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Sexual energy forms the base of the human energetic framework, and sexuality serves as one of the foundations of personal psychology. Sex is the best antidepressant and is extremely beneficial for one’s health, apart from being simply the greatest pleasure in life. One should love sex, cherish it, strive to become better at it, and use it for self-expression.

Each of us deep down strives for new, memorable, and unusual sexual experiences. We dream and fantasize, but very often our expectations are dashed against our amateur approach to sex. In such cases, there is nobody to ask for advice — we do not even open up to our closest friends out of fear of being laughed at. Luckily, you don’t need outside help to solve the issue — all you need is to learn to relax and be yourself.

This is easily done through erotic games. People usually feel more comfortable expressing their sexuality through such games, since any potential embarrassment can be quickly turned into a joke.

Erotic games will help you to understand and explore your sexuality. They will grant you great pleasure, teach new things about sex, and help you start a relationship or rejuvenate one that has been waning.

Role-playing erotic games will add tremendous variety into your sex life, making the fear of adultery but a distant memory.

Games solve one more issue: with our stressful rhythm of life, both men and women often feel exhausted and require additional stimulation to get into the mood required for sexual intimacy. Erotic games help with that by activating and strengthening the libido.

Erotic games are designed in such a way as to make their participants step out of their comfort zone and go beyond the routine. This allows to discover new facets of sexuality, helps the partners relax, explore each other’s hidden dreams, and learn something new not only about each other, but about themselves, too.

The best thing about erotic games is that they have neither winners nor losers. While some games have a competitive side to them, it serves only to add some spice and variety into the relationship. All the players are equally entitled to the main prize.

It is important not to feel embarrassed to express one’s sexual desires and emotions. There are no limitations in such games except for those set by the partners themselves. They can do whatever pleases both of them — that’s what erotic games are for.

There are no computer games or online games in this book — it includes only games for players interacting face to face.

This collection can serve as a perfect erotic gift for your significant other, for a newlywed couple, or for a wedding anniversary.

Preparing to play

Some of the games are quite complex and require certain props. Others, on the contrary, require nothing but the desire to please one’s partner.

A well-prepared game is guaranteed to bring joy and pleasure. By contrast, most of your initial passion and resolve can dissipate if you spend too much time thinking about a suitable prize for the winner or a fine for the loser. Therefore, make sure to take care of such details in advance — come up with prizes and punishments and write down your erotic wishes when necessary, making sure that they can be carried out.

The preparation and discussion of a game will by itself add some variety to your relationship, wake up the passion, and serve as a form of foreplay.

Prizes and punishments

Even though the main prize in erotic games is shared by all the players, still they have their winners and losers, just like any other game.

Think of suitable prizes and punishments or fines for losers in advance.

If you are playing alone with your partner, you can buy a small gift for them — something they would really like. Or, by contrast, be prepared to fulfil one of your partner’s wishes that you always refused to carry out before.

Card games

Prepare an ordinary deck of cards and come up with meanings or dares associated with each card when necessary. Black cards are considered male, while red ones are considered female.

When a game calls for wishes or dares, you can write them on the cards themselves or on little post-it notes. You can also make your own cards, cutting out rectangles of paper, writing and drawing on them.

The process of designing cards and coming up with erotic wishes and dares can turn you on and become a fun game.

You can also use the cards for the games that include dares, which are described in the next section.


By forfeits here we mean tasks prepared in advance that player draw by lot.

Forfeits can constitute an simple erotic game by themselves.

If you are playing in a company, you should collect small items — forfeits — belonging to the players and place them in a bag or a container.

Two players are selected: one as a facilitator and one who will come up with various forfeits. They stand back-to-back (the player responsible for forfeits should have his or her back to the rest of the players).

The facilitator should draw a forfeit from the bag and get the players to identify its owner. The facilitator asks, “What’s the forfeit?” The player standing with his back to the audience comes up with a dare: strip an item of clothing, kiss another player on a specific body part, etc.

