Natural vision quickly and easy! How to restore 20/20 eyesight for 1 month without pills and surgery?

Бесплатный фрагмент - Natural vision quickly and easy! How to restore 20/20 eyesight for 1 month without pills and surgery?

Miopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, cataract and other eye problem recovery step-by-step guide

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According to the data of World Health Organization 4 billion people from 6 billion people living on the Earth have eyesight problems. Let’s think about the scale of this problem within the frame of the whole humanity. At the same time 1.3 billion people use different correction eyesight tools (glasses, contact lenses).

The situation is worse: every second person suffers from the poor eyesight.

Where do all this lead to?

The poor eyesight doesn’t allow us to get full information about the world around us. It is acknowledged that a person receives about 70 percent of the information with the eyes. Let’s think of how important this sense is, if the rest of the senses cover only 30 percent!

With the eyesight deterioration many people can’t work on the computer for a long time. After 30 or 40 minutes in front of the PC monitor we are getting worse workability, headache and bad feeling.

People with the poor eyesight orientate badly in the surrounding world compared with others. They cannot enjoy nature entirely. The problems occur even in normal everyday situations. For example, the people who can’t see the bus number have to ask for help.

The situation is going in such a way that our children and grandchildren can encounter eyesight problems at an early age!

At the same time the school children with eyesight problems will not be able to learn at school in a proper way, and their progress will become worse and worse each year, unless, of course, the problem is identified and the solution is found.

What can the modern medicine offer?

All methods that ophthalmologists offer today have to do with the correction. They help to live with the poor eyesight, but they do not remove the cause of the eyesight problems.

Glasses and contact lenses

Glasses help to relieve some of the stress on the eye muscles and it helps toslow down the process of eyesight deterioration. Nevertheless, very often after 1—2 years a person comes to the doctor for a prescription of new, stronger glasses again. Then over the years the situation is deteriorating, and the glasses should be perceived as a «crutch,» but not a cure.

With the contact lenses, the situation is even worse because they must be worn all day long without taking off. As a result the muscles are constantly lazy, and it causes further weakening of eyesight. While you are in lenses you cannot do any exercise or massage during the day.

Laser surgery

Laser surgery is very doubtful solution of such a problem as myopia. Firstly, it is a surgery on such a fragile organ as the eye, and the surgery itself is quite risky. Secondly, this treatment has many drawbacks and possible problems about which doctors warn their patients.

Besides laser therapy factually makes glasses from your eyes but without opportunity to take them off, because it does correction of the curvature of the cornea, for example. And if you can take off the glasses, do exercises, improve your eyesight in a natural way, after this surgery it will be very difficult because changing the shape of the cornea is no longer possible. At the same time there is no guarantee that the further deterioration couldn’t take place.

The methods of natural eyesight recovery

Fortunately, today there are many different natural eyesight recovery methods. The founder of all these methods is considered to be an American ophthalmologist William Bates, who first created a system of exercises for the eyes. Thanks to his method a lot of people around the world have recovered their eyesight without surgery.

On basis of this method a variety of eyesight recovery theories and researched appeared. However they have their own disadvantages and can help not everyone. The reason is simple: everyone is unique and if some of the exercises are suitable for one person, they can be harmful for another.

It is known that there is much training with the effect only on the eyes and the eye muscles.

In addition, in our body everything is interconnected, and one should combine the impact on eye-muscles with the complex impact on the whole body.

As a result, it is very useful for someone to train the eye muscles and this training will help a lot to move to the right direction, but someone has to work harder on muscle relaxation, releasing blocks, tension and do massage, etc.

There is also a surprising effective technique, which is called autogenic training, in other words, self-control or self-programming that helps to heal deep eyesight problems. The reasons of these problems can be on the level of bioenergy, subconsciousness, internal psychic destructive programs. And this is very deep work on oneself.

And of course, we cannot ignore such a beneficial effect as the activation of the whole body tone, the activation of the energy which you can get, for example, by practicing qigong.

Qigong is a special art of self-control, which allows to activate the energy in your body and to affect not only on the organs of the eyesight, but on the whole body in order to stimulate natural resources to heal the eyesight and all the functions of the body. Let’s talk about it in details further.

The method «Eye-Diamond»

In order to help the great number of people, I tied together all the advantages of the modern methods, and created my system holistic methodology, which I named «Eye-Diamond». I combined the best of what I know in this methodology, and I tried to avoid the disadvantages of the other authors. The main feature of my methodology is the following: the student can individually choose the affects, which will help him in the best way.

Very often people do not understand if is possible to recover their eyesight and how to do that. The reason is the lack of knowledge and understanding of the elementary eyesight mechanism.

