Mermaid Silena’s adventures

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Mermaid and Witch

In the very blue-blue deep sea, somewhere in the ocean, at the very bottom, where the human footprint did not penetrate, among the small uninhabited islands, at an immeasurable depth, there lived the princess mermaid Silena with her dad and mom in their underwater kingdom. And there were palaces of pearls of indescribable beauty, coral parks and gardens, between which they scurried, flocks of the most beautiful fish, sea creatures walked, colliding with other marine exotic animals, where mermaid children rode with laughter on carousels of sea horses. Starfish were dazzling and shimmering with bright colors. And all this beauty was completed by majestic thousand-year-old algae, swaying on the waves and letting in diffused sunlight. Pranksters swimming beetles occasionally disturbed the calm tranquility of the underwater kingdom, and at night, mirror fish illuminated the streets with their polished sides.

Not far from the palace stood a three-story coral school, where the little mermaid studied. The first floor was pink, the second was red, and the top floor was made of dead white coral, where high school students studied. In this school, noble pikes and salmon were taught and they were ruled by a big blue shark, a mischievous but fair aunt. One-eyed flounder was in charge of the locker room and constantly watched from under the quiet, as if someone didn’t steal someone else’s coat. The mermaids giggled over her that she did not have time with her one side to keep track of all the pranks of the little pranksters.

The most respected and intelligent teacher, almost the only one who was respected by all the students, was the elderly singer Mary, who taught them to sing opera serinade. And her favorite student was Princess Silena, whose voice was simply mesmerizing with its subtlety and penetration into the soul, which is why many classmates envied her and plotted against her. In addition, she was more beautiful than all of them, even her sisters and girlfriends.

Our little mermaid was a very affectionate and talented girl, with a kind heart, unquestioningly obeying her parents. Her father, the water king, loved her very much, spoiled her and even adored her, but her beautiful mother was cold to her daughter. She didn’t treat her badly, but she wasn’t particularly fond of her either. And from early childhood, the little mermaid did not see attention and care from her.

The princess was already in high school, but she did not like to swim to school, because her peers envied her beauty and intelligence, and how they could over bullied her, showered her with ridicule and did not want to be friends with her, after all, they were also princesses and marquises. And there was a reason to envy her: silk long golden curls that fell to her heels, languid emerald eyes with a hypnotizing look, which her girlfriends feared and envied at the same time, and her eyes simply put the boys into a stupor. Her smooth graceful movements and her gentle iridescent voice sent goosebumps through the body.

Envy sometimes reached the point that the little mermaid was punished and put in a corner for pampering and for things that she did not do: in a lesson at a teacher, behind her back, secretly, the students threw small shells and pebbles, and when a strict madam turned gloomily, at the poor the little mermaid was pointed by the finger.

But our little mermaid silently endured everything patiently and did not even complain to her parents. And now the princess was tired of sitting at school and enduring injustice, which she often began to skip classes. And she did not tell anyone in the water kingdom what was happening to her. She swims all day long with fish, and in the evening she sails home. She lived in her inner world. Wherever she has not been and has seen a lot of outlandish things. But even here her pursuers did not let up. Not only at lessons and breaks, but also after lessons, they tried to catch up with her and pull her braids, but Silena swam faster everyone and no one could catch up with her. Only during the lessons she was vulnerable, and outside of school their attempts almost always culminated in failure. It irritated them even more.

And then one day, fleeing another persecution, she swam so far away that she did not notice how she found herself too far from familiar places and penetrated into the territory of the black-black pool of a distant enchanted black kingdom, where the evil witch lived, whom everyone was so afraid of, that did not even dare and close approach her domain.

The little mermaid is so entangled in sticky nets placed instead of a fence. And the more she tried to get out of them, the more entangled she became. Thick cobwebs tightly entangled her body and, like a fish in nets, she wept in despair and began to call for help. And what did she see? A terrible witch swam up to her, all black, and huge fangs stuck out behind thick lips, and tangled hair developed angrily in dark waves. The little mermaid heard the most terrible things about her from grandmothers and nannies, what a Baba Yaga she is, an evil and strong sorceress. She spares no one. If someone falls into her clutches, she will not let anyone go and will not spare. But strangely, the mermaid was not afraid of her and stopped crying: the old woman is like an old woman, well, a little ugly, but not everyone can be beautiful.

