does that mean?»

— Nothing. Simply. After my practice, I will start working days, and you will come to my practice.

— Great!

— What does it mean?

— It means that it is great when you know what is going to happen next and there is nothing to worry about. Amir did not respond to this statement. The guy and the girl fell silent together and each thought about his own. Amir reflected on the fact that he actually always decided everything for two, he believed that he was simply necessary for the Sultan as a support and thought that she liked it. Sultana actually liked it, and she never objected. Perhaps it was a continuation of the family law. In Amir’s family, his father always decided everything, and his mother always agreed with all the decisions made. Sultana loved Amir very much and his decisions were like a normal course of life for her. She just lived, was happy and basked in Amir’s love.

This conversation made Amir think, maybe he is wrong? Maybe the Sultan does not like the life he has chosen for her. He did not bring up the subject today. And I decided to postpone it until better times. Sultana did not think about it, she was quite satisfied with her married life and the choice of her profession.

The family life of Amir and Sultana Wangrat began in Cambodia. Amir was of rather noble blood, and he could not afford himself and his wife to live in the city of Poipet. This city is located in the east of Cambodia, on the border with Thailand, and is one of the important points of border communication between the two countries. This city is also considered the gambling capital of Southeast Asia. The streets of the city are full of colorful lights of gambling houses and numerous casinos. This business is rapidly developing in the border area, since it is banned in neighboring Thailand. Poipet is very crowded and is an unsafe place at night. Here you can see a lot of begging children, beggars and homeless. These people have no documents, as well as no official citizenship; they are only engaged in speculating in goods transported across the border and begging. A casino and many gambling houses have been built at a distance of 200 meters between the border with Thailand and the checkpoint. For Amir, living in this city was simply unthinkable. It was decided to suddenly move to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, to continue his studies and start a new life. All family members approved this decision, and Ahmed managed to quickly sell his old house. Sultana started her first academic year at a prestigious educational institution Mahidol. The confluence of life circumstances turned out as well as possible in favor of Sultana. There was no point or opportunity to stay in Moscow. Amir completed the transfer and continued his studies; his medical practice began in one of the prestigious clinics.

The love of Amir and Sultana was envied by many, but this couple was invincible, she did not notice the envious, and did not let the separated people near her. A new life in a new home, took away the painful past, making the present happy. The same could be said about their training, it started from scratch, but it was worth it. The luxurious life in Bangkok forced the Sultan to forget about the painful past and the poverty left in Poipet. Bangkok is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world. Bangkok is the port and economic center of Thailand. The city is located on the eastern bank of the Chao Phraya River near the Gulf of Thailand. The Gulf of Thailand of the South China Sea is the entire eastern coast of Thailand — Pattaya, Sattahip, Rayong, Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Koh Chang, Koh Sichang, Koh Lan, Trat Province. Thailand is being washed two Pacific and Indian oceans, two Andaman and South China seas, on different coasts of which the most famous resorts of the Kingdom in the world are located. Bangkok, washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Pattaya and Hua Hin are located on the mainland of the Kingdom, with a drier climate, not affected by tropical storms. Bangkok’s nightlife is bustling: many clubs, discos. This nightlife reminded Amir of Moscow in some way, but he did not talk about it aloud, afraid to remind Sultana of her painful moments associated with this city.

Vina’s life did not turn out as well as it seemed too many who once knew her. Having been married to a lawyer for no more than a year, she could not fall in love with this man and over time, life without love turned into a nightmare for her, and ended in divorce. Her family life did not start in the best way, it all started with the termination of pregnancy, which this girl got from Arthur. At its core, the Fault itself was an unhappy person. She was born and grew up in a poor family, then not so prosperous love, which so crossed out her life, left an imprint on her family. She just had to get rid of this child, and no one knew about it except herself. This act was her mortal secret. Vina simply could not tell about her situation to the lawyer who took her as his lawful wife, and even more so the days spent in prison, they undermined her health. All these blows of fate-accumulated anger in this girl, evil grew in her every day and Guilt decided to take revenge. Only to whom and for what, she has not yet decided. To some extent, it could be said that a monster had awakened in this woman and it was asking to come out to destroy everything around.

Over time, Vina managed to sue her first husband’s apartment back, not without the help of a lawyer, and she moved to her lair. This apartment was originally a den, and the monster in the form of a woman returned to its place. Vina stood on the balcony in the pose of Napoleon with her legs wide apart and looked horizontally, not noticing the beauties of evening Moscow. — I will start from the bottom. I will build everything that I had to destroy. In the name of our love, I will create even more and even scarier than it was. Vina decided in honor of her late husband to create his business from scratch, and take revenge on all those who prevented their happiness. If we consider this situation in detail, then two people were to blame for their misfortune with Arthur — this is Amir and Sultana.

No one remembered about the Guilt. Everyone believed that this poor girl was one of Arthur’s victims, and no one betrayed the significance of this incomprehensible connection. Guilt returned to her and Arthur’s apartment two years after his death. Initially, she was afraid to cross the threshold of this dwelling, but after making an effort, she went into this apartment and felt a taste of revenge. Vina did not consider herself guilty, for reasons unknown to herself. She believed that their happiness was destroyed by strangers who envied her and hated Arthur. Vina had completely forgotten about after the premature death of his sister, this tragic event faded into the background. The head of this monster girl was occupied with the irrevocable departure of her lover, whom she killed herself and this stigma lay on her soul. Feelings of guilt were still strong, and therefore, to some extent, this girl had a split personality, one-half loved Arthur, the other hated him with all her heart and soul. Vina understood that it was he who killed her sister and could not forgive him for it. Another part of her mind defended him, saying it had to be done. The guilt was going crazy. At night she heard the cry of her unborn child, this act was killing her from the inside. She had no one to share it with. She had no friends; it was in these difficult moments that she missed her sister. The walls of this apartment reminded her of the happy moments of her life, and at the same time about how it all ended. This apartment has undergone cosmetic repairs, a complete change of design and interior has done their job, and Vina entered this apartment as a full-fledged host. Vina herself did not feel like a murderer, she just felt empty, lonely, and defenseless. This emptiness was caused by the lack of love; it was Arthur’s love that was sorely lacking. She felt safe with him. — How little time God has given us for happiness. Why is that? Vina was sitting on the sofa and looking at the tasteful renovation.

The monster girl was completely ready to start reviving everything that was created by Arthur, and so ruthlessly ruined. This «monster» understood that she was involved in this, and her first action was to find a partner. Vina needed a second Jamal, she understood that she could not cope alone, and she just needed a second person. That is just where to get it? By going over to the head of all the people who are imprinted in her memory, her choice stopped at the bartender who worked in the «Oriental Fairy Tale». This bartender had the same Arab roots as Arthur, and now lived in Morocco. It was not difficult for Vina to find this man, and he gladly made contact with this woman.

Said did not take long to wait and flew in a few days after receiving the call. Their meeting took place not far from the still closed restaurant. — Arthur and I did not have a long, but a happy fairy tale ended here, in this institution. That is where we will start, with this institution. You and I need to revive the «Oriental Fairy Tale». This restaurant, like many other establishments, was closed for one simple reason, quarantine reigned in the country, and such establishments as a night restaurant simply could not work.

— When do we plan to open?

— For the New two thousand twenty-third year.

— «As you command, my lady.» I am ready to serve you. Vina smiled happily when she heard these words.

— Who else is with us? Do we still have people dedicated to our cause?

— There are a couple more people. And these people will bring more people accordingly.

— That is great. I need to fly home to Indonesia; I have not been there since my sister’s funeral.

— Should I fly with you?

— No. Stay here and start doing things. We will keep in touch. Vina ventured on the trip home, her heart creaking. She herself did not know how everything would happen. These incidents and a long separation distanced her from her parents, and she was already flying not only to see them, but also to find the people she needed. The wine arrived without warning. A lot has changed in these three years of her absence. Vina’s parents, despite their age, have waged a lot; have become not crowded, and not verbose. The older brother brought his girlfriend to the house, and she lived with them, he thought that this would somehow brighten up the mourning in the house. The parents were glad of such a revival, but the mourning continued and it was noticeable. The arrival of Vina brought a noticeable revival, and it seemed that the sadness did not recede for long. Nirmala literally clung to her daughter and did not leave her side for a minute.

