Monetary horoscope for 2018

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Everywhere money, gentlemen

Like words from a song, yes

And without money life is bad

Not suitable anywhere

As in past years

Money warms the soul, yes

And I will say definitely

Will be fashionable always

In the eighteenth year

Do not change the fashion that

And the desire to grab money

Will not reduce the severity

Aries (21.03 — 19.04)

Aries Collector

Like a young pioneer

He collects coins

Our signs are not an example

Deeper need to look

In money, the essence is a little digging

And the program for the parish

Money Aries deploy

Cash flow plan

On the economic expenditure

Course plan

Maneuver and bypass

Taurus (20.04 — 20.05)

In the year of the dog and Taurus

Will be a complete young man

If it can manifest itself

As resourceful businessman

In business easy ways

Can often not go

And the road circumferential

Suddenly lead to victory

Chance to use at least once

Maybe every sign of us

Can also if wants

Get out of the brow and into the eye

Gemini (21.05 — 20.06)

Gemini a solid jackpot

Will carry someone here too

Intellectual Business

And not just shaking pears

Royalties, royalties

Money Fat Routes

Yen, Dollars and Euros

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