Money Loves You!

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Al Trumpa
Money Loves You!

Dedicated to my Greatest Teachers

Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie, whose works really saved my life.

Perhaps, this humble work of mine, concerning the secrets of self-improvement, will also help everyone in need, somebody who is really in need now…

With love and respect for all the people on the Earth, and for all the people’s Big Hearts in our small Universe!


This book is the sequel of the world bestseller “Love and Grow Rich”. This book gives you the ALL-NEW secrets of getting BIG MONEY. The secrets that allow MILLIONS of people ALL AROUND THE WORLD create their own business in the way of getting and increasing profits by the business itself, without your direct interference. Perhaps, this book even tops its mastermind — The Great Napoleon Hill. There is everything you need to know about money — for you to have it! For the worldwide audience.


This book contains the ALL-NEW secrets and tips for achieving not only “standard wealth” already achieved, but MORE important things — the actual keys to personal happiness in the small world of BIG PEOPLE and BIG MONEY.

This very book — “Money Loves You!” — is the extension of the worldwide bestseller “Love and Grow Rich!”. In the previous book, the main idea of wealth and success is that YOUR CONDITION and your FEELING of being rich makes you rich, and not just your thoughts about wealth and millions of money. This is your feeling of being rich and successful. This is the YOUR FEELING OF being A MILLIONAIRE.

Without this feeling millions of money never come to you, no matter how hard you try to “Think and Grow Rich”. You must ADD more feelings about the wealth to your thoughts of the wealth. This should be your general and complete condition. The condition of your mind, the condition of your heart, the condition of your soul and the condition of the whole your body! And most important thing — YOUR CONDITION must be CONSTANT.

Allow yourself to be in this {mental and emotional} condition of being MILLIONAIRE. Do it a whole year. And after this time, the actual opportunities will begin to open up in your life! Not the money itself can “jump in” into your pocket, but it is YOU, who just open up, uncover, reveal a great number of opportunities. And in result — all you have to do is simply reach out your hand to BIG MONEY, and then have the courage to tell the whole world that this money is yours!

The main trick is to declare your desire and your aim — to be the rich millionaire. YOU must declare your intention to the Universe. And there is one more trick. This very focus, like the first one, is to declare one’s own right to be the MASTER of the UNIVERSE.

The Universe should know who is that person, who is asking for everything the Universe has. This is information. A sort of information. The Universe’s information. And this information include YOUR right to get and to have money — lots of money! And it is not only one right, but something more than that. The Universe has MANY rights and MANY opportunities (suitable options).

The love of money is not envy; it is not greed, not adoration of money. It is not dependence. The love of money is not about falling in love. Do not fall in love with money and their amount. Otherwise you will become addicted. Then you can’t get any profit.

It is necessary to love money. And before to do this — you need to LOVE YOURSELF. But YOU must show your love to the money — how you love yourself, how you love money. That is the main point. Money should know about your existence and about your sincere love for them. Only then money will “see” you and “feel” your energetic flashes of love — and direct one’s flow in your direction.

Your feeling, your body condition, your general integral state (that is, the state gathered together in the one centre) — this is the MAIN KEY to your success. This is the first important key for getting rich and for becoming a MILLIONAIRE.

— —

Now the Universe gives everything that everyone needs!

Your simple guy

Al Trumpa.

Chapter 1. Choose Your Desire!

Rule #1. Choose your desire!

Our Universe did not start just like that. Just at once. Just without something. The Universe began with a desire. With the desire to be and exist. The Universe began with the desire to “LIVE”! In other words, the desire to live started OUR Universe.

And then there was a desire to “LOVE”. And later, there was a desire to “SURVIVE”. And only after all those desires — the last desire to “MEAN” (or “TO BE IMPORTANT”) arose.

To the present moment, in our days, the very last, the fourth desire took the leading position — a point of domination.

But you need only 3 first desires: to LIVE, to LOVE, to SURVIVE. You will be important later on, when you go through all these 3 stages. Do not rush! Don’t be so fast!

Most people never get rich and happy for one very banal reason — because they want to skip these 3 main and gradual steps and immediately start implementing the “Mean” stage. Do not think about it. Forget it!

You have only these 3 main stages: to LIVE, to LOVE, to SURVIVE.

Do as the Universe does! Do not argue with its “action plan”. Do not engage yourself in your “free creativity.” Just know and remember one thing — your creativity is not free. At least, it’s not free yet. Then, when it becomes free — after passing through previous 3 stages — you will create as you like.

But for now, subjugate the Universe! It is your very first Teacher! And your most correct Teacher from all the other Teachers existing on the planet is YOU!

