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The morning in the Kingdom of Morocco began as usual. These are centuries-old traditions that passed from day to day without making amendments from outside. The morning call to the azan echoed throughout the city. Instead of stretching and the usual morning coffee, the girl had to get out of bed and perform prayer. The rays of the desert morning sun ruthlessly made their way through the old wooden patterns of the windows. Such an unusual and at the same time long-awaited lifestyle eventually changed not only the appearance, but also the inner image of the girl. As a rule, Adjo got out of bed much earlier than Vina and tried not to compulsively teach her to get up with him.

A new life. New appearance. You can change your appearance beyond recognition, but you cannot erase the past from your memory. Vina only occasionally looked into the past to make sure that she really did not care about it. Plastic surgery works wonders. An Asian woman with black sad eyes and disheveled hair turned into a cute Slavic woman. Green eyes, long white hair, manners, a slightly plump figure, a perky laugh — a blond Slavic woman named Adele my own mother would not have known. Guilt is outdated. The only thing that could betray Guilt was the shape of the eyes, occasionally sadness slipped into those eyes. White-skinned Adele stood out among the Arabs, her tan never stuck to her white skin. By its origin, there were English roots in the genus of Wine; it was from there that the Wine had a pure white skin color. With the appearance of Guilt, Adjo stopped going to the mosque so as not to He left his guilt alone and prayed at home, thus trying to teach his wife to pray. The guilt was not that happy, but it could be said that it calmed her down, she felt safe next to Adjo. Slavic appearance quite strongly distinguished the girl among Moroccan women. Her beauty could be envied, but at the same time, Vina wanted to be like everyone else. Do not stand out among the crowd.

The last episodes of her past life swept by like a snowball, which rolled in the entire negative, and drew a line. The past for Vina is the era of the reign of Arthur, whom she once loved so much, but despite her love for him, she actually drew a line under this era and stepped into a new time. More than two years have passed since the escape from prison. The time spent in prison forced the girl to reconsider the system of values. Accustomed to luxury, whims, and dominating of course, it was not easy for the girl to be in such a place as a prison. Only at night, could she indulge in her thoughts and immerse herself in memories. These memories were connected with Morocco. Walking along the embankments of the Bu-Regreg River. Walking through the narrow streets of Rabat. Shopping for beautiful oriental things. And of course the meeting with Adjo. His disheveled hair. Audacious character. Youthfulness of the skin and shine in the eyes. Meeting with Ajo could not just forget herself. Vina believed with all her heart that eventually, their paths would definitely cross again. Expectations of Guilt were not in vain. This long-awaited day has come. Remembering the day when she was notified about the date, she expected to see Said, but Adjo was sitting on the chair. Of course, Adjo has never been a gentleman, without getting up and greeting the girl, Adjo immediately got down to business. A wave of passion Guilt overwhelmed, blood rushed to the head, a current passed through the body. Having lost her mind, the girl was ready to run right now, without thinking about the difficulties, dangers and consequences. Guided by the exact instructions of Adjo and Said, the escape was accomplished without much difficulty. Since the appearance of Adjo in her life, Said has faded into the background. He lost his authority in the eyes of Guilt, and with this loss, she lost interest in business. Vinu was only interested in Ajo and life in Morocco.

The era of Arthur’s reign is over. The Wangrat family rejoiced at the end of the war and the truce that had come. Amir became a famous palmist, and it was simply impossible to get an appointment with him. His fame extended beyond Bangkok. Tourists spread information about Amir’s ability all over the world. Thanks to which Amir became fabulously rich. Everyone knew sultana’s status, and it was simply impossible to approach this girl just like that. For her safety Amir, he continued to hire a bodyguard. Sultana did not consider her husband’s guardianship unnecessary. The gaps in her memory made themselves felt, sometimes she was attacked by fear, and she looked around. Realizing that everything was already over and there was nothing to fear, Sultana caught herself thinking, “what if. Suddenly everything will start all over again. I will be kidnapped. Then why did the husband hire this bodyguard? Why is he following me around?” These thoughts occasionally visited Sultana’s head, and she, like the Guilt, drove them away and rejoiced in a new life. Many people rejoiced at the new life, but not all. There is a place in the shadows where Arthur is oldest friends and devoted to their work have remained. One of these friends was Said.

Said is not just an old friend of Arthur. Once it was a team of three people. Moreover, Said is the only survivor of this team. He just could not bear the thought that this case had ended. Said was waiting for the continuation of the era and was preparing for war. His main tool was Guilt, and Said patiently waited for the gun to come to him by itself and ask him for help, but the gun did not go. Said was wise and patient, he understood that the Guilt is now just morally not ready for battle and taking his position in shadows was secretly watching what was happening. By nature, Said was just as cruel as Arthur was. But having a clearer head and more persistent patience, he was able to dodge in time, hide his head, get out of the situation. Perhaps because of this, he is still alive.

The escape took place in one breath. During one of the long gray prison days, Vina suddenly fell ill. Her condition was getting worse every day. Despite the complete distrust of the current situation, the girl literally had to be transferred to a prison hospital. Her body was carried out on a stretcher. The escort escort kept his eyes on her. — Sleeping beauty! Vina listened to the taunts of the cops and counted the fateful minutes from which her life depended on it. Her body was trembling, trying to keep calm; she was barely noticeably straining her muscles and hearing to catch every sound, word, extraneous movement. The strapped body was uncomfortable. Not daring to move once again, Vina strained her hearing more and more. The paddy wagon set off. — You can open your eyes. The doctor’s friendly voice sounded faintly. Exactly fifteen minutes later, the paddy wagon skidded from a sharp blow to the side wing. This day was so stressful in the life of Guilt. She was so afraid of failing this escape. A whole life that had not been lived depended on the slightest oversight. From the stress experienced that day, Vina only remembered some episodes. Collision, shootout, murder, chase, fear of being recognized. And it was only when she arrived in Morocco in a new guise that she found peace.

The escape of Guilt confused not only Russia, but also South Asian countries that had at least the slightest relation to her and her business. Over time, a worldwide search was announced. Vina understood the complexity of what was happening, but the situation was in her favor as well as possible, and she enjoyed what was happening. She did not care about the abandoned business. She bathed in the rays of Adjo’s love and did not think about the future. Her future was the birth of a child from a loved one. Vina dreamed about it every day, but her dreams were in vain. Vina entrusted her once abandoned business to Said, she just gave him this business. — I do not need it anymore. Dispose of it, as you want. Said understood that Guilt was guided by emotions and took his position. Time it went on, but there was no news from the Guilt. Said himself did not want to arrange everything for himself; he was quite satisfied with the place “in the shade.” Said did not know about the dream of Guilt and waited patiently. It was time to run out of patience, Said decided to declare himself. While Vina is tired of suffering from infertility.

Meanwhile, Amir and Sultana were concerned about the same problem. A child has not yet been born in this family. Rashid pressured Amir by making calls from Pakse. — I have been saying for a long time that this girl needs to be treated.

— Dad, she has suffered many shocks. This will pass with time.

— This is not a shock, but the injuries caused that need to be eliminated.

— Dad, you cannot stand it.

— Agree with me. A long pause said yes. — You see, you agree with me.

— I must admit that yes. I agree.

— You have a great clinic in Bangkok.

— No. Not to Bangkok.

— I hope not to Russia.

— Dad, you cannot stand it. Here the problem is much more serious. The guilt has escaped. And she ran away a long time ago. We need to take action. I have stepped up security. Sultana does not know about it yet, but I cannot relax anymore.