— No, — thought Silena, — she is not the same as she was described to me.

And the witch, grabbing her by the hand, dragged the mermaid into the very depths of her gloomy palace. And even the strange light of the burning torches was black, as if smoking the air. But oddly enough, the little mermaid could see in this mist. And black the gleams on the wall seemed to be telling her something.

The witch was already preparing to lay down and tear the girl to pieces on her glossy black round table with her sharp claws, as sharp as sharpened knives. She was already preparing to release her claws in order to snatch the girl from the nets and scratch her, but suddenly looked into her

emerald eyes and the hand itself trembled and hovered over her. Something is wrong.

The witch was furious and screamed:

— Who are you?! Why did you come here?! — even greater indignation seized the witch, that she was simply shaking with anger at herself: — I don’t spare anyone, why can’t I kill you?! I do not understand!

And she threw it away from her, swept her off the table with her hard, dirty scales, tail.

The Little Mermaid lay on the floor, rubbing her bruised spots. The witch gritted her teeth, looking sideways at her, and barked:

— Okay, live… stay with me for now. I’ll think until morning and decide what to do with you.

She slammed the heavy door and locked the little mermaid alone. All night she had a strange mermaid smell under her nose. Having calmed down a little and thought, she began to understand that it was this strange-familiar smell that stopped her hand raised above the victim.

It seemed as if her heart softened. And she recalled how, a few minutes ago, she carefully released the mermaid from the nets and kept moving her nose, saying:

— I smell a familiar scent.

Now the witch tossed about the bed in thought:

— Where did I feel it, why does it seem familiar to me? — she wondered, biting her lips and moving her eyes, as if looking for an answer in the dark corners covered with cobwebs.

In the meantime, the little mermaid unraveled and pulled off the stinking, all smelling of mud, net and began to slowly, leisurely examine the dark room with a faint reflection of rare flickering torches. Black reflections of fish skeletons played in the window, gloomy eels flickered back and forth, and other trophies obtained by this terrible witch hung on the walls. And Silena thought to herself:

— How sloppy this witch is, and there is no one to clean up here. I looked around again: it would be necessary to clean up here. In the corner stood a witch’s kelp broom. And in the hands of the little mermaid the broom danced.

After removing a bunch of excess debris, the girl wiped the sweat from her forehead and smiled contentedly: it’s better that way.

All night the witch sat without a wink of eyes and puzzled over what was happening, but did not decide what to do with the mermaid. She flung open the door feverishly, and, floating into the room, was struck by the unusual order of her room. The cobwebs in the corners disappeared and nothing superfluous interfered with its swimming.

The witch was pleasantly surprised: it even became more convenient. And when she glanced at the mermaid, she said:

— I don’t know what will happen next, but for now I leave you and do not allow you to swim outside of my kingdom. And now it’s time to go around my domain. Every morning I make a tour of my kingdom.

Follow me and listen carefully to everything I say.

And the witch swam forward, showing the girl huge black coral gardens, between which floats the same gloomy black octopuses, which, looking at the stranger, bared their mouths, bristled their tentacles, wanting to suck and burn her. The little mermaid deftly glided between the witch and the octopuses and dodged these enemies. After her, they let out their blue-black bile. And the sea serpents also hissed and grinned, and the witch hissed back at them:

— This is my ward, do not dare to touch her without my knowledge and permission.

And, grabbing the girl by the hand, she dragged her into her black, terrible palace, and many offended fish remained behind, snapping their teeth and straightening to bite off the little mermaid’s tail for this. But the witch threatened her finger and they retreated. Black octopuses moved their tentacles and created a terrible sight, but the mermaid was not afraid of them. The witch dragged her along and said:

— And now I’ll show you my most hidden magical place. I’m also a witch, for your information.

And the little mermaid only had time to think to herself:

— And I already guessed about it. This is something I know well.

And so, sailing to the huge black, half-blown glossy

the lotus, on the sides of which stood huge, heavily growling moray eels with wide-open mouths, with a grin of sharp teeth in three rows, the witch revived.

— Now is the time when my lotus blossoms and we can go inside.

Once inside, swimming after the witch, the little mermaid was amazed. By the edges of the round bottomless room, lined with black iridescent pearls, shimmered with a spinning, huge diamond.