— How you have lost weight. What happened to you? Vina could not tell her mother everything, and she wanted so much. But she understood that this could not be done and she had to be silent. Vina’s mother understood that something was wrong with her daughter’s soul, and she so wanted to know what was wrong with her. It was at this moment that they both missed Diana, but they were silent about it, and sat hugging each other. Mansur immediately realized that something was wrong with his sister and in the evening, he went to Vina’s room.

— Tell me what happened to you?

— Why did you decide that?

— I can see that something is depressing you.

— Maybe it is, I cannot tell you everything right now. I just feel bad.

— Okay, fine. I will not pressure you. Know that you have us, and we are always there. My girlfriend Sarima, she is very nice. You will make friends with her.

— I know. Vina smiled sweetly. Thank you. Mansur quietly left the room and Vina was left alone. Nothing has changed in the room since she left. The same furnishings, the same furniture, the same mourning. It seemed to her that she had come to a wake. Most recently, she was in the apartment where she killed Arthur with her own hands, and now she found herself in her own home, where the spirit of her late sister, whom Arthur killed, dwells. It was hard for Vina, a heavy task fell on her shoulders, which she took on herself loaded up. Besides, there was a heavy burden on her heart that she could not tell anyone about. And this black spot, or you could even say the stigma that was considered self-defense in the murder left an imprint on her reputation. Vina did not notice how she turned into a black creature. Everyone noticed it, except herself. She looked at her sister’s empty bed, «it all started here, our happiness with Arthur ended here. It was here that our love was born, and died at the same time. I will resurrect everything. And that will be my secret. My revenge. Vina did not notice how she fell asleep. When she woke up, she did not understand where she was, so strong was her sleep, which did her good. Glancing at her watch, she realized it was already noon.

— We did not wake you up. You were sleeping so soundly. Vina had not yet recovered from her sleep and was looking at her mother’s aged face.

— Mom, I am so glad to see you. Nirmala brought coffee into the room. «How did you know I was awake?»

— I am your mom. You always woke up at this time when you were a girl. These words painfully echoed in the soul of Guilt, but she did not show it.

— Have I aged so much?

— No. Grown up. Vina took the cup from her mother’s hand and took a small sip of coffee.

— This is exactly what I have been missing all these years. Nirmala looked at her daughter with loving eyes.

— What are you going to do?

— I do not know. Maybe I will go to the beach.

— I am not letting you go alone. Your brother will go with you.

— OK. Let him go. I will stay at home for a while. Vina did not want to leave the house, her condition was actually depressed, and she did not know where to start yet. She had a lot of ideas and ideas in her head, but she did everything by force. Her love for Arthur gave her strength, and knowing that her lover loved only her until his last breath, this was what gave her the incentive to move on. It was only in the evening that Vina left the house, her brother followed her, not paying attention to it, she completely forgot about her mother’s request. Vina spent the whole evening on the beach, where Arthur initiated her into Islam. These memories were so painful that the girl could not hold back her tears and burst into tears. She still could not understand why she had suffered such a bitter fate. Mansur ran up to her

— Why are you crying? What happened?

— Are you here? And I didn’t notice. Nothing. I just remembered some episodes from my life.

— Tell me what happened to you? You can trust me, no one will know about it.

— Thank you. Maybe I will tell you in time, but not today. Leave me alone. Do not be afraid, I will not get into the water.

— OK. Whatever you say. With these words, Mansur left. The wine was left alone. She lay down on the sand and closed her eyes. The ocean was calm. The air is not the same as in the capital of Russia. Vina missed this place so much. Not far from this secret corner, there was the very guesthouse that the late Zhamal did not have time to inherit. Vina did not know anything about it. She just sat on the sand and crossed her arms watching the illumination of the lanterns that shone in the distance and illuminated the facade of the building.

— Where can I get such a sum of money? A plan had matured in her beautiful head, but she did not have such a sum of money to bring all these ideas to life. The next morning, Vina was sitting and drinking coffee in the very restaurant where she had once danced, and Arthur noticed her. The girl was looking at one point and was immersed in her thoughts. She could not see anything around her. Even the way a man with a scar on his left cheek was looking at her, and a hood covered his face.

— Has she been sitting here for a long time?

— Since the morning.

— What does she want?

— I do not know. But clearly something is not good. He and Arthur have a lot in common.

— «You’re right. If something becomes known, call.

— OK. The man with the scar went out; Vina remained sitting and slowly finished her coffee. From that moment, surveillance began on the Guilt. She did not know about it. Exactly two days later, in the same cafe, Vina was sitting with two men and talking animatedly with them about something. A day later, the guesthouse, which was lit by a dim lantern not long ago, was rented and Vina spent the night in it. Arthur’s former possessions were returning to her with lightning speed. The money for the lease of this building was borrowed from a bank. This girl was confident in her strength and took this risk.

Vina did not know that the scarred man was fascinated by her strength and beauty. He did not show his face, knowing that she would not be happy to see him. This formidable man sent people to her that she needed, threw up a sudden amount of money, exposing everything as if it was Arthur who was saving it for her. Vina was so happy about the money, and after booking a ticket, she flew to Moscow ahead of schedule, with two rented dancers.

Business in Moscow was developing as quickly as in Indonesia. Vina started with restaurants and guesthouses. Several buildings have already been rented in several countries. Now, Vina could not redeem anything, since she did not have such a sum of money. The most native and expensive building for her was the «Oriental Fairy Tale». The restaurant was closed, but this «monster» simply did not leave the office in which Arthur once sat. She recalled all the events since the opening of this restaurant. The highlight of the program was Sultana, and she wanted to do everything exactly the way Arthur did, and to some extent, she succeeded, but she lacked the nail of the program. Vina understood that Sultana would not take this step and her husband too. Restoring all the pictures in her memory, she remembered that she had seen a video in which Sultana advertised the opening of a restaurant. An idea has settled in Vina’s head, with the help of this video to attract the attention of guests, and she herself will perform with the Sultana program. — I dance not almost worse, maybe even better.


There was exactly one month left until the New Year. Sultana was sitting on the Internet, and in one of the social media groups, she saw a video in which she performs. After reviewing everything carefully, Sultana learned about the festive opening of the «Oriental Fairy Tale». The girl was looking forward to her husband. — You have finally come.

— What happened?

— Look here.

— You are still trying to attract the attention of customers! Amir said with a laugh.

— Are you still laughing at me?

— No way. What is the big deal? Videos and videos. It has been so many years.

— Aren’t you jealous?

— No. Not a drop. Now you are dancing just for me. Sultana sat on her husband’s lap and kissed him tenderly. She was so passionate about her husband that she completely forgot about opening a restaurant. — By the way, Lyosha saw this video first and invited me to the restaurant for the opening. And I didn’t even Look, I just heard your name, and immediately realized that I had to go. Sultana’s eyes shone with happiness, she did not know that the host of the restaurant was Wine. — What else is interesting there? Let me see. Amir sat thoughtfully at his computer. Sultana tried to tease him, but she could not do anything.

— And what is interesting there?

— Nothing. I do not like all this. Who is behind all this? I know who will help us. Amir dialed a video call.

— Hello Thailand!

— Hello! Amir said with a laugh.

— What should happen to make such calls at such a late hour?

— I am sorry. I completely forgot.

— Well, what?

— Who is the owner of the restaurant «Oriental fairy tale».

— God rest his soul! Rest in peace!

— But seriously?

— I will not upset you, but this is the wife of the deceased. Beautiful Indonesian!

— A nightmare.

— I think so too!

— I am looking at you having fun, despite such a late hour.

— Yes, my wife and I do not sleep here!

— And we are not sleeping!

— Don’t forget about the time! The joker! I don’t know how or what? But this is not good.

— I wonder what she wants. To be honest, I already believed in a miracle and calmed down.

— Me too. I thought that woman was out there somewhere. But not here. Gee. Is Arthur really dead?

— Don’t laugh like that. Otherwise, he will rise again.

— Exactly. This type is not to be trifled with. And what should I do now?

— I would like to find out at least from someone close to her what this woman is up to. And it is even better to examine the feet of her feet.