— What a horror. I will be there soon.

— It is not worth it.

— Every time you say that, the irreparable happens.

— I know.

— And you are so calm?

— I do not see any danger.

— “You can’t see her. I have to watch.

— I examined Ahmed’s legs, and was able to predict the immediate future of Sultana.

— And what is it like?

— I am taking her to Spain. It will be safer this way. I have good friends there, they will help me.

— Not a bad move. Good job! Amir felt proud to receive praise from his father.

Sultana could not disagree with her husband. Realizing that she has not been able to become a mother for several years, the girl happily agrees to fly to Spain without asking unnecessary questions. The suitcase was packed, the ticket was booked. There were a few days left before departure.

Matters of Guilt were much more complicated. The girl could not tell about the once-interrupted pregnancy. No one knew about it except Guntur. Only sometimes, the sadness in her eyes suggested an idea. — What are you so sad about all the time? Returning to reality, Vina smiled sweetly.

— Yes, it is about nothing. I have just been thinking.

— About what? Ajo was a copy of his father. At times, the same rudeness woke up in him, but immediately faded away. All the qualities, habits, gestures, train of thought, he had everything from Arthur, except for the softness of character. The upbringing of his mother played a huge role in his fate. If his father had brought up this child, he would have suffered the same fate as his father. Sometimes anger would flare up in him, but then it would fade away, and this young man would become soft, as if nothing had happened.

— I want a baby so much.

— It is the will of Allah.

— I know. I was thinking, maybe you should see a doctor? Ajo scratched his hair with his left hand, not asking any questions. He knew a lot about this girl’s past, and realizing that it was not perfect, he stretched out an answer to the chant.

— Maybe you are right. I will think about your words. Vina breathed a sigh of relief.

The joint life of Vina and Adjo began immediately from the moment of escape. About the past of the Guilt of Adjo, minor events were found out from the words of Said. Adjo’s mother had to tell who his father was and what he was like. If it had not been for that chance meeting on the day of Ajo’s wedding, things might have turned out differently. But if we discard all these vicissitudes, and include adventurism and add romance, then we can safely say that Adjo really fell in love. This guy fell in love with Wine at first a glance at their first meeting. Even then, promising Vina that he would find her, Adjo decided for himself that he would definitely marry this girl, no matter what. He inherited a penchant for adventure and the ability to get his own way from his father.

By nature, Adjo was a fort guy. Life circumstances were developing in his direction as well as possible. He was widowed exactly two months after the wedding. In pursuit of his goal, Said helped Adjo to become a widow, realizing that it was his fault not to agree to the fate of his second wife. The premature departure of his wife did not make him grieve for a long time; a meeting with Guilt healed this loss. Adjo’s mother gave him a superficial insight into his father’s affairs, while Said initiated him much deeper. Of course avoiding many details and details. Adjo was not so stupid, and he found out a lot himself, his intuition did not let him down. Realizing what and whom he was dealing with, this guy decided to put an end to his father’s crime once and for all. The reason for this was the flight of his mother to Egypt, the threat to his mother’s life, his mother’s tears, a childhood without a father. After learning the truth, he decided not to become like his father. The appearance of Guilt finally put the point in this case. Ajo accepted the Guilt into his family, and forbade her to have contact with the outside world. The guilt was not against the turn of such events. Her feelings for Adjo had a completely different shade; it was not the same love that she felt for Arthur. Love for Adjo could be called a continuation of love, but feelings, passion, adrenaline, all this was expressed quite differently. Rather, it was a quiet, pure, calm continuation of love.

The house of the Elasabgi family was located on one of the provincial streets of Rabat. Not being so rich, this family lived quite well and did not complain about life. Adjo was the only man in the house. The harem consisted of three women — Bakhiti, Adele, and a servant helping women around the house. Occasionally, Bakhiti’s sister came to the house, who once sheltered her from Arthur’s persecution and thereby saved her life. As the only man in the house, Adjo was proud enough, and proud of his position.

Change of appearance, forged documents, formal marriage. All these events flashed by with lightning speed. Not without the participation of Said. Said had a hand in everything, pursuing his own benefit. The worldwide search for Guilt largely undermined Said’s plans. Of course, Vina could not just come to Moscow. Relatives of the Guilt considered the girl dead. — If she were alive, she would have made herself known. Mother Vina did not take off her mourning, for her both her daughters became deceased. Even the birth of a grandson from Mansur did not eliminate mourning at least for a while. The trampling of children’s feet could not eliminate the mourning silence, and cause a smile on the sad face of the grandmother. Over time, Sarima could not come to terms with the eternal mourning in the house and persuaded her husband to move to a new house. Said occasionally visited Morocco, trying to catch familiar features on the face of Guilt. The fault was cold. She told Said how happy she was, how she would like to have a child, but there were still no children. Said was beside himself with anger. He understood that his plans were collapsing and tried to find a way out of this situation.

— Adele, get ready. You need to go to Spain

— Why?

— You wanted to be treated for infertility. You have had the opportunity. Vina did not ask unnecessary questions. She trusted Ajo completely. Adjo, in turn, understood the danger hanging over the Guilt and hurried to hide it as securely as possible and further away. Vina could not understand why she was flying to Spain, and began to pack her suitcase in silence. Adjo was thinking how to send the Wine to Spain without Saeed’s knowledge. He understood that a war was coming and mentally prepared for the battle. He did not have enough allies, and he went over in his mind possible people suitable for this battle, but could not find anyone suitable. Realizing that he could not cope alone, Ajo fell into despondency. With his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands, Ajo sat on the edge of the bed. — Adele. Vina responded to her new name as if she had lived with that name all her life.

— Yes, Adjo.

— During the trip, you will wear a burqa. And you will take it off only when you arrive at the clinic.

— Aren’t you coming with me?

— No. I need to stay. Vina did not understand what was happening. After what she heard, she was attacked by fear. How could she be alone in a foreign country? Vina did not know that it was all about Said. She considered Said a family friend, did not see him as an enemy and trusted him as her own father.

— How will I be alone in Spain?

— “You won’t be alone. I will take care of you. Do not worry about anything. Sighing heavily, the girl sat down next to her husband on the edge of the sofa. — Everything will be fine. We are going to have a baby.

— Boy! Ajo broke into a smile upon hearing such words.

Ajo’s mother understood what was happening and saw the impending danger. Adjo was attached to his mother even after the wedding. He told her everything. The revelations about his father brought them even closer together. — Ah, if only I knew how dangerous it all is.

— Mom, I know.

— Not as much as you think.

— I think more globally than you think.

— These are not thoughts. Your blood is boiling.

— Mom, trust me, and help me with buying a ticket. And remember, whatever happens, whatever happens, be nice to Said. I need him. The woman prayed day and night. Ajo’s mother knew a lot more about Said than her son suspected.

— “If you only knew how much trouble it cost me to hide you and hide myself from these people. Now they have reappeared in my life. I cannot even imagine what will happen to all of us.

— Mom, do not blow it up.

Bakhiti knew all the seriousness of the situation, and greatly regretted this chance meeting. If Vina had not seen Ajo that day and recognized him as Arthur, none of this would have happened. — I regret it every day.

— About what?

— About that chance meeting.

— I am not. Thanks to this meeting, I learned what I had to learn. I love Adele, and Adele loves me.

