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Внимательно рассмотрите картину. «Cats being instructed in the art of mouse-catching by an owl». Обоготите свой словарный запас важной и полезной лексикой, и вы сможете «ловить» информацию из горячих новостей даже в бегущей на экране строке. Желаю успеха!

Government Promotes Special Support of Crimean Wine


Russian government officials are asking retailers to give special support to Crimean wine producers in an attempt to help that sector of the peninsula’s economy.

On Wednesday representatives of the biggest retail groups working in Russia and major Crimean wine producers had a meeting with Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov, also attended by officials from Moscow and St. Petersburg. The retailers were asked to help the Crimean wine industry by providing special shelves for their wines and organizing wine-tasting sessions in stores.

«We are not asking for special treatment, but we would like the retailers to pay attention to the complicated situation we are in,» said Mikhail Shtyrlin, general director of Crimean wine company Legendy Kruma, who attended the meeting with Vorobyov.

Last year Russia consumed 25 million bottles of the peninsula’s wine. Shtyrlin also said that Crimean vintners are trying to solve their problems together and are planning to create a Union of Crimean wine producers. This may help the industry in the long term, he added. The X5 retail group, owner of chain stores Pyatyorochka and Perekryostok, said Thursday that the company has not decided yet whether to give special treatment to Crimean wine products. Retail chain Dixy said the firm is open to negotiations with Crimean wine makers and added that the government officials’ requests seem doable. Metro Cash and Carry also said it is ready to discuss giving special attention for Crimean wine.

add                              прибавлять, добавлять

attempt                        попытка

attend                          посещать, присутствовать

chain stores                 сеть магазинов

complicated                 сложный

consume                      потреблять

create                          создавать

decide                         решать

doable                         выполнимый

government                 правительство

long term                     долгосрочный период

negotiation                  переговоры

owner                          владелец

pay attention               обращать внимание

peninsula                     полуостров

promote                       содействовать, помогать

representative              представитель

request                         требование, просьба

retailer                         розничный торговец

seem                            казаться, представляться

shelf (shelves)             полка, стеллаж

solve (a problem)         решать

store                            крупный торговый центр

support                        поддержка, помощь

treatment                     обращение, обхождение

try                                пытаться

vintner                         винодел, виноторговец

wine-testing session    сеанс дегустации

Billionaire Deripaska Rescues 10 Stray Dogs From Sochi to U.S.


A charity founded by Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska has brought 10 stray dogs to the U.S. after they were rescued from the streets of Sochi.

The six female and four male pooches landed in Washington, D.C., and posed for photographers before being taken to the Washington Animal Rescue League to await their new homes. The charity’s animal shelter in Sochi, PovoDog has been rescuing stray dogs in the city where hundreds of animals have reportedly been killed as the local authorities tried to clear the streets ahead of the Winter Olympics. PovoDog said it has so far rescued more than 200 dogs from Sochi and has found new homes for 50 of them.

Many athletes decided to take home some of the animals. U.S. silver medal winner in slopestyle skiing, Gus Kenworthy, adopted three dogs — Mama and pups Mishka and Jake — from Russia. Hockey player Kelli Stack, whose team won the silver, has adopted a dog from a Sochi shelter and named her Shayba.

Deripaska, an aluminum magnate and one of the richest man in Russia, has said that he opened up the PovoDog shelter after being reminded of his first pet.

«My first dog I found in the street of my village, the tiny village [where I grew up],» Deripaska told the BBC last month. «It was a very close friend for almost five years.»

await                                               дожидаться

adopt                                              принимать, усыновлять  
     bring (brought, brought)                 приносить, привозить, доставлять
     charity                                             благотворительность
     decide                                              решать
     female                                             женщина, особь женского пола
     find (found, found)                           находить
     found                                               основывать, учреждать
     grow up (grew, grown)                     расти, становиться взрослым
     land                                                  приземляться
     male                                                 мужчина, особь мужского пола
     pooch                                               дворняжка
     pup                                                   щенок
     remind                                             напоминать
     rescue                                              спасать
     rich                                                  богатый
     shelter                                              приют, пристанище
     slope-style skiing                             горнолыжный спуск
     so far                                                до сих пор
     stray dogs                                         бездомные собаки
     team                                                  команда
     tiny village                                        маленькая деревня
     try                                                      пытаться
     win (won, won)                                  выигрывать
     winner                                                победитель

Soyuz Successfully Docks at ISS


The Russian Soyuz spacecraft has successfully docked with the International Space Station, or ISS.

