Multilevel Marketing

Бесплатный фрагмент - Multilevel Marketing

Business of happy and free people

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By planting the “seeds” of success one day, you doom yourself to become a successful, free and happy person forever.

In this book we will talk about network marketing – a business that conquered millions of hearts. I wanted to show its simplicity and usefulness for everyone. The book gives an algorithm for a correct understanding of this magnificent business.

So what is multi-level marketing? Multilevel marketing is a way to promote goods or services from the producer to the end user through the creation of a distribution network. Once again I want to draw your attention to the fact that this is the promotion of goods, one of the ways of legitimate distribution of products or services, which benefits both the manufacturer and the consumer, helping the consumer to receive additional income. All of us are consumers and each of us has a favorite product, which we want to tell to others. When you share the results from the use of this product and get pleasure from it, and the company pays money for this – this is network marketing.

To show the simplicity and clarity of this business, the book compares the correct creation of a business with the cultivation of a garden that will bear fruit for many years and make you happy.

So, this book is a tool for your business. Sending the book to your partners, whom you invited into the business, you will direct them to the true path to prosperity and well-being, the way to their dreams. Then they will necessarily succeed. Helping others – you help yourself, and this is the basic law of success and prosperity in network marketing. This book will provide real help in your work, it is a tool for easy business building.

To show the simplicity of business is easiest by analogy with life itself. So we will do, taking as an example the cultivation of plants that give seeds and fruits. And once planting the “seeds of success”, having grown for yourself a “garden of well-being,” you will for the rest of your life feed on the “fruits of this success”, getting true pleasure from living free and happy.

Seeds of success

Favorite goods – this is the basis of your positive, successful business. Neither the company nor the marketing plan. The product is the main guarantee of success. By disseminating information about this product, we “sow seeds”. This is the first stage in building your business. We use the products ourselves, we derive pleasure from this, we transfer this state to other people. This is an amazing opportunity to use not only high-quality products, but also to earn money on this. This activity is not hard work, it’s more like a hobby, a favorite activity.

You use your favorite product, enjoy it and carry this information to people that there is such a product. And this is the main thing in building a strong and indestructible network of consumers who will also love products, use it themselves and share this love with others. That’s the basis of your success and prosperity, that’s the basis for a positive business build. If you are not interested in the product. A marketing plan, the company will not help build such a network. You will be doomed to failure.

The seeds of your success are emotions, love for the product, and you pass it on to others, showing the opportunity to succeed, to be happy and free. You give it to the surrounding people. Seeds – this information about the product, and on the second already a place about the opportunities, about the prospects that open to the person. The person who not only consumes the goods, but also shares this information with others, helping them to succeed in this life, improving their life.

Planting of seeds

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