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New is the well-forgotten old

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Hello, dear sir or lady, excuse me please for my terrible writing style.

In this book I have expressed my understanding of the world and tried to write in English. If I managed to interest you, thank you.

But first of all I want to come before you in several aspects.

My name is Bobby Mihalich. I live in Ukraine and was educated in the Soviet Union. Initially it was astrophysics, but later felt the need of the science humanization. Now looking for remote work in your country. Doing Astro-psychological modeling and forecast prospects of the personality. This is: love, marriage, children, career choices, health, success in business and even crime. Have consider more global issues, too. Over the years has been developed my origilnal method and successfully tested into practice. It’s like a horoscope, but in fact my conclusions and propositionscall person to act changes in it’s life.

If you are faced with a problem in yourlife — please do not hesitate to contact me. I will examine your current life situation very quickly and inexpensively. I promise to try and do my best. Email me please: 2-2-2@i.ua. Tell your date of birth (and other «actors») and the nature of the problem, ask me specific questions. Vice versa, if you do not need my services, then help me, please, to find what I’m looking for. Let it be your small business, generating income, I do not mind. Retell about me your friends and contacts or post free classified ads. The payment we will share equally, in partnership. Together we will win and you will be very satisfied! Thank you very much!

Good luck in future.

My best Regards

Bobby Mihalich

Hi, Dear Sir or Lady

Remote astrologer-forecaster from Ukraine urgently offers its services. It so happened that «behind the curtain» life quite unexpectedly acquired a new profession. Absolutely unconventional, even mysterious, kind — mystical… Try my hand at predicting. It’s working! Called it his new craft» Dialectical method Astro-psychological analysis and forecasting the prospects of the individual " (see attached file). My area of counseling: Learn more about yourself. Oh, and look into the future. It’s real — repeatedly confirmed in practice! And relationships, compatibility, profession. Love, family, work, health. How to give yourself confidence, make friends and influence people. As a result, the relationship of» master — servant», " superior-subordinate», partner or competitor in the business. Conflicts and violations. My «trick» — a self-organizing forecast when events are taking place from what was predicted! And to put it simply — everyday situations…

Facing problems in your life? No way out?? Unbearable! So let’s think together, using my experience and knowledge. Make sure that nothing is impossible. "Cheer up" and bolder — forward. Victory will be ours!

I offer my services and cooperation.

Best regards,

Bobby Mihalich

You can order an alternative horoscope!

Bored of newspaper and television horoscopes? Do not find in them «rational, scientific grain»? Can not imagine how the forecast can be shared, «one for all»?

Our methodology is based on the intersection of classical fundamental sciences as philosophy, astronomy and psychology, as well as modern science, formed relatively recently: sociology, socionics, statistics. To a lesser extent, fragmentary elements are used "parascience" and esoteric knowledge, denied" official» science. At the same time, we basically do not recognize the phenomena of clairvoyance, divination, witchcraft, etc.

Counseling: learn more about yourself and look into the future. It’s real — repeatedly confirmed in practice! And relationships, compatibility, profession. Love, family, work, health. How to give yourself confidence, make friends and influence people. As a result, the relationship of" master — servant», " superior-subordinate", partner or competitor in the business. Conflicts and violations…

We encourage customers to take our results not as a sentence, but a guide to action, developments, changes in your life (we called it the correction of the zodiacal spectrum of personality). Our product is, in fact, — not horoscope…

Facing problems in your life? No way out?? Unbearable! So let’s think together, using my experience and knowledge. Make sure that nothing is impossible. "Cheer up" and bolder — forward. Victory will be ours!

Dear Colleagues

I use my exclusive scientific methods to define if the person corresponds to a professional activity (job position, relevance, etc). My method includes review of applicant’s CV — no meeting or interview is required.

This method was successfully used multiple times in former Soviet Union republics. It helps to increase the quality of recruitment. As the result, the company profits increase, due to hiring a professional, capable of increasing sales and productivity of the company.

I provide my services remotely. Please contact me if you are interested in my services, I can also provide detailed resume, if required.

Remote Company Assistant, HR-manager assistant

My duties, despite the remote nature of the work will be as follows:

1. Astro-psychological modeling development prospects of the company:

— analysis of prospects for the scope of activity of the enterprise to generate long-term policy for the period of 1—2 years;

— forecast efficiency of transactions, signing treaties of promotions, obtaining quotations for the interval of 1—2 months;

— practical operational advice in specific, suddenly emerging biznesovyh situations.

