Mystical Kiev and stories

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This story took place in 1981. On September 30, Wednesday, at exactly 11.00 on the Castle Hill in Kiev. I am a long time did not dare to publish the text because of improper understanding, in connection with the universal rejection of such incidents in the community.

«Author’s Note».

Book — 1. Andrew’s Descent

Chapter First

Street Andrew’s Descent in Kiev, famous for the works of Bulgakov. Here, in his house at Andrew’s descent, now a museum of the writer, he started writing his famous-make of «The Master and Margarita», full of wonder and adventure. It is no accident the writer inspired lo mystical location street. At the beginning of Andrew’s descent is St. Andrew’s Church, then, just below the towering Gothic building, «Castle of Richard — the Leonhard», storing a set of mysterious rumors about any devilry that roam there at night. This explains the fact that this structure is a Gothic castle did not manage to restore. That suddenly burned wiring, the collapse of the plaster, and even glass, glazed windows for no apparent reason suddenly fly apart into small pieces. On the opposite side of it, just below the visible steps stout wide wooden staircase specially built for tourists. This pedestrian staircase leads to the equally famous the Castle hill. According to the legend in this mountain castle was the residence of the Prince, ruling Ancient Russ in the time of the Mongol invasion. If you climb the stairs, then gaze from this mountain offers a magnificent view of the Dnieper, Kiev. Hence it is clearly visible from the height of St. Andrew’s Church and the Gothic House, which overlooks the St. Andrew’s descent, like the ghost of medieval architecture. Sunday was a lovely day in May. My wife and I have been married for Lilichka six months, and this spring day ran away from home for a walk through the hassle of favorite places in the city. This time, the purpose of our walk was the Castle Hill. Climbing the stairs, we came to a clearing in front of the old park. My attention was caught by a tree with an unusual crown. Equal covered with black bark trunk without branches and twigs up to two branches, reground from the trunk at the same level and on the opposite sides. The thickness of the branches is equal to the thickness of the tree trunk. From these branches are drawn up thin branches. And further from the trunk of branches stretching above one meter and it grows in spreading crown. I stepped closer to the tree, to take a closer look its bark and his family.

— Valic! What did you see?

I turned to her: — I want to look closer at this tree.

— So what?

— It turns out, alder. And growing a tree, usually in moist areas near bodies of water. It is strange that there is very Tall Mountain, clay soil, no water, and the alder beautifully caught.

— Well, so what? — He looked at me in surprise Lily — went on to see what’s next? Maybe some remains of the castle still remain?

I did not mind. Going behind his wife on a narrow path in the grass trodden by tourists, I noticed with interest on the opposite side of the clearing, in front of strange tree, dilapidated gravestone fencing. «Aha, so that’s ancient cemetery. This tree looks like a cross, overgrown branches "- I guessed, and gestured to the place, and on a per-deserted wife’s grave. She looked at me and said quietly: — I’m horrible here, something to become.

— What can leave? — I suggested.

But, seeing a couple of young men appeared as if from nowhere in the meadow, Lily said: — Well, it’s not! And we’re not seemed to be alone. I looked around and saw another couple sitting on the southern slopes of the mountain, on the green carpet of grass under the warm rays of the May sun. We went into the bushes spreading trees and found a few ruined their graves scattered here and there gravestones made of black granite. Delving further, we saw a spacious well-preserved brick vault. Inside the vault was a lot of different garbage and trash. Rusty mangled iron fences sticking out of the ground. The coolness of the shady crowns of trees, ancient tombs and silence this ominous place inspired discomfort sadness and anxiety, and to get rid of the surging emotions, I suggested: — Let’s go closer to the southern slopes of the mountain, maybe there found the remains of an ancient castle? His wife, gripping the proposal as a straw for the rescue, making it possible to get rid of fear, creeping under the light T-shirt, looked at me encouragingly. Soon we were at the ruins of the masonry, apparently a fragment of the wall that once protected the castle from the south side. It was bright and warm. Sunlight penetrates well here, as the walls were practically on top of a steep southern slope. At our feet the remains laid out in small cobblestone street. The southern slope of Mount makes a sharp turn to the right and has become almost the steep western slope, the base abutting on the Old Hem. The impression that we are on the top of a truncated pyramid closed yellow clay. Standing on top of it, inevitably creeps into the consciousness of the idea of the library is not found priceless ancient manuscripts Prince Vladimir, who baptized Russia. The library was sheltered from the destruction of ancient Russ invaders and not found until now.

Wander through the Castle Hill Lila tired, and she offered to leave as quickly as possible from this peak home. And I have only inflamed the excitement researcher of antiquity and I was not averse to still continue to study this place, but the desire of a loved one, primarily, and we moved along the southern slope in the opposite direction in the direction of the stairs. I curiously looked around and suddenly underfoot on the closely packed cobbles saw inconspicuous three concentric circles. A more attentive and curious tourist can easily track down the southern slope of the Castle Hill and see at his feet, these stacked concentric circles of stones, burrowing into the ground and become almost invisible. The stones were set up and the sharp edges of this structure, certain ritual, apparently, for some magical action. The outer circle diameter of about 1.5 meters, the inner circle diameter of about one meter. Around the place was surrounded by bushes and trees, and from the south, pure space, as there is a steep slope, goes into a deep ravine, at which there was a road that led to the Podоl and Podolsk church. There was intensive construction of the elite of the town offices and hotels.

Lily quickly walked forward, and I, not to be outdone by his wife, did not have time, as it should, consider this interesting patch of exciting the imagination of their uniqueness. We already came to a clearing with a wooden cross roster there is the smell came out of the bushes, Ms. Ranch kebabs and voice. I looked to the side and saw there under the arches of the crown of old trees freshly dug pit with a bunch of yellow sand dredged hushed and two guys staring at us. The boys looked at each other, one of them in an orange T-shirt, jumped up and headed in our direction. At this time, Lily noticed him and hastened his step. Later she told me that was very scared that she thought they were black archeologists conducting illegal excavations of ancient cemeteries in search of valuables. And that they could beat us up and buried in the pit. But, back to the guy who accelerated pace approaching us. He came up with every step nearer and nearer. But the stairs were already there and we were the first to go down on her. I looked at the pale, and his wife to reassure her, offered:

— Lilichka, let’s skip this boy forward. He obviously somewhere in a hurry. — My wife is looking at me, I took a deep breath and stood on the top of the observation deck, as if pretending that examines opened away from the height of the panorama of Kiev. The guy is not looking at us, he ran down the stairs and out of sight. And just now my wife hid pink blush, which replaced the pale of concern on his face.

— Judging by the looks of this guy, he is clearly of Western Ukraine. — Expressed it’s I guess, where this person.

— It can be seen on the brutal mine, I knew immediately that he was a stranger. Be slaughtered, without batting an eye.

— Well, so would be killed? You are that one is, perhaps, the wife?

During the conversation, we got home. And in the evening, lying in bed, Lily said:

— You do not work for a month after retired from OKTB. And my salary from the factory «Medtech» will not be enough.

— Tomorrow, get settled, I promise.

The morning is sunny and warm. Outside the windows the first leaves have already turned green trees in the yard and, hence, from the height of the seventh floor, well seen everything that grows down there. I Throw a growth on his face, filling out into a neat goatee. After a morning coffee with his wife in the kitchen, I began to gather in search of new work.

— Let’s go out together, — has offered the wife. — I was at the plant foot, spend?

— Of course, I walk with you to promise success. — I joked, to which his wife replied sternly:

— Home can come back if you do not stand. — And, having sustained a significant pause, — to understand?!

According to her strict tone of voice, of course, I realized that the joke with my employment ended once and for all. We left the house. Our way laid along the lake on a paved road builders Underground, smashed Obolonske lake in half. Near Lili work was household chemical plant «Zarya». The plant did not care about the environment and merge any garbage in the western part of the lake. And when that happens, then the part of the plant was suffocating smog. Lily often complained about the bad smell and nausea when her «little factory» wind blowing from the plant. I’m worried about her health, but could not do anything. We were silent all the way. Gorky was a lump in my throat from her parting words on the occasion of my job search, and scraped the soul cat. In the distance it seemed plant «Medtech», and said goodbye to his wife, I walked to the subway station «Petrovka». Left alone with him, and collecting ideas on finding a new job, I continued on my way. Metro «Petrovka» as calm Human River has always acted on me with his free and easy passage of time. The passengers in the car in which I entered, made an impression on me is always some kind of estrangement, each busy with their concerns and affairs and do not care about a neighbor riding and sitting next to or in front of you. Since being treated around, I saw a beggar old man with a cane, hobbling on the car with a plastic sack tied to a rope encircling his battered jacket. He threw passengers every little thing in the bag, and he thanked those words of thanks and I wish you all prosperity and health. I also decided to give him something, some little thing and began to rummage in your pocket suit. Not finding anything there, except for 2 cents, he pulled out his empty hand and decided that it will, suddenly found a beggar next to me. He emphasized, but stood staring at my gaze. I had to get these two a penny and stick it in the outstretched hand of. The old man looked at the coin, muttering something unintelligible evil threw a coin in my face. I managed to dodge, and a beggar, shaking her, like a shovel, gray beard, spewing curses, clearly in my direction, I went on to the platform in the open door. My station «Red Square», today «Kontraktova» was next, and I decided to get out here. Going underground passage, I found myself at a tram stop. Rode a tram №11, without hesitation, I walked into it. Tram drove me to the factory «electrical appliance» and follow the intuitive feeling that this is where my future job, I found myself in the personnel department. Engineering and technical staff of the plant employees to work took the head of personnel, so I find a sign on the door proper, opened the door of his office. At the window of a conventional desk what the factory equipped with the technical department, was a man of middle age and over his glasses in silence, staring at me. Armchair for another massive table was empty. Deciding that the owner is not there, I cheerfully asked:

— Where is he? — And she pointed to a chair.

— Who are you? — Rustles piece of paper in his hands, with a question, in turn, asked the sitting.

Pose as an important «person», I decided to catch the tail of luck, and without thinking, blurted:

— I’m from the design department. — Pecked man and asked:

— From Golde? — Having no idea who this Golde, I continued my dialogue — He sent me to the head of the personnel department for registration. The man anxiously rubbed his right hand his massive nose, then gently asked:

— And who wrote you a pass to the factory?

— Yes, I saw that in a booth are people without permits, but so has passed. I have never asked a pass, but if I had stopped, of course, I would have written out.

— Anyway. — The man scratched his nose again. Apparently, part of the procedure by massaging him this body has grown so impressively. We silently stared at each other. Pause delayed. After enduring a long pause, he suddenly asked:

— The documents you have with you? — I did not hesitate, rapped: — That’s right.

— Let’s here, let’s go to register you. Yes, and by the way, where you Golde take, well, what position? — I guessed that my idea with my employment success. It remains to determine the position. In my work it was written that I’m an engineer designer of the first category. I’m currently adding titles, said: — On the position of chief engineer


Man carefully scrutinized, he looked at me and said.

— Well, we do not have a job; there is a vacancy lead design engineer for maintenance of products in production.

— Head of the office had in mind; I’m just so mechanically repeated.

— Oh well. Here’s a sheet of paper and a pen.

He handed me a sheet of paper, write an application for the post. Here sit here. — He pointed to the table where she sat, and he sat behind a massive, adding on the go — There’s an application-sample was under glass.

I got out of the breast pocket of his work record, passport and handed it to him. He became flipping, studying my working career. Having looked through, and carefully looked at me, he added: — When Golde sign a statement to me at once. I’ll let you fill in the blanks and you can go to work.

Concealing his triumph, and trying to write as calmly as possible, in a statement to the letter obtained more exactly, I asked: — Here in the «goat» stated salary that I write, put a dash or amount?

— Leave the place Head of the salary he would write when will sign the statement.

— Good! — Trying to sound more confident, solid I replied. After writing the statement, I gave it to the chief of the personnel department. He put a mark on the statement that the vacancy is free, gave it to me with the words:

— Go to our archive, where Zinaida Maksimovna write you a pass, I’ll sign it, and go to the Signature Department Golde. Then to me for forms.

— There is! — In the military, I snapped and walked out.

The head of the design department was looking at me through the massive spectacles hung on the nose as hooked on a branch Kaloxylos chameleon, and his gray eyes boring into me like two sparkling lenses. He was holding my statement, and a piece of a little shudder in his arms covered with black curls of thick hair, clearly visible because of the short-sleeved T-shirt colorful.

— Well, young man, I’m just so you can not take the position. I need some sort of probation, and we’ll see. I’ll sign a statement later. Now go to the Lubchenco Alexander Vladimirovich for an interview, will work in his design and technology sector support department in the manufacture of products.

Alexander turned terse, but still not old, not young-looking chief of forty-five.

When he saw me, he was silent, and looked at me, gestured to a chair that was set to his desktop with folders drawings. I silently sat down on a specified location

— Well, tell me that you know how, who recommended you to come to us?

— Let no one. Just passing by, give, I think, I go. Well, that’s gone. Personnel Department sent to Golde.

— Alexander Askoldovich, of course, only takes on the recommendation of tolerances on the object is not lower than the first.

