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короткий рассказ

Сергей Фомичёв

автор книги

ISBN 978-5-4474-6811-8

О книге

У мореходов собственная гордость и собственная слава. Их мир особенный, традиции крепки, и они могут многое рассказать редкому на суровом побережье гостю. Но, быть может, нынешний гость знает больше старожилов…

Об авторе

In Sailor, by Sergei Fomichev, an old sailor tells a story of his adventure in which his ship was hired by a foreigner to reach the so-called Archipelago, rich in a unique variety of amber but populated by fire-breathing, human-killing dragons, but the foreigner’s purpose turns out to be quite different from getting rich. Although the plot may contain some cliché elements, the story stands out for the voice in which it’s told and its worldbuilding. The author succeeds in creating local color (imaginary, this time, but heavily based on the Russian north), showing the peculiar culture from which the sailor hails from, with its code of honor. The subtle folk wisdom of a pragmatic sailor thinking mainly of his crew is contrasted with the adventurous zeal of the foreigner, who also has a heavy ethical dilemma to resolve. The story’s ending marks the return of a spiral of change that these events precipitated in the local culture in the main character’s life, although much remains the same. Источник: http://sffportal.net/2011/04/polden-xxi-vek-april-2011/

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