More Short Stories to Read on a Bus, a Car, a Train, a Plane (or a comfy chair anywhere)

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ISBN 978-83-8126-666-6

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Twenty-three stories to blow your mind, covering almost everything from romance to horror, and a combination of both! Friends, lovers, cats and dogs, ghosts and killers, aliens, they’re all here waiting for you, so put your feet up, get comfortable, and let’s go…

Об авторе

Colin Palmer

Colin is an Australian living in Ukraine where he teaches English and creative writing. He has been writing fiction for over 50 years but only recently decided to try publishing his works. “I write my stories for entertainment, my entertainment. If others read and like them too, that’s just icing on the cake!”

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This book came about because of Colin’s membership to a Facebook writer group named Authors’ Tale.

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