Mistake of Gods

Бесплатный фрагмент - Mistake of Gods

Warning against experiments with human genome

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The materials were presented during the Scientific and Practical Conference by the International Academy of the Information, Communication and Control in Technology, Nature and Society, and the materials were approved and recommended for publication.

Reviewed by:

E.I. Borovkov, Prof. Dr.-Ing., the President of the International Academy of the Information, Communication and Control in Technology, Nature and Society; the Director of the Astrobiology Problems and Space Safety;

Y.V. Galtsev, Doctor of Medical Science, the Vice-President of the International Academy of the Information, Communication and Control in Technology, Nature and Society, the Head of the Department of the Forensic Examination;

V.V. Kovalionok, the Colonel General of the Aviation, the twice Hero of the USSR, the space pilot in USSR, the President of the Space Exploration Federation of Russia.

The 2nd edition

This is a science education book that discloses the most interesting and the most global themes — the age and the origins of the human civilization. Among other things, it reveals the most mysterious and the most unknowable — aliens, visiting the ancient Earth, and their amazing genetic experiments, which they carried out here. Based on multiple evidences, the author describes the significant difference between Celestials and ordinary Earth humans in every detail.

Revelations of a scientist may often look unexpected or even fantastic. There are unique archeological discoveries, ancient records and legends, which ignite thinking in those, who hesitate to believe, and which invite such people into the amazing journey back in time, looking for the truth about oneself, and about the World around us.

The materials, which are presented here, and which refer to multiple fields of the ancient Knowledge about the alien roots of the human civilization, and about a sequence of tragic events, which resulted in the Flood, is the ready-made scenario for an amazing science fiction movie, which, too, might have the title «Mistake of Gods», and might visualize one of the most true-like versions of the human civilization past.

The book lifts the curtain that hides the sacred mysteries of our existence, to allow better understanding of who we are, where we are from, and where we go.

Who were Celestials?

I will reveal to you, Gilgamesh, a thing that is hidden, a secret of the Gods I will tell you!

From Sumerian Epic Tales

There is the ancient Knowledge, which is reflected in Sumerian and in Egyptian texts, in Slavic and in Indian Vedic texts, and even in tales of the American Indians, and the ancient Knowledge is about the technologically advanced civilization of Celestials, which existed on Earth very long time ago, together with people. Celestials had biological and physiological features similar to ours.

The ancient texts comprise multiple evidences of marriages between humans and Celestials, where both males and females were from both sides.

Mari El, an area in Russia, according to once folk tale, was given its name to commemorate the marriage between a human, who married Mari, the daughter of El the Celestial!

As a matter of fact, the word El, or Elohim, has the meaning «Saint», «Divine», and it is associated with God. This might easily be the name of one of the first rulers among Anunnaki the Celestials, who is also known as the kind God with names Ea, Enki, Poseidon, Elulim; the Slavic Vedas refer to him as to the Lel the Loveful, whose reign in Eridu lasted for 28800 years, and who has multiple progenies, including from those from the Earth women. Other rulers among Anunnaki the Celestials also reigned for tens of thousands years.

The fact, that there are peoples among those living in Russia for thousands years, who did not break their association with their ancient past, makes me proud. Those peoples are at least aware of their true origins, and their future is promising.

Who were the Celestials?

The first difference between Celestials and humans was the height. Celestials were giants if compared to humans

Let us again refer to the Epic of Gilgamesh, who was a real person living between the end of XXVII and the beginning of XXVI centuries B.C., the fifth ruler of the Sumerian state capital of Uruk, which is also known from the Bible as Erech.

The ancient image of Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh, the ancient epic hero, was given birth by a Celestial woman, whereas his father was the progeny of a Celestial and an Earth woman. Although ¾ of Gilgamesh’s blood was from Celestials, his life was as short, as the life of all ordinary humans. Understanding this fact made Gilgamesh suffer, he had no intention to come in terms with his fate. Together with Enkidu, his friend, Gilgamesh made some highly risky, but ultimately unsuccessful and tragic attempts to disclose the secret of Celestials’ very long life, and to regain the immortality that he was longing for. The Sumerian Epic tales tell about this in every detail.

According to the ancient images of Gilgamesh, which we have, his height was between 5 and 7 meters, and a terrifying male lion shown held with his arms looks like a small cat. Apparently, a real cat would have been all on his hand.

The ancient Sumerian Epic tales mention that Gilgamesh, accompanied by fifty his fellow travellers, all unmarried men, arrived to Earth in a Celestial Boat, also known as the Magilum Boat. The words «Magilum Boat» may be literally translated as «the Boat of Elum the Mag», or «the Boat of El the Celestial»!

Ancient Greek legends, which tell about Titans, born from those mixed marriages, also mention the gigantic height of the progenies from Celestials and humans.