Bakhiti did not like Wine. She took this marriage as a consolation for her son. Considering that after widowhood, her son will find solace in this girl. But learning more and more negative information about the past of Guilt, it was not Bakhiti’s love for this girl that grew every day. Bakhiti knew that Guilt had killed Arthur. That Arthur’s business is at fault. She saw the danger in this a girl for her son, but the marriage had already been concluded, and Bakhiti only had to follow every step of her daughter-in-law. She could hardly believe in Vina’s love for Adjo, considering this marriage a commercial transaction.

Vina saw not the love for herself on the part of Adjo’s mother, and trying to prove the opposite, pleasing her in everything. Veena gave up the luxurious life she was so used to for the sake of Adjo’s love. Maybe not even for love. The very life in Morocco was the nominal life that she dreamed of so much. Ajo’s business was booming, and over time, his income increased. Of course, it was not the money that Vina was so used to, but dear Adele was happy with her life and did not dream of more.

— You do not know much.

— So you are not telling me much. Tell me and I will find out. Adjo did not know that Guilt had killed Arthur. It was hidden from him. Bakhiti considered that her son would have enough mourning for his young wife and withheld this information.

— I cannot tell you everything.

— “You’ve kept secrets from me all your life. I know about it. I do not know which of you two is lying to me all the time. Bakhiti had nothing to object to, and she remained silent. She wanted to blurt out that it was his father’s killer’s fault. Bakhiti planned to divorce her son, and return the blame to Said. Barely restraining her anger, she hoped that during the time Vina spent in Spain, she would be able to reason with Adjo.


The ferry left the port of Rabat, an inconspicuous woman in a black veil, merged with other women; it was possible to think that someone was transporting a harem to another country. This entire not a significant time on the way, the Wine sat motionless, and waited for further instructions from the ferryman. The wine arrived in Spain much earlier than Sultana did. The style, climate and beauty of Spain merged with the beauty of this girl. This country and the new appearance of Guilt were literally made for each other. Green eyes, lush hips, proud posture. All this went to Wine, especially in such a temperamental country. All this beauty was covered with a veil, only eyes bright as fire gave out the beauty of beautiful forms covered with a veil. Vina strictly followed the instructions of the person accompanying her, and did not say a word during the entire journey. As soon as she got her hands on a new mobile phone with her husband’s only number, she was escorted to the ward and the door slammed in front of her.

There were many questions in Vina’s head that no one could answer, not even herself. Why did she leave her husband’s house so suddenly? Why Spain? Why is she isolated from the world? Not knowing the language made itself felt. The only foreign language that the girl knew perfectly well was English. Having English roots in the family, Vina’s parents made every effort to teach the girl this language. Vina and her late sister went to extra classes; knowledge of this language provided a strong shoulder in such an adventurous lifestyle of the girl. Having no connection to the outside world just made Guilt feel helpless.

Sultana arrived on the third day, after the arrival of Vina. This girl felt much more self-confident. Sultana was always ready for battle, and her majestic gait emphasized this. A beautifully tied handkerchief, bright makeup, a statuesque figure, all spoke of the boiling life of this girl. A beautiful smile literally made even the most cheerful people smile in response. — Donna Sultana! Welcome! We have been waiting for you! Hearing this appeal, the Sultan literally shuddered. Not used to such words, she just froze, trying to figure out if it was addressed to her. Smiling back, Sultana looked at her husband.

— Don Amir. Barely restraining her laughter, Sultana took his hand. — Where did you take me!

— I will explain everything later.

— Maybe now. Amir gave the package of documents to the administrator.

— The further away you are from home, the better.

— Better for whom?

— For you first. It is useful with pleasant.

— I do not see anything pleasant.

— I know. The registration time took about half an hour. –You will be safe here. Sultana tried to find the answer in her husband’s eyes. — I cannot tell you anything. Just know that the Guilt has escaped, and I need to find answers too many questions. Understand what she wants.

— Escaped? Such fear appeared in Sultana’s eyes. It seemed that she saw a snake crawling on her.

— Don’t be afraid, I am with you. Your safety is guaranteed to you.

— No. I am not staying here without you. And Sultana’s hand clung to Amir’s hand like that, bloody scratches appeared on the skin.

— Here. It will be difficult to find you in Spain.

— And in which country will you hide me then? This question took Amir by surprise. — It will not be difficult for them to calculate my flight. Remember what happened last time. They stole me from clinics where I was not registered. Amir trying to calm his wife by taking her aside.

— I know. You are safe for now. My friends from Laos work in this clinic. It will be easier for me to keep you safe here than in Bangkok. Sultana’s fingers slowly unclenched Amir’s hand, and she sat down on the leather sofa in a detached manner.

— Okay. Maybe you are right.

— Honey, believe me. This monster woman no longer has the same connections as before and even more so as her husband. Especially here in Spain. She has already failed, and she will fail a second time. Sultana had to agree, but feeling fear, reluctantly went to her room.

Amir felt an incomprehensible sense of guilt in front of his wife. Leaving the Sultan alone in this country, he understood that this was the best option to prevent a threat to her life. Yet his premonition said otherwise.

Left alone, a feeling of alienation came over Sultana. It seemed to her that she had been betrayed, abandoned, handed over to an orphanage. Of course, all this was not so, but the feeling of resentment outweighed the girl’s overwhelming emotions, and sitting on the windowsill, she stared out the window. — What a beautiful girl. Is she also being treated for infertility? Sultana saw the Wine walking around the territory.

Vina skillfully hid her hair under a headscarf, but her bright eyes and deathly pale skin were so fresh and so beautiful that they made many men look around. Of course, Sultana did not recognize in this girl the culprit of her troubles. But something attracted her, and Sultana decided to meet this beautiful stranger. Hastily tying her handkerchief, the girl wanted to run out of the ward. — Where are you going? The voice sounded so strict that Sultana decided that she was under arrest.

— Take a walk in the garden. A radiant smile shone on the girl’s face.

— You are not allowed to leave your room now. The doctor has not examined you yet. Donna Sultana — wait for an invitation. Slamming the door, Sultana poured out a sea of curses at the staff.

— They only know how to smile at my husband. Donna Sultana! Donna Sultana! Sultana returned to the windowsill, quickly looking for a beautiful girl with her hair hidden under a scarf.

The return was sad. Amir did not know where to start. To whom to run for help. He wanted to settle this matter as soon as possible. –Where can I find her?” What this woman wants. After calling Igor, Amir found out that the “Oriental Fairy Tale” is still working. The manager said. — If the manager is Said, then the Fault is somewhere nearby. Guilt and Said are not separable.

Said, in turn, decided to talk directly with Vina. If Vina does not want to negotiate further, he will persuade Ajo to join his father’s business. And if his efforts fail, he decided to force Vina to run her late husband’s business. During this not a lot of time, the Guilt of being married to Adjo, Said managed to gather a whole army of people loyal to him and her. Acting on her behalf, people happily agreed to dirty work. The distraught Guntur, being in a Moscow psychiatric clinic, was looking forward to his liberation. Said made an effort, and the faithful dog in love could not leave the walls of this clinic alive, because Said saw him as a threat to his safety. Everything was ready for work, carjackings had already begun somewhere, and there was talk in Indonesia about opening a guesthouse that was out of work for a short period. — How is this possible? After all, the host is dead. Or not?

Once revived by Guilt, the business could not exist without the help of Said. Now this business has died down with the disappearance of Guilt. Said was unable to lead what Vina was able to resurrect. This fragile girl was able to become the head and lead away the volunteers.