— So I have a number of first admissions of the secret part. It’s all right.

— Well, then everything is fine. We work for the defense industry, and there are no random people.

— So I finished university subordinated to the engineering industry, and all of these institutions are exclusively trained specialists for the military industry.

— Well, then this will be no problem. Basically you do for us.

With these words, Lubchenco scored extension phone and said:

— Alexander Askoldovich, in principle, even if issued. It suits me. — He paused, listening to what Golde replied, then added — and that with a salary? Yes OK. — And turning to me, he said, go to Alexander Askoldovich he will write you a salary for department frames, and when you plan to work?

— Today is Thursday, May by the street, I want to still breathe the spring. From Monday.

— Good. Our work at the plant begins with eight staff engineers out of nine, so please come on Monday, though I need you yesterday. — Speaking these words, he drew on my statement that the interview conducted and set release date to work.

Alexander Askoldovich silently signed the statement. I noticed that the salary is not checked.

— Sorry, Alexander Askoldovich and what my salary?

— To go to work. The wage will see their salary.

As the unexpected bee sting hurts sounded these words. In response, I said nothing, and thought to him that the defense industry is financed smoothly and stable charge card I provided. Goodbye to the new leadership, I signed the statement ran for the checkpoint to the head of the personnel department. In the office, he was already waiting for me. Silently, he took a statement, saying:

— Work-book is with us, because you are employed. Here on Monday, will go to the personnel department will give the completed forms and bring two photos, so we can issue you a permanent pass. Time will be at the entrance, call his name, and you miss out on a job. Good luck.

— Wait, that with a salary?

— I thought I would write you a personal Golde supplement to the salary, but we have an engineer-technologist designer of the first category one hundred and twenty rubles plus quarterly bonus forty-five percent. So consider, with all deductions accumulates one hundred and sixty a month.

— Well, what — Well and that’s thanks.

— And why you said that you sent Golde take shape? When you met with him?

— Because I need this job. Bye.

— All the best.

I have opened the door to the study, when the head of personnel called me.

— Wait! I forgot to say that as long as you were to me, and demanded Lubchenco called you back to the department.

I chill crept bad feeling: — «And what if he changed his mind to accept this Lubchenco,» — I thought, I said aloud: — Yeah, well, I go already.

Head thrown after: — a temporary pass is already at the entrance, the cabin number six.

Lubchenco met me a friendly smile. Next to him stood a woman and a youngish man.

— Meet Valentines Albertovich. — Began Lubchenco — you go in a group to Isai Alexander Vasilyevich.

The man held out his hand to me, — Alexander, head of the support group. And note next to me Tamara Petrovna, too, of our group.

The woman handed me a little, and a strong hand, shook my hand, saying, — I’ll suggest you and bring you into the swing of things. I will hold the workshops and departments that you, Valentin, went into the swing of things.

— Well, do not settle, so Tamara Petrovna, — intervened Lubchenco — let will get used bit. — And, turning to me, he said, — Come Valentine Albertovich, I’ll show you your job, right there next to mine, for the drawing boards.

We walked along the row of drawing boards, mounted on metal racks to my workplace. There were already a folder with drawings on my desk now, which I have summarized Alexander.

— This is where you park and you can see the drawings. We check the accuracy of the drawing and make changes according to the current standards. Hopefully, this is familiar to you.

— Of course. I in fact worked as a designer of first category in the Ministry of OKTB of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, and all existing guests know.

— Very good. Well, look, and it is advisable that you sat eighteen zero, zero. By the end of the work. This day you will be credited as a worker. Well, even if you want to leave early for work, then you are welcome. While you’re in the department, the workshops will be able to go after receive a special pass, since our agency belongs to the Navy and the many developments that run at us with secrecy. You also have a number of first admission, that after appropriate checks, which will last a month and a half, you will be given a pass guild.

I sat down at his desk and began flipping drawings, carefully considering the details of the mechanism, and found a few mistakes. Lubchenco praised me. The work time flashed Snack-ro. Lily workday ended before she met me in tears and reproaches:

— What could the cattle call that you are already working well?

I, of course, was justified as he could. Wife soften certainly helped my employment. Then, wiping his tears with a handkerchief, he said:

— Well, how much money you were given? — To which I could not answer clearly, he said only that we learn in salary. And in the end, everything went peacefully.

I liked the work, but was very monotonous and boring. From this sleepy, and often with the staff I went out for a smoke, to somehow get rid of sag drowsiness and, of course, never smoked.

Chapter Two

I have worked for four months. He received an advance and regularly paid on time. As the Lubchenco said that he was going to Peter, so at the «Electric appliance» called Leningrad at that memorable time when we lived and worked in the Soviet Union. His trip was supposed to last two weeks, for himself Chief of the engineering department left Isaiah Alexander Vasilyevich. Alexander unspeakably was glad, and his mood was not just upbeat, but upbeat over. He joked with everyone showered jokes and telling anecdotes. In the department, the staff prevailed general euphoria in connection with the departure of the chief of the sector on a mission to «Peter». I did not realize such an elevated happiness, even in the face Lubchenco not say that he was glad this. Each employee approaching him, he timidly sighed, he took out his pocket notebook and knew in advance what was wanted of him, carefully writing down what to bring to a particular employee.

In short, I, proceed to work the next day, I found half were not department for various reasons at work. That’s why such a joy reigned yesterday, but today I’m Tamara Petrovna, running the shops, checking the implementation of changes in the production process. In one shop we encountered.

— Well, Valentine, do you work?

— Nothing, you see, can cope. — Treacherous thought I was bored with the very moments, that I realized the joy of travel Lubchenco for the department. Courage Tamara Petrovna asked: — And what if, Tamara Petrovna…

— So, Valentine, not Tamara Petrovna, and Tamara. — In her dark eyes flashed sparks of fun and full of sensual lips moved slightly ironic smile, arousing eyes the emerging grid «solar» wrinkles. I’m in the shower was extremely surprised by the statement to call her by her name, believing that at her age it’s time to forget about the days long past. But at this delicate moment, hiding his embarrassment, he forced himself to her name without her middle name:

— Tamara, and tell me you can not, somehow leave early today. The bosses have left, no Golde nor Isaiah, and Lubchenco to boot.

— You should be somewhere? — Asked Tamara Petrovna.

— Ventilate want. Outside, the golden autumn, the end of September. You know that the new place is always difficult to fit into the work and get tired.

— You know, Valentine, at the entrance control and always will report Lubchenco, and he will take prize. — She looked at me with sparkling eyes, and then added — Well, today is on duty at the checkpoint, my old friend, when we arrive at the Division I call her. No, better to go there, I arrange. Just look, do not get caught the eye of the chief engineer or head of personnel, good. Let’s go. You come into the office, and I’ll be there soon, and tell you.

— From thank you Tamara.- Voltage conversation vanished in a moment, and I’m relieved to have escaped mental stairs flight of stairs to our department.

She appeared, failing; I close the door of the department.

— The sixth stall, you can go. Just lunch, say if you meet someone from inspectors that go out to dinner. But in this case would have to go back. I got it?

— Of course, thanks to you.

— Not for hot. — looked down, said Tamara Petrovna. Hearing rubs her heartbreaking sigh, rapidly approaching your workplace. It is necessary to bring everything in order, as it is Friday, and ahead of two days. And after a couple of minutes I was already at the entrance. With a sinking heart that no one found, I quickly went cabin number six on the way out and drove off briskly to the parking lot tram. To stop, just rolled up, creaking wheels of the tram track number three. The doors opened and the first came Isay, I went into the back, so we, by chance, have not encountered. Unpleasant feeling a wave receded from me only when the tram drove off. Through the window I could clearly see how leisurely gait Alexander began to climb the stairs to the sales pavilion, where our factory was selling different consumer goods of its own production. So, the head of the group does not intend to support products enter the factory, and especially in the department, and I went with quiet confidence further. Ending station tram «Kontraktova area» I came out, looked at his watch, the arrows showing 12—30. I did not want to go home, and I decided to walk on the St. Andrew’s descent, up to the St. Andrew’s Church and go down there by cable car to the metro station «Post area». Up cobblestone streets climb was not very easy, I soon found myself at the museum of the writer Bulgakov, tired, I did not want to go further. Staying at the monument to the writer, I began to examine the rows of traders souvenirs that are located on both sides of the bridge. Gaze slid to the stairs that led up to the top of Castle Hill. Something pushed me to the other side of the street, and I’m drawn by the strange feeling to go up there and decided to take a closer look around. And time will pass unnoticed. Inhale oxygen to healthy sleep, I thought. Slowly, I moved to the opposite side of St. Andrew’s Descent, and found himself at the ladder that got lost, hiding in the height of the branches of lush foliage. Vigorously knocking heels shoes, I flashed past the black-haired girl with long hair gathered tail. Casting a glimpse of my eyes, I stepped onto the pavement and disappeared from sight. I mechanically looked at her hair and lazy set foot on the ladder began to rise up. Bright orange and red leaves mixed with yellow leaves, sun glare shone softly and tenderly as velvet, the Rays made their way through it, illuminating its warmth all around. After rising for another fifteen meters, I stopped to catch my breath and from the height of the observation deck, opened a fabulous view of St. Andrew’s descent, a little further from the Dnepr could see pleasure boat slowly sailing against the current. As a toy boat from here to the heights he observed his white skeleton with figures of sitting on the deck at the tables of tourists. After standing for a little more, I got finally out of the maze of stairs and found him on the castle hill.

Then I decided to go in more detail at the places where most recently, in the spring, we Lilichka walked it seemed, even stride.

Trying not to look around, I was clearing an accelerated pace, stepping on the dry autumn grass, hiding the path trodden by tourists. My goal was a fragment of a wall of an ancient castle that has been preserved in non-dismantled masonry apparently due to complex approaches for transporting produced bricks. And most importantly, what attracted me to this side of the Castle Hill, the angle almost vertical cliff, abuts the Old Hem. I wanted a closer look at the junction of two sides of the mountain, so reminiscent of the truncated sides plastered with clay ancient pyramid. Certainly in this mountain there are hidden caves and tunnels that can be hidden treasures. This idea prompted me those black archeologists, we are faced here with Lily spring. Absorbed in these thoughts, I did not notice how he found himself near the ruins of the wall. Considering the close vicinity of the ground and decided to go behind the wall, in the clay-trodden path, a step to the trailing edge of the joint steep hills Mountains. With mine wondering what I was able to see, I realized that in addition to the steep hills overgrown with dry grass, I see nothing interesting, so decided to look around here where I am. Yes, and it is clear that all the moves in the different dungeons begin, of course, on the inner side locks, masked by all kinds of internal structure. And in general I have this quest order tired of that cost to rise by Andrew Descent from the Red Square here upstairs. Fatigue suddenly pulled hard, and I decided to leave, the benefit did not go down that climb mountains. With that, I began to walk away, walking on the rare remnants of ancient bridge. When he reached a small hill serving unremarkable hill, I found the cobblestone inconspicuous three concentric circles that we Lilichka found in the spring, and which I had forgotten. I, like the last time with interest began to consider this building, hardly noticeable for strolling tourists. At first glance, what catches the eye is that obviously someone has protected place for a fire, and the ashes and debris of various superficial circles almost razed to the ground and become invisible. But on the other hand, painfully stones laid out neatly and evenly. Lovers of barbecue and romantic night gatherings around the campfire with a guitar so be careful not to spread the ring. Obviously this place is for some mystical ritual action. The worship of fire, for example, when in a certain place kindle the fire, and then jump over the fire. It is believed that this burns all sins, cleansing fire jumping man through the ritual fire on the night of the pagan holiday of Ivan Kupala, once originated in ancient Russia. On the other hand, if the lock of the Kiev prince stood on top of the remnants of some megalithic structures, and on his orders ably filled viscous clay so that the steep slopes have become stronger and more criminal to the enemy. And inside, under the lock, to build auxiliary facilities and hiding places, and tunnels, and maybe there is all it was.

I’m guessing not noticed, as I stand in the center of the circle. He stopped there, looked around and stopped in surprise. In an instant, everything changed, the sky had taken refuge dense leaden clouds, and went cold pouring rain. Water poured from the sky in torrents, wind tore the pitiful remnants of autumn leaves on the trees. A gust of wet wind biting painfully lashed my cheeks and pushed out of the community. I rubbed my eyes involuntarily. The sun was shining peacefully rustling yellow and orange leaves of the maple that grew nearby. I wiped his wet face with his right hand, spread his matted hair on his head and instinctively looked at his watch. Arrows watches showed exactly 17—30. We must hurry, yet I will go to the subway, there will be about six in the evening. Of course, I had not yet been able to realize what had happened, so do not even managed to lose the sense of reality. And only managed to catch my breath as I was to reach the event happened adventure. I have mixed feelings, squelching shoes full of rain water, walked to the clearing pedestrian stairs, all accelerating and accelerating pace. And only on the steps, leaning on the railing viewing platform, began to take off shoes at a time, wringing wet socks. Trousers working suit, stick to the legs during walking, and the skin on the feet become irritated unpleasant, itchy body. I came home on time, I was met at the door his wife:

— Where have you lost an hour, eh? On Friday you work ends at five o’clock.