Have you thought about with what we actually see?

Unfortunately, most people sincerely believe that we see with our eyes.

«And what else do we see with?» — You will ask.

As the doctors say, the eyes are «part of the brain withdrawn out outside». The eye is a complicated optical device, the main function of which is to convert the light signal into the nerve impulses. Then the impulses are going further through the eye nerves to the occipital lobes of the brain. The image is generated there. Forget your first myth forever — we see with our brain, but not with our eyes.

So how can you restore your eyesight?

The system «Eye-Diamond» restores the sight working in complex!

The program covers 3 parts: the eyes, the brain, and the body as the whole.

If you cure only the eyes, it’s a useless waste of time, because the tension in your brain will return everything back. You have to work with the whole body to succeed. And else, you need to work with the whole body to discover additional forces and resources for the eyesight recovery.

As a result, after having studied the program «Eye-Diamond» you will get the following:

the relief of the eye tension;

the restoring of the whole body tone;

the normalizing of the blood circulation;

the cheering up of the mood.

The natural eyesight recovery system «Eye-Diamond» includes:

Special physical exercises, training of the eyes muscles;

Autogenic training (self-control). This is necessary because psychosomatic blocks and destructive programs worsen the eyesight most of all;

Massage of the acupuncture points around the eyes and head. You release extra tension, normalize the muscles tone with the massage;

Special techniques to activate energy-qigong exercises, which force the blood vessels to narrow, widen, and help to restore the blood supply, to improve the blood circulation.

Bioenergy is the fuel to carry your goals into life. You won’t argue with the fact that any change in life might be not simple as they seem to be, will you? Qigong exercises are included in this program to give you additional life energy and get of rid of tension and fatigue.

What can you accomplish if you use the method «Eye-Diamond»?

I’d like to talk about one example of achieving the brightest result amongst the students’ of this program. This person had poor eyesight, -15; he was wearing glasses with huge lenses. While working hard he managed to improve eyesight up to -8 using different methods. He is a hardworking person and to improve his eyesight two time better than it used to be was a great progress from him but not good enough to live comfortably.

Then he joined the «Eye-Diamond» method and after having worked hard on this program for 3 months, he managed to improve his eyesight up to -3.5. Of course, it’s not 20/20, but it’s a good result because he can drive a car, orient in the surrounding world without problems even without glasses. He continues working on the improving his eyesight further hoping to achieve better results in future.

The number of other students achieves 20/20 eyesight for a short period. Everything depends on how hard eye problems are when you start the recovery. For example, If the eyesight is -1 or -2 in that case it is a real thing to restore the sight for a month.

The program is working not only on the myopia but on the hyperopia, cataracts, glaucoma. Everything person is unique and the results depend on the current stage of the eye problem, self-motivation and desire to work on it.

According to the methodology, the average speed of the eyesight recovery is approximately 0.5—1 diopter a month. However, you can achieve better result if you train harder.

And if you are determined to restore your eyesight, tell yourself that it is a real thing, look at the people who have achieved perfect results. And answer the question of how much you are ready to contribute your forces, money to get the result.

My dear friends, the only person on whom you can rely in the modern world to maintain your health and eyesight is you. Actually we are needed nobody except ourselves and relatives. And only we are responsible for our health. We have enough forces to find out a balanced natural way to restore our eyesight. And these are just the effective exercises with necessary instructions and safe rules. These exercises include different impacts, massage, autogenic training, work with qigong energy to activate physical forces. The body won’t start recovering the eyesight if there are no physical forces.

Accordingly, in the program «Eye-Diamond» I give all the necessary

tools for complex and natural recovery of the eyesight. We will talk about it in details later. Come on!

About the author

Fedor Simonov

• Natural eyesight recovery expert — the author of the «Eye-Diamond» method

• Specialist on qigong

• Expert on the systems for self-development and the natural

• Healing of the bodyhealth, relationship and business coach

Hello, my dear friends. Let me introduce myself. My name is Fedor Simonov. I am the author of the program «Eye-Diamond» — the eyesight recovery without surgery and medicine.

What attitude does Fedor Simonov have to the topic of the eyesight recovery?

I am qigong specialist. Qigong is an ancient Chinese art based on the work with energy. Qi is energy, gong is work.

I am also expert on the systems of self-development and natural healing of the body. I have been giving training and seminars for many years since 2008.

It began when I was very young. Firstly the eyesight recovery topic became actual for me when I went to school. I had to read a lot and there was a lot of stress on my eyesight. My mother noticed that my right eye started to suffer from strabismus. She made me do special exercises for the eye muscles and I restored my eyesight quickly.