— Yes, but how? I will try to find a person and get him hooked up to her. Maybe something will come out of this.

— It would not be bad. Thank you.

Amir and Sultana were among those caught off guard by this news. They were also one of those who did not like this news, but they were the only ones who knew that it was not good. Sultana was more of a best friend than a wife. Their way of life was adjusted; they did everything together, studied together, walked together, and sometimes cooked together. Ahmed was glad of such changes in his daughter’s life, and, accordingly, his own. Sultana shared everything with Amir, she had no secrets from him, although it would be impossible to hide them. Amir was always in a hurry to get home from practice, he did not spend time with friends, and every trip to public places was family. This couple was not separated.

The cases of Guilt continued to develop with lightning speed. Hotels and restaurants recouped their investments. But since Arthur’s business was criminal, then, accordingly, the participants in these dirty cases did not take long to wait. In the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Arthur had a man who dealt with stolen cars. And since word of mouth worked, then this faithful dog did not take long to wait. Vina did not have time to take phone calls. Arthur’s Faithful Dogs, who were once loyal to him, and used to be faithful servants of their master, they came running to the call as a faithful flock. Vina was very pleased with this turn of events. To some extent, she was happy with what was happening. — Cambodia, this is what I need. I will kill two birds with one stone. I will promote this business, and this business will kill Sultana. A car will hit her, accidentally. It will be an accident. Vina was exulting, and at that moment, it seemed that an evil spirit possessed her.

Said adequately coped with his new honorary position. He adequately replaced Jamal, the only thing that he was his complete opposite. This man had a delicate taste, a clear and insightful mind, and most importantly, unlike Jamal, this man carefully watched himself. He was sensitive, polite, well groomed, and also very cunning and smart. This man was simply necessary to the Wine in this situation like air. As for the Guilt itself, she had no idea about the crime, which was handled by Arthur. Vina did not know about the arms trade, the girls, and all the murders he had committed in his entire life. To some extent, Vina managed to establish this business from scratch quite well. Since Arthur himself inherited this business ready-made. He just made his own changes to it. The guilt started with bare walls, with an empty purse, but if of course Arthur’s people did not stand up for her, she would have nothing it turned out. The scarred man followed the shadow of Guilt and tried in every way to protect her from danger. Vina did not know anything about it. It was not love. This secret patronage could be attributed as a tribute. This man respected this woman, and knew her love for her boss. He understood how hard it was for her now, and understood the danger, who was lying in wait for her. In addition, the feeling of Guilt towards her late husband made itself felt, and he undertook to patronize this woman. He often wondered if this woman would open her doors to him, if she would let him into her dirty business. But an inner voice told me that no. And he stayed in the shadows.

Meanwhile, Amir and Sultana were about to go to Laos– — My father will examine your legs, and I will feel safer this way.

— And what is the need to go? Let us just send a photo.

— Something tells me that I need to go. Especially since, we have not been home for so many years.

— Well, if you think so, and then let us go.

— Are you laughing at me?

— Not at all. When are we going?

— I bought tickets for the day after tomorrow.

— Very good. I will have time to get ready.

The arrival of Amir and Sultana was a surprise for everyone. Therefore, a festive table was set for such a solemn occasion. — How have you grown up! Nina and Sultana were setting the table and whispering about something. Amir and Rashid locked themselves in the office.

— What happened to you?

— What makes you think that?

— You arrived so unexpectedly, in the middle of the school year. What happened? Rashid asked this question in a firm tone.

— Yes, Dad happened. Arthur’s wife has returned to their joint business, and Sultana and I do not know what to expect. You know I cannot read her fate.

— Bring her here quickly.

— Lets not do it today.

— Okay, tomorrow morning.

Everyone sat down at the table. The dinner consisted of four family members, as the arrival was unexpected. — It seems to me it would be safer for you to move to live in our city. It would be better for everyone.

— Dad, we live well. Then we will see.

— Sultana, how do you look at it?

— To be honest, I feel better at home.

— I understand you, but it is better for Amir to be here. I can ensure your safety here.

— Not a fact. If there is a danger, then it is impossible to hide from it. It just needs to be eliminated, not run away.

— Lets not quarrel. The children have come to us.

— «You’re right. The next morning, Amir and Sultana went to their father’s office. Sultana sat down in a chair, Rashid carefully examined her feet.

— Dad, what is it?

— Wait. After a long pause, Rashid said softly. It is a pity that I cannot set deadlines, but there is a risk.

— Which one?

— There is a threat to life, but she will remain alive. It will last long enough. I do not even know what to do with it. It would not be bad to communicate with the Guilt itself.

— I have been thinking about it too. Only how?

— Sit down; I will examine your feet. Amir was sitting quietly; Sultana was standing next to him. Tell me are you inseparable?

— In general, yes! Amir replied with a smile.

— That is what I understood. It will be hard for you.

— What do you mean?

— Difficult trials are waiting for you ahead. I do not know how you will cope.

— Well, you will help us. Amir said with an idiotic smile.

— «We’ll see,» Rashid replied with the same smile.

Amir and Sultana stayed in Paksa for only two days and left back. Amir did not have time to visit his best friend and regretted it.

Rashid saw the danger, and did not know how to prevent it. All these dangerous games have gone too far, and Rashid saw only one-way to stop it all, is to kill the Guilt. He no longer saw the point of hiding, wandering, and even more so to conduct business negotiations. All this was meaningless. Rashid understood that he had the responsibility to take care of the safety of the lives of his son and his wife. In his heart, Rashid was secretly attached to Sultana, and realizing that his attachment was madness, he showed his dislike for this girl in every possible way. Sitting in his office, Rashid was thinking, what is the best thing to do? — Go with them and settle everything? Alternatively, fly to Moscow and settle everything. Or settle everything on the native land of this Indian woman?

— Who are you talking to?

— I will do it my way. With these words, Rashid got up from his chair and proudly walked out of the office.

— What happened? Won’t you tell me?

— You will find out later. The less you know, the more you sleep.

— What is wrong again? These secrets. I will find out anyway. Nina stood with a serious face and understood that something serious had happened.

Amir and Sultana were ready to go home. — We will come for the New Year!

— Don’t make any plans yet.

— Dad, do not scare me like that.

— What are you hiding from me all the time?

— You see. Worried Mom. Sultana stood silently and listened to the family speech. — Mom, nothing happened, you know Dad.

— That is for sure. Nina agreed with the words spoken, realizing that something was wrong.

These few days spent in Laos did not fly by noticeably. Adult children felt parental care and care, and relaxed for a moment. — Maybe Dad is right. Maybe it is worth living in my homeland for a while.

— «I don’t know myself. I am sick of these threats to my life. We cannot just go outside; we could be killed at any moment. When will it all end?

— «I don’t know myself. Wherever we go, there will be danger everywhere. My father is up to something; let us wait for his actions.

Meanwhile, the Wine got into the taste; she realized what it means to have a business like hers. She was doing great, and she felt like a queen. Her blood was boiling, and she did not notice how her authority began to grow among Arthur’s former companions. Money and power overshadowed the eyes of this woman, and she did not think that this medal has a reverse side. Besides companions, friends and loyal dogs, Arthur also had enemies. Before his death, Arthur did not have time to distribute the debts, as he was not going to die. This criminal king was going to live forever, regardless of his lifestyle. He also had eternal problems with brothel owners. Since Arthur did not know how to run this business. All these unfinished business, and remained unfinished and, it would seem, they went with Arthur to the grave. But since Vina decided to resurrect the whole business, Arthur’s debts were resurrected along with the business. Vina was sitting at the bar next to Said and drinking the coffee he had prepared for her. — You have a special talent. Only you know how to make this kind of coffee.

— Of course. I am Moroccan. In our homeland, Arthur and I attach great importance to this drink.

— Tell me about Arthur’s native roots. You know for sure.

— Yes. It is you at the address.

— Me, Arthur and Jamal. We are our close-knit team. But the day came, and I was left alone. It is good that you decided to resurrect all this. That is why I’m happy to help you. This is a sacred thing for me. I have known Arthur since I was a kid. We were neighbors. His childhood was difficult; he grew up without a mother. Arthur had a brother, their father paid little attention to them, and Arthur often came to our family to hide from his father’s anger, or just to eat. When the children grew up, it was time to inherit the business, and Arthur showed cruelty. He got everything. Jamal and I have always been there. Then you know.