We read the same in the Bible, the Book of Genesis:

6:1 When human beings began to increase in number

on the Earth and daughters were born to them,

6:2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans

were beautiful and they married any of them they chose.

6:4 The Nephilim were on the Earth in those days —

and also afterward — when the sons of God went

to the daughters of humans and had children by them.

They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

The ancient Slavic Vedas also mention some old time Giants, who were 9—12 meters tall and even taller, they were named as Volunts.

Apparently, Volunts were of the ancient Atlantic Race, with the body height of 5—7 meters and even taller. According to legends, almost all of them were destroyed during the destruction of Atlantis, although those few who survived, turned epic heroes two-three meters tall, among ordinary people.

The word «volunteers», originates from the word «volunt», who were giant assistants, and they helped with constructing large stone facilities. For example, the weight of some large stones, which were stacked one on another in such facilities, exceeded unthinkable 300 ton, some weighed even more unthinkable 500 ton! Even now, modern mechanisms cannot just take one such piece of stone and just put it on another such piece. Remember the enormous stone columns of Baalbek, which are so large, that a human looks like an insect near them? The modern word «volunteers» lost its original meaning, they are now only assistants, although their selfless labor may still move a mountain.

The Slavic Vedas many times mention the giant height of the ancient Slavic people, among other things, saying even horses could not carry some of them because of their legs being too long.

There is a story about three Slavic ambassadors from Far North, who arrived unarmed and only had Gusli (it is the oldest Russian multi-string plucked instrument). They were taken to Maurice, the emperor. The emperor was amazed by them singing, warmly welcoming them, and their enormous height and large body parts surprised him.

Sergey Alexeev, a Russian writer, the author of «The continent of Arvar, the Motherland of Gods», published by M., Olma-Press, 2004, mentions, that when he was a child, he lived in a small village in Kirov region, and he saw the excavation of an old tomb covered with stones, and he saw a giant skull of a humanlike creature. The eye pits on that skull were so large, that a head of a modern human could easily fit in. He also states, that local inhabitants were many times excavating skeleton parts of humanlike giants, as they were getting stones for their houses from ancient burial places.

In 1936, Ludwig Kohl-Larsen, a German paleontologist and anthropologist, found the bones of giant people by the Lake Eyasi in Tanzania, Central Africa. The twelve men, buried in a mass grave, were from 350 to 375 cm tall, when they were living. Interestingly, their skulls all had beveled chins and two rows of the upper and the lower teeth.

There is the information, that in Poland, during the Second World War, during burial procedures in connection with executions, a fossilized skull was found, 55 centimeters high, i.e. almost thrice as big as a skull of a modern adult person. A giant, the skull belonged to, had ideal lineament and was at least 3.5 m tall.

Ivan T. Sanderson, a famous biologist, reported about a letter from someone. The author of the letter was working as a bulldozer operator in 1950, and they were constructing a road in Alaska. He reported, that they found two huge fossilized skulls, crania and long leg bones. The skulls each were around 58 cm high and 30 cm wide. The ancient giants had two rows of teeth and disproportionally large heads. The bones, too, were thrice as long as those in a modern human. The tibia bones were from 150 to 180 cm long.

Here is another example of a similar unusual finding from the ancient times. In 1935, Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald, a German-Dutch paleontologist, found in Hong-Kong the human teeth, each 5 times larger than the teeth of a modern human. Therefore, the approximate weight of their owner was 500 kg, and the height was 5 meters.

A skeleton of a human, four meters tall, was found in Georgia, near the village of Udabno.

Found in Nevada, USA, were fossilized footprints, which were 51 cm long, and the interval between adjacent footprints was 1.5–2m.

In the late 1950s, the road construction works in Euphrates Valley, Southwest Turkey, revealed a number of graves with giant human bones. There were thighbones 120 cm long each. Joe Taylor, the Director of Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum in Crosbyton, Texas USA, carried out the reconstruction. The owner of a thighbone, which is as long, was 14 to 16 feet tall (that is around 5 meters), and the size of his foot was 20 to 22 inches (that is almost half a meter)! When he walked, his fingers were 6 feet above the ground.

Giant footprints of the feet more than one meter (!) long on the Tarawa Island (Kiribati) even became the subject matter for a scientific publication in Polynesian People Magazine. According to the local legend, a giant, who left the footprints, was so tall that he could easily pick cocoa nuts from cocoa palm trees. There is also another legend, which says he was one of those Celestials, who once came down to the islands.

The most famous phenomenon of this kind is the footprint of a bare left foot, which was found in solid granite, on a plane that is almost vertical, and nobody has any idea as of how it appeared there, in the South African province of the Transvaal. The size of the footprint is at least the same good as the one in Kiribati — 1.3 m. It did not take long to calculate, that a humanlike species with feet that big should be ten meters tall. There is a similar footprint, of the right foot this time, on the island of Sri-Lanka.