I didn’t have to wear glasses and even to see the ophthalmologists. My eyesight began 20/20. I continue doing exercises to keep normal eyesight.

Then I entered the university. Frankly speaking I entered the two universities. I have got two higher educations. My first education is technical: I’m a software developer. For many years I have been working in the oil and gas industry, in the field of geology and geophysics. My second education is linguistic one: I am English translator.

After having graduated from the university I began working on a project with the colleagues from England and the USA in the international company. I had got a very interesting task: to take a part in the development of the new functionality in the Seismic Exploration System.

Exactly at that period of time my eyes appeared under stress and tension. The time difference between England and Russia is 5 hours and it was difficult to get used to work with the colleagues from England. For the successful career start, personal growth and to establish myself in the project, I had to work till late at night. It was hard to handle it and I felt that my health was deteriorating. After long hard work on the computer I felt just awful. My eyes became red, I had a bad headache and there appeared heaviness and fatigue in my body. To continue to work on the computer was not absolutely impossible. That’s when I first thought that I need to use extra exercises to recovery the state of my body and in particular of my eyesight.

At that time I began to study Qigong, just out of curiosity, for myself and my health. Can you only imagine? After doing special Qigong exercises during a few minutes I was able to restore the normal state of my body to restore vivacity, energy, and the capacity to work since early morning till 10—11 at night. How is it possible? I was surprised at that time how I could do it. Now it is difficult to surprise me. Having high performance allows me to invest in my favorite work, and this program became a part of my life.

So, I succeeded that project and a series of exercises were taken into account for future.

After that I continued practicing Qigong and the following exam, which the fate prepared for me did’t have to do with me but with my grandmother. She was 80 years old and the doctor diagnosed cataracts in both eyes and recommended the surgery. Cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye, i.e. it is the deterioration of transparency due to the deterioration of the blood circulation.

I began to help her with using Qigong exercises. And my grandmother noted improvements and the eyesight became clearer but unfortunately improvements appeared to be temporary. While we were doing exercises she felt and saw better but then the poor eyesight came back again. She had to do the surgery and after that I helped her to feel well and to recover her health in a short period of time. The doctors said that the surgery was successful and she recovered in a short period of time despite her age. Thank God, now she sees with both eyes and everything is fine. But I still had internal dissatisfaction. On the one hand I had helped her doing special exercises with her hoping to avoid surgery, but on the other hand she had had to do the surgery. At the same time I knew people who had a similar diagnosis and after they did similar exercises they managed to avoid the surgery. When they came to see the doctor, they were examined and the doctor found no reasons for surgery. Dissatisfaction continued torturing me. How come it happened in this way? I tried to figure out. The conclusion was clear: my knowledge at that moment was not enough. I continued developing my skills in Qigong, joined many training by various masters in Moscow and other cities. I myself continued actively teaching and giving trainings on various topics in the field of health. I kept improving in all the areas of Qigong but not only in the eyesight. At one of the seminars, the students came up to me and asked, «Do you have any additional information on the recovery of the eyesight? We do the exercises, we feel progress, more energy and physical forces. Everything is great but we would like to receive more materials to restore the eyesight.» At that moment I remembered my initial works and at the first time I had a thought about creating my own methodology on the eyesight recovery. I began to research the existing analogues, systems and created the methodology of my own, which is unique in the holistic approach to the restoration of the eyesight.

In my opinion the disadvantage of the current methods consists in the fact that they have a lot of extra fuzzy information and as a rule they have no integrated approach. They use maximum only two or three types of impacts, for example: training eye muscles or something else. I added my experience into my methodology, which had helped me and my students.

The most valuable thing I had done I added complex effect on the whole body with the help of Qigong because Qigong allows to make healthy the whole body including the eyesight. There are also particular exercises affecting only on the eyesight, on the work of the eye muscles.

What kind of results have I gained for me? I have checked the level of my eyesight during my work on the program. My result has appeared better than 15/15. According to the Eye Chart if a person can see the third line from the bottom of the Eye Chart in the 5 meter distance, it’s 20/20 vision or 100%. But I can see the second one from the bottom, which is considered to be 15/15 or 150%. If a person sees the last line at the bottom of the chart, the level of the eyesight is considered to be 10/10 or 200%. The normal eyesight is supposed to have the capacity of seeing and distinguishing clearly contours of the things, texture, colours in the 5 meter distance. The people living in the mountains have had the eyesight much better because they are regularly focusing their sight in the close or far distance. The picturesque view of the mountains pleases the eye, does not strain the eyesight and there goes the permanent training of the eye muscles. The level of the eyesight can be achieved to 20/20 and better and it’s a real thing. By the way, the level of the eyesight of the eagle is considered to be 800%. The thing we see in the distance 5 meters the eagle can see in the distance 40 meters. This can encourage us to improve our eyesight!