— The body has not been found yet. Get ready for the opening. The workers just threw up their hands.

— “Who’s the boss now?”

— What is it to you? Work and that is it.

— “You’re wrong about that. Knowing Said, its better not to get involved in this case. Said and Arthur are one. His wife, yes, she is something else entirely. She’s a real queen.

— Then you had better be quiet. And don’t collect troubles on your head. If you know Said. Or get out of here.

— I will wait for news from the host. Many of the so-called “fans” of Guilt did not believe that she was alive. Someone thought she died in prison. Someone that she died while escaping. Only a few people were looking forward to her appearance.

Ajo was looking forward to Saeed’s appearance. Said did not take long to wait. Arriving one day, he went straight to the house of the Ajo family. — As-salam “alaikum.

— Alaikum assalam. Said’s shifty gaze searched for Guilt. And when he didn’t find it, he stopped questioningly at Adjo.

— Where is she?

— This is my wife. Why do you need it? Ajo’s hostile attitude forced Said to change tact.

— I am just worried about her emotional shock. You understand her past.

— The past is in the past. Just like my father and his business. You know. Adele is my wife. You are a Muslim. How can you come here and be interested in my wife’s emotional state?

— So you do not want to see me anymore. Ajo realized that he had driven himself into a dead end. Realizing that Said had invested too much Guilt in the escape, he was simply in debt to this criminalist.

— “I mean, you’ve done too much for my family. Thank you very much. My wife is the mother of my future children. Her emotional state needs peace. So I sent her to my relatives. Let him change the situation.

— That is how. Well, then. Seeing that Adjo did not even offer coffee, Said felt like an enemy of the family in this house. — Ajo, what do you plan to do in the future?

— What do you want to offer me?

— I want to invite you to a business dinner at a restaurant. Ajo, wanting to cut off Said finally, unexpectedly accepted the invitation.

Dinner was held in one of the best restaurants in Rabat. Said was literally trying to buy this guy. By choosing the best restaurant in the city. By ordering the best food. I tried to give money for a living. — Adjo. You are the son of my childhood best friend.

— “I know that. Said patiently waited for this guy to moderate his ardor.

— Your friendship with your father is very dear to me.

— By my late father.

— “I can’t help your father anymore. But I want to help you, your wife and your mother.

— At the moment I am in charge of your late father’s affairs.

— As far as I know, everything went to pieces after his death.

— Yes, but your current wife managed to resurrect everything.

— Why did she do all this?

— “She loved your father very much.

— This is not an excuse to sell live goods and weapons. Is there something else?

— Yes. Guilt choked her. She could not find a place for herself. She killed your father, and with him his business.

— That is, how did she kill him? Said, realizing that he is lighting a fire, and thereby ruining the family, tells Adjo about the real death of his father. Adjo, not believing Said’s words, gets up and leaves the table. Said was satisfied with his work, and patiently waited for the next meeting with Adjo. — Mom, tell me, did you know?

— About what?

— “About what she killed?”

— Who killed whom?

— My father is Adele.

— Who told you about it?

— What is the difference?

— I do not know who killed your father and how. I have been hiding from him all my life so he would not kill me.

— Mom, I am sorry. Bakhiti hugged her son. She decided to lie to protect her already worried son. — Said told me that.

— I know. Besides him, there is no one to bring discord into our family. In her heart, Bakhiti rejoiced at the truth that Said had revealed. She was waiting for further action from Said regarding Guilt.

— Mom, why did she do that?

— So she had no other choice. So there were good reasons for that. If you only knew how many lives, your father took.

— Maybe you are right. We need to figure it out. Adjo went to meet Saeed again. Said broke into a smile.

— I have been waiting! She killed your father trying to settle a score. Life is for life. Your father killed her sister, and she found out about it. Ajo sat in silence, his eyes downcast on the snow-white tablecloth.

— That is how. Maybe I would have done the same.

— You are not. You would not do that. You are different. Your father was too cruel.

— “You mean I have nothing in common with him?”

— That is not what I meant. You have a lot in common with him. But to achieve what he has achieved, you need to be able to do it. That is the Fault I could. She has achieved a lot in a short time. She is respected. Said tried to bring Adjo to the truth, to push him to the cause.

— She is not a Fault anymore.

— I know. So, I want to suggest that you run your father’s business in parallel with me. Ajo sat in confusion. He did not want to accept this offer, and at the same time, he just needed to keep Said by his side. His head was so overloaded that he just could not think. Business, Guilt, father’s murder.

— I will think about it. I will contact you in the next few days.

— That is nice. We will be friends. We are not strangers. Said broke into a smile. Adjo was looking at Said with his stern eagle gaze. And not blurring in an answering smile, he left the table dryly. Said was confident of victory, and was looking forward to the phone call.

Ajo inherited from his father severity, seriousness, determination, and courage. But he wasn’t cruel like Arthur. Gentleness and justice passed to him from his mother. This guy was so serious, outwardly he looked much older than his years. Tall, serious-looking, not a big beard, combined with his shock of hair. Ajo was an exact copy his father. One could even say that it is a clone of Arthur. The only thing that could distinguish them was their untidiness. Adjo, loved grooming. Clothes, appearance, cleanliness and order in the house, these elements for Adjo occupied not the last place in life. This guy was not pedantic, or narcissistic, the love of cleanliness and order were instilled in childhood and transferred into adulthood. The childhood of father and son was so different; Arthur grew up in cruelty and not so favorable conditions. Untidiness and lack of love for order passed to Arthur from his father. And if it wasn’t for the love of Guilt, Arthur would never have learned to look after himself.

Adjo’s appearance, unlike Vina’s, was so suitable for the Northwestern state of Africa. This guy looked like a local aborigine. Vina’s appearance as this guy’s wife suggested the opposite. After plastic surgery, the appearance of Guilt ceased to be combined with Islam. If not for the burqa, she would simply be considered a foreign tourist. Wearing a headscarf made this girl more beautiful than she really is. The color of her eyes combined with the color of her hair and made her much younger than her years. Due to this, the age difference did not distinguish this couple, but on the contrary, due to his severity, Adjo looked much older than his rejuvenated wife did.

Vina did not consider her husband a youngster. She saw young Arthur in him, and that was enough for her. Only sometimes, she remembered the constant flights and trips to the restaurant. Adjo worked as a tour guide, from time to time he brought his wife to work. Flights and trips to the restaurant were replaced by local excursions and local food. Thanks to these trips, Vina learned a lot about the life of Morocco, got acquainted with local attractions. The most attractive excursion in Morocco is the Sahara Desert. In Morocco, the Sahara Desert occupies most of the entire territory, as well as Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, Tunisia and Chad. In ancient writings, the desert was called “great”. The most tourist period for exploring the Sahara desert is winter, as the temperature in this period it fluctuates around twenty degrees Celsius. The vegetation of the Sahara consists of bushes, grasses and trees in the highlands and oases located along the riverbeds. Rabat itself is located in the northwestern part of Africa, on the territory of the Kingdom of Morocco. On the northern and western sides, the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic wash the state the ocean borders Algeria in the eastern part, and the Sahara Desert in the southern part. As for the city of Rabat, it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and, together with the nearby city of Sale (separated by the Bu Regreg River), forms a prefecture called “Rabat-Sale”.