The Science and Religion magazine, No. 8, 2003, presented the following facts.

In 1999, British paleontologists discovered the mountain rock in the Gobi Desert (South Mongolia), and the mountain rock was 45 million years of age and comprised fossilized remains of a humanlike species with specific body structure. Its skull had a number of features, which associated it with the very first humanlike apes, which lived 6—8 million years ago. Still, there were other features, which reliably associated the finding with advanced Homo sapiens. Certain features in the structure of the skull witness in favor of this species possessing intellect, it had organs of speech, and, therefore, it was able to speak (the assessment mainly was by this particular parameter). The structure of this species’ skeleton was humanlike, too. However, the wrists were disproportionally large. The reasons for such kind of anomaly remain unclear. And just one more thing — this humanoid was around 15 meters tall. Its lower limbs were around 7 meters long.

American scientists were uncertain in describing what was actually found. «It is possible that we are not dealing with an extinct civilization but something different, unusual to us. It would seem that this creature had developed beyond the limitations of our evolution». UFO enthusiasts certainly would enjoy those words.

There was a publication in the Globe, UK, where David Stanford evaluate the event in a slightly different manner, saying that we may have to reconsider the entire history of this planet, which the humankind has been aware of. What we discovered completely denies the picture of the World as we know it. David Stanford mentioned the giant’s fossils were found accidentally. They studied the graveyard of dinosaurs in a remote mountain gorge, and one of the scientists suddenly saw the wall with sediments, which comprised a clearly seen skeleton of a giant that died tens of millions years ago. Local legends about a bony demon, living in the mountain gorge, just make the assumption even more plausible.

Similar references in multiple legends about giants and leviathans, together with huge anthropological skeletons with stretched skulls, as it was reported in mass media, allow the assumption, that the Celestial Giants on our planet were reality. Their number on Earth was small; therefore, archeological findings of this kind are rare.

The second difference between the Celestials and humans was that the former were semiaquatic species with intellect, which preferred living in water environment

In their books, multiple authors describe unusual archeological findings, which witness in favor of the assumption, that the knowledge of the ancient civilizations were far more advanced, than we all got used to think of it. Robert Kyle Grenville Temple, an American author, states in his book «The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago» — published in Moscow, by Exmo, 2006, that Dogon people, Babylonians, Egyptians insist, that thecivilization was brought to our planet by intelligent Celestial species that came from the Sirius star system. According to the remaining descriptions, the aliens from Sirius were amphibians, the semiaquatic species. It is worth noticing also, that the detailed information about that alien visit to Earth, which remained intact until our days, is very precious from the astronomical point of view.

Dogon people also believe, that amphibian species established the human civilization. According to the ancient knowledge of the Dogon people, now living in the African republic of Mali, there is a small star (Sirius B) orbiting around the Sirius star system, and the small star, nevertheless, is massive enough to significantly influence the orbit of Sirius A. This small companion of the Sirius A is invisible with the naked eye, yet its parameters form the basis for Dogonian calendar. It was only recently, when the small star (Sirius B) was finally discovered with a large telescope; furthermore, the information from Dogon people, that the rotation period of this star around Sirius A equals 50 years, was confirmed fully! The newly-discovered star belongs to the white dwarf class. Among the strangest features of the starts in this class is their huge mass in combination with their small size. Those stars irradiate little light, but have incredibly powerful gravitation field.

According to the information from the Dogon people, there is yet another dwarf star (Sirius C), orbiting around the Sirius A star, and this third star is still unseen by modern telescopes; yet, Dogon people insist there are planetary systems inhabited by intelligent species around those three stars, and it is those intelligent species, which are our remote ancestors! The legends say those plants are inhabited by people with wings, with tails and with horns. The Dagon people has been knowing about those two Sirius satellites since maybe forever ago; furthermore, they know the orbital rotation periods; they state, that the closest satellite of Sirius consists of some lustrous and very heavy metal, a single grain of which weighs as much as «the total load that four hundred eighty donkeys can carry together». In addition to Dagon people, some other Sudanese tribes possess similar ancient knowledge: Bambara, Bozo and Manyika people, who are not spoiled by the modern civilization yet.

Egyptian legends often associate Sirius A with Osiris or Serapis (Royal Bull), eaten by Anubis (Celestial Dog), thus symbolizing Sirius B, the ultra-heavy dwarf star. We already mentioned, that in ancient time Sirius was often called the Dog Star. Sumerian goddess Bau with the head of a dog was the daughter of the god Anu, associated in Egypt with the dog-headed An-Pu, or Anubis, and also with the dog-headed god Hermes, who gave Celestial Knowledge to people. Plutarch also mentioned that Anubis is also a synonym for Cronus, the god, which was also associated with time, or Kronos. It is worth mentioning here, that Kronos or Cronus was the respected god of time, trade and fertility among ancient pagan Slavic people.