Having checked the methodology on me myself, I presented the program to the students. Then I gained the first positive results and realized that I should share my achievements. Further I am going to tell about my achievements.

The student’s results

Nicolai. He has achieved the level -3.5 compared with the previous level -8 in this program. He is a legend person who had the level -13 several years ago and he was wearing huge glasses with strong lenses. He had had some training from time to time and he had managed to improve the level of his eyesight up to -8. With this level of the eyesight, he came to us and joined the program «Eye-Diamond». While having studied regularly in the program, he achieved the level -3.5 and he is going to continue training in the program to improve his eyesight further.

Nadezhda. She has achieved the level +1 compared with the previous level +1, 75 in this program. She also had problems with the transparency of the vitreous body and the contraction function of the pupil. The pupil wasn’t moving almost at all and there was «dryness’ in the eyes. After having been trained the «dryness’ disappeared. According to the doctor’s words, the transparency of the lens and vitreous body improved significantly. She called me, thanked for the result, and said that she was pleased with the achievements. So she kept training and improving the eyesight. Before having involved in the program, she saw very badly at darkness. After having restored her eyesight, she began seeing much better during the day time as well as when it’s dark.

Emily. She achieved +1 compared with the previous +2, 25. She has got the result for a month though she trained in a relaxed way. Herewith she did a five day course for a month. She attended the trainings twice a week and she sometimes missed the lessons. We were very glad and surprised when her eyesight improved. She doesn’t use glasses while she is reading. Moreover, the main thing, the headache, that had disturbed her before, was gone and the tension went away.

One more Nadezhda restored her eyesight from -0.5 to 20/20 within one month.

I can say that on average it takes for about a month to recover the eyesight for 1 diopter. The point isn’t about every day training all day long. The essence of the methodology is the following: you take an intensive training first and then train regularly 2 or 3 times a week.

One should definitely be in a group. If you’re alone you will recover your eyesight longer than if you were in a group. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a group online or it is a live training. There should be a group of like-minded people and then the results you want to achieve will be gained much faster.

And of course, the training should be controlled by the instructor, who is watching, managing and saying what is wrong. It is my function. I give safety rules with the explanation what kind of exercise one should do and what shouldn’t. I watch the students, control their achievements and suggest how to achieve the best results. The most important thing is the following. Before involving in the program one should be aware of the reasons of the eyesight deterioration and then one should work hard taking into account these reasons to make progress. There is everything you need in our program: autogenic training, Qigong, massage and the training of the eye muscles. If the students of my program have achieved such results, it means that you can do the same results and of course even better. It will be exactly the results you want to get. You CAN recover your eyesight without medicine, surgery and undue stress.

We all live in the dynamical world, there is a lot of business, we have to work much, and the contemporary person is under enormous stress. The purpose of my methodology is to create such conditions when the contemporary person who is living in the modern rhythm does minimum efforts and gets maximum results. And my task is to create the conditions for systematically arranged trainings. Only in this case the effect is guaranteed and the eyesight is restored to 20/20.

Safe rules

What are the general recommendations of the safety before doing the practice?

The first principle is the principle of Hippocratic: do not harm, safe your health. You should follow the instruction, which I give you with the purpose of getting the best results. Don’t try to change them because they are confirmed by the results of the students. These students have achieved good results only because they trained according to the step-by-step instruction in the group as well as individually. Therefore, you should do all the exercises exactly according to the instruction. The second principle is the principle from training from the general exercises to the specific ones and the other way around. It means that any exercise we begin with warming up preparing our body for the main load.

Let’s imagine that you have a guitar and start playing without tuning the strings. If you are a master you will cope with the situation in a short time but in any case it will take some time to tune up the guitar. But if you aren’t a master in that case instead of the melody you will get only strumming.

The same thing happens with your body: you mustn’t begin doing main exercises without warming up and preparing the body. The warm-up should be general for the whole body but not only for the eyesight system.

Next is the main load on the eyesight system where you do various exercises on the principle of reasonable sufficiency. We finish training necessarily with harmonization, relaxation so that to remove the excess loads in the main part of training and it is very important. You have trained, you have cheered up but then there appeared a feeling of overload, and if you start doing your business at once the effect of the training will be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to return to a harmonious state. You should train in the following way: warm up and tune up yourself, do all the main eye exercises and after that harmonize yourself. To do this, I will talk about exercises.