— No. I know such a little. It seems to me that there is something else that I do not know about. He talked so much on the phone. And I don’t know languages. He made so many flights, and I do not know why or where.

— «You don’t need to know. You have already achieved so much in such a short time. Wait, it is just getting started. Over time, you will be even stronger, and you will achieve even more. Vina knew she had not heard everything. Said, in turn, did not want to involve the Blame in the trade in human goods. It was their deal with the man who killed Diana.

— I wonder how it is in Morocco. I would like to see it.

— I am at your service. This is a mysterious country.

— Show me the house where Arthur was born and grew up!

— Donna Vina, I will be happy to arrange this tour for you. Just order it. The contact between Vina and Said was so well established that Said could calmly say you are to blame.

Increasingly, the guilt began to spend time in the apartment, the fear passed; the memories remained in the past. Vina lost track of time, and it seemed to her that an eternity had passed since those sad events that were present in her life. She was so engrossed in real problems that she simply had no time to remember the past. This girl even forgot that she was married, and in fact, it was the second marriage in her so young years. Phone calls, bills, flights, all this became a daily way of her life, she completely forgot about the people who were once there. Arthur’s men replaced these people.

As mentioned earlier, Vina’s husband agreed to the divorce voluntarily, but still he was saddened by the fate of his sweetheart after learning about what she decided to do. This man began to secretly monitor the affairs that she was conducting, fearing for her safety. Sergey understood that nothing good would come of it, and every day he waited for bad news.

The restaurant was a few weeks away from opening. The Oriental Fairy Tale was officially closed, and nevertheless men began to visit this institution and wonder if a dancer who once opened this institution would appear here. — We saw the video on the Internet, she should be here. Vina immediately realized that we were talking about the Sultan.

— Why do you need it? A man of very unpleasant appearance could not tell the truth to Vina, and his gaze shifted to Said. Said immediately recognized this man, and hesitantly made it clear that he knew what he was talking about.

— You can talk in front of me. There is no need to be afraid.

— I am flattered. With a nasty smile, the man said, looking at the Guilt. Said could not hide the purpose of this man’s visit, since this type was not a gentleman and opened his mouth in the presence of a woman. — Your husband Arthur promised me this girl for the night, and could not deliver. Moreover, this girl has created a lot of problems for me. And since you were the wife of the deceased, therefore, I have the right to recover from you what is due to me.

— Yes, but.

— I am not interested, but. The interlocutor said in a menacing tone. It is better if you bring it to me yourself. And the sooner the better. Otherwise, you will find yourself in her place. For the first time in all this time, Vina felt fear. Her hamstrings were literally shaking. She involuntarily looked at Said and he nodded in agreement. The man casually adjusted his jacket and left loudly, slamming the door. His car could be heard leaving.

— Is it true?

— Really. Arthur was selling live goods. Sultana managed to escape. She turned them both in to the police.

— «So that’s what it’s all about. I will fix it. That is why my husband was so angry with this girl.

— And not only because of this. This girl certainly fought for life, but she had a lot of problems.

— So you need to put everything in its place. We will give the sharks food. Vina was smiling sweetly, and excitement shone in her eyes, the same as Arthur once shone. Said was fascinated by her courage, grip, passion, courage.

The couple returned home, where Ahmed and a delicious dinner were waiting for them. Tell me, what was the urgency to go to Laos? You were going to the New Year.

— Dad, we will tell you everything later. Sultana did not want to worry her father, and wanted to hide the impending danger.

— Well, if you do not want to, do not tell me. Ahmed carefully hid his resentment and began to eat dinner. Amir noticed this chagrin.

— My father has problems in the clinic; he called me to replace him during his absence.

— I see now. And I started to worry. I thought, what is it?

— It is okay. Do not worry. In the evening, in the Sultan’s bedroom, she combed her luxurious hair. Amir admired her beauty. — Your hair is so beautiful, and you hide it under a handkerchief.

— Don’t you like it?

— No. Conversely. I like the way you tie a handkerchief. You look mysteriously beautiful. Sultana smiled mysteriously, her smile matched her appearance. Marriage was becoming to her. She dressed beautifully; her Muslim clothes emphasized her beauty and at the same time made her inaccessible. The integral part of this oriental girl was the ability to tie a handkerchief beautifully. Sultana always wore a headscarf. Sometimes, she wore sunglasses and it made her look more solid. Sultana had many glasses; you could even say a collection. She picked them up under scarves, Ahmed brought her scarves, and as a result, this girl had a hobby, collecting glasses with scarves. These essential elements complemented the beauty of this girl-woman. — Your thoughts are so far away from me. Tell me, what are you thinking about?

— You do not understand. You have no idea what is about to start. Amir went up to his wife and hugged her to him.

— Don’t get depressed. Maybe nothing will happen. Maybe this Wine just opened a restaurant. She needs to live on something. She is also, after all, an ordinary person.

— Maybe you are right. I was just scared.

— To be honest, yes. I worry about everyone, including my parents. Sultana did not answer anything, and went to bed. The room in which Amir and Sultan lived could not be called a family nest; it was more like a family country. The room was quite spacious and well furnished. There was a lot of furniture, it stood in all corners, but at the same time, there was nothing superfluous. The house bought in Thailand had nothing to do with what was left in the past in the city of Poipet. Few people remembered about this hut, or spoke aloud. Of course, nostalgia lives in the soul of every person, but a person quickly gets used to luxury and rarely remembers poverty. Ahmed was so happy about this move that even Sultana was surprised to see her father so animated. It is possible that Ahmed simply rejoiced at his daughter’s happiness, and therefore was ready to do anything for her happiness. In addition, Ahmed managed to promote his business in Bangkok so that he hired a salesman and was engaged only in doing business. He opened his own store, which sold not only scarves, but also many other interesting goods. In addition, Ahmed knew how to cook deliciously, and he put his abilities into practice, realizing that students have no time to do cooking.


Meanwhile, Igor was trying to find out about the Guilt cases, and the only thing he knew was that the restaurant would open on New Year’s Eve. Among other things, he found out about a guesthouse in Indonesia, and understood that this was not the limit. During these two years, Igor also managed to create a family, and was with his wife expecting a child. Life in Moscow has changed significantly, and it is impossible to say for the better or for the worse. There are fewer traffic jams on the roads, as the construction of a new modern transport system has been completed, which combined the metro, roads and railway lines into a single network. The main traffic was on the Big Ring Line (BCL) of the metro — the longest in the world, its length is 70 km. There were significantly fewer passengers in the cars during rush hours, and you can save up to half an hour on each trip. Robots, however, not only the drivers, replaced the drivers of the subway cars. Robots replaced the working staff wherever possible. Many businesses were cancelled, which led to mass unemployment. There was a crisis in many countries. These were not the times when Amir and Igor met for the first time. There was no such freedom, even for the indigenous residents of Moscow. Due to mass unemployment, the outflow of citizens from large cities to rural areas began. Igor was certainly not poor, his business was still thriving. He managed to successfully survive the pandemic and survive difficult times. Igor and Amir communicated quite often, making video calls. — Hi.

— Hi. You are on time as always! What is interesting to say?

— Nothing. I found out that this woman was able to rent a guesthouse in Indonesia, and that your cherished restaurant will be opening on New Year’s Eve.

— Something sluggish. I am sure that it has covered a lot more.

— «That’s all I’ve been able to find out.

— Thanks for that. Sultana, as always, silently listened to the conversation of two friends, and sat in an armchair.

— What happened again?

— You know what I am interested in.

— What?

— Who will perform in my place? She advertises my dance, and me but I will not be there.

— «You’re right. You are dancing just for me.

— «That’s not the point.

— And in what? How long have you been interested in this topic?

— No. But still interesting.

— Whoever performed there, it will not be you. And no one can copy you. Especially if she performs herself, this dried roach. Her style is the complete opposite of yours. A smile played on Sultana’s face, and she calmed down to some extent. But curiosity continued to live in her.