Ancient Slavic Vedas comprise the information about the star system of Sirius, which is very similar to the one described above. The Vedas insist our remote ancestors initially lived in Paradise, but later were expelled from there. Interestingly, the ancient Slavic Vedas have the word for Paradise, calling it «Iriy» or «Irius» (very similar to «Sirius»), and the patriarch of all Slavic people is Ori the Father. It is with his name, which the Constellation of Orion is named with. The Constellation of Orion is in close proximity from the Sirius star system!

The Tarot initiates cards, which came to us from Egyptian priests, and from the Atlantis civilization even earlier, comprise similar secret knowledge. As Robert Temple reasonably notices, Masons on the highest stages of initiation are now the keepers of the hidden knowledge.

For example, the seventeenth card of Tarot is called the Star, and it symbolizes the star system of Sirius. According to the esoteric knowledge, this card is capable of materializing our most intimate wishes, and it may also reveal the new vision of the World around us. The image on this card comprises a nude Woman with two filled jugs. She is the Hostess in the place, where everything is filled with Harmony, Pease, Celestial Light, and proximity of Sky. The woman pours the water from those jugs on Earth, half-kneeling, with one leg against the soil and another leg in Water. Seven stars are behind her, and the eighth, the biggest one, is she herself. There is a Stork, ready to fly up, near the Woman, as a reminder for the humankind about our Celestial birthplace.

Symbolically, the image of the Woman means, that originally, our remote ancestors were amphibian species, which were capable of living both on land and in water, and they belonged to Atlantis civilization, which arrived from star system of Sirius!

Let us now turn to the modern knowledge. As we all know, a human embryo, at the very first stages of its development, has some features, which look like gills, at least visually. This may be a sort of evidence in favor of the assumption, that long time ago, at some very initial stages of development, the humankind, really, could pass the amphibian stage of the development.

Multiple fragments of the secret knowledge are in geographic names, too. For example, the ancient state of Assyria may be interpreted as As-s-Iriy, or gods that arrived from Iriy.

It is also interesting: the Egyptian hieroglyph for Sirius is an image of a triangular facet of a pyramid, and some authors suggest the pyramid itself might have been consecrated to this particular and respected star. According to Proclus, the ancient Greek philosopher, the star system of Sirius was observed from a pyramid on regular basis.

Egyptian secret Teachingsassociate the seventeenth Tarot card with Satet (Anuket — Sirius B), the goddess that floats in the Celestial Boat, together with Sopdet (Isis, Sirius A), also the goddess. Anuket, too, holds two filled jugs with her hands, the jugs are associated with the two planets of the star system of Sirius, which are rich with water and covered with flora.

«The Virgin of the World», an ancient Egyptian treatise says:

«God the Monarch, the universal Orderer and Architect, sent for a little while thy mighty sire Osiris, and the mightiest goddess Isis, that they might help the world, for all things needed them.

«Tis they who filled life full of life.«Tis they who caused the savagery of mutual slaughtering of men to cease.«Tis they who hallowed precincts to the Gods their ancestors and spots for holy rites.«Tis they who gave to men laws, food and shelter.

Tis they alone who, taught by Hermes in God’s hidden codes, became the authors of the arts, and sciences, and all pursuits which men do practice, and givers of their laws.

And having done all this, my son, Osiris and myself perceiving that the world was (now) quite full, were thereupon demanded back by those who dwell in Heaven».

Plutarch’s treatise «About Isis and Osiris» discloses, that Isis was born in a very humid location. It is also interesting, that the name of the star — Sirius — is associated with Sirens, or mermaids, living both in water and on land, and this is not just a coincidence. It is the Sirens, which are mentioned by Homer in «Odyssey», his epic poem, which describes Sirens as dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

It so happens that Agga is an Egyptian synonym for Anubis. Interestingly, the ancient Russian folk tales refer to Baba Yaga, a strange and unusual spiritual entity with the name sounding similar to Agga, and which flies in the air sitting in a wooden or iron mortar. Extending the logic further, the witch broom might, too, be the tail stabilizer that allowed controlling the «air vehicle».

Just as an example of how sophisticated may be the translation of ancient texts to the modern languages: Slavic tales mention a strange beast called Camelopard, meaning Camel-Leopard in one. It is hard to guess, which particular ancient beast is meant. Its name speaks in favor of an evil carnivore.

A more detailed analysis of the ancient text, though, reveals the beast had a long neck that reminded the one of a camel, maybe, by oral description for a blind person, and also there were spots that covered the beast. Additional details take us to a giraffe, yes, the animal with a long neck, which one knows as in no way a carnivore at all!

Pictures of species reminding amphibian mermaids are known from multiple ancient cultures.