The third principle is to train according to your sensations, that is to say the principle of reasonable sufficiency of the load while you are doing exercises. Any pathology arises in that case when there appears an overload and it doesn’t matter if it is physical or mental overload. These things are interrelated. There is no need to train under hard stress when you are overloaded. Nobody needs it, neither you nor me. You should try to do all the exercises in a relax way and correct the level of the load according to your health and feeling. If you are feeling that your body says to you «Stop, that’s enough!» you should stop doing the exercises. You will return to the exercises after having a short rest. Otherwise, the body after having received the overload will sabotage not only during your exercises but also in other cases. Therefore, any exercise is finished before feeling any discomfort. And you will succeed!

Autogenic training


The most powerful tool to discover the true causes of the poor eyesight and to recover the poor eyesight is an autogenic training.

Autogenic training means self-tuning, self-regulation, self-programming or self-hypnosis. In principle, they are synonyms and the essence of this practice is in giving certain commands to yourself and observing the reactions of your body. That is to say while meditating you have to create for yourself «a voice behind the scene» and at the same time to focus on your body, your physical perceptions on the level of energy if you have got corresponding sensibility and so on.

In fact, everyone, one way or another, engages in self-programming anyway throughout life. Most often, it occurs unconsciously. In addition, self-programming very often goes from outside: from parents and other influential people we communicate with.

Our challenge is to learn how to consciously give yourself the desired settings or programs, choose the right ones, their intonation and reach the desired effect.

The basic program you need to work on is the ability to see in a relaxed way.

While meditating, you’ll give yourself certain commands. You should pronounce them in an ordinary voice but always aloud. The words spoken aloud have more energy and momentum of the information, rather than just a thought to yourself.

If you do an autogenic training together with the speaker, a blunder in the implementation of autogenic training and violation of safety are your silent listening to the speaker. In that case, you’re affected by the speaker but not yourself. You are under the influence of the speaker’s voice and the influence of the speaker himself. That’s wrong.

In the first place this approach may lead to that you won’t control your own body anymore, your energy, and instead of you it is the speaker who does it. Therefore, it must be you who say the commands to your body.

The purpose of our methodology is to teach you to control the process of tension and relaxation inside your body and, of course, the eyesight.

The body of the human being is well-balanced system and it is impossible to control one part of the body separately from the others. Therefore, the eyesight depends on the nerves system directly and so our goal is to learn to relax all the nerves system, to relax the muscles of the body including the eye muscles and lens.

Why do we talk about relaxation in the first place?

The point is the following: the main cause of the poor eyesight, in particular myopia is stress. Most likely, you are now recalling about the metabolic processes in the body, about physical injuries and their consequences. However, if we simplify the problem and generalize it as much as possible then your eyesight is deteriorating due to the sources of tension in your body. The sources of tension could be physical, psychic or psyhomosomatic ones.

Autogenic training will help you to get rid of the all the sources of the tension, blocks and clamps. As a result, you will feel comfort and your eyesight will start recovering much faster.

In addition to relaxation, one should learn to make self-programming for the body not to be overloaded when doing any job under any load. That is to say, one should create such system inside oneself, which will administer the processes of tension and relaxation without overloading.

It doesn’t matter what you deal with: hard job, communication with different people, intellectual work. If the settings are in the right way, the body constantly balances between tension and relaxation and as a result, the body acts in a tone, in a normal rhythm without overloading.

So, you are raising the stress resistance, the operability and the most important thing you are getting the therapeutic effect of the eyesight recovery.

Our challenge is not only to restore the eyesight but to involve in the habit of thinking in a relaxing way during every day routine life so that the everyday life with all its features, difficulties and any your business would not hamper you to develop your eyesight. And you will feel full of energy and forces.


The first autogenic training which we detail is the autogenic training on relaxation. You can lie on the floor or sit on a chair or stand up to make this exercise. Your eyes are open because there is an element of working with energy. You make self-tuning with your eyes open because you are awake. We will take away all negative attachments and the things to which you feel tension.

So, prepare for the exercise. Feel your body, the space around, return your attention back to your body and focus it on your toes. Concentrate your attention on the big toes; the toes are completely relaxed, feel like they are filled with energy and then there appears the wave of relaxation. Pronounce all this to yourself, not necessarily aloud but remember that the spoken word is stronger than a thought. Let your toes fully relax. Let your right foot and left foot entirely relax. Let the relaxation go up to the shin. Concentrate your attention on the calf muscles. Let them on the right and left legs become completely relaxed. The relaxation goes up to the knees, first right, then left, and then flows up to the hips. Let the relaxation go further up to the stomach. The tension leaves the lumbar spine, the stomach. Then the relaxation goes up to the chest. The trunk, the internal organs and the spine are getting completely relaxed.