— This is the focus of my power. I liked you and I will not eat you, I will teach you witchcraft. You can turn into anyone you want, even into a person, and stay with me. You will become my successor, because I feel in you some kind of native force, a powerful attraction. I can’t let you go. I will send a seahorse with the news to your father that in a month I will let you go.

— Well, let it be your way, — said the little mermaid. — Only I want to see the king-father at least occasionally.

But the witch shook her head:

— I have a secret that I will reveal to you. I cannot leave my domain. There is another unknown force that does not allow me to leave my kingdom. And then you will be my guide. Now I can’t let you go. I’ll let you go later, but I won’t promise anything now. Not right now. Every day I will teach you my various magical wisdom and at the end of the path I will give you a magical scepter, and all your desires will come true while it is in your hands. I will teach you to read witch books.

And the witch continued, pointing to a huge translucent stone:

— This diamond can show the past and the future.

— What about the real one?

— What do you really need? — she yelled.

— Daddy is probably worried about me, isn’t he?” I didn’t come home yesterday.

— I told you I can’t let you go now. I will send the seahorse as a messenger. Your time will come.

— I’m very worried about my dad, — Silena almost whimpered.

The witch grunted and dragged her by the hand to the diamond, waved her tail and the diamond sparkled with a grayish light. And the little mermaid saw her father. He worried about her, gathered his retinue in search of her. Everyone in the kingdom was alarmed.

— Oh, what calf tenderness, — the witch barked. — You looked, your father is alive and well, and that’s enough for you!

The diamond is off. The little mermaid calmed down and thought:

— Oh, well, — she thought, seeing her father, — he’s all right.

And so it all went: the other side of the mermaid’s studies: magic, sorcery. She was very interested in it. The further, the deeper, the more interesting it became. It was even possible to create something extraordinary out of nothing. Even the witch slowly began to soften, without noticing it herself. As she lacked, it turns out before normal communication. And it was all Silena’s fault.

Nobody let her out, as if the gloomy space itself did not allow her to leave. A black haze reigned in this enchanted kingdom that it was not known when the day came and when the night came.

And the courtiers and the whole kingdom already guessed that the princess was imprisoned by a witch, because they searched all the nooks and crannies of the underwater kingdom and other neighboring settlements, and no one saw her. And even her classmates stopped being angry with her and regretted that they had treated her badly. The seahorse forgot himself with a message from the witch and sat drunk in a tavern, where the palace guards found him. He lost the message, but conveyed it in words, and the king announced in the district that he was going to attack the witch kingdom with an army.

And the rumors reached the witch and the little mermaid. Silena asked her gloomy teacher to send a messenger to the king that she was not in danger and in two months she would return home.

The witch, as the first time, kept her word and sent a swimming beetle there to announce her decision. The king decided not to resist. He knew the witch: she would keep her word, she was true to her promises, and it was not worth risking her daughter.

Two months have passed and a capable student has mastered all the lessons and admonitions from the sorceress. The king’s father did not go to war to free his daughter, he believed the promise and eagerly leafed through the calendar. Yes, and he could not have defeated the witch, because no one had yet been able to defeat her. And if she wins, then the defeated kingdom, so prosperous, will also turn into a black haze — he did not dare to allow this.

It’s time to release the little mermaid, and the witch got used to her so much that she already considered her successor. Silena began to love the witch, because she so lacked female attention from her mother.

The witch looked after the sailing Silena and suddenly, against her will, shed a tear, and the little mermaid, quietly floating out into the bright light, closed her eyes out of habit and slowly, slowly swam towards her kingdom without looking back. Gentle waves caressed her hair, diffused light penetrated through the water and, out of habit, her head was spinning a little.

Having sailed home to the royal palace, she rushed to her father. To celebrate, the sea king announced a feast throughout the country. He invited musicians: violinists, troubadours, overseas

fish-dancers and everyone sang, danced, rejoiced at the return of Silena. The little mermaid was teased with sweets, combed her silky hair with golden combs, weaved the most fragrant algae into her braids and pink pearls.

The little mermaid was immensely happy, but meanwhile in her soul ached with longing for the witch. The heart was filled with desire to see her new teacher.