So, the Universe chose the desire to “LIVE” … In simple terms, the Universe made its choice, made up a concrete decision and boldly declared this desire to the Dark Outer Space. So that our world began exist. And we are all living things — we also started with the simple, but concrete desire of The Universe to LIVE and to EXIST.

In our world, nothing happens just like that, without desire. It is with desire that everything that begins in this Universe begins. If the Universe had no desire — now there would be no Universe. Now there would be neither you nor me.

Nobody and nothing would be existed. It is thanks to the very FIRST desire of the Universe — you are now reading these lines. And precisely because of the desire of the Universe you will become RICH and HAPPY. RIGHT NOW! That is what THE UNIVERSE SAYS!

It is thanks to your caring Universe that you will become the person is loved by THE BIG MONEY!

Therefore, follow the example of YOUR Universe — choose your innermost desire. And don’t reveal your secret desire to anyone on this planet. After all, this desire is very intimate. Do not let “strangers” to your desire. Otherwise, it will end to be intimate. And that means it will cease to be only yours — your desire will become common to all. And this is not great thing.

What you need is just to choose your most intimate desire. Let it be a desire to get something, or to meet someone. And it is better to let it be both — to get something good, to have something best and to meet and to have someone good with you! It means — just to be RICH and HAPPY.

And the only “partner” with whom you can share your intimate desire is only your HEART, and nothing else and nobody else, BUT YOU!

Rule #1. Choose your desire!

— —

Motto intention: “I know perfectly well that without a desire there will be nothing in my life. In my life everything starts with a desire. The only thing I need to do at the very beginning is just to choose a desire for myself. That same intimate, that same craving is what I want in my life here and now. My Universe will do all the rest!”…

Chapter 2. Add The Action 1 +1!

Rule #2. Add the action 1 +1!

So you chose a desire. The next item is an action. Yes it is. Now you have to add an action to your desire. One simple action for one simple desire. And no more else.

Do not overload your actions with desires. And vice versa — do not overload your desires with the actions.

Remember this formula: “1 desire +1 action.”

Let it be 1 concrete desire and 1 concrete action streamed in 1 direction.

Everything should be very plain and simple. Do not try to complicate your desires and your actions. When you complicate them — you limit everything. If you complicate your desires and actions you will limit YOUR UNIVERSE. It just won’t know what you need.

Know one thing. YOUR UNIVERSE never knows exactly what you need. But only until you directly tell the Universe about your desire.

Whisper YOUR UNIVERSE into its ear your desire and perform the action. Consider the above formula. Act on its “1 +1” principle. 1 desire +1 action. And everything will be fine!

If you break this formula, you will fail. And you will be to blame for everything, but not a formula. Therefore, do not resist the Universe and do not go against the formula “1 +1”.

The Universe must know for sure: what you need, what you want, who you want, with whom you want to do something (create some relationship — family, love, sex, business)…

There is such an interesting paradox — the Universe knows exactly how to do something, but only it does not know WHAT exactly it needs to do WHOM for. Whom the Universe gives a present for? For you? Or for nobody?

That’s the thing the Universe must know — who is that person that wants to get the rich present? It must be YOU. And it’s who makes an order of your desire and who declares one’s desire to the Universe.

Rule #2. Add the action 1 +1!

— —

Motto intention: “So, I chose a desire. But I know for sure that if I wished only once, then my desire will never be fulfilled. Desire, which I thought about only once, will forever remain a desire and will not become a reality. Therefore, I clearly know that I also need to act. What I need to do is to constantly return my ATTENTION to my desire and act. I just need every day to fix my attention on my chosen goal, to pronounce THOUGHT FORMS and AFFIRMATIONS, that I will succeed, to form a ‘live picture’ in my head, and then to do anything that I need, to perform any action following the picture in my head!”…

Chapter 3. Give The Universe A Task!

Rule #3. Give the Universe a task!

You just need to KNOW or at least UNDERSTAND, DECIDE and CHOOSE — WHAT you need from your life in general, or WHAT beloved PERSON do you need in your life if you are lonely alone.

When you EXACTLY know WHAT and WHOM you need — the Universe also starts to KNOW about it. And then it begins to fulfill your ORDER, your ORDER and your CHOICE — your DESIRE. How to do it — the Universe knows. The main thing is to let YOUR UNIVERSE understand and know exactly what she (it) needs to do specifically for you.

So, for your convenience and for you to feel comfortable — in the following narration let’s name the Universe in feminine gender — “SHE”. Let’s comprehend the Universe as A BIG WOMAN. Not fat woman. But BIG. The GIANT WOMAN!!!

