Navalny and Barkov in moscow Kremlin in 2018

Бесплатный фрагмент - Navalny and Barkov in moscow Kremlin in 2018

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«The power of my Consciousness creates the future» Alexander Barkov.

A.Barkov’s dream №1

In the new year, as a result of a secret collusion between the oil magnates of the United States and the Arab Emirates, world oil prices fell to $ 19.57 per barrel. The country has been fighting for several years in the South and East. Ukraine signed an agreement with NATO.

The Germans entered Kiev and Odessa and occupied Ukraine. As a result of the sharp impoverishment and lack of food in Moscow, a million meeting was held on Red Square. The people went to the Kremlin. The security soldiers refused to shoot at the protesters, and the ancient royal palaces were taken by the people without a single shot.

The ministers, disguised as maids, dressed in women’s dresses, mixed in crowds, fled underground, to Finland and began to weave networks of conspiracies and revolts against the working people. Marshal Shoidu Joined the insurgents.

The Army and the Navy, led by Marshal Sh., Welcomed the Revolution. As a result of the February Revolution, the Provisional Democratically Liberal Government was created, headed by the former breeder Khodorkovsky, who returned to his homeland.

The members of the Provisional Government were: Prokhorov, the Minister of Economy, the leader of the LDPR Zhirinovsky-Minister of the Interior Ministry, Ryzhkov — from the Cadet Democrats — the Minister of Social Development and the Media,

Navalny — from the Party of Labors and Right-wing social- — Minister of Agriculture, Alina Vitukhnovskaya headed the Ministry of Culture, Farber — the Ministry of Education, Kasparov — the Ministry of Sport, etc. He refused to join the Provisional Government and boycotted it, liberated by the Udaltsov rebels from Matroska prizon.

In addition, the leader of the party of n-Bolsheviks, E. Limonov, the left-wingers of the Tolokonnikov and Alekhin sisters, and the left-wing radical Bolshevik-revolutionary Alexander Barkov, who had just returned from exile from Siberia, boycotted the Provisional Government.

SECOND A. Barkov’s Dream

The Provisional Government headed by Khodorkovsky, like every democratic government, because of endless disputes and contradictions, could not solve a single question — ABOUT THE WORLD, ON THE EARTH AND ABOUT THE STATE.

After a while the people again stirred up and went out to a multi-million rally on Red Square and demanded an answer to the Provisional Government. Marshal Sh. Tried to moderate the wrath of the insurgent people, end the unrest and suppress the Revolution in the blood. Sh. Headed the military mutiny.

But the Army and the Navy waited, and did not support the Marshal. The leader of the Trudoviks Navalny proclaimed himself a dictator and, after displacing Khodorkovsky in fact, headed the Provisional Government, appealed for support to the n-Bolsheviks and the «Udaltsovites.»

These courageous heroic detachments of the «n-Bolsheviks», «Udaltsovites», who possessed the strength and unbending courage of experienced fighters, suppressed the mutiny of Marshal Sh. In the suppression of Mityazha Sh., The «surgeons» deceived in hopes were also involved in the suppression of the heroic forces. In the last battles with the counter-revolution, shedding blood, they washed away the past shame and proved their valor as revolutionary fighters.

The Third Dream of A. Barkov

After the suppression of the mutiny Marshal Sh. Was arrested, transported to Petersburg and put in the «Crosses». The dictator Navalny outlawed the n-Bolsheviks, the «Udaltsovites», the Bolshevik revolutionaries and the «surgeons». They were forced to form a temporary union, which was called the Council of People’s Commissars or the Council of Ministers. On a dark night, rallied detachments of n-Bolsheviks, Bolshevik revolutionaries, «Udaltsovites» and the «surgeons» who joined them broke into the Kremlin, disarming his guard and trampling in the literal sense the Women’s Death Battalions, proclaiming the Provisional Government deposed. The power in the country from that moment was in the hands of the Council of People’s Commissars or Sovnarkom…



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