MyHooD recordzz: History of gangsta rap label

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2011–2017 years history in pics

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Gangsta Rap Label MyHooD recordzz

History of label in pics 2011—2017

MyHooD recordzz is gangsta rap label. Label was formed in 2011 in Moscow (Russia) by gangsta rapper Dyadya J.i.

MyHooD recordzz gangsta rap label is fighting 4 original rap! We wanna rap music stay alive! We do shows, concerts, festivals and battles 4 keep rap music on da streets! Rap came from da streets but nowadays nobody keep the original rap style. Everybody wanna make money by rhymin and calls their shit rap but fuck that its not rap music! Stop talkin about rap! U dont know nothin about this music! All u know about rap its beats and rhymes but u never had info about history of rap about rap minds u dont know what rap music means! U dont giva fuck about rap! So stay out of this game! Dont touch rap! Rap music is only 4 strong people not 4 golden boys who wanna shows that they r gangstaz and girls luv them! Dont try to smoke sigarette like u r Al Capone maaaan! U just a piece of fuckin shot tryna be who u neva can be! If u r not from streets, if u neva knew hood life, if u dont do real rap so fuck off from rap game!

If u Respect Rap Music so keep it real my bratha and dont let fakes do their shit

Cut it man!


second logo

third logo

latest logo by Shony

Chipinkos Logo


First Rap show 2011

First rap collection 2011

second rap collection 2012

third rap collection 2014

first show with rappers from USA


second rap show with USA rappers

Lil Eazy E & E3 shows in Russia by MyHooD recordzz


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