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I propose to allow voluntary lulling of pensioners in Russia

A year later, I retire. My pension will be less than 10 thousand rubles. And how to live on this money? Communal payments, transportation, clothing, food, funerals, finally. Clearly, do not live. So why be tormented? A painkiller and everything is good for you and the state. There is no man, no problem…

They found fault with the record in the work book. The record of dismissal is supposedly made by other inks. And three years of work — a dog by the tail!

From 1995 to 1998 I worked in a private company. The firm was officially registered, paid taxes and did all the deductions to various funds at that time. In the company worked only a few people, including me. And now I’m offered to take out a certificate from there that I really worked there to confirm my work experience for retirement. The firm has long since closed, no archives after itself have left, it’s been 20 years already!!! And now I have to get (where???) a certificate that I’m not a camel. Is not this a mockery??

Why should I prove my innocence? And what about the notorious presumption of innocence? If you have any information (evidence) that I have not worked there these 3 years, then present them to me. I do not hope for the courts, I know firsthand what our Russian courts are, and talked.

The pension fund, stop mocking people!

Retired, future retirees! Sign the petition. Make up your messages. Together — we are force. For that, we worked to live on a beggarly pension? Let’s defend our rights together!

Why are we so much money in the Olympics? Why do we need the most expensive stadium in the world? Why do we need such a corrupt system of power? It’s all our money, yours and mine. And why do we have such beggarly pensions and benefits? And where is the proceeds from the oil and gas sold (ours with you)? Many questions. And the answer to all is one. Power does not work for the people (for all people), but for themselves, for a handful of “elected.” so maybe it’s time to change this power. And revise the cash flows and send them in the right direction. And start with giving, on hands, on ears, in the teeth (figuratively speaking) to the leadership of the Pension Fund of the country, ripping off the already poor pensioners. People pass Petition indifferently. Why should I do this, because I’m not a pensioner. And some gloat, there are people who feel good when the other is bad. But they do not understand that on our (my) place there can be everyone. Alone — we are nobody, but together we are power. When will we become masters of our own land???

I do not like the beggarly pensions of ordinary citizens. I do not like my future beggarly pension. I do not like that the conditions for calculating and calculating pensions are constantly changing. I do not like petty nitpicking and reservations for people making their pensions. I do not like that it is impossible to live on a pension in Russia.

I propose to open in St. Petersburg a new special cemetery for city waiting lists for housing

Stadium or 40,000 new apartments? The stadium or 80 new kindergartens? The stadium or 40 new schools? I believe that St. Petersburg needs new schools, new kindergartens, new roads and new housing. But so, apparently, in the city I think only I am alone. Because the stadium is still under construction, and the city line for housing longer than 37 years moves only in one direction — the cemetery. I propose to build a separate cemetery in the suburbs of St. Petersburg for urban waiting lists for housing. So it will be convenient in terms of accounting, report and simplify the maintenance of documentation.

I am dissatisfied with the work of G. Poltavchenko as governor of St. Petersburg. I demand his resignation and early election of the governor by the citizens of the city.

In his activity, the incumbent governor closed himself from the citizens of St. Petersburg. He is appointed to his post by decree from above and therefore does not consider it necessary to report to residents of the city who did not elect him. Who appointed him, he will remove it, the governor believes. On what terms is prolonged the contract with Poltavchenko Putin, we do not know.

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