Naga. Fragment of Ganga.Stone relief of the VII century. Mahabalipuram

The greatest god in Babylonian kingdom was a merman with the name Onasis, also known as Ea, the Master of Waves, later also named Poseidon or Neptune. Sumerian literature (IV — III thousand years B.C.), Enki, one of the Supreme Gods, also was an amphibian species, as of the following phrase:

«Enki lies in swamps far and wide».

The classical writings by Alexander Polyhistor describe those unusual species, which inhabited our Earth long time ago, as amphibians. According to him, they preferred going back into sea for a night, spending days on soil.

The ancient image of Enki, the amphibian God

According to Beros, a Babylonian priest and writer, who lived in IV — III century B.C., the civilization was brought to our planet by amphibian species. The intelligent species, with the name Oannes, was the first intelligent species that appeared from the sea. The body of him was fish, and under the fish head there was the other, [human], below there were legs as though of (kind of) a man and fish tail [behind them]. His voice was human, and the tongue clear, and his image remained up to our time. In the afternoon this Being usually talked with people, but did not eat at this time any food. He had given to people writing, sciences and arts. He had learnt them to build dwellings, to erect temples, to establish laws and to know the geometry bases. He had shown them seeds of the useful plants and has trained them to collect their fruits. In short, this Being had made all required that customs of people became softer and they could lead a civilized lifestyle. And his deeds (acts) were so comprehensive that since then and up to now anything essential had not been invented (devised) any more. After sunset this Being made for sea again and spent all night long in its depths because he was an amphibious.

Oannes the merman, ancient picture

After very long period, four more similar semi-demonic creatures came from the seawater to land, and their names were Evdok, Eneugam, Eneubol and Anement. During the reign of Evdoresh from Pantibiblon, one more being of the similar appearance, simultaneously looked like a man and a fish, appeared from the Eritrey sea, and his name was Odakon.

Helladius, a Greek philosopher (as of Photios, 820–893 B.C.) told the history of a creature with the name Oe (Egghead), who appeared from the waters of the Red sea. He had the body of a fish, but human arms, legs and head, and taught people the basics of astronomy and grammar. The philosopher then told that there were those, who said he was from the Great Egg (apparently a spaceship that landed on water, therefore, he was given such a name), and that in reality he was a human, but he was dressed in some sort of «fish-scale» (the pressure suit). Other sources also state, that when the spaceship was landing, and after it touched the water surface, it started shining bright underwater.

The ancient image of the head of a Celestial

Let us now have a short pause to recall mysterious UFO flights from our memory and in present days, also over the surface of the World Ocean, which on Earth, as one knows, has more than five times larger area, than the soil has. There are multiple eyewitness reports, including detailed reports from Navy officers, who saw UFO water landings and UFO takeoffs from under water. There is also a detailed description of the UFO takeoff from under the deep layer of ice, with a large ice-hole with smooth edges created.

It seems the time has come to think seriously, whether or not those UFOs might be the improved vehicles of the same advanced amphibian species, which lived on Earth in ancient times? Cannot they still be colonizing the Earth by populating its vast water space, constructing underwater pyramids with mirror glass walls, like those underwater near the Bermuda Triangle, and, for some reason, avoiding any direct contact with human beings?

For now, it is only an assumption, a subject for a more thorough studying; what should make one suspicious is the amazing similarity in describing the UFO flights in the ancient texts and in the modern reports; the only thing changed is their shape: they were egg-shaped, they became disk-shaped.

Let us list just some examples of anomalies deep underwater, which were registered in our days.

There were sensational reports about Skylab space station crew observing lower water level near the well-known Bermuda Triangle.

What is interesting, the same was written in the Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalionok’s spaceship log: «There is no doubt, and there cannot be any doubt about different water levels of the World Ocean. The phenomenon is rare, but clear».

Similar information came from Valeriy Riumin, another Russian cosmonaut. «I and Vladimir Liahov saw water risings in the Indian ocean — that was as if two great waves clashed fighting!» Interestingly, there was a mountain chain ridge several hundred meters beneath the surface of those waters, which the crew of «Salyut 6», the Russian orbital station, somehow saw from space, through the space station’s portholes.

Other types of the abnormal activity in the ocean deep include shining spirals, which are time to time registered by crews of the ocean vessels passing by. For example, sailors and travellers, who were passing Kuril Islands, saw a bright spot that suddenly appeared out of the night darkness. It was moving fast, gaining in size, and its diameter approached half a kilometer. Out of the spot, there was a bright column of light going up, so bright, that it allowed seeing items on the ship’s deck; furthermore, some of those items began emitting the dim light. Inhabitants of the Far East and Japan are familiar with the phenomenon, and they call it «the Kuril Light» or «the burning circle».

Ocean vessel crews many times logged similar phenomena, as they were passing Gulf of Aden and Persian Gulf, as well as Gulf of Martaban, Strait of Malacca and waters nearby Thailand. The illuminations may take the shape of rotating wheels, surrounding the vessel hulls, and then their shape may change, by splitting into amazing patterns.