Vina was actually preparing for the opening, and tried to learn Sultana’s dance, but she could not do anything. Vina and Sultana were actually two different people. Sultana was life itself, her dances were rhythmic. Veena’s dances were Indian, and in order to learn at least one Sultana dance, it was necessary to make every effort. — What should I do? Vina was confused. — Sayid, what should I do?

— I think that at the opening you need to greet the guests yourself. Explain Sultana’s absence by not being able to fly. And you have two twins in reserve.

— A good option. But I will still try to deliver this New Year’s gift to his customer. First, she will dance for me. Vina decided to personally fly to Thailand to search for Sultana. Said flew with her, having previously made a phone call to the person who helped Jamal in the search.

— I will find out where she lives. It will not be difficult to steal it. If you want, I’ll bring it to you personally.

— No. It is too early for you to show your face.

— Who did you call?

— The person who is already waiting for us there. Consider that we have already found it.

— So much the better. I wish I had a private plane. I need him so much.

— You will have it very soon. The New Year in Indonesia will bear fruit, as well as the «Oriental Fairy Tale»; will also give a good result.

— Yes. I completely forgot about Indonesia. Vina was so worn out by work that she partially stopped looking after herself. She entered the role of Arthur, and together with him, she became somewhat similar in appearance to him. Gradually, femininity faded in her; Vina began to visit beauty salons less often, since she did not have time at all, daily jeans and a sweater replaced beautiful women’s clothes, she almost did not take off these things and washed occasionally. All these moments have turned this young beautiful girl into a not well-groomed woman.

Arrival in Thailand affected the Guilt on the positive side. — I like it here. It is so warm and colorful here. Vina went down the ladder not in the best shape, she was wearing warm clothes, and a careless look made this woman not so attractive. Said did not pay attention to these little things, most of all he thought about the safety of this woman, as he understood the danger she was in. For Vina, coming to Thailand was not something unusual, since she had lived in Indonesia all her life and swam in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

— What will be the orders?

— I want to rest and get myself in order. And tomorrow morning we’ll start looking.

— «As my lady commands!» Vina was already used to Sayid’s expressions, for her these phrases sounded like a colloquial expression. After closing herself in the room, the girl came up for the first time in a long time, went to the mirror and looked at her reflection.

— Get yourself cleaned up! What I have come to. After standing for a while, I went outside and bought a sundress without fitting, in the first counter stall. Arriving at the room, she took a shower and wrapped in a towel went out onto the balcony. There was one thought in her head–Sultana. She no longer thought about anything, and did not pay attention to the neighbor standing on the next balcony, who was greedily examining her figure. After standing on the balcony for a while, Vina went into the room and put on a sundress. This sundress was bright yellow, and long to the floor. Vina bought herself such a bright thing for the first time in a long time, especially without fitting, and she liked it to her face and soul. After combing her not-so-long hair, the girl went down the hall and headed to the cafeteria to drink coffee. Sitting down at a table, she saw Said sitting not far from himself and next to him a man who, despite the heat, covered his face with a hood over his head. Only her eyes were visible, a thought flashed through her mind, but she quickly dismissed it. — It is not him. Why would he be here? Their eyes met, and he quickly averted them, and slowly got up and left the room. Said sat down to the Wine.

— You look good! That is better.

— Who is this? There was a direct question in her eyes and in her voice.

— This is your man. He is needed for business. He knows where Sultana is.

— That is how. I think I know him.

— You do not know him. Said confidently lied. Although he perfectly remembered their meeting at the bar in the Oriental Fairy Tale. He knew about the murder of Diana, but still he understood that they could not do without this man.

— «And where is she?»

— We did not come here for nothing. She is a student of a very prestigious university, and you will see her soon.

— Well, if so. Well settled. Vina hated Sultan with all her heart and soul, just because she was lucky in life. For the fact that Sultana got married successfully and for love, received a good education, and she danced better than she did. Vina just could not come to terms with it, and decided to get rid of her no matter what. Moreover, it was because of her that unpleasant things arose in her husband’s life. — My husband stumbled on this girl, if it was not for her, we would have been happy. Vina forgot that her husband killed her sister, and she killed him. Sultana overshadowed her mind. — What university does she study at?

— Mahidol. Vina tearfully listened to the name, and ordered coffee.

— We will start tomorrow.

— No. Tomorrow is just preparation. After tomorrow. Do not forget that we still have to take her to Moscow. Vina listened to Said, realizing that he was speaking correctly, and feelings of resentment and envy clouded her mind.

— OK. Said calmly went outside, and Vina stayed to finish her coffee. After sitting for a while, she decided to take a little walk before going to bed. A man with a covered face was watching her from afar. Each of these men found this woman attractive, and each kept his distance, realizing that she was the wife of the late boss.

Amir and Sultana, who were not separated, always returned home together. — It will be more difficult with this. They are always together. So we’ll take two. The boss dreamed of flunking this boy. We will sell the girl, we will fill this one up, and that is it. Two students were slowly returning home, Rashid was waiting for them at home.

— Dad, what happened?

— What makes you think that?

— There is still time before the New Year, and especially since, you came without your mother.

— You are observant. They want to kidnap you two, and I have to stop it.

— How? When? Are they here already?

— Yes. She came for both of you. Stay at home for now.

— How did you know?

— I learned to calculate deadlines. By the way, this is interesting.

— I know. It is a pity that I do not see my fate, and the fate of my wife.

— That is not the worst thing.

— What’s the worst part?

— «I don’t know myself. It seems to me that I have already seen a lot.

— A lot, but not all.

— It is impossible to see everything.

— «You’re right. So what are our next steps?

— We need to get in touch with this Guilt. Accordingly, you will be the prey.

— «I knew it. Rashid secretly looked at Sultana and devoured her with his eyes. At these moments, he was ready for anything, even for the murder of Guilt. — Dad, what do we need a conversation with this Guilt?

— I do not know myself. Your suggestions.

— I think we need to hand her over to the police.

— We tried to do it with her husband, and what came of it.

— Yes, but it is her. She is not as active as he is.

— «You’re wrong. She is worse than he is. She has a great team behind her.

— What a horror. I do not want to fight a woman.

— «We’re all going to have to do it. Rashid, being ready for murder, was not yet mentally ready for this, and just like his son, he hoped to solve this case peacefully.

Vina walked around Bangkok at night and admired its beauties. She realized that she was breathing much easier here than in Indonesia. Not only is it warm and sunny here, but also nothing hurt from the past. There were no memories of my sister, husband, tears of parents, remorse, here you could just enjoy life and breathe clean, warm, southern air. A thought flashed through her mind; did Arthur not have a business in this beautiful country? And she was right. Arthur had a business in this beautiful country, but for some reason he did not tell her about these wonderful details.

Arthur’s business actually flourished in this country. It was not for nothing that he looked after the Sultan in Poipet, since this city borders with this country. Sultana was taken to Moscow, and some girls from gambling houses were taken to Bangkok. In addition to the girls, Arthur easily transported repainted cars with redesigned license plates across the border. Vina returned to her room and flopped down on the bed. It was the first time she had had a good night’s sleep. Said was waiting for her for lunch in the same cafeteria. — Sound sleep is the key to health.

— Yes, I have not slept so soundly for a long time. What news?

— Rashid has arrived. What will we do?

— That is the news. The morning is never good.

— So it is already lunch. We went to investigate and found out about the interference.

— This hindrance will fly to Moscow for us. Well, do not bring him down. What would Arthur do?

— He would have failed.

— Yes. You are right. Vina sat in confusion. — And maybe in honor of the memory of the late husband, it is worth eliminating the guilty. Vina remembered how this Rashid interfered with the deal and stole it from the hands of her beloved husband. She remembered this episode well.

— «I know what you’re thinking. It is only necessary to order and the order will be executed. Our sniper is already here, he is waiting.

— Then let us not delay. Go ahead. Said made the call.

There was a car parked outside Ahmed’s family’s house. It did not seem noticeable at all; nothing could be seen through the tinted windows. Among other cars, it did not stand out in any way. The residents of the house did not know about the danger that awaits them. The good-natured Ahmed was glad to have a guest and did not go to his store. This outburst of joy literally saved his life. No one left this house during the whole day. Night was falling; the man sitting in the car was nervously fiddling with the key chain in his hand, and was looking forward to the morning. The morning was crucial, but no one was in a hurry to leave the house, it seemed that the house was empty. And so it was. The residents of the house and its guests learned about the danger that lies in wait for them and left their abode early in the morning through a window that looked out on the opposite side. — Let’s go to my store, we will decide everything there. — We need to report it to the police. What is it?

