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Tam gave a mental order, and Amaterasu hurried to prepare breakfast for her master. The guy sighed and crossed his arms over his chest, looked out the huge panoramic window. Yes, the world does not stand still. The information field of the Earth has been strongly deformed over the past few years. Just think, once in ancient times, people, in order to find out some more or less necessary information, went to strange buildings called libraries, and rummaged through a lot of pieces of paper. Then the Internet was invented, which was also filled with all sorts of garbage. A person always leaves behind garbage, such is his low nature. Social networks that “killed” time, various sites that looked like carbon copies of each other… Garbage on the Internet, garbage everywhere. Need to get rid of it. And keep getting rid of it. Rubbish keeps piling up.

Tam sighed heavily, as if regretting something. He did not want to get up at all, but even more he did not want to waste time in a deep sleep during the day. Stretching to a soft crunch, the boy stood up. As soon as Tam’s feet touched the smooth surface of the floor, the bed itself folded and “left” into the opening in the wall, hiding behind a sliding panel. Yes, there are definitely many benefits to a smart home. For the most part, it looked like an ordinary empty room — four walls, a floor and a ceiling. Nothing extra. But all the necessary things were hidden behind the panels — these are the advantages of a transforming house.

— Amaterasu, what’s the news for today?

Entering a slightly smaller room, which turned out to be a kitchenette, the young man found the cute creature in a drowsy state. The large expressive eyes of the doll of an unusual green hue opened, and the girl got up from the chair, which also disappeared into the niche of the smart home.

— Today plus twelve degrees, sunny. There are no technical events planned. From the latest news. A new galactic system Vafilonia has been discovered. Scientists are currently studying it. A new model of a bio-cybernetic organism with artificial intelligence has been created. The prototypes are currently being tested.

Yes, not like before — a summary of traffic accidents, terrible accidents. As soon as the vehicles began to move like bats, scanning objects on their way, they stopped crashing into obstacles and into each other, the risks of disasters decreased sharply, practically reduced to zero.

The girl’s voice was melodic, not loud, although it gave off some artificial synth notes. Being short, she possessed a miniature slender figure of aristocratic fragility. Short brown hair framed a pretty face with large eyes and small lips.

Tam gave Amaterasu another critical look, as if he doubted her identity. She looked alive, but appearances are deceiving. He acquired this biocyborg model during times of chaos and the collapse of the world. Then it was an unaffordable luxury, but now money had no meaning, it was just a terrible thing, which the new government got rid of as the greatest evil. They just didn’t exist. Now anyone could get such a doll. Biocyborgs were convenient for use in any field, whether it be science or physical work. They do not know how to experience negative emotions, they are not programmed for hatred and anger. The cybernetic organism was several times stronger than the human one, more enduring, technically more perfect. It was fantasy, but it became reality. Any cyborg was aimed at only one thing — to make life easier for a person, or for humanity as a whole.

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