Then the relaxation begins to flow over the shoulders: the right shoulder, the left shoulder, the forearms and the elbows. Let the right and left index fingers fully relax, then the middle, ring, little finger and thumbs. The right and the left arms are completely relaxed.

Further, the relaxation goes up to the neck of the cervical spine and flows to the head. The right and the left cerebral hemispheres are entirely relaxed. Make all the commands at an easy pace, wait for the relaxation of the each part of the body. Then the relaxation runs on the face. Let the facial muscles completely relax; there appears an easy natural smile on the face. The relaxation moves to the eyesight system, the eyesight muscles. The whole body is relaxed. The feeling of the relaxation has come.

Then there appears a pleasant feeling of the warmth, inner movement in the body. Let’s pronounce the commands further. Let the tension go away from all the internal organs. Let the energy blocks, which hamper to flow energy into the body, leave. Let the blocks dissolve in a harmonious way for the body as soon as possible. Let all the negative thoughts, worries, vanity, doubts go away. Let your body be filled with joy, confidence and strength. Thank your body, smile to yourself, and smile to the universe and thank her for what you have.

During this exercise, you can just have a little lie down and rest. I recommend doing the relaxation exercises whenever you are getting ready for bed. The relaxation exercises will help to prepare the body for sleep as much as possible, to accelerate the recovery process, to remove tension from the body and in the morning, you will feel more relaxed and rested.

Do this exercise whenever you feel tension during the day. It is not necessary to pronounce the commands aloud, you can command to yourself, if you are in a crowded room. You can sit, relax, give a command and feel the effect.

Working on the reasons of the eyesight problems

The following exercise we’ll study is the autogenic training for working on the causes of the eyesight deterioration. I recommend to this exercise before going to bed but not more frequent than once a week while being completely aware of what you are doing. The exercise is aimed at getting rid of all the causes of the eyesight deterioration, planning a new life, getting a new perception, apologizing for what you’ve done or haven’t done for your body, thanking for what you have and promising to your body that you will take care of him and everything will be fine.

It’s a positive program. Feel your body and the space around you. You should target your attention inward yourself. Feel the area of your heart, listen to him. Everything you pronounce should go from your heart and soul but not from a physical heart because a heart is only the pump to circulate the blood but from something that is inside us in the area of the breast, the solar plexus. An emotional center is located in the heart center. Listen to the area of your emotional center, feel your state. You can give the command of the sky energy to fill your body with the sensation of heaviness. The energy of the Earth will fill in you with lightness. It’s a sensation as if somebody were pulling you for the top of your head. Have you got this sensation? Let’s focus on it. Let’s appeal to your subconscious. It’s the processes which aren’t under the control of our conscious but they are running in the body. It’s the functional system which is responsible for the functioning of the whole body. We ask the body to forgive us for all the conscious and unconscious sins, which we have committed to him, and for the things, which caused the deterioration the eyesight. Let all the causes, and events connected with the deterioration of the eyesight and the health go away. Let’s beg forgiveness from all the people we might hurt consciously or unconsciously. Let go of all the grudges. Let us not keep evil for anybody. Then let us appeal to the super-conscious. It’s your functional system, which is responsible for energy and informational perception. Let us ask forgiveness for all the conscious and unconscious sins for not enough planning and realization of planned objectives concerning the safety and preservation of the eyesight system. Let the past events connected with the deterioration of the eyesight go away.

Let us beg forgiveness from consciousness. It’s the third functional system associated with the studying. Let us beg forgiveness for the fact that we haven’t taken care of the body, of the eyesight system because of lack of the sufficient knowledge. The lack of knowledge is a bad sign. The knowledge is power. The man of great knowledge is unconquerable. So, let us beg forgiveness from consciousness for the fact that we were not interested in the topic of recovering the eyesight and the topic of contributing to good health. Let go of the past events connected with the deterioration of the eyesight and of the state of the body as a whole.

Let us thank our subconscious, our super-conscious, our conscious for the help in our development and improvement. Let us thank for help in preservation and supporting our health. Let us thank all our relatives and friends for their love and support. Let us thank the universe for what we have, for all the opportunities we have. Thank you very much.

Let us give our promise: I will definitely protect and take care of the health of my body both physical and energy. I will acquire new knowledge, which will help me to keep and develop my health and energy. I will help myself and others to improve their health.