After escaping from prison, Vina quickly and easily adapted to the local climate. No one ever talked about her past life in prison. It was too painful a topic for every member of a family of three. Once again, left alone with herself, Vina scrolled through the events of her past life, holding the phone in her hand without Internet access. — For, what do I need it for? I am a prisoner again. Having heard for when the door slammed in front of her, she realized that a neighbor had been placed in the ward opposite. “I wonder where she’s from.” Local? Or a foreigner? Through the half-open door, the girl saw an empty corridor, and through the door opposite, the rustling of a package was heard. — Great! It was not bad to have a girlfriend. After dreaming a little, Vina plunged into her loneliness.

Sultana was frantically searching for one of her many shawls. –Where is he?” What a shame. Had I forgotten him? A knock on the door distracted her attention from her nervous search for a handkerchief.

— Come into the treatment room. These words filled the girl with horror. Still afraid of falling into the hands of Arthur’s people, the girl went into the treatment room with fear. — Don’t be afraid. You are so tense. We will just take a blood test. You want a healthy baby.

— Yes, of course I do.

— No one will hurt you here. Sultana smiled silently through her teeth. The nurse did not like her, and the girl silently waited for her to leave the office. After the examination, Sultana went to the examination room. A series of offices significantly tired the girl. She wanted so much to call her husband and tell him everything. Realizing that Amir had not yet arrived in Bangkok, Sultana could barely hold back tears. — Why would I do that?

Three days later, Sultana went out into the garden for the first time. Walking along the alley, she did not notice the girl staring at her.

— That is her. It is definitely her. This is not a mistake. Vina looked at Sultana with wide-open eyes. — It cannot be. What should I do? Forgetting that she had undergone plastic surgery, Vina pulled a handkerchief over her face in fear. Sultana did not notice these strange actions, continued her slow walk along the alley.

— How beautiful it is here. I would like to walk around the city. The Khmer language was not clear to many who were on the territory of this institution. Therefore, no one paid much attention to the girl’s words. — When my husband arrives, I will definitely take him out for a walk. Let us arrange a week of holidays in Spain.

— My husband is coming! Vina thought with horror of Amir’s arrival. “Not that. What should I do? Said. In such difficult moments, the only shoulder in the life of Guilt was Said– — Although, what should I be afraid of. I will lock myself in the ward and not come out until he leaves. A woman in a burqa attracted sultana’s gaze.

— Interesting. Why does she wear this burqa all the time? Probably a strict husband. I would like to meet her. I would not be so lonely. Sultana purposefully strode to the Wine. Vina, seeing the approaching Sultan, nervously looked around trying to dodge.

— What does she want? She probably recognized me. And wrapping her arms around her stomach, she ran to the ward.

— What is wrong with you? Donna Adele, are you ill?

— No. My husband is calling me, and I have to answer.

— These strange laws. How is it possible? Run as fast as you can. The nurse was discussing the patient.

— Yes, you cannot envy these veiled women. I am going to check if she is okay. At this time, Sultana was walking to her room with light dancing movements. A medical worker came out of the Guilt ward. — I am sorry. And she quietly closed the door behind her. Sultana managed to see a beautiful girl and her long white hair.

— Excuse me, is there something serious?

— This is an official secret. We are not spreading.

— I am sorry. It is just that this girl is so weird.

— There is a little. She is not the weird one. And these are your laws. Sultana only grinned in response.

— Wow, such blonde hair. I wonder where she is from. It was much easier for Sultana to stay in this country, she knew Portuguese. All these years spent with Amir have taught her a lot. Sultan I decided to take the situation into my own hands, and turned on my ability to eavesdrop. She spent all her free time from treatment near the front door, trying to hear what was going on in the ward opposite. In just a couple of days, she just found out the name of this girl’s husband. This is all the information that Sultana was able to find out.

Vina was sitting in her room like a mouse in a hole, and was afraid to go out into the corridor once again. Early Friday morning, Sultana left her room with her phone in her hand, and stood in the doorway looking at the door closed opposite. To her surprise, the door opened, and the girl with her eyes lowered to the floor left the ward, and quickly walked down the snow-white corridor. — Well, well. It is not my destiny to have such a devout friend. Sultana bitterly walked slowly and beautifully in the same direction. To her surprise, they were in the same queue for examination. The wine came with a huge delay and Sultana had to wait.

— Donna Sultana, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

— It is okay. I am not in a hurry. Sultana examined the Guilt from head to toe. She did not understand why she had an incomprehensible curiosity about this girl. Vina could not stand it and turned to face her. Their eyes we met. The bright green color of the eyes alerted the Sultan. Yet, behind that color, she could see something familiar. Only she couldn’t figure out what? Hearing the phrase: — “Donna Sultana, I’m sorry.” The blood boiled in the Wine, and with it awoke the hatred that had once fallen asleep, which she had always felt for this girl. The door to the office closed, and Sultana was left alone in the corridor. –Where did I see her?” Strange. Entering the office, Vina was trembling all over.

— What is wrong with you? Are you ill?

— No. Just a feeling of anxiety.

— What are you worried about? Did something happen to you? It is bad for you in your position to worry. This can harm the treatment.

— I know.

— What happened to you?

— Nothing. I just remembered an unpleasant episode.

— It is better to tell the doctor about it. Vina sighed heavily. — You are not so bad. There is a chance to fix everything. If there are secrets and not pleasant memories, then it is necessary to tell. This will help the treatment. Medical secrecy will remain here, between the doctor and the patient. Hearing the encouraging words, Vina left the office with relief. At the exit, the collision with the Sultan was repeated. This time, forgetting herself, Vina did not arbitrarily turn her head to the side, as she had done before. At that moment, Sultana shuddered, remembering their scene with Vina in “Oriental Fairy Tale”.

— It cannot be. It is not her. After going into the study, Sultana was trembling as well as Vina.

— Yes, what is it with you today. What is the matter with you?

— Nothing. I remembered an unpleasant episode.

— Wow. The same thing happened to Donna Adele.

— With Donna Adele?

— Yes. Adele. A patient who just got out.

— She is so beautiful.

— I am surprised myself. Such an appearance does not go well with the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Morocco.

— Morocco?

— Yes. Morocco. You ask so many questions.

— Yes. Sorry. It is just the neighbor across the street; she is silent all the time.

— Yes. I noticed. She is a little weird, and downtrodden. Fortunately, Sultana’s ultrasound doctor turned out to be talkative, and she managed to get at least some information about her neighbor.

— Adele, Morocco, Wine. How to combine it? Not happening. I just made a mistake. But she ran away. And where? In Morocco? Sultana could not stand it and called Amir. “Is that really her?”

— I do not even know what to say to you. I am flying to you. She is so close to you. Try to hold out for these two days.

The guilt continued to sit like a mouse in its hole. But she wanted so much to get closer to the Sultan. Find out what she is. What she feels. How she managed to escape from Arthur’s clutches. Unable to stand it. The girl went for a walk in the corridor. Hearing the door slam Sultan quickly threw on a handkerchief gracefully went out into the corridor. –What’s the matter with them?” One is chasing the other.

— I told you, they are both weird.

— Instead of keeping quiet, they run along the corridor.

Meanwhile, Said suspected a strange disappearance of Guilt. She did not get in touch. No one saw her, and no one knew where she was. Not daring to ask Adjo where his wife was, knowing the response, Said personally started looking for her. –Where is she?” Sid’s people threw up their hands.

— She disappeared suddenly. And no one has seen her for ten days.