— Dad, you do not need to go anywhere. Amir will decide everything himself. Rashid and Amir were whispering about something.

— The situation is such that you need to catch the Blame. There is no other way to do it.

— Yes. Only how? How to find out where she is. How are we going to get home?

— So you are going to Laos instead of me, and I am flying to Moscow and I’ll settle everything.

— What are you up to? Dad, you cannot fly to Moscow like this.

— Why? What is going to stop me? She will definitely appear there, and I even know where.

— «What am I supposed to do?»

— Go with them to Laos, stay with us.

— Well, whatever you say.

— I will have to leave my car here until better times. You will take the bus; it will be safer this way.

— You are a genius. But I don’t like your trip to Moscow.

— Me too. It will be safer for everyone. In the evening, everyone was on his or her way. Vina was furious.

— «Where could they all have gone?»

— That is the whole point of Sultana. It does not burn in fire; it does not sink in water.

— First I will drown her, and then I will set her on fire.

— That is exactly why there were many problems from her. She ruined the best. But we will fix it. That is why we came back.

— «I need her now. Take it wherever you want. Said made the call.

— Give me exactly ten days. I know where to look for this couple. I will bring them to her personally as a gift for the New Year.

— We are returning to Moscow, the couple in love will arrive later as a present.

— Very good.

— There is one more question. Would you like to get acquainted with the part of your husband’s business that remained here in Thailand?

— Interesting? How long would you have kept silent? Is there anything else I am not aware of?

— It is possible that yes there is. But it’s better for you not to know about it yet. Too much information. Vina and Said each went up to their rooms to pack their bags and go to the airport.

The man with the scar promised to deliver Amir and the Sultan personally; to some extent, this case became his goal. He remembered the last days of the deceased Jamal, his extinct look, and the fact that this faithful dog could not cope with the task, and settled on this particular girl. He decided at all costs to finish what he had started and avenge Zhamal. –I will avenge us both. Sleep well. Only first, I will finish one very important thing. This man has long dreamed of getting rid of his scar on his face. And for some reason, this case dragged on. — As soon as I do this, I will finish our unfinished business together. Guntur dreamed of appearing before Vina with a perfect face, and becoming her faithful dog. This woman literally captivated him. He did not count on something mutual. He just wanted to be her patron, guardian, and mentor. This man understood that a woman like Vina would not pull such a thing alone, and whenever she had to sort out everything that she had brewed. Left alone, the scarred man was finishing his cigarette and looking at the slowly dissipating smoke. Tomorrow was very important for him, an appearance to the doctor for an examination before the upcoming operation.

It was difficult for Vina to part with the things she had bought and put on what she had flown from Moscow to these warm lands. Said understood the reason for her psychoses, and behaved like a true gentleman. — Madame Vina, do not be sad, we will arrive again! Vina had always liked her ally’s subtle approach.

— You know how to cheer up. Vina was standing with a small bag waiting for a taxi.

— Such a small bag and so much sadness in your eyes? What is the reason?

— I do not want to fly away.

— You have not been to Morocco yet. This is a real oriental fairy tale. That is where you definitely will not want to go back to everyday life.

— You intrigued me. I already want to go to Morocco and I do not want to go back to everyday life.

— Don’t be sad. The holidays begin there in Moscow. We need to decorate the hall. A miracle will happen soon. Said’s words cheered up the guilt, the sadness on her face was replaced by a cheerful smile. The taxi arrived, the plane left Bangkok airport.

Rashid arrived a day before the murderers. This time he decided to become a murderer himself, it was his firm intention. He understood that only death could stop this woman. Unless, of course, a miracle happens and this woman does not stop herself. Accordingly, Rashid stopped at Igor’s dacha and waited for the appearance of Guilt. Rashid did not like the new life in Moscow and he dreamed of leaving here as soon as possible. — I remember you did not like it here before.

— Yes. Now even more so. Robots replaced people. And people are like robots themselves. All of them are soulless, tired, and angry. These are not the same times as before.

— Yes. These are not tea plantations in Paksa.

— But we have people like people.

— Have you been affected by the economic crisis?

— He touched everyone. But it has not affected us as much as other more developed countries. Sometimes it seems to me that nothing has changed. It was like that. Quiet city, quiet residents.

— Perhaps you rarely leave your city.

— Maybe. It is all thanks to Amir and his soulmate. If it had not been for his choice of profession, then none of this would have happened.

— Still do not like the Sultan. Rashid was hurt by these words. He just fell for the Sultan, and continued to hide it carefully.

— There is a little. If it were not for her, my son would not have moved to live in this Bangkok.

— What is wrong with Bangkok?

— This city is not so favorable in terms of crime compared to Laos. I would feel safer if my son was with me.

— Perhaps this is the reason for his move. Excessive guardianship, this is unnecessary. For Rashid, these words sounded like a bolt from the blue. He had always been so sure of his rightness, and now, hearing an objection, he hardly endured what he heard.

— I would like to do what I came for faster and leave your beautiful city.

— Yes, Moscow obviously did not please you. And what do you need to do urgently?

— The purpose of my visit is Wine. It is necessary to get rid of it. If this is not done, the consequences will be simply terrible. Rashid uttered these words like a robot, there was nothing human in his voice, and Igor felt uneasy.

— Hmm. That is, how to get rid of it?

— Literally. I do not know how yet. But if this is not done, then she will get rid of my children and unborn grandchildren. This woman is a monster. There was a long pause.

— Maybe there is another way?

— Which one? Do you have an option?

— No.

— I am tired. Tomorrow is a difficult day. Igor left without saying anything. He was stunned by what he heard. By his nature, Igor was a harmless man and could not even imagine that Rashid was capable of murder. Especially women. Returning to his apartment, he quietly sat down on the sofa. He did not want to involve his wife in these dirty affairs, and he, referring to the arrival of a guest from another country, plunged into his thoughts. Igor, to his surprise, felt sorry for this girl, and he began to look for a way to get out of this situation in another way. –If not her, then they are. What should be done?

— What are you talking about?

— Nothing. Sleep. This Asian guy is so problematic. Igor uttered these words in order not to arouse suspicion, and to show his innocence to the guest who arrived.

— Why does he live with you?

— It is a business. He will be leaving soon.

Moscow was shining with lights. The winter was cold, but this did not prevent the residents of the city from preparing for the holiday. Storefronts were emptied in stores, queues with overflowing baskets of food and Christmas decorations stood at the cash registers. People were so happy about the holiday, no one was in a hurry, everyone was polite, and it seemed that they liked to stand in line to chat with each other.

For Vina, the arrival in the capital was not so joyful. These three days spent in the capital of Thailand had sunk into her soul, and she just did not want to leave these places. Sometimes she asked herself, «Why all this?» Why did she start all this? You can just be happy without all these dirty things. You can go to any other country and start from scratch. But a person who once dived into the ocean will never be able to be satisfied with the local freshwater reservoir. Having felt the storm, a person will wait for it repeatedly to plunge into it with his head. The same thing happened with Guilt. She realized that she would never be able to live an ordinary, normal, measured life. Sometimes she lacked the warmth and comfort of home; she wanted to cuddle up to a man’s shoulder. Only which one? She loved no one but Arthur. It is possible that she just was not ready for a new relationship, and she did not even think about a child. All these thoughts about family and children have gone into the background, or even into the background.

In fact, nothing held the Blame in Moscow. She had no friends here, no family; she did not even have a best friend. Her only close person was said. Vina mentally understood her situation, and to some extent, she hesitated. Should she go forward, or stop there. «Oriental fairy tale» vegetated in anticipation of the holiday, the team was happy to decorate the hall. Vina walked with her head bowed between the low tables. Mentally she sought refuge, asking herself: «Where would she like to live? In which country?» Without receiving an answer to her question, she regained consciousness. Picking up the tinsel, Vina joined the team and began to decorate the hall for the holiday.