— Damn, I forgot. I lost and stayed there until six.

— And what is your Lubchenco, too, sat up to six?

— He was sent on a business trip and all at once fled early.

— Why are you so wet? — Lily noticed. — Rain like no. — Suspiciously examining me, he paused, waiting for an answer. Then, recollecting himself, he exclaimed:

— Run to the bathroom. Take a hot shower immediately and properly, keep warm. Then tell me where you doused himself water?

I walked into the bathroom, dropped into a bowl wet, and well washed under a warm shower.

And later on, and she could not clearly explain what happened to me, and where, and why, I’m drenched in the rain…

Chapter Three

On Monday, as usual, I went to work at 9 am. In the department at his workplace was Isai Tamara Petrovna. Their faces were tense and fun as it usually happens. After greeting, I proceeded to your workplace.

— Valentin Albertovich, come here a minute. — Ton, unlikely to lead to anything good, I called Alexander.

— What? — I asked, approaching nearer.

— You saw the chief of staff when you leave the factory for lunch and did not return, was it?

— He could not see me. — I said, looking into her eyes shy Tamara Petrovna. What Petrovna said:

— Valentin, do not look at me like that. Just Nikolai Andreyevich since his office oversees staff. You can not see, and he sees all.

I instantly realized that deceit, and took a job that made an enemy number one in the person of Chief of Staff. And in order to defuse the situation, he asked: — And when it’s leaves on vacation? — What Isaiah said: — He is a workaholic and always prefers the winter holidays, the New Year.

— Yes, I was not lucky.

— And not just you. — Isay said in a threatening tone. — For such violations deprive prize not only you, but the whole department. — He paused and frowned at one point. I looked in the direction of his gaze. On the drawing board drawing board, which looked Isai, it seemed to me that there is a wisp of smoke began to stand out as a magnifying glass focused on the sunbeams. A ubiquitous Tamara Petrovna, in a hollow voice, suddenly said, looking moist eyes at Alexander Vasilievich:

— Sasha, maybe something can be done for the first time after all?

— Yes, I’ll talk to Shchekin; Nikolai Andreyevich good guy for the first time may take place. — At the same time, we went to the workplace and in our group a tense silence reigned, nervous heard rustling paper drawing so slamming leafed through the folders with the drawings. Soon, Tamara Petrovna flew into the shop, followed by the left and Alexander. And my annoyance again cramped throat, a lump has risen to the sky foreboding disaster. Still disappointing early career overshadow the reprimand, all the troubles of the alleged collective blame one person, and that person turned out to be me. It became unbearable to sit in this room, to hear sniffling colleagues work and catch them sidelong glances. And even two students intern Polytechnic Institute assigned to our department to serve posited practice began to whisper, glancing warily at me. Well, at least Lubchenco Alexander Vladimirovich was not, well, Golde Alexander Askoldovich him.

Perfectly beaten track working, I could not stay longer in the room and breathe the smell of ammonia from the air, from fresh copies of the drawings, neatly arranged in the drawing folder. What do you do in this, absolutely idiotic situation, I did not know, and we ought to get out into the fresh air and think calmly their behavior among these people, snapped at me. Saving idea came suddenly and somehow immediately pushed for action: — «Yes, this well-wishers say that you need to see a dentist, the tooth hurts.» Ideas for saving hint, I began waiting impatiently Isaiah. And on a whim, he flew into the department, with the words:

— Folder forgot drawings.

Without giving him time to recover, I quickly ran to him: — Alexander!

— Yes, yes, I will listen carefully?

— I would be a doctor.

— Something urgent?

— Yes. I wanted to take time off in the morning, but due to our five-minute out of my head.

— Yes, I also surprise even forgotten folder.

— I suffered a two output, thought himself to be held, and there it was. Yes, I firmly decided on Friday to the doctor with this tooth, but, frankly, was afraid. So that?

— Well, that’s so good, I asked to go to and no talking. Come into frames, take a leave. Only now, that does not catch your eye Shchekin. There is Zinaida Maksimovna, it will issue a leave and sign for it, and I’ll sign it. Well, let’s go, and the tooth hurts even more. — The words of Sasha our eyes sparkling smile.

— And where to find you?

— Listen, Valentine, I’m not old, come on, «You», but then I somehow embarrassed to talk to you, this we all Lubchenco only «you» says.

— Yes OK. Well, I went. And then for you to sign.

— Yeah, let’s go. Do you know where our clinic? Today, there is just a dentist accepts.

— I have mother-in-law at the Institute of Dentistry, opposite the Bessarabia Market, physician-scientists are working stoma. He is waiting for me already.

— So go. — He put the folder with drawings under his arm and ran out the door. And I with a sigh of relief went through the cabin number six. Asked on duty there woman on duty — Where to go? — I said that going for a furlough. This procedure took me less than ten minutes. And five minutes later I triumphantly presented a leave guard in the booth number six. That long considered a piece of paper with the signatures, I could not resist, did quipped: — Signatures are all genuine, what’s wrong?

— There must be signed Chief of Staff.

— But there Maksimovna signed Zinaida, she has the right to a formal management approval of the plant and the secret part. — I do not give up. The guard stared at me with her evil little eyes, and slowly without taking his eye mouse slowly slipped on a piece of paper sticking out the pin, which has a pile hanging severance passes.

— Come on! — He muttered, pressing the pedal stop rotating cross. I like to springs charged jumped into the fresh air of the factory gate and collided with Isay.

— Alexander, but where are you?

— I was in the frames. Think of a question about your AWOL removed. Well, there is a separate entrance from the second floor. So that’s all right. — With a smile, a reassuring look at me, my team leader.

— Yes, Friday and today will not be tabulated.

— It is clear that I do not get a penny these days. — But Isaiah was no longer there. With the drawing of a mouse, he stood on the steps of the entrance porch and talked with the military in the form of Soviet Navy.

There remains, finally, with himself, I walked slowly walking along the tram tracks towards the Red Square. There near the monument to Ukrainian philosopher Gregory pan, I sat down on a wooden bench, and began to reflect on his present position in the design department of special plant «Electric appliance». Bus passing by, some stayed near the bench where I was sitting. Finally, it dawned on me that I was still in the parking lot route. I had to, got up and walked in the direction of Andrew’s descent. Following along the rows of souvenir, I noticed a familiar climbing the stairs towards the top of Castle Hill. Legs like themselves-gales motion in this direction, and, most surprisingly, I did not feel any fatigue. And all this guilt was indescribable thirst for unexplored miracle. I wanted to feel again the strange change in the weather, and I went straight to this magic circle, without knowing why. Excitement filled my senses. I would particularly like to feel like a researcher unidentified phenomena of nature, which can not be said, even the closest people, to not consider you not quite adequate mood. But today’s conversation in the department said unpleasant metamorphosis so that I would generally send everything and plunge into something predictable, once and for all put an end to the humiliation of the deed weathered minutes misconduct. No longer hesitate, I looked at his watch, not to be late home, and not to betray the fact that I did not have the whole day at the factory. The time was exactly eleven zero, zero, and the inscription of the day, «medium», of course, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one. Having determined the time, I boldly stepped into the center of the circle. Instantly everything changed. Trees and shrubs why they became half the size. Some of the trees did not exist either in place or nearby. There was a lot of space and light, and it was cool. And on the branches of bushes and trees near the foliage was not observed. Wind does not feel the warmth of the sun was shining, but not warmed. Shivering from the cold, I stepped back from the community, to the place where you just stood in amazement, nothing happened. Landscape, which has just changed in an instant, was unchanged. I froze with fear. Repeatedly jumping in the middle of the circle, and back I tried to go back into your reality, but all in vain. My manipulations to nothing lead. Desperate, I realized what had happened. I do not have my measurements, I’m in another reality. I began feverishly to think what it could mean. The idea came desperate to lose examples of people in the caves, extinction of entire crews of vessels on the high seas, and even remembered the ghost train, disappeared in the early nineteenth century, the Italian tunnel with passengers. Gradually, I began to come to life, struggling with despair of his foolish act. Then it became a logical co-deliver the facts, trying to find a memory of a constructive approach to the incident. In this new dimension, I found the cut tree stump and sat on it. The body immediately felt the cold touch, but I did not care, I have ceased to feel the cold. Reflecting on his back, I still could not believe that it happened to me. After sitting a little more, I made a last attempt. With eyes closed, he came to the center, and carefully opened his eyes, slowly raising the eyelashes. Everything was in place, nothing is changing. I had to go back on the stump. The cold and despair slowly left me, came to replace the cold and sober thinking of the fact of what happened. I began to think more coolly. Thus, if this phenomenon exists, then there is a de facto. So the one who came into this reality, that of it and went out, otherwise there would be observed this black spot, as many as three circles. But that meant three laps. In my case, it may mean only that the first time I walked in and was able to get out immediately. This is indicated by the outer circle. The second round, medium, means that for the second time a man stuck in a foreign reality for a long time. But that means an average circle appear that this phenomenon exists and that there is in this place. A person faced with this phenomenon, how to stay fork-encrypted message to his counterpart in misery, do not despair, you can come back and come back at a certain time. Yesterday! Not on Friday, pushed me back into my reality. So, on Friday I can come back and come back another year. What to do? It should be a year, somewhere to live, something to eat and drink, to do something. Well, my God, wow, that’s it got involved. To tell you will not believe, I do not consider in their mind. Well, the fact happened and the decision is made. It is necessary to survive in the new reality, not to be lost, and to control the situation. After all, I’m in Kiev range of people should be the main thing will be defined with the local reality, well, at least to know what year and what’s going on here? And stay in the shade and not to attract attention. So, I begin to adapt, to get to my cart-hour rotation, which will come on Friday, the next year in late September, the 25th day.

Reassure myself of this opportunity to return to my reality, I have decided to move quietly to explore a strange reality. Coming through the wet grass to dry the proposed tourism ladder, I was horrified to find solid bushes, through the bare branches, which, viewed a steep cliff that fell straight to the Little House on St. Andrew descent. In desperation, looked at St. Andrew’s Church, which from the height of the Castle Hill It was well visible and are still standing as a beacon in its rightful place, where she was once hoisted the famous architect Rastrelli. From this my heart was a little lain, and I self-preservation instinct, just mechanically, almost nothing is not knowing rushed as misguided ship in the ocean, in the light of this beacon of hope given to shaving.

When he reached the edge of the top, I found a trodden path that led down the hill, which lost further in the direction of the church. Along the path quickly began to descend from the mountain front it was another hill, not as big as Castle Hill. After it, I went down into the street St. Andrew’s Descent. There were no traders souvenirs or series of artists with their creations. The old dilapidated houses clung to one another. Some

The walls were flaky, which emanated from the musty basements and terrible poverty. By me were people dressed in old, battered clothes and curiously regarded Wail my working clothes consisting of a cloth jacket colors sun-bleached grass, wet shoes, a white shirt with a black collar and tie speckled, given to me for my birthday my wife. I decided not to focus on the views of passers-by and move on to the church. We saw a kiosk steps «Sojuzpechat.» He came closer, looked in the window booth. He looked at me with a face that seller big nose and sharp gray eyes, as if to ask what interests you, young man. I became curious to consider storefront with exposed logs, «Crocodile», «Young technician», «Soviet Sport» and other publications. Stallman does not pause first, he asked me:

— You must travel, young man? — Heard the voice, I was glad of human speech, and restraining the emotions and excitement, asked in turn:

— And you can find the magazine «Health» you have?

— Of course, we sell, but it gets a little kiosk better to write, just fifty rubles a year. — But I was tormented by one question, what year, day and month? And I began to ask again, at random: — Now September thirtieth, and the following month, in October, I can write? — Began to carefully observe the reaction Stallman, but he did not blink, then a month and day was all right, but, as for the year? But Stallman himself told me a year.

— You know, at the fifty-third better to write at once, that’s a month before the end of the fifty-two, you have to write, and it may be that not enough. This magazine is the most popular here in Kiev.

— Hey, you’re stuck there?! — I heard a gruff voice behind him. — You take or not take?

— What for travel rush?! — Shouted a man Stallman.

— Yeah, come on; carry on the war veteran snowstorm, your business trip nothing happens. Give’s better magazine «Soviet Sport». I check on «Dynamo» with «Spartacus» played?

But I was not listening. It was clear that the court of one thousand nine hundred and fifty second year, September 30, and in the calendar that hung in the window of a kiosk, I saw that today is Tuesday.