— It is certainly not a deadline, but there is something wrong. It is necessary to follow every step of Ajo.

— We are already doing this. But he is as pure as a drop of water.

— This proves once again that something is wrong here. He cannot be clean. Said was waiting for the promised call. But the call never came. — He is testing my patience. We will act through his mother. On one of the inconspicuous sunny days of Morocco, Bakhiti was abducted.

When he got home, Ajo did not find his mother at home. He understood everything at once. But from such a sharp stab in the back, he simply did not know what to do. Where to run? Whom should I call? Realizing that it was Said’s handiwork, he dialed first. — Said. Where are you? The meeting took place in one of the old ferries.

— I have been waiting. I am waiting for you. And you know you need to be careful. Ajo was silent in response. — Silence is consent. Isn’t it? Ajo came quickly. He behaved boldly and confidently. “You’re a brave boy. If you continue to behave the same way, then your business will go uphill.

— “My business is much better than yours.

— Big words. Be quiet.

— Where is she?

— She is fine. I will not hurt her. I need you.

— I came.

— You came alone.

— Yes.

— I see. Where is your wife?

— My wife, this is my personal. It does not belong to you anymore.

— I recognize Arthur. Glad to see you.

— What do you want?

— “I need you to take over your father’s business. This case should not die with him. Moreover, there are already people willing to help. Without thinking twice, Adjo delivered a solemn speech for Said’s ears.

— I agree. Bakhiti, being in one of the cabins, heard everything that was happening through the wall.

— “Oh, no, not that. Said. Bakhiti screamed with all her might.

— Mom. Let her go.

— “She’s alone in the cabin. She just hears what is going on here. She does not like it. Now you are going to pick her up and you are going home. I will get in touch with you. Ajo nodded in agreement.

— Said. Bakhiti was screaming. She tried to say something, but Adjo stopped her. Forbidding divulging his secret. Said made it clear that he would find her.

— Mom, don’t you dare do that.

— He needs her. Give this barren girl to her habitat. We have so many girls in town, better than her.

— Mom, don’t you dare say that. This is my woman.

— “That’s right, a woman. A stranger. With a criminal past behind his back. Why do you need it? Adjo himself did not know how this Guilt had hooked him. Perhaps just by his adventurism, and at the same time defenselessness. Love of adventure. The fact that she once knew his father. This woman was defenseless, and at the same time criminal. That was what was making Ajo’s head spin. To all of the above, Vina was slender and beautiful. Her shape and the expression of her eyes made the interlocutor look into those eyes. And those who once knew her will always remember this look.

— Mom, this woman really has a painful past behind her back. We need to help her through this critical period. Adele loves me. And I’m hers. And we’re going to have a baby. Seeing that her son was mad with love, Bakhiti decided not to argue. Arriving at the meeting with Said, the woman shouted in a firm tone:

— I know where she is. I will help you if you leave my son alone. In response, she heard hysterical laughter.

— “And if you don’t tell me, then what?” Bakhiti wanted to step back, but there was nowhere to retreat.

— You need her. Take it. Leave my son alone.

— Maybe you are right. Without her, your son will not be able to do what I need. I need her voluntary participation. Her passivity will ruin this case.

— “My son will never do what you’re trying to persuade him to do.

— Never say never. He has already given his consent. And when I find the Fault, he just runs to the case.

— Take this girl and leave. Away from us. Said saw how tense Bakhiti was. Deep down, he felt sorry for this poor, exhausted woman. He understood that Adjo’s mother was right, it was the Wine he needed. But by coincidence, Guilt could no longer exist without Adjo.

— Tell me where she is, and I will do everything possible not to harm your son. Bakhiti breathed fast and looked at Said with a hostile gaze. Said peered into the woman’s face. They were about the same age. But despite her age and not so rich position, Bakhiti looked quite chic. — Yes, my friend had a delicate taste. Time has no power over this woman. Bakhiti had a plump figure covered with Moroccan clothes. The head was wrapped in a scarf, highlighting only the brightly painted oval of the face. Said’s thoughts wandered in the past. He recalled how this woman hid from Arthur, running through the streets of Rabat. Bahiti’s hoarse voice interrupted his thoughts.

— She is in Spain.

— In Spain? What is she doing there?

— Being treated for infertility. This girl dreams of having a baby. And for some reason can’t have children. Leave my son alone. There was a plea in her voice. The red eyes were bloodshot. — Take this barren one for yourself and do evil with her. After standing for a while, Said grinned and left. — I hope we will not see each other again. Bakhiti shouted after him.

While Said was thinking about what he should do better, wait for the return of Guilt, or look for Adele in Spain, two dancers who hate each other met at the clinic. Sultana decided to try her luck, and at the next collision in the corridor, unable to stand it, she called out to the girl walking down the corridor. — Wine!

Vina shuddered, and without giving a sign, slowly walked on. — Wine stop. Vina didn’t decidedly slow down. Realizing that this appeal is addressed specifically to her. Sultana began to doubt her rightness and caught up with the girl at an accelerated pace. Vina stopped and looked back.

— Are you addressing me?

— Yes. To you.

— I am not the Fault. Why did you decide that? Sultana hesitated, feeling uncomfortable.

— I, I was wrong. You are so similar to one of my very old friends.

— “A friend?” Guilt stretched that word so much. It was as if she had heard shocking news. Her bright green eyes widened, and Sultana peered into them with such attention, trying to find familiar features.

— Yes. It was a friend, Sultana continued to assert.

— You made a mistake. My name is Adele.

— Very nice. Sultan.

— Let’s get acquainted.

— I noticed you a long time ago.

— And I almost never go out. And I don’t look around much.

— I noticed. I have wanted to approach you for a long time, but you are so modest, I did not know how to do it.

— Let’s go sit down. Vina smiled sweetly. Sultana smiled back.

— Where are you from?

— I am from Morocco, Rabat city.

— Yes. It must be very beautiful there. I have never been to Morocco. Forgetting her guilt, she almost blurted out, “Come to us. But coming to her senses in time, she answered,

— Yes, very much. Very beautiful. And where are you from?

— I am a native of Cambodia, after marriage I moved to the city of Bangkok. My husband is a famous palmist.

— I already know that. Vina thought to herself. — Great. You have a completely different life there compared to Morocco. There was sadness in Vina’s voice. Sultana tried to read between the lines of the words of Guilt, and catch in them useful information for herself. In the course of the conversation, a friendship was formed between the girls. And to some extent, Sultana’s doubts were dispelled.

— Maybe I was wrong. It is the fears of the past that are making themselves felt. Sultana listened to the Guilt, and mentally compared pictures from the past. Murky episodes surfaced in her memory. Once forgotten failures were being restored.

— What are you thinking about? Sultana returned to reality.

— Yes, just about nothing. It is lunchtime. Can we have lunch together?

— With pleasure. To his surprise, Vina’s hostility to the Sultan was replaced by sympathy. She found in it a lot in common with herself and her past. The girls actually found something to talk about.

— “You don’t look like a Moroccan at all.”

— Yes. I was born in Europe.

— And where? If it is not a secret. Vina, taken by surprise, did not know what to answer. Indonesia dropped out for security reasons. And not knowing what to come up with, she named the first country that popped up in her memory.

— Albania.

— Albania?

— Yes. I was born and raised in this country. Then she married Adjo.

— So marry Adjo. Sultana had suspicions about the honesty of the words of Guilt. And she kept asking leading questions. — You must love your husband very much.