The unexpected arrival of the guests took Nina by surprise, she was so happy to see her son, and immediately surrounded him with care, ran into the kitchen. Amir’s welcoming smile corrected the situation. — Come in. Make yourself at home. Sultana has long been accustomed to the role of a family member, and boldly walked into their room with Amir. Ahmed continued to stand at the entrance. Amir escorted him to the guest room and placed him as befits the customs. Sultana went to the kitchen to help Nina.

— What happened to you? You have come so unexpectedly. Why didn’t Rashid come? He did not even call.

— I do not know. Ask Amir.

— I see. So there’s something wrong here.

— It is possible that it is nothing terrible. Maybe it is just business. I do not know. Sultana was afraid to stir up too much and decided to entrust everything into the hands of Amir.

— Excuse my modesty. I was not ready for such a stream of guests. Rashid and I have a completely different preference in food. Now Amir has joined your ranks of Muslim cuisine. Try our dishes Paeng Pet, Lap. Sultana is already familiar with them.

— «I’ll enjoy it.» I have always eaten modestly, and Amir and Sultana spoil me. With their appearance, I began to eat much more rationally. Nina knew that Ahmed’s family lived modestly. With the advent of Amir, their financial situation has improved, and, accordingly, their food, too.

— Yes. Amir is a fan of eating here. He even taught his best Moscow friend to our food.

— And not only taught him, but helped him move to our country. By the way, how is he?

— By the way, you should have seen him. He turned into an indigenous Pakse. Put on weight and are expecting a second child.

— I know about the baby. I wish I could see him.

— You will see. You have plenty of time.

— That is for sure. Along the way, we are here for a long time.

— What about you are training?

— We will figure it out. Nina did not say anything. But she understood that something was wrong.

Paksa was preparing for the New Year according to the Chinese calendar. The most colorful celebrations take place in the major cities — Vientiane, Pakse and Savannakhet. The streets of local Chinese and Vietnamese neighborhoods are simply strewn with flower girls with orange bouquets, alleys are full of red lanterns and ribbons with golden symbols, and golden figures of the symbol of the year are installed on street altars. The celebrations last for three days, during which family celebrations take place, temples are visited, noisy parties are organized and a huge number of firecrackers are launched into the sky. Also in Laos, this holiday is called Tet. The Tet holiday is celebrated in Laos by large Vietnamese and Chinese communities, which close their shops for several days. For many of them, it is an opportunity to meet with each other, share the news that has been happening throughout the year, and remind the younger generation about the national culture.

In every Asian country, the New Year is celebrated in its own way, but the meaning remains the same — it is time to give gifts, and the calendar time is calculated. Here in Thailand, for example, the New Year began to be celebrated in a European way relatively recently. This tradition originates in the 40s of the last century. Thais are happy to decorate trees with toys, bright garlands and balloons at home, arrange fairs and sales, prepare gifts for family and friends. In Cambodia European New Year, it is not a significant event and is celebrated modestly enough. If you are on vacation in this country on December 31, it is better to go to famous resorts where you are guaranteed to organize a holiday. Most often, the festive program includes excursions, dinner at a restaurant, an entertainment show and visits to bars, discos or clubs.

«Imlek» is the Chinese New Year in Indonesia celebrated by the inhabitants of the islands of Kalimantan and Java, as another New Year that has the right to exist! Indonesians arrange torchlight processions and fire-swallowing performances. They give homemade gold postcards with calligraphically printed red hieroglyphs of wealth, good luck and health. Indian traditions were added to Chinese traditions, creating unique New Year’s dances, using huge masks of the gods Devi Sri, Shiva, Dragons. Red Balinese masks with a lion’s mane and toothy fangs symbolize evil spirits, with whom Heroes in light masks, bright rainbow colors, fight.

«Hari Natal» — Indonesian Christmas is usually celebrated according to European customs on December 25. But in Indonesia, the winter holiday turns into a bright extravaganza! Instead of Christmas trees — decorated palm trees! Instead of snow — a riot of flowers! Boring dim suits have been replaced by rippling in the eyes of iridescences of clothes, from the styles of which European classic designers would be horrified. Wayang Theater gives puppet shows. This is a rather dangerous sight, since the inhabitants of Indonesia are convinced that illiterate possession of dolls can lead to the «summoning» of spirits, who are not always happy about it and can harm both those who show the performance and those who watch.

The second day of Christmas in Indonesia is called Shared Holiday («Shared Holiday»). On this day, fairs are organized where you can not only watch folk dances, taste Indonesian dishes, but also get yourself a prize by climbing a 6-meter pole! You can compare it with a Christmas tree, but you still need to get to the gifts, because they do not lie at the bottom, but are suspended at the top of this unusual «New Year tree». So that everyone can participate in this «tree climbing», in Indonesia, a whole «grove of pillars with gifts» is being installed. In all South Asian countries where Buddhism flourishes, New Year is celebrated several times a year. Holding these holidays is quite a colorful and fascinating spectacle.

In Moscow, everything was completely different. In every family, in every organization, there was a stormy preparation for this magical holiday. Since the New Year is a time of miracles, everyone believed in a miracle, even an adult, and everyone dreamed of getting the desired gift. This winter was snowy, snowmobiles cleared the streets of Moscow, citizens hurried to hide from the snow, running into the subway crossings, and hiding their faces from the snowy wind. This weather was only to Rashid’s advantage, he thought it would be much easier this way get rid of the Guilt. Early in the morning, Rashid left his place of residence and went to the house of Guilt. Igor decided to stop this madness and went after Rashid. Said, in turn, ensured the safety of his so-called mistress, realizing that she was in danger. Guilt did not follow anyone, she just dreamed of revenge, and waited for its immediate execution.

Rashid was ready to kill this woman, but he did not want to do it, fearing the consequences. These hesitations weighed on him, and finally he made a decision and here he was standing at the entrance of the house of Guilt and waiting for the door to open, a hand was laid on his shoulder, startled by an unexpected touch, Rashid looked around sharply, Igor was standing in front of him. — Don’t do that.

— Why?

— Let’s solve everything differently.

— Whose side are you on? If not her, then my family.

— I know. But, it is better not to do this. She can just be framed. Catch him red-handed.

— Maybe you are right. I could not have done it myself anyway, and you are in the way. Go. Let this Guilt live for now. While. Said recognized Rashid and got out of the car.

— What are you doing here? This boorish manner of communication was an attribute of this company.

— We came on business.

— «At this early hour?»

— We have the right. Who are you?

— Do you know who I am?

— I guess. But we have our business?

— I hope nothing to do with ours.

— We also hope for it very much. With these words, Rashid got into Igor’s car, and they drove away. Vina came out of the entrance.

— Who is this?

— Amir’s father.

— What is he doing here?

— I came for your soul. Vina’s eyes glittered angrily. A blush played on her cheeks.

— Why did you let them go?

— They will show up again. Do not worry. Vina got into the car. Said did not like her annoyance. He did not like impulsive women. — Your gifts will be delivered by the holiday. And we’ll figure that out later. Vina did not answer anything, understanding the situation of her case. Igor and Rashid arrived at the dacha.

— Igor, tell me, what would you do?

— I propose to establish surveillance. We will bring her to the surface.

— How. She will not do anything by herself. Everything will be done through someone. My kids just have an accident and that is it. Igor was silent.

— I understand you. But, I have a feeling that it is not necessary to do this. Everything will resolve itself.

— And I saw Sultana’s legs. I saw the danger.

— OK. Remember what happened the first time. There was danger, there was a threat, but there was no murder.

— Yes. Only my son was almost killed. Igor did not know what to answer and, lowering his eyes to the floor, put on a warm jacket and was about to leave. — Maybe you are right, let us wait. I will book a ticket for tomorrow; I need to go home to the kids. Igor hugged Rashid and silently left. Rashid sat in thought. — I will do everything in my own way, and having dialed the phone number, I ordered a killer. After meeting with Rashid drove straight to the airport as a hitman and flew to Laos without waiting for Igor. All his thoughts were occupied with the safety of his family, and he was looking forward to a call with a notification of a job well done. Vina, in turn, was waiting for news from Said about the successfully done work.

