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Thanks to My Wife and Confucius

Asking questions, we are taking an interest. Not trying to ask new questions, we can be foolish. The opportunities offered by life are revealing when we are ready. So we have to do our best.

Every Day

Every moment a person consciously or unconsciously programs his perception of the reality of life. We only perceive what we are tuned to. The mood is formed, first by feelings next by thoughts (images), is fixed by actions (words, reactions-habits).

What is valuable for Life? Our attention is. Factors external — the mirror that displays internal qualities. If we are learning to grow the quality of our own manifestations in succession, we go through life freely. Revealing one’s inside potential the person is doomed to succeed.

Accompanying Flows, Supporting Programs

It is interesting, the thoughts we are concentrated at awaken the force of creation. That builds the neural network of the direct participant, his near environment, the global system. In synapse connections the radiance is forming programs of a new lifestyle. Is it the whole secret of materialization?

Supervise Conformity

Between the world of an internal vision and sensations and the world of external circumstances, there is a boundary. For whom is it interesting to supervise, how an inside vision of life penetrates to outside reality? The responsible observer can control that. Individual qualities integrally form a resonator’s boundary.

Teacher: “You cannot fight your fate, only change”

We Install Resonance Boundaries

For an event resonance is necessary. For a resonance boundaries are necessary. Between The Heaven and The Earth (in one’s virtual area), being guided by reasons and using attention, The Person (a consciousness of presence — a life program) creates resonance. If the boundaries of space and time are skillfully organized, we receive from life everything we like.

Defining parameters, we need to remember the carrier frequency (nature, Logos) and existence eternal (spiritual world, universal boundless eternal nothing). Learning to set up a base, we do live an easy way. Relying on given (subconsciousness) boundaries, the person, due to subconsciousness and partner relationship to the life, builds his world. We really are the whole world — the MIR: Matter, Information, Reason — there are the three in Universal Consciousness, in the matrix of Life.

Is it a difficult theory? Simple, of course. Life goes a determined path if for some reason we are interested (losing interest we lose our life), define: who/what, where, when and for what purpose. As we define, so do live.

Just Imagine

We feel unity with the whole world — any discrete form of physical matter is perceived as the continuation of ourselves. We have intuitively chosen the path of self-realization. The appropriate algorithm of manifestation was recorded in the subconscious. Now thanksgiving days flow.

Look deeper

Look at ourselves as a program: our life — the software, habits — algorithms of subconscious programs, the volume of program shell — planet Earth. They say of seven bodies of the human being appeared. The sense is in filling them with an experience of interaction — so we are growing. We look deeper — the truth is opening itself.

Where does the light proceed from?

Every moment the Life is new. Is it really enough to tune yourself up and be thankful only when waking up and go to bed? We really are able to live brightly, even to shine. A vivid imagining with sensations of presence — the base for the real living.

Monocular observation

Unity and integrity — all said. Who is interested in watching the struggle of opposites? Positive and negative exist to keep the balance in the game. But to be holistic, in unity is a state of positive mood, positive choice; melting into the world, merging with all things.

Our thoughts manifest in a system of limited forms. The perspective of development in the unity of seven levels of manifestation is important. The definition for each level provides an opportunity to be relying on eternal life. The interaction of thoughts generates psychic energy.

A headless rider

The logic of a man is given for delusions. Imagine that you overlap the central beam at the level of shoulders. The concentration of light “dissolves the head”. We observe images without ratings and conclusions. We live with feelings; decisions come from the heart, intuition leads. We feel unity, life as it is. Images form the reality of life. Love supports it.

Merge with life

A person feels life, getting free from his ideas about it. That is being unveiled in the unified Dance of Eternity in love, using limitless possibilities, entering into resonance with own abilities, which you are not tired to improve.

There is I — a paradox perception and life — the existence of boundless opportunities, eternity programs showing themselves in the uniform transformation dance — the secret in-cognizable, that is feeding an individual interest.

There is an interest — we exist. We unveil our interest to eternity programs — a sensation by the words inexpressible — feel freedom of the life in the uniform dance. Our attention distributes flows of energies on the structure of the life. In the knots of connections of neural network the own world programs are radiating.

To be free in the free world

Be able to use given opportunities. That is, to recognize them, to apply them skillfully on claiming, to act in due time and pertinently. All these are qualities formed in processes of the life. They can be acquired consciously. We are defining our role as our soul defines, we aspire to do life better. Thus, we rationally use the time of the life. The spirit moves matter like the master. That is all.

We are building our life tree in time and in space

A person’s manifestations in the life can be presented as movement. That is a movement of representations, images on the field of sensations. It is good, while being on the wave of the life. We combine the mosaic of representations under conditions of the creation in present situation — life supplies us by necessary energies. Today it is good to pay attention to our destinations that we want to achieve on our way of life. We at first pay attention to what has been already built as of today — the base. Then we form a new vision of the whole image of our life: personal aspect, family, favorite business and so on. Are you ready to bear responsibility before life? What now is required from us? New qualities for achieving, getting, holding within us that we have chosen and algorithm of a comfort movement, which means having pleasure of the life.