You can go through the forfeits and assign them one by one at first and then make the players complete their dares simultaneously, or you can make players complete their forfeits in turn.

In another version of this game, small pieces of paper with dares written on them act as forfeits: each player draws one and completes the task.

This version can be played in a couple, taking turns to complete dares.

The tasks used as forfeits can also be utilized as prizes for winners in other games or as punishments for losers.

Therefore, take time to create good forfeits before the game. If they are designed as prizes or fines, you can use differently colored paper to write them down. Forfeits can also be divided into male and female (using different suits of playing cards, for example).

Forfeits play a key role in erotic games. Devote some time to come up with good ones, do it properly once, and they will serve you for a long time. In order not to waste time in the future, gradually add new ones or get rid of those you find boring.

You can add a new forfeit without telling your partner, resulting in a surprise for one of you!


Here are some examples of tasks that can be used as forfeits, punishments, or prizes:

Strip your partner of their underwear without using your hands — only your teeth. The task can be made more difficult if you have to do it blindfolded.

Dance a striptease.

Walk around the house naked all day.

Come to your partner’s office and have sex there.

Have sex in… (insert what you like — on a windowsill, in a swimming pool, in the woods, in the car, in a store changing room, etc.)

Masturbate in front of your partner.

Give your partner a massage (using your hands, feet, lips, breasts, a feather, a silk scarf, etc. — a separate forfeit for each).

Make love in a certain pose (here you can create as many forfeits as there are poses).

…and so on.

Creating the right setting

We often feel embarrassed to show initiative in an erotic game. A proper sexy setting helps to remove such barriers and pass onto a completely new stage that will bring you fantastic new emotions. Therefore, don’t forget about the setting and the suitable atmosphere when preparing for the game — it is the key to getting into an erotic mood.

Setting up the room

When working on a romantic and intimate setting for an evening of erotic games, take care to create an atmosphere of warmth and pleasure. Clean soft sheets and flames in the fireplace will help create the necessary ambiance.

For a classic romantic setting, close the windows with heavy curtains, choose subdued lighting, place a new tablecloth and some flowers on the table.

Alternatively, you can go for the style of the 20’s, or a comic book theme, or even a pijama party. Think of your favorite film, game, or book, and use its concept.

Use your creativity and fantasy to transform your bedroom.


Smells and scents play an important part in creating the atmosphere for a game. Smells can be used to create associations — you can use that to increase your and your partner’s sensitivity during the game.

You can use incense sticks, a lamp with an essential oil, or an incense burner to fill the room with a magical aroma and increase your enjoyment of the game.

You can even make a simple aroma diffuser yourself. Take an ordinary salt shaker, fill it with baking soda about one quarter of the way, and add 10—15 drops of an essential oil. Such a diffuser can spread a pleasant aroma for quite a long time, as long as you don’t forget to shake it from time to time.

Many scents act as aphrodisiacs and can make the game more passionate. Among the most widely used are sandalwood, jasmine, rose, and patchouli. If you would like to use other scents, please refer to the table at the of this section — it lists the effects that various aromas have on the body.

Remember, however, that different scents affect people in a different way: what one finds exciting another may consider nauseating. The same scent can seem exotic to some people and too strong to others. Smell an essential oil before buying — reading the label is not enough.

To enhance the effect, do not limit yourself to just one aroma but rather create combinations of essential oil. You can transform this activity into a game — play chemical scientists in a lab, create your own blend and try its effects. Experiment and create.

Food and drink

Don’t forget about the food and drinks — if you want to spend a long and entertaining evening playing erotic games, you will need something to replenish your energy in between rounds. Aphrodisiac foods will be the best choice — they will not only keep you going but also intensify your passion.

Great ingredients for an aphrodisiac salad are green beans and other legumes, avocado, aubergines, olives, artichokes, cabbage, broccoli, leeks, parsley, tomatoes, beetroots, iceberg salad, and topinambur. As for condiments, use horseradish, mustard, and cumin. Various spices help to improve both the mood and libido: cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, marjoram, parsley, celery, dill, fennel, and sesame.

