Nectar for Your Soul

Nectar for Your Soul

451 стр.
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In this book you will find answers to the eternal philosophical questions of mankind: • Who are we, the “new and improved” results of natural evolution from monkeys, or God’s creations? • What is the meaning of life? • What has been happening on our planet in recent decades? What is the reason for the cataclysms and crises that have descended upon the Earth? And also many other important questions found the answer in this book.

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Elena and Aleksei Tkachyovy, 36 years

It’s a great honor for us to be among the first to read this unique book! Nectar for the Soul is a Holiday for the Soul! The information therein is deep, important and very interesting. We read it in one breath. Elena: Having read this book, I experienced a pleasant «shock»: I found answers to a multitude of questions about life: where to find happiness, what the meaning of life is, how to achieve family harmony, life after life and an array of others. Finding everything that’s written about in Nectar for oneself would require years of intense searching. But now all of this can be grasped in a few days’ time. This book is an excellent tool for developing one’s consciousness and understanding of the Truth. I have two degrees of higher education, I am open to new information and nevertheless Nectar was, for me, a revolution in the brain, in my Consciousness. Our company includes several hundred people and we are putting every effort into ensuring that every person has this amazing book in his or her library!!! Vladimir and Valeria, I give you great thanks for your efforts!!!

26 декабря 2018 г., в 18:56
Larisa Ivukova, 45 years

The appearance of this book is an event for all intellectual people on our Earth. The moment this book fell into my hands, I could immediately feel that this is an endless source of knowledge, energy and strength. It goes far beyond what is generally understood to be a «book.» I can confidently say that Nectar is not only a tool for development and an enormous depository of knowledge, but also a powerful source of strength, love and inspiration. It is a universal book: it is accessible for the understanding of any reasonable person who is discovering this information for the first time and is an enormous personal development engine for all of us who have already long been studying these topics. The enormous base of evidence; the logical sequence of all the chapters, which proceed «from the simple to the complex»; and the authors’ clear and precise position on many complex questions give readers the opportunity to construct a personal understanding of the meaning and value of their own lives. And for myself I’ve made the following conclusion: Nectar is a singular KEY for understanding the most important questions for humanity and is a «tuning fork» for future development. In particular, I’d like to note Valeria’s distinctive and miraculous «presence» in the book. Each word is filled with light, love and grace and «goes down smooth,» just like nectar! An enormous «thank you» and deep bow to our Teachers and this, their Great Labor!

26 декабря 2018 г., в 18:45
Irina Atarbaeva, 31 years

I RECOMMEND that EVERYONE have this book in their library!!! It answers all the questions that one accumulates throughout live! An ENORMOUS «thank you» to the Dubkovskys for this excellent nectar for our souls!!!

26 декабря 2018 г., в 18:41
Aziz Atarbaev, 44 years

Our Dear Vladimir and Valeria, thank you so much for this book! I am an air force reserve officer and have seen and endured much in my life, and it was very interesting to find out that I chose this all for my own growth. I personally read many of the authors that you made reference to and I say that with you everything is simpler and more accessible! Everything’s become peaceful and serene and my goals have become more vivid and understandable! I’m going to recommend the book to all who want to understand earthly life!!! WE THANK YOU, OUR SPIRITUAL TEACHERS!!!

26 декабря 2018 г., в 18:38
Vladimir Betin, 41 years

Nectar for the Soul is the book of life. I call it the Bible of the Soul. In it are answers to all the questions that are important in life: Who am I? What is my purpose? What is the meaning of life? How do I find these things out so that I can travel my path and not fulfill someone else’s program? and many others besides. I am sure that this book will broaden the consciousness of millions of people; it’s simply a matter of time. And so I would like for everyone to open themselves up just a little bit to understanding and allow light into their souls. Having studied this book, you begin to value every day of life, every minute; you understand that it depends on you alone, what is going to happen down the road and how your life will be set out. You reconcile your life goals with that which you do and don’t allow your valuable time to be stolen away. Why is it necessary to toil in this life and do good rather than awaiting Heaven? In this life, we have everything that is necessary for resolving these issues: all that’s necessary is to act. Having studied this book, you will receive a powerful motivation to act. The time for doubt and indecisiveness has gone. Now is the time to act! Thank you Vladimir Evgenievich and Valeria Aleksandrovna for the years of life you’ve saved me in coming to an understanding of these materials. I really value this and am glad to be one of the first to have the opportunity to read NECTAR FOR THE SOUL.

26 декабря 2018 г., в 18:35


Vladimir Dubkovskiy
Valeria Dubkovskaya
Vladimir Dubkovskiy
Vladimir and Valeria Dubkovskiy possess a wealth of successful experience in government service, business and family life. They are founders of the Academy of System Business, which is referred to as the School of Life by its students.

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