Beneath the ocean surface, abnormal acoustic phenomena are also registered on regular basis. Sometimes, those sounds may be so strange, that researchers come to no conclusion at all about their nature. Scientists record, analyze, and even name them in such a manner, which at least might somehow characterize what they might be looking like.

For example, there was the «Ascending», a monotone sound, which was registered on regular basis between 1991 and 1994. Then it disappeared to reappear again after some time. In 1996, the sound became very intensive, something that ocean researchers had never registered before; even more confusing was that the signals were registered simultaneously in the opposite locations of the Pacific Ocean.

Oceanologists have for long time been confused by the sound of «Braking», which was for the first time registered in 1997, and which in some way reminds the noise by an aircraft landing. At present, devices record it several times a year. The sound is recorded both in the Pacific, and in the Atlantic oceans; interestingly, it always comes from the Antarctic continent.

There are other strange sounds with names «Whistle», «Moaning», «Train», which periodically come from the ocean deep; some of them were simultaneously registered by hydrophones, which were several thousand kilometers apart.

It is scientists of the future, who have to answer what those strange sounds arriving from the ocean deep are.

Our mass media several times mentioned unusual activity by UFO in Ladoga Lake, which is very close to the city of Saint-Petersburg. There was a TV-program recently, which was devoted to studying UFO in deep waters of the Baikal Lake. The TV audience heard the eyewitnesses of the events that took place in near-shore zone of Baikal, adjacent to one of Russian military bases.

According to the eyewitnesses, the military divers spotted several unusual humanlike species floating shallow beneath the water surface; there was a command to catch at least one of them. However, as soon as the divers approached those amazing species, the divers were immediately exposed to some unknown influence, they became unconscious for some short time, and they awakened only on the water surface. The influence on people was like electrical shock by some of its features.

The same TV program also quoted other eyewitnesses telling about multiple encounters underwater, in close proximity, with those humanlike species. As one scuba diver told, he even managed to look into the eyes of one of those very unusual humanlike species. At that moment, the scuba diver became unable to move, still being in clear mind, apparently, he might be hypnotized, but was able to analyze what was going on.

It is worth noticing here, that the ancient Greek myths mention the multitude of other amphibian personalities with human bodies and fishtails. Those are Nereus, the eldest son of Pontus and Gaia; Poseidon, the Master of the Ocean, and even Cecrops I, the first king of Attica, who established Athens. Cecrops’s sons, too, were half-human, half-serpents.

Cecrops the Serpent Tail, the founder of Athens

Deserving special attention is the information about the «amphibian» nature of Isis and Osiris, and that was one of the listed secrets of the ancient Egyptian priests. In the ancient Phrygia, not far from the famous Byzantine Empire, archeologists found strange statuettes, which depict the goddess Isis and her husband Osiris-Serapis, as humans with fishtails.

Also, Chinese believed their ancient civilization was established by an amphibian species with a human head and a tail of a fish or a serpent, which was named FuXi and lived 3000 years B.C.His sister was Nu Wa (Nügua), she had a serpent tail, too.

An ancient painting of Nu Wa and Fu Xi.

It is Fu Xi, who is believed to be the author of trigrams and hexagrams from the Book of Changes. Sima Qian, a Chinese historian of the Han dynasty, wrote in the year 720 A.D., that Fu Xi had the body of a snake, the head of a human, and moral virtues of a wise man. He gave the basics of writing, sciences and arts to people.

Chinese myths describe Gungun, a dragon, a monster with horns and the body of a snake. The description reminds the same of Egyptian Seth, as well as Dogonian Ogo. The ancient Chinese Celestial Dragon Chen symbolizes stars of the Orion Belt, which is near Sirius.

In Sumerian texts, God Anu calls Sirius a Bow Star. In ancient China, a bow was constantly associated with Sirius, and the ancient capital of China was named Anyang, or Celestial Yang.

Slavic legends also describe similar humanlike species, Amphibians, living halftime in water. Those humanlike mammal species living in rivers and lakes may be tentatively divided into several categories:

— Vodyanoys with humanlike faces, but having fins instead arms and legs. These species in some way reminds seal-like mammals.

— Berehynias, water half-maids with humanlike appearance, arms, breasts and finlike tail. They are sometime called river maids, svitezhankas, pluskonas, bogunkas, and mermaids.

— There are male Vodianoys also called Vodniks.

— There are male Bereginias, also called Yeserniks, Ozerniks or Ozorniks. As a reminder about those ancient creatures stealing women, the word «ozornik» exists in modern Russian, and it means a prankster or a mischief-maker.