— yes. Very.

— And you have no children. Just like with Amir and me. Sultana said with sadness in her voice.

— Yes. Unfortunately, Allah punished me with such a punishment.

— And for what? If it is not a secret. Vina, ready to open her mouth and blurt out everything as if in spirit, suddenly fell silent in indecision. — I am sorry for not a modest question. Seeing the embarrassment on the face of Guilt, Sultana realized that she had pressed the sick buttons, and with a movement of her hand offered to go to the ward.

While the girls were having a nice lunch, Rashid was sitting on board the plane, and to his surprise, nervously fidgeted with a button on his jacket. Vina, realizing that Sultana was sitting in front of her, was afraid of her every move. I was afraid to slip up on the slightest trifle, this constant tension tired the girl, and she wanted to lie down. — I am not feeling well.

— Of course. After a delicious lunch. I would lie down too. The girls said goodbye on a friendly note. For a couple of hours of communication, each of them has accumulated many questions in their head. Everyone was shaking with fear for his or her lives. Feeling distrust in their hearts, each of them maintained an outward friendliness. Sultana tried to see Guilt in this girl, and at the same time, she saw that she was a sweet and friendly Adele. And it has nothing to do with Guilt, except for the shape and expression of the eyes. Vina was afraid of Sultana like fire. The slightest misfire could ruin her happiness, which she had been striving for.

— “If she finds out who I am, I’m dead.” She will tell her husband everything. If you have not already told me. They will turn me in to the authorities. I am going to jail for life. I am going to die in prison. God, why would I do that? Vina felt cornered. Not daring to tell anyone about what happened to her, she decided to let the situation take its course, and in order not to become friends with the Sultan. –She is just as much a victim as I am. I wonder what happened to her. Why is she here? Knowing the reason for his infertility, Vina was bursting with curiosity, what was Sultana doing here? In order to extract information from Sultana, Vina decides to tell the Sultan the reason for her misfortune.

In the evening, after dinner, Vina entered the Sultana’s room. Sultana was delighted with the guest, — maybe we will have tea.

— Great idea! I brought with me our herbal, from Morocco. I will get it right away.

— Did you bring tea with you?

— Yes, our Moroccan.

— Well, wow, I would not be lucky.

— My husband brought me by ferry. It was not difficult for me to take it with me.

— Great. Things are different here in Bangkok. Sultana looked at Vina as a person of a different Race. — Is this really the same Fault? I do not believe. Vina did not notice how she turned into a modest homemaker. But despite all these drastic changes, she was happy. Looking around the Sultana’s chamber, Vina felt that she had entered the modern world. In spite of the fact that their chambers were opposite, the Sultana chamber was the complete opposite of the Guilt Chamber. Beautiful scarves hung everywhere, perfumes stood, glossy magazines lay on the table. Music was playing on the phone. Vina did not have any of that. Her husband could not give her all of the above, and for her own safety, he cut off his wife from the outside world.

— Does your husband let you watch TV?

— What? Sultana looked at Vina questioningly. — No. It is not My Fault. It is one hundred percent not her. Don’t you have a TV at home? Vina lowered her sad eyes to the floor in embarrassment.

— no.

— Oh, my God. Is this possible.

— In Morocco, everything is a little different from in other countries. Time runs differently there. This is a completely different civilization, not what I was previously accustomed to. But I quickly got used to it. When I first flew to Rabat, I immediately realized that it was mine. The guilt was noticed, and I forgot that she was Adele.

— And when did you first arrive in Rabat? Vina came to her senses.

— It was a few years ago. That is how I first met my husband. Our parents introduced us.

— And all these years you have been living without children?

— Yes. We have been waiting for a long time, and so we decided to apply here. Sultana did not wait for a confession from the Guilt, and poured out her pain first.

— But my husband and I met under sad circumstances. And despite our long and happy life together, we have no children. This is all because, one day, a very evil person kidnapped me. His monstrous treatment of the female sex led to infertility. My husband and I miraculously survived. Vina felt a prick, envy, pain, and finally shame in front of the Sultan.

— “I fell into the hands of a monster once, too. The consequences of this disaster are still imprinted on my life. Sultana looked questioningly into the face of Guilt.

— “You said you were happy.”

— Yes. In its own way. I found my happiness at too high a price. But that past, it’s indelible.

— What happened? Vina was silent for a long time. Green eyes flooded with bright color.

— There was a turning point in my life. And I had to get rid of a child whose father I loved too much. Sultana opened her eyes wide. She could not believe what she was hearing. Such pain pierced her. According to what her interlocutor is experiencing right now.

— So this relationship was before marriage. Does that mean what? Sultana’s thoughts were confused. She could not figure out who was sitting in front of her, an angel or a demon. –Does your husband know about this?”

— No. Vina replied dryly and rudely. Sultana sighed heavily, and unable to withstand this pain, hugged the Guilt. Vina burst into tears. From that very moment, Sultana felt responsible to this girl.

— I am not leaving you. I will help you. Vina clung to Sultana so tightly. Sultana waited patiently for Vina to open her arms. It was her first friend. The first support. After Diana’s death. Forgetting that she was Adele, Vina continued the story with tear-stained eyes.

— No one would have accepted this child. I had nowhere to go with him after Arthur’s death. Hearing the name Arthur, Sultana barely took a breath.

— That is her. It is definitely her. But how. In addition, a child from Arthur is something. Sultana listened to Vina’s story, and the further she delved into the details, the more terrified she became for the life of this girl. She understood that her position was much safer and happier than the future of this tearful girl. Having drawn a general picture of what happened in her head; Sultana did not arbitrarily scratch her head. — Yes. To be honest, you will not envy. My husband and I will come up with something.

— With your husband? Vina’s eyes widened in fear. By saying that she is Guilty, and Sultana’s husband is Amir. Vina panicked.

— Don’t panic like that. My husband is a palmist. He will look at your future and be sure to come up with something. Vina realized that she was finished, knowing that Amir would not stand on her side. It was late evening. The girls said goodbye amicably. Rashid was getting off the plane.


Early in the morning, Sultana was spinning in front of the mirror, waiting to see her husband. The medical worker notified her of the arrival of a visitor. With a rapid heartbeat, the girl went to the lobby. Her joy was replaced by unexpected disappointment, Rashid was standing in front of the Sultan and with alarm in his eyes, and he stretched out his hands to her. – How are you? Tell me everything you know. Sultana was so disappointed with Rashid’s arrival, and trying to portray joy completely faded. She was so waiting for Amir. I wanted to tell him everything. Realizing that the fate of Guilt was in her hands, Rashid’s arrival put the girl in a dead end, and she simply did not know where to start the story.

— What should I do now? Sultana sat in confusion.

— I see that your condition is not very good.

— I just did not sleep well.

— What or who made you nervous?

— These are just echoes of the past.

— Let’s go for a walk in the garden.

— It is still early. They will not let me out.

— Okay, I will be back in a couple of hours. Sultana smiled back. Rashid, still fascinated by her beauty, hugged his daughter-in-law, and with anxiety in his soul went outside. Sultana remained sitting in the foyer and mentally digested the mess that she had to sort out.

— What should I do? Why didn’t Amir come? Entering her room, Sultana dialed her husband’s number. – Amir.

— Honey, I know you have been waiting for me. My father decided it was best for both of us. You know I cannot see your future. Sultana listened to her husband in silence.

— I have been waiting for you.

— What happened?