— What is my witch doing now, she’s all alone there! It would also be nice to treat her with palace sweets, — but contritely lowered her head and sighed: — it’s a pity that this is impossible.

The next day, Silena sailed to school and all her classmates surrounded her and in chorus, vying with each other began to ask what and how:

— We were worried about you. The witch didn’t hurt you? Did she treat you well? What did you eat there? Was it scary there? Tell us, how is it in the realm of darkness?

The little mermaid was flattered by such attention and told in detail about the dark kingdom with black pearls on the walls, about toothy moray eels, about a bunch of fish remains. But she kept silent about the fact that the witch is not so bad. She took care of her.

All the crowd went to the classroom and everyone shouted:

— Tell us more, more!

After her return, everything changed. Classmates began to respect her after the successful rescue from the terrible witch, because from childhood everyone was scared that she was devouring girls and boys, and Silena returned even more beautiful than before, with special sparks in her eyes.

Meanwhile, the witch did not let up: without Silena she had no peace. In anguish, she ate codfish one by one and threw the skeletons out the window.

— What happened with me? — she wondered at herself, tearing off the sticky leeches from her table. Gradually, she began to realize that, as a daughter, she did not cherish the soul in Silena.

— I become like a mermaid myself, ugh! I want order around me and a little bit of good. I am ashamed of other sorcerers in eyes look after that, — and laughed softly under her breath: — where are they, other sorcerers then?

Just by touching the wall of her room, she suddenly recoiled: starting from the black corners to the opening the darkness of the door turned gray and became a little lighter. She thought:

— Wow, any changes? Perhaps it’s better, otherwise they are all the same color.

She sailed to make a detour of her kingdom and was surprised to find that there, too, the black haze along the edges of her state began to dissipate. Blueish and greenish colors began to appear.

— What’s happening? — wondered the witch.

Silena, eluding her fans, after school, instead of sailing home, went straight to the witch kingdom.

— Oh, — she threw up her hands, — Where is it?

What she saw stunned her. Instead of the expected blackness and pitch darkness, she saw the following picture: instead of a black castle, she saw a bluish haze around, behind which one could see the greenish outlines of a palace filled with some colors. She did not know whether to rejoice or be afraid — what happened there? And rather swam to look for her teacher. On the way, looking into every secluded place, she shouted:

— Witch, where are you?

And suddenly she saw an unusual picture. Among the slightly pinkish black corals, in a hammock woven from strong algae, the witch swayed lulled by the symphony of her crabs, and snored. Even her dress has changed its color slightly. Instead of greasy black, it turned into blue-violet.

From an excess of overwhelmed feelings, Silena affectionately hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. The witch woke up, out of habit, that someone disturbed her without asking, she wanted to scream, but she saw her lost student and broke into a happy smile and hugged her in response.

— You are back? An emerald tear rolled down the bridge of her nose. — I thought I’d never see you again.

— I missed you too. That’s why I returned. You have become like family to me. I was afraid that I would never see you either.

The witch grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the lotus.

— When you left, I forgot to give you the magic scepter. This is your magic tool. With him you will always be safe.

They swam together and found that there were still bright spots, windows. The sorceress, unaccustomed to seeing the light, could no longer endure the blackness to which she was accustomed, but became worried:

— Holes should be patched up.

Silena held her back and said softly:

— It’s because you decided to change and everything around began to change. Our love and affection for each other works wonders.

The witch herself began to change. Rejuvenated, facial features have changed for the better. She felt that she had become important to Silena.

And in the palace, the queen, unexpectedly for everyone and herself, began to change in character and mood. Either she will yell at the servants for no reason at all, or she will freak out that the food is undersalted or peppered and will pour soup on the head of the silver carp cook. And she doesn’t understand what’s wrong with her.

And Silena swam out of the black haze and sailed away to school, for a joke turning into different fish so that she would not be recognized. She walked in school with classmates and shot small shells at teachers, and they punished other students. The little mermaid also saw her father more furtively when she watched him in his royal affairs.

So time passed and Silena almost did not return home: some supernatural force did not allow her to leave the old woman. The witch grandmother caressed her, combing her hair, and the little mermaid fell in love with her as a mother. The sea king was no longer worried about his daughter: she had become an adult and it was definitely not necessary for them to be afraid of witches now.