Chapter Four

It was necessary to solve something. Day has steadily moved to the end. It was getting cold, and there is no desire to be behind bars. But this was young and healthy, because that distant time, from Kiev where the homeless were taken away, arranging them on the job, after identification. I have, except the red badge at the «Electric appliance» no up-Document was not. Therefore, the most reliable option, and there was one, pretend to the poor old man and get out of the city to the village. I recalled my childhood, trying to remember myself at that age and all who come to us for alms. My God, of course there was one poor man, he lived in our village and my grandmother felt sorry for him and fed occasionally. I even guessed somewhere in the subconscious mind who it was. Of course it was me. Since my fifty-two years, I was six, of course, could not the poor and the old self to consider in more detail. I remember only that I had a long gray beard and gray hair. No wonder, after experiencing a throw back in time, you can completely turn gray. And my beard grows back quickly, and in the spring and in the summer I’m just going with a long beard and white hair. I still remembered that a beggar named Dorosh. In those days the poor old men do not pay attention. They were sitting near the church, begging and the authorities avoid them, because «God» people did not represent any harm to the Soviet authorities and was under the protection of the clergy. Also, the mendicant elder at the church, allowed to eat in the dining room for the poor. You could eat and keep warm. So, I had to be transformed into a beggar, this was the only guarantee that in a year I’ll get to that time portal and go back to your reality. How to be with this transformation. We must find a stick. And stick with unusual shapes to be seen that this old man, under the weight of his years it is difficult to walk, and he had to rely on the crutch. The most important thing to find a simple and unpretentious clothes. In the marketplace, you can dump the bags get thrown out of the forage. Just in 1952, he acted Hay Market, which sold fodder, hay, horse harness, oats and various household utensils. There you can reach an agreement prior to my native village Shpitki, Kiev Sviatoshynsky area. In the village acted church, a replica of the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev. Before the Revolution, it was the residence of the famous Shpitki Tereshchenko sugar manufacturer, who also invested in the construction of the church. Deacon Theodosius Kuzmovich, sang in the church choir and worked part-collective farm beekeeper. And I often ran to him dine honey. He generously gave me fresh honey, and we talked with him. Of course, I was there and I’ll be here in such an old man, or I will not survive in this reality in the 1952 — ’53. It is not yet evening, I decided to start its transformation from Hay market, which at the hem. As it was, by the way, that I do not accidentally pulled out of his pants pocket volume plastic bag, wore it on the safe side for the food rations that were given to us for a deduction from wages. In this bag, I hide my clothes, somewhere on Castle Hill that would be at the appointed time to change clothes and go back through the portal at the time.

On Haymarket bazaar merchants have quietly folded. Some carts on the left, selling their goods. Peering closely at the cart, consisting of two horses, carts with straw and sketched empty baskets, and most importantly a man sled as if came out of those early childhood memories. Yes, it was the same as Uncle Vanya, which the first I knew at an early age, the husband of my aunt’s home Ghani. I lost my head from that, I wanted to run to him, to say who I am, and tell all that happened to me. But sober mind prompted to do reckless actions. To how it come to his senses, and make an informed decision, I grabbed his tie and began to take off his sharp nervous movements. To cope with it, folded and put a tie into the inner pocket of his jacket, still watch underwater. By the sled approached the woman, a teen girl in each arm were shopping cart. Skimp on the proceeds from the sales of their goods money, buy different delicacies, and now leave. I heard a woman’s aunt Manya and her daughter Olga, or in a simple way it was called Les. And then saving thought occurred to me how on a whim and that if I pretend to be the nephew of the brother of my grandmother. Especially because my grandmother Sribnaya Eugene Lavrentevna have not stayed in his home town of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. Armed with this decision, I rushed to the wagon of Uncle Vanya.

— Hello, good people! — Approaching the cart, «I said cautiously, waiting for an answer. Leska, unfriendly and looked at me warily, muttering to come out into the cart Uncle Vanya: — Yes, go already! — Aunt Manya shouted at her: — Shut up, you do not ask. We learn what it takes to the young man. — By adopting this sign suggestions made that I need, I started the presentation of his legend.

— I told the people that you are from Shpitek. And my uncle, Gregory Lavrent’evich asked to call my Aunt Eugenia Lavrentevna and learn how she Shpitki lives there. As her health, well, a little of everything to find out. And ask when she’s going to come on a visit to his brother? — All this I made, trying to take the time to hide the excitement and coldness daughter Aunt Mani.

— Yes, and so we can tell you about our grandmother. On that Shpitki go? — Again intervened Leska. I winced at the words. I, as I could restrain myself not to betray his resentment, patiently waiting for an answer Aunt Mani.

— Eugene Lavrentevna will be very pleased to meet you. That you specially came to visit my mother?

— No. I arrived on a business trip at the «Electric appliance» of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky.

— A long time to us?

— No, just three days. On Saturday leaving.

— And what are you going? — Not appeased Aunt Manya.

— Course on riding a. How to go there then. — Suddenly our conversation interrupted Uncle Vanya: — So you are coming or not?

— Of course, the food.

— As soon climb to the carriage, and that is get, it will be dark.

I’m in no time jumped on the cart, unusually delicious smelling of freshly cut straw and at that moment felt such peace, and this peace, after troubles experienced that about everything forgotten. The eyes themselves were closed under the swaying rhythmically walking horses and wagon wheels bouncing. I was awakened by a hail of Uncle Vanya:

— You lie down, and then you will fall under the wheels, even cripple. — I did not argue, but simply stretched out on the straw and fell into oblivion. Just I heard the voice of Aunt Manya, who said — I guess not sleep at night on the train? — To whom she said these words, I did not know already, sleep overcame me and just loud:

— Tprr-p-oo-oo! — It sounded in my ear. I startled, opening his eyes. The wagon was standing at the gate of our house, painted in dark red color. Sunset was already in full swing, I threw off his sheepskin hood, which I hid Aunt Manya and you horse carts from the ground.

Pretending not to know what the house asked — So, what’s here? It is home to my Aunt Eugenia?

— And that Uncle Gregory did not show a photo gate, or what?

— Yes show.

— Well, that looks like? — Ask Aunt Manya. — On goodies Aunt Eugenia tell, tell you what we brought from the market.

— Do you have documents? — Asked Uncle Vanya, squinted slyly, smiling at me. I silently took a pass shoved under his nose. — You watch and photograph printing with the arms, Oli will show, and she have power.

I took a bundle with two French rolls from Aunt Manya and walked the familiar path, lined with bushes orange flowers to such familiar wooden corridor.

The door was already locked. I knocked. The door creaked open and the hallway steps shuffled my grandmother painfully familiar steps and her voice:

— And who is there such?

— This is your nephew from your brother Gregory of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky.

— From Gregory? — Grandma opened the door, and her wrinkled face broke into a smile. — Kolya, Kolya Well it’s your name?

— Yes — I agreed and added, — I’m on a business trip for three days. On Saturday Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky train.

— Well, come on, you live here. And when you leave, you pass a letter Grisha.

— Thank you Aunt Zhenya, I’m so give your brother, he still wants to know when you come to visit him?

Well, on this we agree with him. Let him write more often. And you have things no one bundles.

I said that things are in a private hotel, there is a train ticket. I arrived on Friday. Monday handed over documents specifically requested that they gave me more days, so you’ll see. So I’m here.

— Well, come in, come in. Supper will be today.

I’m in awe, I went into the corridor to the pain home with sacks of grain feed for chickens and pigs in a sty. One is forced to look up to the ceiling, but it is, there piled swallow’s nest. And behind the door opposite the entrance to the hall, there was a small pantry, fitted under a chicken coop. All rational and comfortable, but what about sanitation, poor sanitation course in the face, but all naturally and without too much pathos. We entered into a large room, equipped for the kitchen. Almost in the middle of the room stood a stove. It was a magnificent structure. Grandma in the oven in the morning light a fire and put the stew in a clay pot meal. Oh, what a wonderful hot succeed in this dish with a spicy taste of smoke, hot melt in the mouth, causing a fragrant flavor of bay leaf, peppercorns and juicy fried pork ribs. To the right of the entrance stood under the window all the same kitchen table, which was suitable for a family dinner and for cutting of pig carcasses, and I did it once learned, when I was in school. Scary to think that there is in my reality, there is no longer the house with his income, and the people who lived in it. The heart ached painfully, when I saw my mother. Still quite young, and himself, a six-year boy, out-look at me. At this moment, I would like to point to himself those mistakes that will make this boy. As I wanted to protect him from hardship and privation, to reward him, except I have committed the fatal action. But it’s all a dream. Should I hint at how immediately accused of fraud and ambushes behind bars, to perform unpaid work in what may be a colony, in terms of making the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in the struggle for a brighter future. And that was me, they do not dig into your memory to remember the boy’s reaction, that is, I responded to myself. I remembered my grandfather’s nephew Gregory appearance, and I pined after his departure. I’m afraid not enough male paternal affection, and this guest showed me so much attention and care that strongly etched in memory, and helped me to overcome the taunts of others, pointing out that not all people are bad, there are good, for which to live and fight.

My mother and I sat at a table near the window, and my grandmother fussed at the stove, taking a warm hot pots. Mother took a deep dish of servant, who was standing to the left of the door, filed a grandmother, she went into her bedroom and made out a bottle of clear, like a tear fluid, hoisted the bottle on the table, said briefly:

— Moonshine.

The boy sat down on a chair beside him and received a portion of roast meat, and then said:

— Grandma, I will not eat fat. — What grandmother said, — You will not, because you will not.

— That would eat bacon, then would have been strong, but not as thin as a rake. — I told our mother to us and began to pour the vodka into glasses. Filling said:

— Come on, Nicholas, let’s drink to our acquaintance and that we lived and come to pass.

— Tell me what’s making your uncle Gregory? What does?

— Pigeon rides in the morning. — I replied.

— All the same pigeon, as a child. — Could not stand grandmother

— So, except for the pigeons, he no longer any classes? — Pouring a second glass Moonshine, his mother asked.

— Well, why — overturning a glass, — I replied. — First he asked me to Aunt Wife, to the letter she had sent him a bushel foot Valik. And when Aunt Zhenya coming to visit him, will be ready for Valik boots, he sew.

— Yes, he is a good master, golden hands. He told me, and we all sewed boots and shoes, very beautiful. All the girls on our street envied. I used to braid her hair, and go out with the girls stroll in the evening to the river. But how heavily the song, all the guys came running to us at the gatherings. Like this!

— Oh well. — Summed up the mother. — I’ll go to your bed couch Cole, and then get up early tomorrow. And you, Nicholas, if you want, you can go out for a smoke. And in general, when you want, you can go to bed. — Pointing to a spacious bed in her bedroom at the wardrobe, his mother said, adding. — The door is open, we sleep with the door open. — With these words, I went to lay my bed.

At this moment, I remain, as in a dream. I could not believe that this is all reality, not a dream, not a movie, but in reality. Wonderful. Metamorphosis of a continuum in which we live and will live. Using Proposition mother, I went out into the yard. Walk at dusk in the courtyard. He inspected the barn, which was our cow Zorka, and slept in a pig fence. I went to the restroom, which was behind the barn, and remembered Aunt Manya at the request of threshed grandmother coolies bread bat suspended on a stick-taped rawhide strap. And I’m on I unfortunately crawled out of curiosity, and received in the forehead. But it was time to go into the house, go to sleep…

This autumn morning dawned warm and sunny. His mother was already at work. Grandmother swarmed the oven. I left the room and began to wash the garbage as it has repeatedly done in my time here. Gaining from a mug of drinking water in your mouth and his mouth watered at hand. Myles hand then, repeat the procedure, washing hands with soap suds. After washing, wiped with a towel. Grandma was invited to the table and me baby. I have to keep up the conversation, asked: — potatoes dug up already?

— It has long been dug. We helped Niusia and children. — She had a mind of their children, and our aunts with Valiks.

— Auntie, will not mind if I went to the park Valik?

— Go, while I eat cooked.

The kid was very happy, and picked up a ball. I took his hand, and we went out of the gate. There alleys of old lime trees planted since the time Tereshchenko sugar manufacturer, we have seen the way ants. As these workers, moving one after another, dragging on itself who slice the stalk of grass, one tiny leaf and who morsel black beetle wing. I’m walking with my little six year old copy of the park, I told him stories, in which heroes were brave and courageous travelers, the overcoming hardships encountered on their way. I felt like the boy was interesting to me, but what bothered me the most, is that I can not tell a child what to expect at will-present. But I wanted to do in that no matter what, and I could not. I could not because the baby immediately tells his mother, and she sure to tell about me in the village council Zdorenko, chairman. So I decided to build his sly dialogue. After all, I was left for two days.

The next day came a cousin Nyuska. She was sixteen years old and she was considered Valik older sister, even though I knew it was not true. And that her baby could not stand for her hurtful and sociable character. We tried to escape with the baby in the park. There I told him the story about a boy, who at twelve years helped rescue two pilots of an unidentified flying object, or in other words, a spacecraft. And for that, the Rescue of Astronauts, the boy was awarded the unique abilities and even sang three of his best, the most important goal.

— But if in your life will occur such an event that you would ask for?

Kid frowned, thought for a long time, and then said:

— I want to live forever and never die.

— Anything else?

— I want a lot of friends.

— Anything else?

— I want to help other people, not to hurt, and live forever.

— Valik, when you have an event in your life, asks a lot of money, so that you can help people. Without money nothing can be done, even a dog to help.

— And that I will have it?

— All can be, well, just in case you keep that in mind, okay?

— Yes OK. — The kid fell silent and deep in thought. Then suddenly he asked seriously:

— And when it will happen.