2. Complete Astro-psychological support in the application of advanced technologies in the HR- personnel work (from recruitment to dismissal):

— astro-psychological analysis of employee personal profile for proficiency in their chosen field;

— compatibility with the nearest forecast partners to work, guidance units;

— conflict prevention, crime, possible abuse to the detriment of the company.

3. Application of creative copywriting for promotional purposes :

— compilation of "selling" texts on the goods description and services firm, writing feature articles for web sites, social networks and the media;

— creation of successful business proposals;

— production of promotional video presentations on the activities of the enterprise.

Wondering based on what my exclusive forms of work? Upon request, you will be given an extract from the dissertation author’s abstract on scientific degree of Doctor astropsychology. But first ask tell us briefly about the company and myself personally, my dear CHEF.

You can select only certain items listed, as well as to set the mode of our communication by e-mail, and depending on this will be determined by the remuneration of my work.

I am an optimist and I promise to do my best! See you there!

Bobby Mihalich from Ukraine,



In all countries of the Far East, including Japan and China, a 12-year chronology cycle has long been adopted. Each year corresponds to the sign of a certain animal, 12 animals are 12 types of character. Below is a table of correspondence between the year of birth and the sign of the animal.

And the Gallic horoscope, numbering about two millennia, is associated with the beliefs of the ancient Celts, or rather with the druids — priests and prophets of these tribes that once inhabited the territory of Ireland, Gaul and Brittany. The Druids divided the year according to the position of the Sun relative to the Earth. The symbols of the druids are trees. Try to find yourself or your loved ones among them…

And also a love horoscope, for children… Folk wisdom brings us a lot of different things.

This book is well illustrated.


«Methodology of astro-psychological modeling of personality prospects in a market economy»

(excerpt from the abstract of the dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Astropsychology)

The transition to a market economy in the post-Soviet space affected the work of practicing astropsychologists, which resulted in a change in the social composition of clients and the problems they deal with. If earlier clients came mainly with their everyday, family problems, questions about health, children, then over time the main contingent of clients was business people, entrepreneurs with problems related to their business. This is a direct consequence of economic relations — in the new conditions, the winner is the one who was able to properly organize their work, select staff more competently, foresee the consequences of their decisions, etc. Firms began to invite astropsychologists to work remotely under a contract.

Our methodology is based on the intersection of classical sciences (philosophy, astronomy, psychology, sociology, socionics, statistics) and the introduction of modern IT technologies into the practice of astro-psychology. Personnel management starts with hiring an employee. At this stage, in absentia (according to personal data), cosmograms of applicants are compiled and, according to certain criteria, candidates are selected who, firstly, have the desired astropsychological characteristics and the best professional disposition for this type of activity and, secondly, acceptable human qualities — without excessive conflict, cruelty, etc.

At the second stage, a study of the compatibility of the candidate’s personality with the company is carried out. At this stage, much attention is paid to the prediction of possible abuses in relation to the company, causing material damage. Such candidates are excluded from further consideration.

At the third stage, the distribution of newly hired employees by departments is started. Here, the main attention is paid to the astropsychological compatibility of the personalities of employees with each other and with the management of departments.

After the employee is enrolled, he is tested by an HR astropsychologist, where his «Personal Profile» is created, which is later used when resolving emerging situations, for example, when analyzing the reasons for layoffs — here a specialist can advise the management of the company one or another action.

Thus, work with personnel according to the dissertation methodology includes the entire scope of astropsychological support: from hiring to dismissal. As a result, the level of recruiting work, the competitiveness of the products of this enterprise are significantly increased, sales increase, and, ultimately, real profitability.


YEAR OF THE MONKEY (1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

The most unreliable and controversial people. Smart, dexterous, inventive, original and easily solve the most difficult problems. There is almost no such field of activity where they could not turn around. However, they are easily distracted and persuaded. They want to do everything right there, this minute. The slightest obstacle can spoil their mood, bring down their plans. Many of them are indecisive. These are temperamental and self-willed people, quick-tempered, but quick-witted. Able to make decisions, have common sense. Able to achieve fame, if they are not hindered in this.


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