Mind games

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“As long as you feed the Spirits, they need you!”

Thoughts become enlightened and unnecessary thought games disappear from my head.

A simple way to feed the Spirits, to entertain people. Not tied to them, literally, the first comers. The more these people experience sincere emotions, the more your Perfume will be filled and the brighter your head will be.

Chapter “Game — Catch the Jews.”

In his head reigned chaos and mess. Thinking about anything was not possible. Any thought turned into a game. Who played with Andrey, Andrey was not clear. But I really wanted to complete all the games. One game smoothly flowed into another. And having stopped on one of thoughts, Andrey again appeared in game. Not one in the other.

I remembered the year 1998 and the dialogue from the times of the institute. A teacher from the party Swan, offered to Andrew and all the rest of classmates to earn some money on the elections.

“- The Jews seized power in the country. The Swan will come to power and everything will be fine in our country right away. It’s all the Jews to blame, we must remove them from the State Duma. The Swan pays 30 dollars (at that time the dollar was 6 rubles each), participation in the collection of signatures and the distribution of advertising leaflets in apartments.”

Inner voice from nowhere.

“- You know who we are? Jews.” — this is definitely not my thought, but whose.

At such moments, Andrew, an attempt to think, was given with difficulty — And?; — BUT? — Andrew remembered the popular joke of 1998.

“- Catch the Jews.”

Hmm, in a dialogue “with himself” are the answers.

— Why do I need to catch the Jews, why do I need them.

“- To let go, and then catch again.”

— Yes, and how? — Pikachu, what if someone is talking to me, Andrei thought.

“- To leaven!”

How sourdough is done was found on the Internet easily. Being curious by nature, and happily doing something new, he liked the idea of baking bread. Especially according to the old recipe.

An old recipe for yeast-free yeast was easily found on the Internet. Flour of three varieties was successfully purchased in the supermarket near the house. Three sorts of flour were mixed, and a week, once a day, half of the leaven was thrown out and anew portion of flour (already of the same sort) was added to its place.

When baking bread, a plate was used, a saucer with water, so that the bread was baked evenly, an unnecessary pan smeared with sunflower oil and nerves.

By the time ispekaniya bread, called those whom he did not expect. Jews with a bottle of whiskey. Stas with Liza, a familiar couple. Which did not appear on the horizon for a long time.

The evenings stopped being lonely. Andrew baked bread, and the Jews came to visit. We played poker, ate a loaf and drank whiskey. Over time, it bothered. And Andrew stopped baking bread. A part of the leaven was always kept in the refrigerator (it turns out to be stored for a very long time in the refrigerator).

Chapter “Game — What does it mean to fuck-dig (fuck-pound)”

Even more often in the evenings, Andrew’s eyes became a different color, instead of gray they became green.

Andrew thought — why do I have green eyes?

Some voices did not calm down and did not keep silent: — “You are a beast”

— Which one?

— “demon”

— Can not be.

— “Well, while you’re ours, ok.”

— How come?

— “Read on the Internet. When the witches were executed, right after that there was a plague in the cities.”

It became interesting to read about all this crazy stuff. But in the history of coincidence in time of known executions and plagues were plague.

— fuck-dig

— “Not what, but who. You are, fuck-dig.”

Maybe these are people who have developed the abilities of a bachyuser (working with the energy of God). On the one hand, it was reassuring (if someone bangs me, then it’s pi.ets), on the other, it was scary for its safety and the safety of the cities of which the alleged killers.

— “Do not worry, do you think you are the only one? You are thousands. Do you think rulers are simple people? All rulers, therefore rulers, because they have the ability to feel people. Who can be executed and who is better left alive. Hundreds of people around you President. If you kill people like that, the countries from which the killer will not. Like you are the maximum sent to exile. Astrakhan was just an exiled city for demons. Units of rulers raised their hands to their demons, and made such mistakes, they are in history (Grozny loved to keep magicians in prison, then some of them turned out to be a demon and his spirits did not want to defend the Terrible).”

— Is it all about the development of bachir — the energy of God?

— “Yes. Demons are guarding their territory.”

“So people kind of worship demons?”

— “No. People worship Spirits. Demons are people — sources of energy for many Spirits. Spirits eat energy (emotions) of people.”

God’s energy development:

In India (and other eastern countries), it is called Kamontoku and Bahir.

Bahir — Energy of God.

Kamontoku — generic feature, the ability to be inherited.

“I enjoyed watching the sun glare play on the surface of the water.

By the way, it seems to me very important, to train the management of the elements to choose parts of the water just such, with a large variety of golden highlights on the surface of the water. The waves created on the water from the game of the sun in a small ripple.

From nothing to do, I experimented with the sound Shhhhh. Aloud and to yourself.

And at one time he achieved success, playing mentally with the direction of the waves and, accordingly, the wind, choosing one wind direction along the surface of the water, then another. Once it seemed to me even managed to cause a gale. Another time, it rains.”

Chapter “Game Economy”

Thoughts about increasing earnings, for some reason, do not leave.

— How to earn more?

— “Development of the private sector of the economy. Written in all textbooks.”

— and?

— “Russia is so rich in resources that it can impose sanctions on the whole world. Close all borders like the USSR and live excellently.”

— And when will we live, live like this?

— “History repeats. Someday, as in Bahrain, someone will be devoured with money and will introduce payments from natural resources to the local population.”

— For now?

— “Wait. The ancestors conquered this rich land. But they lived much worse. They starved, died from numerous wars. To keep this land. So you have to wait. The territory is what you need, you have to wait.”

— Why did the USSR collapse?

— “Those clans that controlled the finances of large industries (automotive for example), sat for life on subsidies from the state and did not do anything, they gnawed.”

— and?

— “Well, we went to live abroad. At the same time, in the USSR, undermining the economy. So that others would not get it.”


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