— I don’t know. I just told you, just in case, so that in life you take the right decisions. — The boy again seriously looked at me and said: — Uncle Nick, I’ll make the right decisions.

— That’s right, well done. — Encouraged by the praise, the kid beamed a happy smile. And I began to speak to him one more case of his future:

— Well, even when you might be ten years, never pull the colt Uncle Vanya by the tail. Because the colt hit you in the forehead. Horses can not drag their tails. Promise me that.

Kid again seriously looked at me, then asked:

— You, Uncle Kolya pulled the colt, and he banged your head on the hoof?

— Yes. — And I showed him the scar on the right side of the forehead. The kid laughed good-naturedly, saying that he was not such a fool to carry the horses tails.

— And you know how to fight? — I asked him.

— What?

— And the fact that when the son of Uncle Vanya comes to you and starts to tease you insulting words, it is better not to answer him.

— Why? I told him how to give?

— No, I do not. You’re stronger than he is a boy, but he can hit you with a stick of branched apple and will break your skull. Listen to me, do not plant it. Promise me good! So he did not say.

— Well, I will not answer him.

— Correctly. If you’ll remember, and do all that I told you, you will be strong, healthy and full of money.

Kid confidently puffed out his chest, as if he was an adult and confident voice:

— Uncle Nick, do not leave us, please. — Became a whimper. I took out a handkerchief, blew his nose and wiped his tears, to cheer the boy’s words: — Well, well, you’re a man. And men do not cry. — I looked at him, and I myself have a cat clawing like, so I was sorry for him. It was a pity himself. What am I going to do all year, how to live? And anyway, if I survive? The third day I spent with the roll in the park. We played soccer. Viewed birds of different colors, and again I reminded him of his clever stories that he kept himself. Before leaving, my grandmother gave me a letter to his brother. To the delight of my envelope was signed. I had no choice but to drop it in the mailbox in Kiev, when I come to town.

On Saturday, I woke up early in the morning. Grandma gave me on the track in the oven roasted cockerel, boiled potatoes, bread and cakes with poppy seeds, which are specially baked for my departure. All this I hoisted in a plastic bag, which is placed at the bottom of the linen bags wrapped in newspaper.

My grandmother asked me, why do you want bags? I told him that Uncle Gregory ordered me to buy Fodder for pigs and pigeons, and the bags in the afternoon with fire not find. And I was given three bags, the benefit of this stuff on the farm «Bolshevik» were many. Of course, I leave his house did not want to. With a sense of irreparable loss forever, I got nowhere…

Chapter Five

The sun had shone its rays heavy dew on the flowers, on both sides of the track, on which I accompanied my grandmother to the gate. Gravity separation crushed stone, pressed to the ground, his legs did not want to go with this heavenly place, but the mind and the reality of feeling defeated, and I reluctantly trudged along the old fence enclosing a slender number of chestnut trees in our garden. Birch, even not with a thick trunk and a high fun rustled me goodbye with gold leaves, chestnuts carpet of road paved with me Coy their leaves my way to the cobbled road on which I have to go to three kilometers of the highway. On the side of the highway was a small village with a romantic name «Dream», there stops the shuttle bus to Kiev. In the 52 th year, the villagers Shpitki drove his bus to the market, and who are younger and work in Kiev. Grandma put to me on the track three rubles in his pocket, I was incredibly pleased. Walking on the pavement along the poplar trees planted on both sides of my way, I’m wondering in your mind what to do next with my odyssey where to start and how to live in a strange and very difficult time in 1952. From the stories I remembered that this year, full of repression. Especially Stalin took up the doctors. And the whole company was conducted, and the spy was present everywhere. Population pounding on each other, accused of espionage of any person, which is something not said or otherwise dressed, in which found the machinations of imperialism and undermining the foundations of the Soviet Union. So do not blink of an eye, as you can be in places not so remote. Pretending weak elder, can be avoided this fate. And live bad poor 1953, to get to my return to the promised time.

With such sad thoughts I got to dream. On the dusty road, near the highway stood six people waiting for the bus. They examined me undisguised curiosity. Two fat women in white headscarves and carrying baskets of pears, began to openly discuss my appearance, seeing my ironed pants and a jacket. It seemed that my white shirt makes an indelible impression on these young women. The bus came from Buzova, another village located by Darling at a distance of three kilometers. Of course, he picked up the passengers and there was full. Pushing each other waiting passengers, somehow got into the interior of the bus. My right shoulder was the fragrant basket of pears. Shaking on uneven road, the bus rolled in the direction of Kiev.

In Svyatoshino, the final tram stop, I sat on the tram №3 and drove to Downtown. Left at stop «Bessarabia market.» On the main street of Kiev here and there were repairs. Ball and took traders from the surrounding villages. There covered pavilion were horse carts and covered wagons, city life was in full swing. In the center of Downtown we have walked trolley and I without hesitation jumped into coming up №20. At the bus stop «Post Office» came out of the alley and headed on foot to the St. Michael’s Square, where to Andrew Descent, a stone’s throw. Since it happened that my fault movement in the past was a historic place, so I decided to go back and transform it into an old man who lives on alms. The familiar kiosk decided to buy a newspaper and read about the situation in the country and Kiev. Familiar kiosk «Sojuzpechat» for my absence will not move, still stood in their place. Stallman immediately recognized me.

— Well, how are you? Home soon?

— Good country Bulgaria and Russia are the best! — I decided to answer the words of fashion at the time of the song.

— So you are from Russia? — Continued its inquiry curious Stallman.

— I’m from Leningrad. Here on a business trip. — I took a pass on the plant and put it under his nose. Stallman began to carefully examine my picture, official stamp. And suddenly, his eyes gazing at me over his glasses, climbed out of their sockets. He once again looked into a detailed booklet, which I have not letting go, holding his face.

— Something I do not understand, young man, some confusion in your document? — And then I came to this terrible mistake, because I did not pay particular attention to the issue of the year, noted in the pass. We had to do something. But Stallman began speaking almost in a whisper to me:

— I’ve been working for a long time and I all had a chance to observe in life, I tell you exactly from the future? — I looked at it attentive and serious eyes, said:

— That happened to me a disaster. What do I do I do not know, came to work at the «Electric appliance» that the street Glubochetskoy 17, bam, and fifty second year.

— You know, come to us. Tell it like it in your time. What is expected? What can we expect any change?

— And you can help me. I have to wait a year, then opened this place, and I can go home to their own reality.

— I will help you. — Enthusiastically spoke Stallman. — My name is Leonid A. Sikorski.

— Do you happen to a relative of the famous designer of helicopters Sikorsky?

— Easy, you say so out loud, of course, this is my cousin. Here he is, and I am suffering here. I’ll help you. I see you are an educated young man can tell me a lot out there that you have to eighty-one going on and what has happened already. — Speaking these words, Leonid Abramowitz, has set a sign, «closed», and closed the castle window booth. Then he ran out of the stall and vigorously began to close the window of metal shutters, which hung on the window curtains and were driven to the left and right side of the kiosk. Soon rod concealing these shutters, hung a heavy padlock.

— I’m going to lock the kiosk at the castle, and we will go to me. Shirt, this is my husband, had promised to cook a pike on her special recipe, as it is able, Yum. Wait a little, a little. — He quickly ran to the kiosk and began to rattle it lock, locking the kiosk.

At this time, I have someone gently took her elbow. I turned and saw a familiar face girl. Her jet-black eyes looked carefully, seriously and cautiously. I saw her black hair tied back in a long tail and immediately remembered where I could see her. In memory of that tragic event came when I decided to climb the stairs to the Castle Mountain and the girl went down.

— Do not answer that. Immediately follow me. — Saying these words, she quickly became a go at St. Andrew descent. When I saw her, and then I heard, I realized that it would help me, because certainly knows the vagaries of time portal. And not paying any attention to Leonid Abramovich cries, he rushed the girl only had Sikorski said: — Do not tell anyone about me, or you misunderstood by others. Goodbye Leonid Abramowitz!

— Good-bye, young man, do not think badly of me. — His last words I could barely make out, because I have no time for it. She is clearly moving in the direction of the hill; from which I came down into the street St. Andrew’s Descent. She turned around, before stepping into the lane and making sure that I’m going after him, I moved along the path up the hill. I would like quickened his pace but she kept the distance and walked in front of light springy gait, already rising to the Castle Mountain. I do laps it stopped. Raising his right hand, he gave me a sign to stop. Distance from her was fifteen meters, I stood rooted to the spot, not knowing what was happening. I could clearly see how she stepped into the center of the circle, and it melted like a ghost. I heart pounding with excitement, shaking all over with impatience, I rushed to the community, and without hesitation, jumped into the center. Instantly transformed all around. Yellow leaves on the trees and the bushes have not fallen down, and the sun was shining in the middle of the day. I did not stay in the circle, and quickly left. The girl I saw in front. Her long black hair rushed to the beat of tripping. I went after him. She first came to the stairs and quickly ran downstairs, I could not catch up with her, and lost sight of. Andrew’s descent lived his measured life. Merchants souvenirs. At St. Andrew’s Church Alley artists. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. But the concern did not leave me. And to make sure that I went back in time, I went to the first available merchant badges and heraldry asked:

— Do not you tell me what day it is? — He looked searchingly at me, smiled and said:

— Drink less necessary. And to be precise, today September 30, Tuesday, one you Syacha nine hundred eighty-first year. — I almost blurted out — «can not be!» — But recollecting himself, said:

— Thank you! — And he added — Unlike you, I do not drink and do not smoke. — I turned away from him, began to think what to do next, and the next I heard only: — And the girls do not touch.

I came home, as if nothing had happened. Asked Lily — And what kind of a chicken and pies? — Answer: — The plant was given rations, so I took one. There were even apples and onions, but I refused.

— Wow, you still here and the newspaper, however, still not dried out ink printing. And the hell we need these bags? — Shaking in the air a bundle of linen bags, his wife wanted to know. Not paying attention to her words, said just that in the edition of the newspaper:

— Yes, it’s anniversary edition. — The wife did not try to find out what anniversary, and I did not spend it in the details. The next day, I went to work and began working diligently at his workplace…

Book — 2 Mysterious stranger

Chapter First

Mystical adventure that happened to me yesterday, did not want to disappear without a trace from memory. I could not believe what I lived for four days in the fifty-second year, and one eyebrow does not lead, not noticing my disappearance. But the changes that have happened with my body, I felt at once. My scar on his forehead somewhere disappeared, as if no trace of the hoof, and the colt, was not at all, but on the site of a small dent on the crown of the head from a blow dry twig apple of my cousin, the son of Uncle Vanya, and not a trace. All this confirms the fact that I was still there in the fifty-two, and my youngest double, that is, myself, has protected himself against unpleasant abrasions and double from the future, which judging from the changes in my body, have already occurred. So, it is confirmed by the fact that our reality exists in parallel with the same reality, but only in the past.

Lubchenco returned from a business trip. He brought a lot of impressions from the trip. Admire the abundance of products on store shelves, «Peter» and the whisper complained about our poverty.

But the romantic mood of Alexander Vladimirovich to Leningrad, did not stop him from subordinates to require execution of the work plan. And my adventures, which are firmly entrenched in my head prevented this. We are distracted at work, but because the work for me was well known and established, I was doing it on time and almost mechanically precise and unmistakable. This greatly helped me to reflect and compare the facts of my recent accident. Unpleasant was only one, is that I could not get anyone to share and discuss their adventure and happily forget to live and themselves experience for future retirement, to which I had to live another 27 years.

Once Lubchenco called us before you start working on a five-minute and said that managers were obliged to organize a movement sector mentoring. I did not attach much importance to continue to identify and design errors in the drawings, to eliminate them by the rules established by GOST and inform the production halls.

Tamara Petrovna, with every care in my shop, immediately takes off and followed me around. I do not like extremely. But knowing touchy customs of the female character, I did not say anything to her about it. I still cherished the hope that this is just a random case and manufacturing only. But, it was the system. I could not resist and said Lubchenco. He calmly replied:

— Tamara Petrovna order of the plant is assigned an official mentor. Well, since we have a young, or not, the newly arrived employees, except for you Valentin, no one, that’s you, and attach it.

— And now, this employee will run after me in the bathroom? — Lubchenco slyly smiled, then said seriously: — She surcharge to pay ten rubles for mentoring, but it acting also includes discipline ward. And at the end of each month, it must be accountable to the mentoring work done by Golde in writing to submit my signature number of outstanding issues with you.

— Is it possible somehow to limit its hounds run after me? — On that, Lubchenco said shortly.

— You can not.

The next day, our group, Isaiah Tamara Petrovna, waiting for me at the workplace Alexander Vasilyevich.

— Valentine, this is Tamara P. complains about you, you do not come up to her and did not ask questions about mentoring?

— And that, Sasha, do you think that I should have production problems for a woman with no higher technical education? — I said those words, not looking in the direction of Tamara Petrovna. What she suddenly snorted like a horse bridle and loud for the entire department, he shouted:

— I was appointed by order of the plant was a mentor to you, and I am obliged to follow the instructions of his superiors!

