Mushroom pickers

Бесплатный фрагмент - Mushroom pickers

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The story is written in a humorous genre. Two childhood friends and writers, named Albert Veselovsky and Methodius Ponebatko, decide to change life in a dusty, gassed city for a quiet existence in a small village with a poetic name, and become mushroom pickers.

Albert and Methodius

Albert Veselovsky and Methodius Ponebatko were childhood friends, as well as in literature. I must say that they looked like Pat and Patachon together — Albert was excessively thin and tall, and Methodius, on the contrary, was short and fat.

Once at the beginning of summer, the friends decided:

— It is enough for our families to live and undermine their health in a gas-polluted city, we must move to the country, to some quiet, picturesque place. Health and inspiration will be improved there!

So they decided and did — they moved with their families to a quiet village with the poetic name “Lermontovo”. Here the life was bright and free, at the dawn they went swimming in the Volga River, enjoyed sunrises and sunsets, the harmony of nature, the originality of the local flora and fauna.

In the forest, which extended from the village and beyond, there were wild boars and bears, sometimes they entered the territory of the village, it was fascinating.

And in that area there were many different mushrooms, so most of the locals were inveterate mushroom pickers. That hobby even turned into a real business for some of them.

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