Not frigid in bed with a man

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Lessons of sex. The best in bed, how to become…

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Important and useful manual for the female. Secrets for women. How to become a good mistress? This guide is written by a girl with great experience in sex and good taste in intimate relationships.

Subjects of the manual: fantasy, passion, sexy underwear, games, initiative, physical preparation. From “modest” to “tigress”.


Good in bed is… Passion for the skill of sex for a girl — two sides of the coin. From one, all men want “not a log,” on the other hand, in the soul, prefer modest and virgins.

Therefore, if your goal is to become the best for a man, then the bed is far from the right way. He will immediately notice that you have too much “experience” and subconsciously “everything about you will decide” (the girl of easy virtue).

The heart of a man is truly won not by bed pleasures, but by professional achievements and personal qualities.

The best husbands are calm, responsible and honest guys with no bad habits and a tendency to violence. Such a person is still “log” you or not — he will appreciate something else entirely.

On the other hand, if you need a man to manipulate, then mastering the skill of sex will not hurt.

Themes that we will be discussing with you in this manual:

What for men means “like a log in bed”?

How to become the best in bed. Practical advice.



Sexy underwear.

Games and initiative.

Physical training.

Imitation of orgasm.

Anal sex.

From “modest” to “tigress”.

Do not beam in bed

By the term “log in bed”, men mean emotional and physical frigidity. In principle, this is an insulting term of the near-by guys for girls. If not a whore, then a log. These are two favorite words for men with low intelligence.

Saying “log”, the guys mean: the girl does not experience orgasm; during sex simply lies, spreading his legs; almost does not experience physical pleasure; Do not surprise a man with “harassment” in unusual places, blowjob, his irresistible passion and so on.

By the way, depending on what kind of a man is your partner. Real men prefer to move themselves in bed, not to let the girl “initiate” and hate the “rider” pose. With such men, the girls quietly enjoy the process, not trying for him to “get out of the skin.”

In principle, show moaning, with your eyes closed, that you really like sexual intercourse — it is quite enough for normal relations.

If you want to dominate a man, become a goddess and a tigress in bed, then this is a completely different conversation.


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