— Vodan, or Vodon, or Poseidon the sea god. According to ancient legends, it was the arch-father of human species of Atlantis. It had a head, a torso and arms like those of a man, while the lower part of his body ended with dolphin-like tail with fins. Slavic tales often describe him as the Sea Serpent, or the Sea King.

There was yet another difference between Celestials and humans, the difference, which was at least the same essential. Their lifespan was very long, the legends tell about tens of thousands years

Yet, like any mortal creatures, they were getting older, and dying in battles, too. Maybe, they were familiar with life prolongation biotechnologies.

Known since the times of Beros is the Sumerian King List listing all their dynasties. Apollodorus of Athens, who lived in II century B.C., mentioned ten Anunnaki gods reigned over Sumerian state in those ancient times, and their reign was for 432 thousand years!

The Book of Dzyan also reported about immortal Celestial aliens:

«Dzyni came and saw Dzyani from the pale Father-Mother; From the white areas They came From Immortal mortals places»

The phrase «from Immortal mortals places» also focuses on the places inhabited by species, who somehow managed to understand how to make their mortal lives virtual endless!

There is a story in the Old Testament about the God’s concerns regarding the possibility for Adam and Eve to understand the secret of long living, and, therefore living forever:

«Then the Lord God said, «Behold, the man has become like one of us in knowing good and evil. Now, lest he reach out his hand rand take also of the tree of life and eat, and live forever»

Book of Genesis, 3:22.

(Does not «one of us» literally means there were several gods, not one?)

«Therefore the Lord God sent him [i.e. Adam] out from the garden of Eden to work the ground from which he was taken. He drove out the man, and at the east of the garden of Eden he placed the tcherubim and a flaming sword that turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life».

Book of Genesis, 2:23–24

Sumerian texts tell about King Marduk, the son of Enki, who killed one of high-ranked Anunnaki Celestials in a battle, and was sentenced to die in pain for that. He was bricked inside a pyramid to die of hunger. However, Anunnaki took him out of the stone cage inside the pyramid after sometime, almost dying, just to expel him to wander for 1000 years.

Also worth mentioning is the Secret Teaching of Hermes, where he in some discloses the mystery of Elohims the Celestials, proclaiming the Great Truth, that

«Humans are mortal Gods Gods are immortal humans»

Fortunate is the one who understands those words, for by understanding them, he obtains the key for everything.

The abovementioned facts deserve very thorough consideration, because Sumerian scientists were good mathematicians, they were able to calculate upcoming eclipses of the Sun and the Moon, with tenth part of a second accuracy! It is hard to believe they might miscalculate years.

It is further worth mentioning that immortal cells in a human body are already found. The bad news is up to now those are cancer cells only. Many cytological laboratories in the World now make experiments with cancer cells of a woman, who died in the beginning of the previous century. Regardless the decades passed, the cells are still as young as those in a newly born baby, time is nothing for them because they count no age! Known for now are several thousand immortal cell strains, obtained from malign tumors of humans and animals. Although nature made only malign cells immortal, there is still a theoretical possibility to turn bad into good. That means using genetic engineering methods to try to influence natural aging mechanism. By the way, such research in no way compromises Biblical statements, which say, that future people may have the immortality, which they wish so much. It would be nice, if it were the matter of not too remote future.

Having obtained a longer life, the human civilization may face the problem of free living space, which may be solved by colonizing other places in our Universe.

The fourth difference between Celestials and humans is that Celestials were far more advanced intellectually and technologically

For example, Elohims were able to move via flying and underwater vehicles, and they possessed mass destruction weapon, which by description reminds nuclear and laser weapon. Here we see, which technical devices and which jet vehicles they used.

The image of an ancient jet-flying vehicle, archeological excavations

Technical devices of Celestials. Inanna, the goddess wearing a personal flying suit, ancient sculpture, Syria.

Images that came to us from very ancient times show what Celestials were looking like. The Book of Genesis (6:1–4) describes them as the Nephilim: «Which were on the Earth in those days». On their images, one may recognize helmets with zippers, the pressure suits.

The image of a Celestial in the ancient Indian temple of Chichen Itza, the American continent

The image of a Celestial in the ancient Indian temple of Chichen Itza, the American continent

The ancient image of a Celestial wearing a pressure suit

Mesopotamian and Old Testament texts mention that gods first communicated with people on Earth, but then went to Heaven. A number of ancient texts in Hebrew tell about angst for epic past:

«How long, O Lord, turnest thou away unto the end?

Shall thy anger burn like fire?

Remember what my substance is:

for hast thou made all the children of men in vain?»

Psalm, 88:47–48

The Lord looked down from his sanctuary on high

from heaven he viewed the earth,

The Lord looked down from his sanctuary on high,

from heaven he viewed the earth,

Praise the Lord, my soul;

all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

Praise the Lord, my soul,

and forget not all his benefits—

who forgives all your sins

and heals all your diseases,

who redeems your life from the pit

and crowns you with love and compassion

Psalm, 102:19, 103:1–4

But will God really dwell on Earth?