Smile to yourself and the people around. The exercise is finished.

During the exercise you can have a talk with yourself; possibly you will desire to show your sensations or to cry. It’s normal. There appears the output of the sources of the tension and stress, which are within you, that is to say it’s the pain, which hampers you to live and see normally. After asking for forgiveness from yourself and the three functional systems, you will be free from this burden. When you thank from all your heart and soul, to show gratitude for the fact that you live, you have opportunity to develop and to improve your state of energy, health and it is a great blessing.

Tuning up for relaxation

The following exercise of the autogenic training is tuning up on the tension in a relaxed state. Let it sound a bit paradoxical, but the goal is to learn how to do physical, psychological and emotional load under reasonable sufficiency. In other words, one should learn how to be in tension being relaxed. If you let tension be too much for you then you immediately lose workability, your efficiency is reduced, you have weaker results at work. But we should be more charged with energy instead. The more you are involved in something the more you should have joy and strength. On the one hand, it is normal to feel tension and fatigue. It is a usual process, which means that some resource is over, and it needs to be restored. And you’ll feel completely different if you are tuning up to be completely relaxed with the help of autogenic training while you are doing any job or you are making exercises on the recovering the eyesight. It isn’t the relaxation like before going to bed but the relaxation with the body in good shape; it is to say it is relative relaxation like being in the middle between fully relaxed and overloaded).

Take a seat comfortably. The exercise can be done at your lying, sitting or standing position. But I recommend sitting position as you will be able to do it before sitting down at the computer and start any intellectual work.

Feel your body; listen to your arms, legs, trunk, and head. Give command the body to relax. One can perform an autogenic training on relaxation.

Let negative thoughts, anchor blocks, which hamper to flow energy free in the body, go away. Let the body be filled with lightness, a sense of joy, life and strength. Any work that I do, I am doing, being in good shape. My whole body is completely relaxed; I start doing work with my conscious, subconscious and super-conscious in good tone. Therefore, if it occurs overloaded after work, the body reacts and begins relaxing to prevent the development of disorder of the eyesight system and the other systems of the body. Any activity, I do brings me joy and pleasure and it opens up new possibilities. At the same time, no matter what I did, the eyesight system remains in tonus being fully relaxed. The eyesight is getting better and better with every day. I see equally very well at close and far distance. I distinguish colors, details, things both in the day time and at the dark time. I thank my body, my conscious, my subconscious, my super-consciousness and my consciousness.

Smile yourself and to the people around you. Thank the Universe for what you have and for the possibilities, which you have at the time. The practice is finished.

Do this exercise to prepare for any physical and intellectual load, before study and work. It let you not be overloaded. As soon as you feel the tension your body will start relaxing and your body will be constantly in tone. You will desire to do everything more and more, and you will be able to administer your state. You will be able to have a rest when you desire but not when you are forced to do it.

Qigong exercises

What is Qigong? It’s the ancient Chinese art of working with energy.

In other words, this is the activation, development of vascular, muscular, and energy systems of the eyesight system, harmonization of energy exchange and the blood microcirculation in the body. It’s the improvement of metabolic functions of the body, intensifying hemispheric relations, the development of the brain areas, its cortical and subcortical structures, the energy and vascular systems of the right and left hemispheres, the homeostatic mechanism, which must hold in equilibrium the dynamic system of energy and information exchange and the system of the brain circulation. It’s simultaneously the activation and development of the vascular and capillary system, cells throughout the body and separately cells in the eyesight system, the improve of the blood supply to the head, the development of the vascular system of the head in general and the improvement of the blood supply to the eyesight system, the activation of human vitality.

Attention! While doing the techniques, it is ok if you feel little heaviness and pain in the head indicating that the cerebral vessels are undeveloped.

If you simply rub your hands, it will have no effect. But if you rub your hands and thus concentrate your attention in the head, then you will notice the emergence of some sensations as if the left hemisphere were rubbing the right hemisphere or something like this. Everybody can feel in different way. Once the sensations emerge, it’s necessary to fix them with the phrase «I can feel it». It is need to fix the fact that I have caught the sensation and the sensation will become more evident or be switched on automatically.

This is the first basic exercise from what I start. In order to switch on the work with energy, phantom sensations, let us rub the palms of the hands each other. To switch off the work with energy we should make the hands close together. This sign serves as «switching off’.

Let us repeat once again. Let us rub the hands until you feel heat. Then we will fix the sensation in the head with the phrase «I can feel it.» Now we are ready to work. After working, we will make the hands close together and switch off the work.