— Nothing. The answer sounded dry.

— I understand everything. I will be there soon. After the conversation, Sultana went to the ward to see Vina. Despite the modern interior, Sultana felt like she was far from civilization. The Chamber of Guilt was so empty; it seemed that there was no life here.

— Adele. Rashid came to see me. Guilt’s eyes filled with horror. Vina understood that Sultana recognized her, but both girls were silent about it, leaving resentment in the past. Vina knew who Rashid was, realizing that for her this man was much more dangerous than Amir was.

— What will happen now?

— “Don’t let him see you. I will cover for you until Amir arrives. Amir will stand up for you. We will help you. Do not go out to the park today. Rashid will be here all day. Vina shook Sultana’s hand in gratitude.

Meanwhile, Said arrived in Spain a day ahead of Amir. The search for Guilt took up all his main time. Not wanting to continue the joint business began to annoy him very much, and instead of sympathy, Said began to feel negative towards this woman. –I’ll make you work for me.” Even at the cost of your own life.

At lunchtime, Rashid was waiting for Sultana in the park. Having tied a handkerchief, the girl went outside, her bright beauty stood out noticeably among ordinary patients. Rashid stood up, greeting his daughter-in-law; Sultana walked lightly along the alley and sat down on a bench next to Rashid. – As always beautiful. A beautiful smile served as a response sign. Rashid melted, and instead of tension, a feeling of bliss came over him. After a minute’s pause, a question sounded. – So what happened here? Sultana, who understood that the life of Guilt was in her hands, prettily played a ridiculous case.

— I stirred up too much. I do not know how fear attacked me, and it seemed to me that Guilt was walking down the corridor. And Amir, well, you know, he caused a panic. And here you are.

— Hmm. Guilt walks down the hallway. It certainly sounds ridiculous. Still, anything can happen. I think you are not wrong. Show me this girl.

— I do not know where she is anymore. Sultana said jokingly.

— What is her name? I will make quick inquiries. We will resolve this issue quickly. By nature, Rashid was a determined, serious person. Those who know how to put a job, help, solve a problem. Amir was gentler. Sultana understood that it would not be easy for her to get out of this situation.

— I do not know the name of this girl.

— Describe her appearance to me. Sultan began to shake with fear. Only this time, not for my life, but for a life of Guilt. – OK. You can keep quiet. Show me your feet. Sultana had no choice but to take off her shoes. Rashid thought that Sultana could not betray what she saw out of fear, and decided at all costs to find a trace of Guilt that would be walking around the clinic. The examination of the feet took less than a minute. Rashid abruptly released Sultana’s feet. –You cannot be here anymore. Get ready, we are flying home. Sultana felt an icy shiver run through her body. Wanting to object, she faltered, and with a special effort squeezed out an argument.

— Tomorrow, early in the morning, Amir will also be here. I have to wait for him to come back.

— Amir? Don’t you trust me? Or do you have something to hide? Sultana was seriously scared. Knowing how to get out of difficult situations, she blurted out an excuse.

— We need to talk to the doctor.

— “Is that why you called him?”

— Yes. The answer sounded so firm that Rashid did not dare to object.

— Well, that is fine. I hope nothing happens in one day. But keep in mind. Covering up the evil that walks down the corridor, you collect the next troubles on your head, and on the head of my son. Sultana was silent after hearing what was said, her mouth was dry, her temples were pounding, a sharp fatigue appeared in her body. Rashid had tired her so much that she wanted to leave, but she did not dare. Her only wish was for tomorrow to come. Amir’s long-awaited arrival could solve all her problems.

— Yes. Treated. The girl thought to herself, slowly getting up from the bench.

— What is wrong with you? Call a doctor.

— No. I just woke up early, and the medicine is making itself felt.

— I will not bore you. I will come by tonight. A knock on the door. The Chamber of Guilt opened.

— Well?

— Amir is coming tomorrow.

— What did Rashid say? Vina blushed, realizing that she had given herself up. Sultana did not attach any importance to this, knowing that Guilt was sitting in front of her.

— He wants to take me away from here. Sees danger.

— Danger. So I’m in danger too.

— I do not know. My husband will tell you about it tomorrow.

— I wish tomorrow would come sooner.

— I am waiting for it too. Sultana herself did not know why she trusted Vina so much. Realizing that this woman had been her mortal enemy in the past, when she met again, Sultana saw her as a friend. An inner instinct told them that the two of them would have to go through a difficult stage, and this time they would become allies in the fight against evil.

— I really want our Moroccan coffee.

— I would not mind either.

— Yes, it is strict here.

— It is a pity that we cannot go out into the city.

— I think it would be possible to escape for an hour. I saw there is a cafeteria across the street.

— A dangerous idea. Especially now.

— What is the danger? What did Rashid say?

— I do not know myself. He is ready to pick me up right now. Vina’s eyes widened.

— What is going to happen? My husband is not dangerous. Then who? Sultana sat thoughtfully.

— Who else besides your husband has a connection with you?

— Said? This name sounded questioningly, in a chant. That Vina herself was so surprised, and immediately plunged into her thoughts. – Said? Really him. That explains everything. That is why I am here. We have our own clinic in Morocco. And Ajo sent me to Spain the day after Said’s arrival.

— You see, you answered your own question. Sultana felt uneasy after the reasoning of Guilt. If Rashid is ready to take her away right now, then Said is here in Spain. – Is the Wine in danger? Sultana felt responsible for this girl, forgetting about herself. Sultana drew strength from Amir’s love. She knew that he was always there, ready to help, protect, shelter himself from bullets and insults. Seeing a defenseless girl who had suffered from Arthur’s paws in front of her, Sultana’s heart trembled, she decided to protect her ward at all costs. There was a knock on the door, and the two girls exchanged glances.

— Donna Adele, someone has come to see you. Vina looked questioningly at Sultana.

— I will go with you. I am not alone here. Nothing will happen to me. The girls left the ward. The guilt went ahead. Sultana walked slowly behind, letting Vina know the situation, and at the same time protecting her from danger. The abrupt stop made it clear that the moment of danger had come.

— Said. You are here. What are you doing here?

— What are you doing here?

— This is our joint decision with my husband. We saw fit.

— Now your husband decides for you.

— Yes, it is now. Do not forget that I am a Muslim.

— Don’t forget who you were before, you converted to Islam.

— It is in the past.

— A person does not change. Don’t act like yourself?

— Lets not do it here. Vina looked around the foyer.

— Wine! Let us go out into the garden. Vina widened her bright green eyes.

— I am not the Fault. You are confusing me.

— With whom? With the one that lives inside you? With her? Do not resist her. I know you. I know what you want. Say it like this. Vina looked around. When she saw Sultana standing behind her, she pleaded with her eyes for help. Sultana stepped forward. Said froze. – Oh, my God. Wow. I did not expect it. By what fates? Did fate bring you together? Said burst into hysterical laughter. This laugh was so devilish, from the outside it seemed that an immortal was standing in front of them the villain. – A gift of fate! Said clutched his stomach with his hand, wiping away the tears that came out of laughter with the other. – You are right, this is not the place, let us go out. The guilt did not resolutely follow Said. Rashid met them on the threshold. His menacing gaze did not bode well.

— That is her. You were not mistaken. Rashid shifted his gaze to Sultana. Said found himself in an awkward position for the first time in his life. He had never experienced such a feeling.

— Yeah. I did not think about the vicissitudes of fate. Everything turned out as well as possible.


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