The three-man Expedition 39 reached the orbital outpost at 3:53 a.m., the Federal Space Agency reported, marking the beginning of a six-month stay in orbit. After running a series of routine checks to ensure that the connection between the spacecraft and the space station was airtight and without leaks, the crew opened the hatch and joined cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin and astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Koichi Wakata, who have been staying at the station since November 2013.

The Expedition 39 crew, comprised of cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev and astronaut Steven Swanson, was originally scheduled to dock with the space station on Wednesday morning, the Soyuz navigation computer prevented the vessel from executing a critical burn that would have kicked it up to the 370 kilometer orbit of ISS.

A minor problem in the ship’s orientation has been identified as the cause of the problem.

In early March Wakata became the first ever Japanese commander of the football-field sized orbiting laboratory, which has been permanently staffed by crews representing 16 nations since the arrival of Expedition 1 in November 2000.

airtight                                   герметичный

arrival                                    прибытие

become (became, become)    становиться

burn                                       запуск ракетного двигателя

cause (n)                                причина

comprise                                включать в себя

crew                                       команда, экипаж

dock                                      стыковаться, причаливать

ensure                                    убедиться

execute                                  выполнять, осуществлять

glitch                                     проблема

hatch                                      люк, крышка люка

join                                        присоединяться, объединяться

kick                                        бросать, толкать, ударять

leak                                        утечка

minor                                     незначительный

orbital outpost                       космический форпост

permanently                           постоянно, неизменно

prevent                                  препятствовать

reach                                      достигать

represent                                представлять

run (ran, run)                         проводить (какие-либо работы)

schedule                                назначать, планировать

spacecraft                              космический корабль

staff (v)                                   укомплектовывать штаты

successfully                           успешно

vessel                                     корабль, летательный аппарат

Russia to set up trading house for products made in jail


Russia’s prison service said Friday that it is creating a trading house to sell wares made by inmates.

The Federal Penitentiary Service said in a statement that setting up the marketplace to place orders and sell goods will create a link between government agencies and product manufacturers.

Officials did not disclose in what way revenue from the sale of the products is to be used.

Sberbank, the country’s largest bank, will provide credit to finance the venture, the penitentiary service said.

Oleg Korshunov, who heads the prison service’s economic and financial department, says penitentiary inmates produce over 100,000 kinds of goods, ranging from uniforms and shoes to kitchenware and furniture.

Jail labor is used by governments around the world to profit from the manpower of incarcerated criminals, although the practice has ignited controversy in light of allegations that prisoners are forced to work unreasonably long hours for pitiful wages.

Inmates being forced to work 17-hour days sewing police uniforms for about 30 rubles ($1) a month.

The International Center for Prison Studies estimated that there were about 681,000 prisoners in Russian jails in 2013.

allegation                    заявление

although                     хотя

controversy                спор, полемика

create                          создавать

disclose                      разглашать

estimate                      оценивать

furniture                     мебель

goods                         товары

government                правительство

ignite                          разжигать, провоцировать

incarcerated                заключенный

inmate                        заключенный

jail                              тюрьма

jail labor                     труд заключенных

kind                            тип

kitchen ware               товары для кухни

link (n)                        связь

manpower                  рабочая сила, живая сила

manufacturer              производитель

order (n)                     заказ

penitentiary service    тюремная служба

pitiful                         ничтожный

profit                          получать прибыль, извлекать пользу

range (v)                     колебаться в пределах

revenue                       доход, выручка

sell (sold, sold)           продавать

set up                          учреждать, основывать

sew (v)                       шить

statement                    заявление

use                              использовать

venture                       предприятие, фирма

wage                           заработная плата

wares (n)                    товары

Over 130 Moscow cops fired for drunk driving


Over 130 police officers in Moscow were nabbed while driving drunk last year, officials say.

In 2013, 131 employees of the Interior Ministry were found to be intoxicated while driving, Moscow’s Interior Ministry chief Anatoly Yakunin was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying on Wednesday.

All of them have been fired and their immediate supervisors have been disciplined, Yakunin said.

The measures were part of a stringent new policy against violations within the police, introduced by Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev after he was appointed to his post in spring 2012, the report said.

appoint                   назначать

cop                         полицейский

discipline (v)          наказывать

fire                         увольнять с работы

immediate              непосредственный

Interior Ministry    МВД

introduce               представлять

measure                  мера

nab (v)                   задерживать

quote                      цитировать

stringent                 строгий, жесткий

supervisor              начальник

violation                 нарушение

while                      в то время как

Fur coats worth $530,000 stolen from Moscow store


Moscow police said on Thursday that they are looking for somebody who stole fur coats worth a total of 19 million rubles ($530,000) from a clothing store. Police say the perpetrator entered the store’s showroom on Wednesday night by removing a window on the first floor.

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