— So you are running bad mentor, once I learned of it from you just now! — I countered her cries and too loud and the entire department. Tamara Petrovna grabbed a folder and took off in tears from the department. A little later, Isaiah told me that Tamara had applied to the management of the plant with a request to remove her social work mentoring for business needs and a large employment in the shops. Lubchenco invited me to his chair was set for his desk job, for which he worked.

— Valentin Albertovich as Tamara Petrovna due to blockage in the work can not pull even mentoring, I introduced the plant management proposal to appoint you consultant-mentor to interns two students attached to our department. — He paused, then continued, — How do you do it?

— Is it in our factory requires the consent of subordinates?

— There is an established procedure under which I bring to your attention the issue.

— Of course, I agree.

— Well, then wait for an order when it enters into force, I will send to you the students.

Thus, justice was restored and my work at the plant has gone to a new line of production. My thoughts were busy shop routine and detected errors in the design documentation, correction made to the drawings, it was necessary to coordinate with the design department of the developers, and think about my journey into the past there was no time, so I have already almost forgotten adventure. Only each time on the way home when driving the tram turn at Old hem on the segment path to a halt Covered Market, the old name Zhitniy market, rose before my eyes picture of Nelda incident. In memory surfaced the girl’s face, which helped me get out of the past, and that I met by chance in front of my ascent to the Castle Mountain stairs. This strange encounter more persistently seeped into my consciousness with the same idea that was not accidental. Predestination, in some mysterious way, which I could not know. If we assume that this phenomenon manifests itself from time to time, it is taking root in the space-time travel is possible to change the fate of people, which means that historical events can occur otherwise. Eventually, it could lead to chaos and confusion of historical processes in global society. Hence the conclusion that such anomalous zones should be and, of course, are under the control of some forces that strictly monitor the implementation of these areas of random people, one of which turned out to be me. And this girl, a spokeswoman for custody of the portal of time and its task is obviously included to guard this portal. So I imagined a stranger activity, acting as a professional quickly and without fuss, who brought me out of natural-deceived. With these thoughts I came home after work. Twelfth Monday October salary. The salary we would normally be delivered the 10th of each month, but in 1981, October 10 falls on a Saturday, and the money was given to us on Monday. I went to the Supermarket «Velyka Keshena» bought a bottle of champagne «Brut» and came home. My wife was very happy, and we sat down to dinner in the kitchen.

The next day, as usual, I went to work. Tedious routine and interesting work activity for a piece of bread was stifling and unbearable. And, when you’re still reminding staff, especially Tamara Petrovna, as if by chance, «could not find something more interesting than this piece of paper to shift, and Valentine?» — I would not answer her flattering words. But because of its good breeding, I discreetly clenched teeth, turned away from the annoying employee and was on its routine production for the shop. So was this time on Tuesday October 13, 1981. Exactly at 18 — 00 I went out into the fresh air for the entrance of the plant. The weather is not in autumn was still warm, free and easy breathing. Tram, rumbling, pulled up and I jumped through the open door. At the turn in the direction of the market Podolsk, tram suddenly strongly jolted, and he stopped, two passengers fell into the aisle. The driver opened the door and said that occurred

Accident that the tram goes no further. Passengers are forced to leave. Well, that close to the metro, and I went to the alley in this direction. Suddenly I gently someone took her elbow. I turned around and froze next to me was the kind of girl that gave me the last of 1952.

— Hello — angelic melodious voice, drawling, almost sang it. I’m on-wing mouth in surprise, taken aback and did not know what to say. We stood and looked at each other. She waited for me to answer, I froze at the sudden surprise, not knowing what to say. Then he caught himself, mumbled in reply:

— Oh, it’s you? Well, hello! — Then again I stopped and did not know what to say. In short behaved, not sure from this unexpected encounter. Pause again dragged on, the first supposedly violated, Note-it.

— My name is Lybed.

— As the sister of three brothers? — I calmly asked her, did not believe that this is the Lu-bed. The girl looked at me and asked in surprise:

— How do you know that I had three brothers?

— Girl, do not play me, better tell me the truth. You are so beautiful, and so is-sincerely believe in fairy tales, I can not believe you that you are my sister Kia, Cheek and Horeb?

— Yes, that’s how it is. — Do imperturbably she sang with a slight accent drawled. Her face darkened while, apparently, my unbelief.

I do not know what to say. If it was a passerby and began to tell me the similarity-ing, I would, of course, would not talk to her, knowing that she can not afford. But since she has played a key role in my adventure, so there is something hidden, something is wrong and requires more thorough investigation. While I was thinking, she looked at me-nya its amazingly beautiful black eyes, waiting for an answer.

— You will excuse me — I began hesitantly, not quite yet mastered themselves. — I did not introduce myself, my name is Valentin. — I began, that would somehow mitigate the awkwardness of the first minutes of acquaintance. Her face flashed a bit of a smile, and she said to me:

— I know.

— What do you know?

— I know your name.

— How do you know I’m with you just about to start to talk?

— I witnessed the birth of your. — I thought again that I skillfully plays with the legendary actress named Lybed. But after waiting a bit to at least somehow come to themselves and to gather his thoughts, he asked:

— And how?

— Will you have a way out of the invisible reality of the material world through our corridor of time to plant them in a new life? This happens when you finish your material cycle and passed into the invisible world.

— Do you want to say when I die?

— Yes. — It is directly and openly, unabashedly staring at me. I did not know what to say. Meanwhile, she continued:

— On Get your genetic memory, when you have not been in the material world that you womanish? — Again I was puzzled and confused. Then I try to remember what it was before my roseate. And the sight of the picture began to emerge memoirs before the birth of life. I suddenly realized that I remembered.

— Lybed, that I see, in the memory, chooses their place of birth in the world. From the heights of heaven, a yellow-green space gradually dissipated.

— Is that you decided to come to this world. — Commented Lybed. — So? — I can see more clearly show through the clouds and a blue sky, at the bottom of the Earth. Next to me a few embodies. — It’s your distant relatives; they will go ahead to Earth.

— We have five or seven. We communicate with each other and arrange to meet on the ground.

— Why do you want to meet?

— To fight against suffering, specifically against the war, bringing the suffering.

— Very well, what next? What happened next? — She listened to me very attentively and sympathetically encouraged my questions answered.

— Then I see the Sphinx of Giza in the valley, near the pyramid of Cheops. No, I do not want to be born here, and move overseas. I can see the Statue of Liberty, in New York harbor, its thorns and the feeling that here I can be born in the African family. I was scared sharp thorns on the head of the statue, I refuse here.

— Where do you want to incarnate in the flesh?

— I remember the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, and I want to be there. I move to Rome. I can see the famous statue of the she-wolf nursing their pups. I refuse, and here I need to see the Winter Palace. I move on. Very close to the earth, and no turning back. The ticket is only one way to Earth; you need to see the incarnation and openwork ligature green domes. Yes it is the Winter Palace with its architecture. I go there. And approached closer, I see how wrong I was. Back up, to move on, there is no clearance at the bottom of the roof of St. Andrew’s Church. What is waiting for me down there?

— What do you see? — Lybed singsong asked me.

— I see an old man with a long gray beard below the belt. It coarse cloak of coarse cloth tie a rope around the waist, on the shoulder, a long rope patched scrip in his hand a staff with a hook at the top end of the stick in the form of a semicircle. I hear the voice.

— What do you say when a woman’s voice?

— Throw in the crowd of women in long robes of black and huddling together at the steps of St. Andrew’s Church, and something missing, like a flock of crows to feast. The gray-haired elder stood and looked at them on the sidelines.

This is Andrew in the invisible world; he is waiting for you, to guide you to your destination, for the birth in the flesh.

— Again, I hear a woman’s voice: «Throw into the crowd and the next one will take to it and follow.» Behind stowed in my backpack was collected nectar for food on the road. Reassuring voice again said to me: «Throw not is afraid.» I got a bunch of blue nectar and threw the entire stock, without reserve, right in the women dressed in black. Pushing each other, each of them tried to grab my nectar. But then came, the fight elder. He rushed into the pile, and many He pushed grabbing nectar clots, who threw to the other arrived, put his bag, because in his scrip was also my nectar. Then, without saying a word, he turned and began to walk away at the bottom of St. Andrew’s descent in the direction of the Castle building. To the left I see a two-story house with a basement and hear the voice of the elder: «Who is to go!» He had not even agree on how plump and fat as quickly hobbled curves bun feet to the basement, and we continued on our way. That castle, but we move on. Our guide does not send us back. I was not myself. And the conductor goes to the castle hill, and I was pretty tired, and the elder is the path up to the Castle Mountain.

— Now you see me in the invisible world. — Said Lybed.

— Yes, I remember that the elder came up to you and you are surrounded by a crowd of children talked to him. It seemed to me then that he was asking you permission for something.

— Yes, it is true. It is already known, and through you to the corridor included in the material world where he is known under the name Dorosh. It bypasses all who by his grace born in the flesh.

— Yes, I remember Elder. My grandmother gave him bread and fed him soup. A mother scolded her grandmother that she did not lure the Elder.

— Do you remember what happened?

— Yes of course. I followed him for a long time. Very tired and hungry. I could not go when the elder sat down at the stump. He took out his wallet onion, garlic and a slice of nectar, with the blue color of the sky lay the food. I had no strength to come and take food to eat. I stayed only for the strength to reach out to the stump with a meal and take the coveted nectar. And here again I hear a woman’s voice: «Take a bow first, then the garlic and then take the nectar.» I reached out to eat without waiting for permission Elder, took a slice of onion. Recently my strength exhausted, had one last spurt to convey to the mouth, this slice of onion. When I took a bite of the bulb, immediately joined forces with me, garlic I could go and get more confident and finally hand reached for nectar, the food brought me back to life, and it was my first breath at birth. As you can see Lybed, I remembered all that was before my incarnation in the flesh. And now I want to ask you what you were doing on the Castle Hill, where the old asked you permission.

— My flesh is buried there. A corridor represents me in the material world, where I can easily communicate with you is not dangerous for me by people for many centuries, remaining, so what you see me.

— It’s hard to believe that such a thing available.- It surprised me. But my doubts hesitated, remembering the recent adventures in the past 1952. Suddenly, I was speechless, remembering how worried my wife. I have long had to stay at home.

Lybed, as if reading my thoughts, saying: — No need to worry, look around.

I looked around and froze all stood around me and did not move. People stood in a non-movable, position and did not move.

— You, you, stop time? How is it possible?

— It taught me the corridor, the one you got in the past. And you will go home on time.

— Who else knows about the existence of the corridor?

— Only dedicated. But they can not use it because they do not know the cycles of time. One nun Floors monastery that was once the on Castle Hill, managed to accidentally as you learn one turn of the cycle. She once went back and changed there with his young flesh. She returned to the monastery her young flesh, surprising his young nun. But you can not cheat time. The next day she came back and stayed at home. You know that the corridor has the ability to close and who knows during limited hours, never return in due time.

— Yes, I think I read somewhere about the wonders of the Castle Mountain. That’s to be precise about as described in this historical fact as you talk, Lybed.

— Well, well, let’s be to say goodbye.

— Tell me, I’m very excited; after all, I talk to a living legend, founder of the dynasty of Kiev. Tell us, we’ll meet with you?

— I hope so. Since the motion of the planet Earth in the next few hundred million years is not going to change, our corridor remains stable all the time.

— I hope to see you soon.

— I’ll find myself. — Having said that, she slowly melted in the eyes and vanished. Passengers with a derailed tram began to move, slowly to the metro station «Red Square.» I followed the crowd of passengers…

Chapter Two

Falling asleep while lying in bed, I began to think through the slumber of their family life. A year later, I got married and I love my wife. Children, we have decided not to start. First you have to live for yourself, look around, then to make a final decision and take the education of infants. With such thoughts of a warm, cozy family nest came a dream, like a breath of spring breeze with the smell of the first spring foliage mixed with the smell of herbs. Inhaling the aroma of brown hair of my wife calling Association spring breeze brought these wonderful smells of spring, I did not notice that went to sleep. Before my eyes swam pictures dream where I saw myself as a scientist, the warrior, the boy, the son of a blacksmith…

…The Time Machine brought this boy to us from time immemorial. He was twelve years old at the most. He was dressed beautifully in rich robes. Most looked like a little flour and breakfast childhood oriental tales than beautiful European boy.

— I was born — he began his story — in the family of a blacksmith. My father, Gabriel Handy, famous for its blacksmith and heroic strength. He could lift with one hand on the back of a bull and make a mountain that near the mill, a cart laden with sacks of flour. — Boy solidly akimbo, it was evident that he was proud of his father.

— My name is Nikolka. I still had seven brothers and sister. Father is older than I am, often he took with him into the forest to fetch wood for charcoal obtaining. And we sometimes spent at work a few days. One day, like last time, we went with him on our mare harnessed to a cart to the forest for firewood. Home stay with young nurse my brothers and sister. Father last time scheduled and stripped the bark at the bottom of the trunks of several pine trees, they have dried up and waiting when we will cut them for firewood. The forest was so quiet and mysterious, only the tops of roaring wind. We drove into the clearing. There was a sagging wall frame. In the hut we found the skins on the bed and on the stove. Found harvested supplies, onions and potatoes. Here we are going to stay for a week. This was our building, where they could spend the night and in the winter without fear of severe frosts.