The best aphrodisiacs among fruits are apricots, dates, nectarines, oranges, mangoes, coconuts, bananas, grapefruits, pomegranates, strawberries, lemons, and limes.

You can also prepare tea with such herbs as oregano, mugworts, jasmine, rose petals, mint, chicory, or thyme — they will soothe your thirst and give you energy.

Coffee has an energizing effect not only thanks to its caffeine contents, but also because it stimulates the part of the brain that regulates the functioning of the genitalia. Coffee increases stamina and provides energy. A cup of freshly brewed coffee can greatly enhance the experience of an erotic game.

As for chocolate, nuts, and honey, they can be used not only as aphrodisiacs, but as props in a game. For instance, if you spread some honey over your partner’s erogenous zone, you can double your pleasure.


You need to have enough sheets and a suitable surface: it can be a wide bed, a mattress on the floor, or even animal skins, if you happen to have some.


You will need to put on some quiet music to create a proper setting. Choose the tracks based on your tastes: if you like rock, put on some rock ballads (heavy rock music is hardly erotic, though), while those who like lighter music may choose some ambient or new age albums.


Put on some clean, light, and comfortable underwear that suits the romantic setting of an evening of erotic games with your partner. Prepare your costume if you want to play a role-playing game.

Hygiene and safety

Sex brings joy and pleasure; however, you should not forget about its possible risks. Give some attention to the matters of hygiene and safety of sexual relations.

Things are easier when you have been in a relationship for a while and have had time to study your partner and build trust.

It is more risky when you decide to bring some variety into your sexual experience with a partner you don’t know well or, even more so, by attending a party with a lot of strangers.

First of all, don’t forget about the basic rules of hygiene: bad breath or the smell of sweat can push away a potential partner. Take a shower, shave or do an epilation before going to such a party. Put on fresh underwear and clean clothes.

Remember that a whole series of diseases can be transmitted sexually or orally; a fun party among people you hardly know can result in very unpleasant consequences.

Here is some advice:

— Do not brush your teeth on the day of the party, since a toothbrush can leave microscopic injuries on the gums through which bacteria and viruses can enter. To solve the breath issue, use mouth fresheners or gum; you can also chew some cardamom seeds or fresh parsley.

— Inspect your fingers — if you have an injury or the habit to bite the skin around your nails, then you can easily get an infection when caressing your partner. Put some iodine or antiseptic cream on all scratches.

— Use an antiseptic oral spray after having oral sex — it may not look or feel sexy, but it will protect you.

— And of course, you will get maximum safety if you use a condom. It’s up to you to decide what you value more — fullness of sensation or safety.


Please also refer to the Warning section at the end of the book.

Games for a couple

Role-playing games

Role-playing games can introduce exciting variety into the life of a couple. Unfortunately, many couples refuse to try them, claiming that they are not good at acting. The real reasons, however, are the feeling of embarrassment, the fear to appear silly or ridiculous, the inability to relax, or simply the fear that the partner may not share the same sexual fantasies. That is why trust and the agreement to play along are necessary if the partners want to make their role-playing games fun, pleasant, and sexy.

You can start with the ready scenarios given in this book. Later, if the couple finds such games enjoyable, they can come up with their own plots.

Those who often engage in sexual role-playing games come to enjoy even the selection of props, giving voice to their wildest desires.

Feel free to modify the plots of our games, changing the details to suit your individual tastes and fantasies.

For instance, when playing the “Online store delivery guy and the customer” you can make the courier mix up the addresses and deliver the order to a wrong customer — an unsuspecting housewife who has no idea how to use the toys contained in the package. Naturally, the playful delivery guy is very pleased to teach the young lady the art of kinky love.

It is often said that men are polygamous by nature. However, a good role-playing game in which both partners participate with enthusiasm is a fantastic way to spice up even a long-term relationship. Who needs polygamy if you can have a gypsy, a nun, or a savage in your bed?

We have collected not only justifiably popular and easy-to-follow role-playing scenarios, but also lesser-known — though just as exciting — games.