The heavens, even the highest heaven,

cannot contain you

3 Kings, 8:27

On Earth, direct descents from Celestials established first dynasties. In the time before the Flood, Atlantis was the most powerful state, which they recreated on Earth, whereas prevailing after the Flood were Sumerian, Indian, Chinese and American Indian civilizations.

Rulers of the ancient China were believed to be the descendants from «Horned Sons of Sky», who came down to Earth in «Firedrakes». The ancient name of China is translated as «the land of bulls».

It is also worth mentioning, that the name of India is translated as the Spouse of Diw, or the Sacred Cow. Diw was the Slavic pagan God pictured as a Horned Bull-man that people often called Ivan Bykovich, and this again confirms the unbreakable connection between Slavic people and India with its cultural traditions. Slavic also named Diw as Svarog, or the Sacred Horn.

There was time when scientists believed it is the Sun that gave birth to all the objects in the Solar system. However, spectral analysis of the Sun revealed that at least twenty heavy chemical elements present on Earth and Mars, but are missing on Sun. Thus, the Sun could not be the parent of those planets. Jupiter has very close chemical composition, apparently being the parental object for both Earth and Mars. Both those planets originally were orbiting around Jupiter, but later were moved to orbit around the Sun.

Probably, the Sun was parental for only three bodies: Mercury, Venus and the Moon. All those bodies either do not rotate around their own axes, or do it very slowly, as in case with Venus, which has the period of rotation around its own axis lasting for more than two hundred days on Earth.

At present, the Solar system is considered to be a heterogeneous formation of five stars: Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun, as well as the bodies they gave birth to. Besides, there are smaller space objects in the Solar system, like comets, which might have arrived to us from deep space. Four of those stars already ceased their activity and do not shine anymore. Only on Saturn, and in large part of Jupiter, there are residual noise storms, which are also active on the Sun.

Interestingly, some ancient legends disclose the Cosmology theme in details. For example, the legends of American Indians tell that there were other civilizations before our civilization, and those others were almost fully disappeared as result of space disasters, like the appearance of new Suns. What shines on us now is the fifth Sun, which shall not be the last one, and somewhere, inside our Solar system, a new, sixth, Sun is getting ready to appear. This is not in a conflict with the modern science, too.

Surprisingly, the ancient Sumerian tales count the planets in Solar system starting from its periphery; for example, Earth has the number seven, Mars is the sixth planet, and the first numbers are assigned to planets, which are peripheral in the Solar system. There is an opinion that the planets might have been counted in such specific order by someone passing them inside a space vessel on their way to Sun, the center of the Solar system. Such impression becomes even stronger, as we read descriptions of those planets, which are remote from us, and almost invisible to us, as for their surface relief and color.

After American scientists launched space drones and received images from remote objects of the Solar system, that became a documented confirmation of the ancient descriptions.

The Hermitage Museum in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, includes an ancient Sumerian table of clay with symbolic image of Earth and Mars, with some artificial body flying in between, which visually reminds an interplanetary spaceship. Even more surprising are two individuals sending greetings to the flying object — one from Earth, and one Martian. The Martian wears some unusual suit that looks like the pressure suit of an astronaut.

The image of Earth and Mars on Sumerian clay table

Maybe, when we soon start colonizing Mars and the Moon, we may find anthropological artifacts there and confirm, that there was a powerful civilization before us, which might come to Earth from the planetary system of another star somewhere in deep space. The ancient Slavic Vedas tell the same, i.e. our remote ancestors arrived to Earth from the Star Iriy, or Irius.

There is more information about these and other interesting facts in my other books: «Atlantis, the ancestral home of Slavic people», «Five sensational scientific discoveries, or modern nature laws in the light of ancient knowledge», «The Descant Dune Mystery, or how old is the humankind» — published in Saint-Petersburg by Petropolis, 2004; «Children of the Light, or who we are, where we came from, and where we go» — published in Saint-Petersburg by Petropolis, 2005; «Magical Constructor of the World» — published in Saint-Petersburg, by Asterion, 2006.

Legends of people from Phoenicia, Egypt and many other ancient places, including pagan Slavic people, also tell about shining serpents and dragons, taking off with fire.

«Nothing can move faster than such a serpent because of its fire breath. It may move at any speed, its power is incredible, it illuminates everything around with its glare». —

Those were the words by an ancient writer, who lived in Beirut 1250 years B.C.

Here is what Maori people in New Zealand tell about visiting Earth by the god Porangahua from the Milky Way, inside a magical bird:

«Here I came, and the Earth unknown is under my feet. Here I came, and the new Sky is over me. Here I came to this Earth, and this is a peaceful place for me to rest. Planetary Spirit! Kindly accept the heart of a stranger».

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