My father woke me up at sunrise to sunset; we cut down a pine tree. I knocked branches, their father was chopping firewood. Chop up a cart full of wood with the top. To do this, the sides of the cart were stuck flat and long branches and can be shipped in the WHO how could drag our horse. And filled to the wagon, we moved back. When the bend of the road there, was the first charred hut, my heart pounding in my chest anxiety.

— Again fire at Rakitin. — Said the father. But it was not a fire — it was a whole conflagration. Our farm burned down. Not a single hut is left intact. The ashes become homeless wandering dogs, and occasionally heard their eerie howling. Father, that is urine, drove the horse to our house. On the road I came across scattered in disarray broken dishes, tubs, the corpses of old men and women, and killed livestock. It frightened in this dead farm.

Here, finally, is our cottage. A pile of smoking firebrands but still ash on the ground of property. And the mother of the dead, and my brothers and sister. Nurse lying near the hearth with an arrow in his chest. The father went to his mother and pulled the arrow out of his chest. He carefully examined the arrow.

— Tatars! — She said in a choked voice, turned around and went to the place where it was smithy. They rummaged in ash, he took a shovel with a candle of grip. He pulled out of cinder shovel and put in its place a long branch, which pulled out of the wood to prop up the wagon. Brothers and sister, and mother we buried. Then his father by ash from surviving instrument, something which the dishes, loaded it all on a cart and we headed back to the rickety shack. There also began to live. I helped my father to process garden and tinker with it frame. And when this council, my father became a master of the bow. Arrows he did with metal tips. When winter came, the father went to nag away into the forest to hunt and bring to a deer carcass. And once he brought on poles hooked to the horse bear. From bearskin was a good and warm Zupan, and bear meat was very hearty and delicious. We lived with his father in affluence and warmth. Only a sense of constant longing for the people of mamma and sister develops and persists. One day in the spring, when we came back from the hunt, in the clearing stood a horse with a bloody man on his back. When we got closer to the horses, they saw that person sticks out from the back arrow. The father took the horse’s body and examined it. He was a young man dressed in a Russian soldier. He was wearing a leather jacket over a coat of mail. Leather pants and boots, a helmet on his head with a white beam of horsehair. All spoke of the high-born warrior. On his side hung a sword in its sheath. Father carefully to avoid causing unnecessary pain, rolled armor, ripped his shirt near the wound, and his ear to his chest began to listen.

— He is alive. — With these words, my father suffered a body in the house. Lubricate the wound bandaged bear grease and clean rag, prepared in advance, just in case, to hunt there, anything can happen.

Warrior raved three nights. He shouted among my deep sleep and often wake us. He called someone in their delusional hallucinations, he shouted and ordered. On the fourth night was quiet. I thought that he passed away, but his breathing evened out, was calm. During the day he opened his eyes, looked around and asked me in a weak voice:

— Where am I?

— You are at the smithy craftsmen Gavril, I’m his son. Nikolka my name. Our farm burned Tatars, were all killed. My father and the entire farm just stayed.

— Where’s the father?

— He’s gone to hunt, and told me to be near you.

— Where is my sword, bow, chain mail? — He moaned, trying to get up. — Give them to me, I want … — he did not finish, and fell on the skins, terrible pale eyes. I had thought that he was dead. But his shortness of breath, told me otherwise. I brought in a jug of spring water from a spring that close. I tried to drink wounded. Warrior drank greedily, then lapsed into unconsciousness. So I am lying, without regaining consciousness,

His father came to the evening. He appeared in a hut with a calf deer on his shoulders and with a crash threw the carcass on the earthen floor.

— Come on, Nikolka Kindle stove will fry the meat. And I still butchered calf. Liver that’s necessary wounded combatants, the liver is well strengthens forces. — My father has said something, but I was already in the court and returned to the hut with an armful of pine wood. A father butchered the carcass and removed a skin with a sharp knife. Nodding toward the patient asked:

— What about him? — I told him everything.

— Tomorrow I will try to talk. — Asked the father.

Tomorrow warrior opened his eyes again. His eyes clouded eye focused on the father.

— Who are you? — He asked.

— I, Gabriel, the blacksmith.

— Well, Gabriel, and I was thinking, you bear all the shaggy, overgrown, all eyes stick out. — The father paused, silent for a long time. Wounded tried to lean on his elbow, which would be better to see us, but could not, and fell to the skin, but did not lose consciousness. The father carefully examined it, and then asked: — Well, okay. Let us tell you who you are, how and why the forest to drag in a turbulent time?

— I’m the prince Onega; I traveled with a team in the city of Kiev to Svyatoslav. With me were two squad people. But the Tatars have already entered the castle, and we have seen and defeated. As you can see, I only managed to survive. With a shame I will not go back until I avenge atrocities Tatars damned. — Thanks again lapsed into unconsciousness. This was his last oblivion. Most of this has not happened to him.

Prince recovering. His wound was delayed, but he was still weak. We have become friends with him, used to go hunting. Collected wild honey, raspberries. One day, we ran into some people who were standing in the woods. They were dressed in rags, who hides. Each horse Tartar bows, homemade swords. Heard Slavic speech.

The prince could not resist and jumped into the clearing, in full view of the people. In an instant it was sent all six charged bows.

— I Onega Prince! I urge you to take revenge on the Avengers Tatars for our land destitute! — Forest people surrounded the prince. On the horse pulled them healthy as a bear, a man in a bearskin rug and boots. His bushy, black as pitch beard and long hair gave him a fierce look.

— Prince! — I turned fierce, without dismounting — You call us infidels to take revenge, because we already know and revenge. And when there is no Tatars nearby, so take rations from the rich, just such as you. But merely they do not agree, and solve them immediately without discrimination, who are infidels, and who is not.

— What did you also collect food robbery? On the gulls go, you can not avoid hard labor! I do cry of feat of arms on the battle for the land of Russ to become, and you know what? — He had shouted something to them, trying to shout a thunderous guffaw widespread, bearded men surrounding him. Suddenly the wild horse whinnied and reared. The passenger, who spoke with the Prince, could not resist and fell to the ground. The horse fell and crushed a track rider, snorting and emitting the spirit of them. The guy did not even gasped, he was dead. And then whistled on all sides of the boom. There was a heart-rending cry:

— Tatars!

Prince loudly ordered: — Everyone who hears me! — And immediately near the prince gathered the surviving bandits. A Prince, meanwhile, continued pulling out of its sheath killed a horse guy, sword — Who’s with me, that would be an amnesty for robbery. Who bows and arrows to take the defense, hide behind trees and beat the infidels. — Prince obeyed and carried out his commands. Tatar drove and won the squad. As it turned out, it was a volatile Tatar detachment of scouts, which consisted of a small group, usually six or twelve. They stumbled on forest robbers and made a stir. Except for one killed, no one was injured, another reason that the Tatars were good in the desert, in the woods, they did not know how to fight, and the forest people were in the woods at home. That result, Tara three infiltrators were shot, and the rest fled. After a successful fight gang forest people began to obey the prince, and he took command. And these formers Rogues it was an honor to serve under the command of Prince. It was decided to hunt down and attack the convoys and small reconnaissance detachments Tatars.

The father in the campaigns took me with him on our mare. He currently forge club and wielded it in battle, smashing the enemy’s sword as fragile dry branches on a pine tree. All mining dumped and dumped in a hut. What is there just was not. Carpets, beautiful golden cups, ornaments. Weapons, curved swords, bows, lances, arrows, expensive seat. Duke Squad is now like a motley clean the clothes obtained horsemen, numbering as many as a hundred people. Only Father did not wear a personal enemy. He wore a bearskin, went shaggy, unshaven and in his fierce battle was catching views on fear of the Tatars. Their horses shied sideways, snorting, took him for this bear. Father wore different clothes on me. So I had the blue silk trousers, a white coat, brocade belt, turban and shoes with curled toes. I began to resemble Tatar boy, so I did not fight took no boom nor Tatar saber. So we wandered through the forests. Prince constantly avenged violently killing ruthlessly cracking down on enemies. He once said that liberate Kiev from the Tatars, but you need to collect more and more people in the squad.

Once we started the night. The sun is still shining, though its rays were no longer bright and painted in a reddish tint. Unsaddled horses, herded into a pile. Only the father did not put our bay to the common herd. Bay has always been close to his father.

Tatars suddenly collided with the shouting and whooping, walking vigilantes started shooting. My father grabbed me, jumped on the mare and drove to the arboretum, but we noticed. Several riders rushed in pursuit. We soon ran out to a dilapidated guard tower. Father drove the horse there. He jumped inside and climbed the stairs to the top. I stayed in the saddle. Indescribable fear and disappointment came over me. How could a father to leave me? But after some time I understood. Wishing to save my life, he deliberately threw me to the Tatars took me by the prisoner, and that I was still alive. Father caught the enemy arrow, and he gave a hoarse groan, fell silent, hanging in breach of the tower. I was brought into the tent to himself an alibi. There was a ten-year-Alibey daughter. Her name was Liling. During her two grandmothers looked Galim and Fatima. They are now courted and me.

At first, I was silent. Silent for a long time and gradually all become accustomed to my silence. They began to consider me deaf. But I have heard and continued to perform their duties Liling live doll. Gradually, I became clear language and I already knew everything, and even unable to speak, but was afraid to give their origin. I was afraid that Alibei know my real origins and destroy me. We were sitting in a basket with Lily on the back of an elephant. Everywhere across the conflagration, burned farms, land devastated by the Tatars. Alibey riding on Arabian horses there and looked fondly at her daughter. Behind the elephant stretched his army. Troop Ali Bey returned to his distant Mongolia…

This boy interrupted his story. Beginners looking at the visitor from the distant past astonished eyes, not believing in the experience. But the experience with the time machine was a success and he is now talking with the little-known historian and later a politician, the first resident of Kiev Russ times of the Golden Horde. He did a lot for ancient. With it unchecked revived Kiev and Russ and strengthened, becoming within the Horde into a mighty fist. The seeds of the future power of Russia Vladimir laid Ahmed Ali, the court approached the sage and Genghis Khan. Vladimir turned to the Novices Nikolka:

— You are now in a very distant time of the day. It has long been no Alibey, nor his army, nor those whom he serves. You’re the boy in the twenty-first century. In place of the Kiev a Russ is now a great and free Ukraine, the capital of Kiev in Ukraine. You came to us from the stern harsh time. We have to send you to your age. You will live there and spend (or rather had) kind of life, which we know from the history of ancient peoples. And now I sit in this chair. Nikolka obediently sat on the specified Novichkova place, laid his head on soft pillows, comfortable in the hand rails… and soon, swaying in the basket bishop and opened his eyes.

— What’s wrong? — Pushing him Liling — You slept like a dead man, I even scared.

— I saw a wonderful dream. — Answered Nikolka.

— Daddy, Daddy, he spoke! He spoke! — The girl clapped her hands and burst into happy merry laughter of children…

I opened my eyes. Nearby, snuffling in his sleep, his wife was still asleep. I tried to remember how I know Volodya Novichkova. I realized that from this dream I should not sleep. Quietly got out of bed, I entered the kitchen. They hang on a wall clock, six in the morning. And we wake up at seven. I cooked myself a strong coffee and began to think about Novichkova. Of course, we are living together in the same room in a student dormitory. He is still there; the institute began to study the problems of temporary abnormalities. Somehow remembered brought an article about the Philadelphia experiment, conducted by the destroyer estimated Einstein. And now, probably already in what may be a secret research institutes, conducts its research in cosmic space time molehills.

— Valic, what are you doing awake so early? — I came yawning into the kitchen his wife.

— Yes, the coffee you have prepared. — I tried to justify. And quickly poured from a pot of coffee to his wife. She gladly accepted to drink. Ten minutes later, Lily had cheerfully Russ-awaited about the future and our first joint vacation with her when we went to rest in the early spring. Let’s talk about our plans, we went to work.

On the way out of my head I did not come out this dream, so to detail, flashed colorful paintings. And thoughts went back to Volodya Novichkova, his time machine. I remembered that once he shouted loudly in the night: — «Eureka!»

Then I jumped out of bed, ran to him to remind him that he is not alone in the room, though it was once necessary to sleep well. His bed was empty, slammed the door in the hallway. I guessed that at three o’clock Volodya ran out into the sink to wash your hands. I wanted to sleep, and I literally fell asleep as soon as my body touched the sheets warm my bed. At the same time Beginners flew into the room and shrieked loudly, you shouted:

— Understand Valentin, I understand the principle of a time machine! You see! — He shook me by the shoulders, trying to wake up. Oh, as I then wanted to give him the ass and throw it out of the room. He had muttered something about the natural anomalous areas of land scattered throughout the megaliths and stuff, which I have not given then the values. Faced with the unknown movement of the past, but then, and with the appearance of a mysterious stranger in my life, everything fell into place. Volodya was right. And, of course, the development of his time machine he used natural phenomena anomalous zones. Therefore, the principle and built his car. Tram drove me to work, and the window flashed snowy trees Castle Hill and disappeared in a moment-by-turn car…

Lubchenco, greeted me and said:

— Valentin Albertovich, sit down, — he pointed to a chair near his desk. — Received the proposal for your product. — I was surprised to look in his eyes. Lubchenco palm of his right hand placed on a stack of folders with drawings, and continued. — This is your the product in our production. In connection with the identified numerous errors in your drawings, suspended its production. — He paused, looking intently into my eyes. I did not wait, and asked: — So what now?