Life in Laos proceeded smoothly. No one was in a hurry, the homely atmosphere created a festive mood. Amir and Sultana felt relaxed, and did not think about returning to Thailand. Ahmed liked life in Paksa, but he was worried about his business, left unattended, and could not find a place for himself. — Dad, what are you worried about. You know that everything is fine there.

— How to say. It is the trade right now. The flow of tourists. Ahmed’s business was thriving, and he treasured it very much. He had never left his store unattended before, and the feeling of anxiety did not leave him. Sultana was not used to seeing her father as a businessman, and she tried in every way to support him. It was already late in the evening, Amir went to visit Lyosha, the remaining family members were sitting at a peaceful tea party. Unexpectedly, Rashid appeared in the living room.

— Where is Amir?

— Darling, say hello, we have guests.

— I see. I need Amir.

— What is the urgency?

— I will explain everything later.

— Sit down to dinner.

— Dinner is fine. Let me clean myself up. Nina did not know what was going on, and she patiently watched what was happening. Rashid returned in a good mood and joined the family feast.

Amir was visiting Lyosha and did not know about his father’s arrival. Lyosha was happily married and lived quite well. He became a worthy member of the family, and lived with the parents of his young wife in their house. During this period, they had a daughter, and Lilya was expecting her second child. Lyosha had an internship at Rashid’s clinic, and he was not bad at it. — Well, how do you like it here? Drawn to Moscow? Lyosha shrugged his shoulders in confusion.

— «I don’t know myself. Sometimes those times are not enough. I certainly got into another world. But I like it here. I am used to.

— My father is calling us back. He literally insists on our moving to Laos.

— And what is your decision?

— Honestly. I would not like to. In fact, I live much better in Bangkok than here. I am like a fish in water there. I see you already have children. But we are still in search of ourselves.

— You still have plenty of time. You will have time. We are the ones sitting around doing nothing.

— Yes, you cannot be called idlers! Each of them kept silent about how they miss those carefree times when they were students and lived together under the same roof. — So you do not want to go back to Moscow.

— What, do you have a suggestion?

— No. I was just asking. I just cannot believe you are a native of Laos now. Lyosha did not like this joke, but he did not say anything.

— It is possible that yes. I already have almost two children. Where I am going to take off.

— Wow! How much you have changed. I could not even think that you would ever become such a family man. After sitting a little longer, Amir went to his home. Sultana did not go with him to visit, deciding to spend this evening with her mother-in-law. Besides, she did not want to meet her husband’s ex-fiancee. Amir returned late in the evening, when everyone was already sitting in his or her rooms. Rashid met him at the front door.

— You have finally come. Amir started in surprise.

— Dad. What a habit. Rashid smiled.

— Come in. And Rashid opened the door of his office for him.

— What is the urgency? He cannot stand it until morning.

— I wonder which one of us is not patient. I saw the Guilt, but I could not do anything.

— «What were you going to do?» Did you want to kill her? It will not work. This is the type of people. She will just ruin herself, you will see. Just have to wait.

— And you are patient. I was wrong. Okay, go ahead. But this does not mean that you are not in danger.

— Good night, Dad. Rashid smiled back again, and the office door closed quietly. Sultana was waiting for her husband in bed, in a beautiful lace negligee, coral color.

— «You’ve been gone so long.

— You did not want to come with me. But in vain. We had a great time. We have not seen each other for almost three years.

— This is the deadline. Sultana said with a laugh. We had a great time with your dad, too. He told us about the New Year in Moscow.

— Yes, and what is interesting there? To be honest, nothing good. It used to be better.

— I think so too. What used to be better? When Lyosha and I were there. When we went to the club with him. It seemed to us then that it would never end. Now we are both married.

— Yes. When you went to the club with him, I was on the verge of death. I did not have as much fun as you.

— I know. I should not have started this conversation.

— No. It is not your fault. You had your life, your destiny.

— Now we have our life, our destiny. You were in my destiny long before we met. That is why we are together. Sultana snuggled up to Amir and felt the warmth of his body, his soul. She felt his love, and it was quite enough for her, Amir did not need to repeat the words of love several times a day, just one look from him was enough, and Sultana was happy.

— What did your father say?

— Nothing special. He is worried about our lives, and he is trying to get rid of the Guilt.

— What a nightmare. And I didn’t know Rashid was capable of it.

— Me too. But I’m sure he’s not capable of it. Although, when he is angry, it is better not to argue with him.

— I noticed. Sultana wanted to say, «I noticed you in anger,» but she kept silent in time and lay relaxed on the pillows.

Exactly a week has passed since the escape from Thailand to Laos. Once a man with a scar sat in front of a mirror and looked at his face. He tried to find a flaw, to see the slightest defect, but his face was exceptionally clean and beautiful. — I have been waiting for this hour for a long time. That is what happened. Now I have no barriers. I am ready.

— It is too early for you to leave the premises. Wait until tomorrow.

«I’ve waited too long. With these words, the man thanked the doctor and left the clinic building. He went outside and made a call. — I am ready, wait for the guests. At this difficult time for all the inhabitants of the world, people disappeared quite often. So it could not be difficult to kidnap a person. Robots replaced people in many industries, most of humanity was out of work, and people were going crazy from not having enough money and not having the opportunity to earn it. It is possible that this unemployed part of the population was destined for a slow extinction.

Late in the evening Guntur arrived in Pakse, the car stopped at the house of Rashid Wangrat’s family. His habit of covering his face with a hood remained unchanged. It was not difficult for this person to calculate the location of Sultana. He had to wait patiently for this beauty to come out of the house. Amir and Sultana Wangrat were inseparable. Amir never left his wife’s side. The last two days Sultana went to the mall to buy gifts for the New Year. She went to the same time, the same place. On the third day, the girl out of habit left the house and I was waiting for Amir on the street. The risk was great, but this man took a risk, and quietly drove up in a car, approached her from behind and plugged her mouth and nose with a soaked mask, Sultana lost consciousness. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. The car door slammed the screeching of wheels and the distant sound of the car leaving could be heard. Amir ran outside, but it was too late. He realized that he had lost her. — It was stolen. Rashid went outside.

— How is this possible? Near the house, in broad daylight.

— We need to call the police. So that they could not take her to Russia.

— Not to call, but to go to the station. Go. Rashid and Amir testified, describing in detail what was happening.

— I did not have time to memorize the number. But I remember the color and make of the car.

— It is not enough.

— «You mean you won’t take up the search?»

— We will take it, but we do not promise positive results. The police were not interested in finding people. People disappeared quite often, and the police did not care about them at all. Amir could not accept the information he heard, and did not want to leave the station. Rashid, who understands the complexity of the situation, persuaded Amir to leave the police building.

— We will act in our own way. We will get her back. Amir slowly got up from his chair and went outside.

Ahmed was doing namaz. The usual gray days began for him, and he realized that history was repeating itself, and he could only pray. In these difficult times for him, Ahmed always fell into a melancholy, and closed himself off from people. In this situation, he was unsociable, and all his thoughts were with his daughter. Fussing, he gathered up a small purse and went out into the hall.

— Where are you going?

— I am going to my house. Suddenly she will be able to escape, as she has done before, and there is no one at home. I need to be there.

— Dad. Ahmed has always been a homebody, he is right, let him go.

Ahmed thanked the owners of the house for such a warm welcome and went outside. Amir went to see him off. Ahmed looked into Amir’s face. — She always came back; she will come back this time. The men hugged each other tightly, Ahmed got on the bus.

The car with Sultana sleeping in the back seat was driving at breakneck speed to the city of Phnom Penh. Guntur thought through everything to the smallest detail. Now he was not a man with a scar, but a rather attractive, solid man. He was handsome, tall, intelligent, cold, and cruel. He had many contract killings to his credit. This was his main field of activity. His appearance did not overlap with Arthur in any way; their only similarity was in coldness and cruelty. He was born and raised in Indonesia, and liked to spend all his free time on the Pacific coast. It was there that he met Jamal, and made his «dark» career. It was on this coast a few months ago that he saw the Guilt sitting, and realized that nothing was over, everything was just beginning. Along with his passion for his field of activity, this man has awakened a frenzied passion for Wine. He was obsessed with this passion, and he was not going to suppress it. He decided to fight at all costs for the favor of this woman.

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