So, let us work with the basic exercises of Qigong. Let us rub the hands, fix the sensations. The first basic exercise called «ball». You put your hands at a distance of 15—20 cm from each other. You should watch necessarily between the hands, to improve concentration.

Give the command: «Let the ball appear between the hands.» There will appear some sensation of density between the hands. Of course, this is a ball, I do not see it, I can only feel it. Here you need to focus on the sensation in the palms of the hands. This can be a tingling, heat, cold, and it is exactly a physical sensation. It is not a fantasy we can feel it — it is a real physical sensation in the palms. And then there appears a ball.

We put «the ball» in the right hand first, then in the left hand. The sensation of heaviness goes from one hand to the other hand. Let us play with «the ball» one more time. Then we move the hands close together and switch off. The exercise is finished.

We continue. We rub the palms of the hands, listening to the head: I can feel it. We have our hands at a distance of 15—20 cm; give the command «the ball» to emerge. Those who have problems with the exercise «ball», remember how you kept the real physical rubber ball in the hands. And the sensation will emerge. There it is. Let the «the ball» become heavy, large, about a size of a football, then small, about the size of a tennis ball. You can run all at the level of sensations. «The ball» is in the right hand, we can feel it: there is heaviness in the right hand. Also in the left hand, there is the same. Now let «the ball» disappear (the hands close).


Again, we rub the palms of the hands. We fix the sensation. We have our hands at a distance of 15—20 cm, the left hand is fixed, and the right one is rotated clockwise, as if we were spinning energy.

Thereby, we’re stretching the connection between the right and left hands. We have sensations in the left hand. There it is. Now the right hand is fixed and the left rotates clockwise. We can feel it. Both hands are motionless; I have some subtle connection between the hands. Let us play with the hands like «the rubber». We expand and contract the hands.

At the same time, to draw your attention, you need to breathe through the mouth and touch the roof of your mouth with the tip of the tongue.

It is necessary to improve the circulation of energy from the energy back-middle meridian into the energy front-middle meridian. We repeat it 20 times. We are feeling the intensifying connection between the hands, between each finger. The index finger of the right hand is with the index finger of the left hand, the middle finger of the right hand is with the middle finger of the left hand so on. The connection between the hands is getting better and better. We are feeling it.

Put your hands fixedly again. Let’s try to move the right hand and monitor sensations of the left hand. Here they are. Now, let’s keep the right hand fixedly and we are monitoring the feeling of the movement of the left hand through the right hand. These sensations will not be less, even if there is any obstacle between the hands. Go to the door and try to do this exercise. You will notice that the energy passes through the obstacle via: the door. It’s enough. Put your hands close together, the exercise is completed.

Listen to the sensations in your palms of the hands. The palms can be warm, perhaps a feeling of fullness is present, and that’s fine. Your energy will start to wake up and revive. What we are doing now is the following. We intensify the energy in the hands and the sensitivity: every time we move the hands clockwise, we increase the concentration of energy and there emerges quite a physical sensation.

Why we breathe through the mouth? It is in order to improve the energy circulation. Energy rises from the bottom energy center, from the coccyx up the spine, along the centerline. Energy comes up to the top of the head and the back-middle energy meridian is ended here at the point between the lips and the nose.

While we touch the roof of the mouth with the tip of the tongue, we allow energy to drain in the front-middle energy channel, which starts from a point in the center of the contour of the lower lip to the point between the lips.

Every time we do something, and breathe through the mouth, we train the throat energy center and improve the management of energy movement. Breathing is also one of the ways to improve the control of the energy movement.

Our first task is to feel the energy, and the second task is to learn to control it. The exercises are being done so that we will be able to intensify its energy, become cheerful, full of strength, energy, happiness, love, health, etc. We can learn to manage the energy through the exercises.


It’s the following exercise. Let’s rub the palms of the hands until you feel the heat. We can feel it. We make «a ball» as we learned previously. This is the standard setting. The exercise is called «ray». One hand will be a screen and the index finger of the other hand gives the command: «Let a ray appear.»

Let the index finger release «energy ray», which we will «draw» on the left hand, act on it. We begin «drawing» on each finger of the hand with «energy ray» with the hand like «screen». «Ray» moves starting with the thumb, and moving in order for each to the little finger.

Next we act on the center of the palm with a circular motion clockwise. Distance (ray of length) does not matter. As it’s convenient so you «draw», it is needed only, psychologically. We can feel it. We caught it and fixed it. Now we can act on the inner surface of the arm to the elbow, shoulder, go around the circle and back. If sensations vanish somewhere we can strengthen them. We concentrate the energy in a clockwise direction and repeat the exercise. We change hands and repeat the exercise.

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