— And, that will not be executed plan will fly prize and thirteenth salary, will sit on the bare salary. It’s clear?

— Yes, Comrade Chief. — I repeated my question — So what now?

— We have to go in with SRI written out your errors and to obtain permission for the production of modified drawings we, before these changes will be the introduction of the original developer. — I hated to go somewhere and I could not resist, said in response:

— Apparently a former student sitting and scratching on paper everything that comes to mind. But thoughts revolve around the laundry, but fashion magazines.

— Here you go there, and get a handle on this Rezinkovoy r- e. e — M. Walk, designed the trip to Leningrad for a week. High-speed train go there and back.

— Alexander, she did not Rezinkova, surname and Reznikov.

— What’s the difference? It would be possible by plane, but you know, a little expensive out. Yes, and tickets are for tomorrow are in the archive of the personnel department. Go, you and I sew list of changes and a cover letter to the SRI. — I ran out of bullets to prepare for the trip. His wife called to work, reported the news. Lilichka answered me: — That’s good, buy me, that be in the «Peter». Get the phone to my wife’s blessing productive trip to Leningrad, I was with a light heart began to register a business trip, and all that was connected with it…

Fast train Kiev — Leningrad named «Arrow», go to the first platform of the station at exactly 16—00. The sleeping car compartment №5, were three of us, the bottom, the fourth place was not busy. Except for me, on a business trip from our plant we went with two other secret department. It was the captain of the first rank and civilian. They scored vodka and while the train was still in the parking lot began drinking, heavily inviting me to participate. I led and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle, so flatly refused, civil, opening the bottle; the words took me out the door coupe: — We will be more.

I stood at the window, looking at the passengers, and suddenly noticed Lybed. I could not believe my eyes. She was dressed as a woman dressed all in 1981; only a small suitcase on wheels with retractable plastic handle was a novelty at the time. This attracted the attention of the passengers on the apron, and curious woman accompanied her approving glance, that at least one guessed to attach the wheels to the suitcase. Lybed, climbed into our car, I rushed her to the meeting.

— Hello! — Hello. — Let us help you. — Took her suitcase.

— Hi, Valentine. I was into the fifth compartment. — But this I could not speak. From the moment when I saw Lybed on the platform, already knew that fourth place is for her. From the moment when I saw her on the platform, I ran inside chill curiosity of the next meeting. I was worried impatience to find out what brought her here, and what awaits me at this time? My hands were shaking from it, and curiosity prevailed. Opening the door coupe, I said to colleagues: — Take the passenger.

— Come on, please, and satisfied. — The military said, rising from his seat, he went up behind him and second, passing the girl stated, his respect for the lady. We came out of the compartment, giving the opportunity to give her more comfortable. For something to calm my excitement, I asked the military, who stood at the window closer to me: — Sergey, how much more will be a train?

He looked at the clock and more cheerful by vodka voice replied: — At my commanding more minutes to twelve.

At this time of the coupe came Lybed.

— Thank you, comrades. I’ve already got. — She said, smiling, looking at me with his black eyes. — You go in the compartment, and I’ll talk with Valentin.

— And, you know? — Suddenly asked civilian counterparts.

— You, Fedor Kharitonovich, highly curious. — Sergey took Fedor forearm and pulled him into the compartment, — Come on, let’s go. — They left us.

Chapter Three

Lybed again began to look at me with those amazing eyes, so like currants wet after a warm summer rain. She smiled warmly and affectionately, and this view was so much tenderness, tender warmth and motherly feeling like I was her son to innocent minors.

— Valentin, let’s leave, before urinating train another ten minutes, an eternity, and you still have time to train.

— Of course.

She went forward, I followed her. When we went down to the platform, the conductor is strictly warned: — Before departure of the train five minutes. Late, things will leave without you.

— Girl, you watch go wrong. — The conductor looked at the clock.

— Well, what, five, ten, what’s the difference? — But we have not listened. I suddenly saw that the conductor froze. Around it was quiet. Ringing silence fell on the city, and only Lybed voice brought me out of torpor seen: — We have five hours of our day.

— And what then? — I asked, trying to navigate the future of its operations in order to understand what you need Lybed? What is the purpose it? By asking yourself these questions, I could not help wondering how many years this woman so good-looking, with a preserved youthful beauty. Possessing a technique of time management, there is no fear of disease, death, and immortality itself to have in your arsenal. Getting it excites me his intrigue unknown and at the same time scared of the unknown.

— I invite you, Valentin in his residence. You’ll see how I live, what I breathe, and finally who I am. After all, you want to know, such as how old I am, do not you?

— Well, your name Lybed. So you not only as the sister of the legendary brothers Kyi, Cheek and Horeb, so?! If so, then you should be one thousand one hundred and thirty years old, plus or minus thirty years. So?

Lybed, squinted slyly and ironically asked with a smile: — And what do you think?

— I think I said. — Confident voice I replied.

— And this is not the limit. — Lybed said thoughtfully.

I climbed on his forehead eye, so this girl more than a thousand years? Wow. She suddenly turned strongly in my direction and said firmly:

— So you accept my invitation?

— Yes!

What Lybed answered me smile.

— Look, — she pointed to the semi-skeleton of a flying saucer, browse through the crowd of passengers frozen figures. — Follow me. Bypassing the graven images, they are now very hard as metal, and their clothes too, is to cling to the razor-sharp edge, over there that long frozen cloak on his shoulders, you can seriously injure yourself. Come on.

I wondered how we would fly up into the crowd of passengers, what Lybed said: — The aircraft unit none of the passengers did not see and does not feel he is in another dimension, which is not visible to us. The machine running the navigator, so that we can focus on him, rather than on a hologram that it generates, and that we are now seeing. So go ahead.

I could not believe what Lybed with me now, because she told me that her body was buried in Kiev. This is also the ancient chronicles. And who is with me now, but Lu-bed in flesh?

— Do not rush. I’ll explain everything. — Suddenly, the girl said, reading my mind. On the transparent body of the machine, she found, some point, and press it. Suddenly slow dusk, the sky had taken refuge stars and dark blue haze stood out through the clear outline of a flying unit on three supporting pillars. She took a key from his pocket with keys pressed the button. From wall separated the rectangle with the steps and began to sink us. Inviting gesture of the right hand to ascend the stairs, Lybed said:

— Welcome to the future of the Earth, a hundred million years ahead of your time.

Once again, I felt as if I was in a dream, and that it’s not real, but some wonderful movie with a beautiful stranger and adventures. I set foot on the ladder. In front of me and gracefully stepping lightly, he climbed into the cab Lybed disco summer. Pleasing to the eye glow cabin space with two chairs in front of the remote and the screen around the perimeter, through which could be seen around us expanse of land where, relying on the counter, was our flying saucer. Lybed already sat down in a chair and began to explain to me, catching the curious glances of my eyes.

— Valentin, this screen through which you see the objects around us from the outside, is not really clear. Screen filters eye pleasing range surrounding that allows us to see even on the Sun’s surface and inside. In space there are stars many times brighter than our sun, and is much more dangerous than their impact on our perception, but this perfect machine will save us from any exposure to outer space and the solid and liquid media universe.

But I was struck by the scenery behind the cabin, watching the endless scorched and black slag by clinker ground.

— Valentin, you see the Earth a hundred million years ahead of your time. — It explains Lybed.

— What happened? Where are the bright future that draws us in his science fiction works, and?! — Almost in tears, I asked.

Lybed sighed sadly and said: — Unfortunately, Valentin, the reality is much different from all sorts of fantasies. But, the consequences of the idea to change the reality, alleged in its benefit, for the benefit of mankind, not thinking about the surrounding space, you can watch here now after a hundred million years of your time.

— You can tell me, what happened?! — Unaware of what I have called Lybed «you», and she took no eyebrow, he replied.

— Scientists of the Earth did not betray account of changes in the behavior of the reactions on the sun. A reaction to the sun changed the Galactic Coalition observers. This was due to the fact that the Earth’s civilization developed rapidly and was close to the synthesis of a chain reaction that should occur in the final stages of our universe, to begin a new round of development of everything from scratch. The only way there and die the universes of space, composed of many galaxies, and not otherwise.

— Lybed you, very difficult to explain to me, I did not understand?

— I’m sorry, I say easier. The coalition decided to wipe out mankind. For this was blown up the sun, which burned everything on the Earth’s surface. And the chain reaction has not been reached.

— And When this happens, how long it will of our era?

— Fifty million years.

I took a deep breath and calm down. And to turn the conversation to another topic, Lybed said:

— You want to know what is Paradise?

— Yes, and I also want you to explain what the hell?

— We are now at an altitude of three hundred sixty five kilometers above the Earth’s surface. This is the height where there is an information field of the Earth. On this border height if the level the aircraft at a speed of rotation of the Earth, it will not fall on top of, and will hang over one point of the surface of the still. There is Paradise. Or accumulation of righteous souls. A special form of ionized matter, or ions of living water carrying information about every human being, which during his lifetime led godly lifestyle. Or in other words, the gene pool of the Earth of the human race.

— But I can not see anything, — I objected. — We hang out over the ocean, I can see at the bottom of North and South America. A circle of space.

— No wonder. — Continue Lybed. Atoms of living water ions are dispersed in the space around the perimeter of the material form of man, which he held in his last life, and are here until the time comes to birth. Because you, Valentin them and can not see.

— This is the place called Heaven? — I asked.

— Yes. — Responsible Lybed — But, when the time of birth of the individual, you stay here in the form of ions of the water of life, some of the ions are positively charged, and the charge begins to form a clot. This clot, as the rain falls on more compacted layers of the atmosphere, gradually approaching the earth. And then there is a birth, everyone gets their just deserts incarnation. How to interpret ancient writings, by their karma.

— Interestingly, Lybed.

— Let me show you where the hell. — Said Lybed gesture by choosing a point in space, on the control panel. Instantly the screen appeared a red-hot sea. Huge waves of red-hot red liquefied mass wave covered our unit and we plunged into this infernal sea of flames.

— We are in the sun. Rather already under its surface. There is a hell. If you look at closely, one can see in the glare of the game chiaroscuro excruciating figure martyrs hell.

— Why the hell on the Sun? After all, the Bible stated a specific place under the ground?

— The Bible is scripture and draws the hellish torments of the martyrs tortured hyena fiery ion. A de hyena fire on the earth? This of underground magma, visual embodiment, volcanic eruptions. And there are so-called seven circles of hell. It turns out that one of Paradise and Hell represented in the seven forms. So that it exists, and underground and underwater and Sunny the, and, according to the sacred Indian epic «Bhagavad-Gita» and the hellish planets.

— Lybed and how many degrees behind?

— Twelve thousand Celsius, and that’s because we’re almost at the surface. If the pro-penetrate into the depths of the sun, there comes to millions.

— It is necessary, but no feeling, no movement, no temperature. It feels like we’re watching a movie in a hall.

— Our machine is surrounded by a protective field that changes the structure of space and matter. At the boundary layer of the protective field occurs impulsive change the time defined-term rate, which prevents any influence of environment on our movement. In short, we are not inside the machine vulnerable, as the machine itself.

— Lybed tell me, based on what the danger of so-called chain reaction? I did not understand why because of this, our civilization was destroyed by the Coalition.

— Explains the popularity, for the gifted. — Smiling, looking into my eyes, his eyes moist black eyes, began to speak Lybed. — All things in the universe is composed of action tarry material micro vortices of ether.

— A as the atoms, molecules, micro particles? There are, however, did not have any vortices, this hour speck material with specific properties inherent in a particular material, substance and so on. — I said.

— Oh, oh, what we are smart? — Suddenly he smiled Lybed his flawless snow-white smile. — All things, even invisible under the microscope particles that make up atoms, created thanks to an even smaller size micro vortices.

— That is, as can be, for no reason, no reason, suddenly. There is nowhere this building material, the whirlwind?

— The space where there is no universe is all around us and there is dark matter or anti matter, ether, which owns ninety-five percent of the cosmos. Our mother in the space of just five percent. And these five percent of the matter and there is a micro vortices anti matter. It is known as the science that the connection of matter and anti-matter annihilation takes place, that is, matter is converted into pulses of light and disappears. And this can happen in a case where the micro vortices break up and it happens in a chain reaction, humanity fifty million years of your time. This is not a nuclear chain reaction is a chain reaction collapse of micro vortices anti matter, because in the vortex state anti-matter can not connect with the material particle and has a building material for the whole of our universe and other universes in general. That’s it buddy.

I looked at her and wondered Lybed knowledge.


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