All in one

Let yourself observe the reality without self-participation. Now, let yourself observe self-reflection in the reality. We can find everything in ourselves. Outside, as if the mirror reflects the inertia of the processes. Wealth, health, success can be found only within ourselves. We rely on internal qualities and improve them. We attract new circumstances to reveal new qualities. In our life only what we have managed to reveal within ourselves is manifested. Always strive to expand the experience of participation in the processes of life, but remember to remain ourselves.


To be happy, in goodness and grace is a state not a derivative of circumstances, a conscious (realized) choice — a manifestation of your will and belief.

A sincere interest leads us the way of vivid living. Pleasure and indignation force us to move by roads.

Expansion of consciousness is a fascinating employment.

What, where, when

The sufficient volume of imaging is capable to be filled by the ocean of sensations and drop out by the rain of experience. With us only what we carry in ourselves. We can remain quiet, display a sincere, realized interest and resoluteness, and share by the best, our skill which we do not become tired to improve. For an opening of the soul attitude.

Time to be

A person defines the time of his life in each aspect. Each component is provided with its sacral figure. There is the time axis. We attract ideas, we use words, we produce actions, we focus some attention — we move in processes. We exude feelings — we start a determined time of some life.

Amateur gardeners

We form our reality, concentrating on our vision. We supervise it consistently on seven levels: form, structure, processes, rhythms, functionality, coherence, and mission. Up to the sensation of sufficiency (as if a level pushes us aside). Detailing and scoping (we do not leave voids) are determinant. By means of visualization we create heterogeneous space. We manifest qualities — our reality sprouts. Regrets switch on the mechanism of repetition of the event. Therefore we smile and sow.

Attention, please!

It is easy to control somebody who is concentrated on anything. They lure fish to catch it. The foreman applies treatments known by all. Are you still searching for classified information?


We build self-world in the game of imaging on the field of sensations. The life brings us in the direction of our choice with the flow of time.

We exist in continuous information flows. The usage of them determines our life. We can define how to be.

The sequence

We need to observe the sequence and coherence while creating something. It is better to begin from the beginning. Let us answer the question “what for?”. What do we want to be, to have, to participate in for? Feelings nested determine the nature of the interaction (what we get). They raise us to a new level of awareness or plunge deeper into the abyss of experience.

Feelings enticing determine what a form of an interaction has to be. What is the shape like? Is there something similar, or what we want is more like a spacecraft of unprecedented design? Then, what structure should support this form? How should the relevant structure be built?

What qualities should we have in order to fit the intended? What functionality do we need? How will our participation in the processes change? Are we ready for new dynamics of processes? What kind of rhythm should a new reality live? Single? Then the environment will change.

A person should develop the experience of conscious manifestation in the processes of life (we should sound such way). In this, the habit to create helps, and it is necessary to be among people. Sitting in meditation under a tree we cause our world collapsing. In the midst of processes due to resonance, we disclose our world.

MIR (world): Matter, Information, Rationality. The substance (matter) fills the conscious basis at the appropriate level of awareness and intelligence as a result of the resonance. But the sequence of filling is important. What about the size? It excites emotions only.

Breath — Rhythm

Are we breathing to live? What do we breathe? Love? Gratitude? We have been told many times that life is love. In other words, the energies of life are distributed by the rhythm of universal love. So what is the result? Breathing fears, reproaches, other experiences of the dual world, is that arrhythmia? Who, for example, is tuned to feel the heart rhythm of the planet’s breath? Let us breathe the rhythm of the planetary man.


We distribute the energy of life by our attention, our emotions define the character and fix the interaction. The world exists within us — is based on the divine structure. The carrier wave frequency of the life matrix is being modulated by the attracted thoughts and sensual attitude to the experience obtaining.

Entering spiritual fields

We should not go far to touch the levels of spirituality. Life “unfolds on a snail” for the one who defines oneself “the Axis of Own world”. The sacral arc is, conditionally, a frequency range. On the first lap, we find the presence of the soul.

About trinity in a person

From any situation, there is an acceptable exit. Life opens doors to the person when he is unambiguous in one’s choice and counterbalanced in one’s perception. The door is the reason (the cause) which closed person in a determined life situation. The key is awareness. But awareness should be triune (triple): I gave birth to this way of life (I’m in such situation because I supervise it so), I am the master who can transform situation (begin with changing attitude to environmental reality and open new qualities in myself), I have sensations of the changed situation now. A feeling of the pacification and satisfaction coincides with similar feelings from having already materialized objects of yours, now in my near environment.

And heaps are now… where?

A person is similar to a vessel of wishes, called to interact with life. Nature of interaction (a slave, a son, a partner) one defines by oneself. A person presents to life self-images with sensations of presence. Life on a determined phase requites the person according to his readiness and awareness (in his own world). As they say, if it has happened — accept without coquetry.

Entering the mode of rational living, we observe processes from position of a greater. Our experience is negligible, life is unimaginably great. Therefore, we observe the processes, abandoning any assessments and impressions. We observe, knowing nothing of the observing, to reveal new possibilities.

We direct processes

Being rational, we observe the surrounding reality for the expansion of consciousness (not intellect). A space activity points direct energies to unleash new opportunities. If we begin to be interested in the expansion of consciousness, our experience becomes interesting for life.

A new paradigm to direct processes

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