1001 nights

Ancient cultures of the Orient synthesized the formula of supreme sexual pleasure, make it a reality, and test its miraculous powers over the course of many centuries. Lots of beads, see-through harem pants, belly dance moves, Oriental decorations in the room, and some incense — create the atmosphere of a sultan’s palace!

Tell each other erotic fairy tales (or simply read aloud some erotic stories found online), and you will see that they can be as much of a turn-on as any other foreplay. And then play out what you’ve just read!

At Hugh Hefner’s place

In case you haven’t heard about him, Hugh Hefner was the founder of Playboy. The Playboy bunny may be nothing more than a heavily-promoted brand, but men seem to like it.

In order to create a suitable costume, simply attach a fluffy bunny tail to your favorite pair of strings and glue some bunny ears to a headband.

Imagine that you are invited to one of the billionaire’s legendary parties and choose whom of the guests you want to portray.

At the police station

The more a man has to communicate with police officers (for example, if he owns a car), the more exciting and attractive the image of a policewoman becomes for him. Women like guys in uniform, too!

You may have to buy a few items for this game in a specialized store or asked around. You need a belt, a shirt with shoulder patches, headgear, boots, and handcuffs — these are the props necessary for the game.

The criminal and the police officer investigating a crime of a sexual nature who has to conduct an interrogation — here is just one of possible plots. You can come up with many others!

Call boy

What should a male escort or gigolo be like? Passionate, fun, and extremely hot. Would you like to have one all to yourself? Try playing this game, and you’ll see that your boyfriend or husband has all that it takes. He may not quite have the perfect abs, but there are much more important things.

Gigolos like to please those who want them. They guarantee an unforgettable pleasure. Such men are usually real masters of sex, with tons of experience, they are fun to talk to and great to spend a night with. They can make a woman forget all her trouble and simply enjoy their company. If your man succeeds in portraying a real gigolo, reward him with some money from the family budget so that he can spend it as he likes. If he fails, make him return the “fee”.

Call girl

Any woman can portray a call girl without having to buy new props. A slutty skirt, net stockings, very high heels, a sheer blouse with no bra under it — this is enough to create the image. Add some thick, vulgar makeup, and your man will not be able to resist.

The game itself is straightforward, just like the ancient profession that you are trying on. There is no need for much foreplay. All you have to do is follow his commands and get something of value in return. A perfect move is to demand payment in cash, then keep it at the end of the game (you can spend it on something pretty). You will be thinking of all the fun you’ve had in bed while shopping and spending your call girl fee!

Car repair shop

This one is a great way to combine a man’s two main passions: cars and women.

Indeed, from time to time he should get away from the first, so that the second doesn’t leave him.

For this game, you need very little: take a shower and smudge some dark eye shadow all over the body to imitate motor oil. The put on some overalls and wear nothing (or almost nothing) under them. You can add a spanner for good measure.

You can portray two mechanics (female mechanics do exist), or perhaps you are a male client getting served by a female mechanic, or a young lady brings her car to a repair shop… Choose the scenario you like or try all three.

You feel an even fuller immersion if you try this in an actual garage!

Celebrity and paparazzi

The plot is simple: a famous movie star returns home after a long day at a set wearing an evening gown and sexy underwear. A paparazzi photographer hides behind a curtain or an armchair with his camera. The star begins to undress and notices the camera flash. A short scandal unfolds, but since the photographer is so hot and charming, the lady allows him to make a series of erotic shots…

Very soon the star is naked, which much more to follow.

Dominatrix and slave

In this game, both partners’ roles are clearly defined: the woman needs to act aggressive, forceful, and arrogant, while the man should be obedient, humble, and ready to serve.

The point of the game is for the woman to give orders and for the man to follow them to a letter. Obviously, the orders should be of a sexual nature. The more capricious and unpredictable the woman, the more difficult it is for the man to carry out her commands, meaning that he will make mistakes. The dominatrix will punish him for each and every mistake: give him a spanking, make him kiss her feet, and so on.


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