Okay. Starting from this very moment we call the Universe as a POWERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, using singular personal pronoun “SHE”…

So… For whom the Universe needs to try — for you, or for anyone? This is what the Universe needs to know in order to start doing something FOR YOU.

Without understanding and using this side of reality, your desire will not be fulfilled. It will remain in the virtual space. Your desire must be made material. Give it a material form, shape your desire with concrete objectivity and materiality.

If you just do actions without desire, it will be a waste of your time and your energy. You will not achieve anything. The main thing is to add desire to any of your actions. And vice versa — add action to any desire.

But just know something else. You can not scatter desires and actions to the right and left. It is also impossible to throw your thoughts into nowhere. This is very bad. It just gives you NO RESULT at all…

Take a desire for yourself. Make a wish! It must be the most important wish in your life. Do you remember? Desire or dream — they should be only ONE and the BIGGEST and MAIN for you that will take ALL YOUR LIFE. Then to your GREAT desire add an action. It would be enough for you to feel comfortable and star making your dream come true.

But the most important secret is this: YOUR UNIVERSE does not fulfill your dream by itself, alone, without your small help. The Universe helps you to fulfill it only. It is You, who makes your own dream come true.

The Universe helps you, but only YOU make a wish, declare your desire and make the actions in order to make your dream come true.

You yourself go to your dream — using your personal feet. And the Universe just offers you the best and easiest path to a dream. Well, the beneficial visualization of your dreams and goals — makes your path to the dream even easier. And in this sense, indeed, the road arises only under the feet of a person walking along this road.

Rule #3. Give the Universe a task!

— —

Motto intention: “I do not need to reinvent the NEW bicycle and discover ‘A NEW America’ again. All I need is to choose one single desire for myself and begin to act. I just need to give my Universe an exact task — to set a task for it, so that it also knows what to do to help me. My Universe helps me always! My Universe is always with me! This is my Universe leading me to a dream, and a dream to me!”…

Chapter 4. Clarify Your Desires And Actions!

Rule #4. Clarify your desires and actions!

Now for the other desires. You have both BIG and SMALL desires and actions. Do not try to throw all of them at once.

Choose the MOST GREAT GOAL. Go to her. Go to her all the time, all your life.

And small desires and goals — fulfill them very easily and simply. Never complicate small goals and desires. Moreover, never complicate the most simple actions.

The universe is keen to help you. She has her own “plan to achieve” your projects. You only design — and the Universe performs. You just order a dream for yourself, or you make a “design project” of your dream (for example, the “Wishboard”) — and the Universe does the rest. You just watch, create and admire.

Little desires and actions must be carried out immediately and quickly. They should be carried out as simply and easily as possible. Act on the principle of “How are you doing — let it be so.” Believe me, this is what you need. Let everything be as it is in itself. Never waste extra resources on small desires and actions. They can capriciously and not be realized.

Believe me, little desires and actions do not like too much preparation on your part. Small desires and actions must be carried out immediately and quickly, decisively and boldly — without thinking, not guessing, not analyzing. Just go and do!

But the big goals, desires and actions — they love the extra and even careful preparation. With great desires and actions on the contrary — do not hurry, let them work slowly. So they are arranged.

Small desires and actions are closer to you — they are almost next to you, literally, two or three steps from you. And so they do not like the extra pressure from your side. And so they are easier and simpler.

From the point of view of the “idea”, fast and small goals and desires are created in a quick, simple way. Why?

Because such is their natural nature. So they conceived YOUR UNIVERSE. Do you remember who to listen to? That’s right — you first need to listen to your first Master — the Universe. So listen and act according to the “voice” of the Universe. You will listen to yourself later. Because you are not yet a teacher. When you read this book to the end — then you will be also the Teacher to yourself.

And the natural nature of BIG goals, desires and actions is different. Such big goals have a different “idea”, another “intention” of the Universe. Another idea of execution. Big goals are executed not difficult, but for a long time. Because they are BIG. After all, for large objects it takes more time to move in space. And for small objects it takes less time to move and move in space.

It doesn’t matter in which particular space: in the space of ideas, thoughts, images (metaphysics), or in the space of material objects and actions (physics). In any space. The laws of the universe work equally in the physical world and the metaphysical one. In general, the laws of the universe are the same for ALL WORLDS in the UNIVERSE.

That is why BIG goals and objectives are always performed longer than small ones. And that is why BIG tasks always require a longer preparation, for example, visualization of their desires and goals, the “shamanic” conspiracy of reality. Of course, this is just a joke. But a joke with meaning.

Now you know the meaning and principle of work of YOUR UNIVERSE in the implementation of BIG and small goals, desires and actions.

With small goals — do not hesitate, work quickly and immediately, do not think, do not get ready.

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