It was time for school exams and Silena had to make up for lost knowledge in order to prepare and pass successfully. This was the reason that after school she stopped visiting her witch in her even brighter, once terrible, kingdom.

One morning, the queen, opening the bedroom windows, heard the latest news from the paperboy:

— Sensation! Imagine, the witch’s black kingdom is no longer black! Her haze dissipated and a palace appeared on the site. it is certainly not as luxurious as ours, but quite tall and attractive. The darkness is dissipating gradually. What’s happening? Scientists are confused.

The queen furrowed her brows: is everything returning to its place?

— I need to go there urgently and check everything myself. What if the witch can already leave her possessions?

She threw on a fiery cloak and quietly rushed headlong out of the palace and rushed to reconnoiter. She couldn’t wait to see everything with her own eyes.

Meanwhile, the witch looked at herself in the mirror, stroking her flushed cheeks, which had become smoother, and her nose no longer touched her chin. She was surprised to understand that everything in her was really changing. Almost nothing remains of the former witch: a large-eyed, green-eyed mermaid woman was already looking at her in the mirror in surprise.

And at this pleasant moment, at great speed, opening the algae curtains, a miger queen flew in, who was a real witch.

— How dare you all destroy?! — she yelled, lashing out at the witch.

— What have I destroyed? — she jumped away from her. — I don’t understand, what are you talking about?

The queen hissed and spit in anger. And the more she got angry, the more she became like a witch herself.

— Why, don’t you remember how I fell in love with your king? More than you! That my mother turned you into a witch and me into you. It’s because I really deserved the king’s love more than you! I even became the best mother for your daughter!

And then, opposite the eyes of the witch, the real queen, muddy pictures of the past began to emerge. And gradually they became clearer and clearer. She saw herself joyful with the king when they held their newborn daughter in their arms, their wedding, how they first met, fell in love, how strong their love was.

Silena, meanwhile, was returning from school. She missed her so much that she had not seen the magical teacher for a long time, that, having swum unnoticed to the door, she heard the whole conversation between her mother and the witch. Her face turned pale. She pressed her hands to her chest and could hardly restrain her tears, she almost screamed in despair, but in time she covered her mouth with her hand: “So that’s why you’ve never been nice to me! Only my father loved me. And you just put up with me. That’s why my heart was torn to the witch and grieved for her. You are my real mother.” Tears were already rolling down her pale cheeks, when the queen rushed past, almost knocking her, but not noticing her stepdaughter.

Silena’s whole life flashed before her eyes. And she recalled many times how she could not allegedly tell mother, how her classmates offended her at school — that she only blamed herself. How she once fell while running from furious coelocant, and, swimming between the corals, scratched her elbow badly, and the pseudo-mother, instead of hugging and blowing on the wound, pushed the girl away and scolded for hooliganism. She was very upset that she herself was to blame. Now everything has become clear.

Silena plucked up the courage to swim inside and consciously meet her real mother for the first time.

— Mommy, my mommy! she shouted, running towards him. The witch only clasped her hands and hugged her daughter.

— I’ll never leave you again.

— Mom, do you remember me? — Silena asked almost sobbing.

— Yes. Before, I didn’t understand why, but something native seemed to me in you from the first meeting.

— And how I suffered without my mother’s affection, without my mother’s warmth. I thought she was my mom. And I’ve always felt good with you. Even from your glance it became warm on the heart. Let’s swim quickly to the palace. Suddenly there something bad happened, if she already knows.

The witch nodded and took her daughter by the hand and swam to the borders of her domain. But some invisible, already without blackness, appeared as a wall in front of the queen and her found daughter.

— Oh, the spell has not completely gone yet… what to do now? We’ll have to wait.

— Mom, what if she does something bad with dad?

— Don’t worry, she loves him and won’t hurt him. But I’m worried about you. Better stay with me until the morning, and in the morning we will figure out how to get out of here.

They couldn’t close their eyes all night. Silena talked about her life, her childhood dreams and experiences. Her mother stroked her hair affectionately, pressed her to her breast, and could not get enough of the fact that from now on she was not alone.

Mother told how a miracle happened one day: witchcraft, like a veil from her eyes fell from her face, and she turned almost in front of the little mermaid into her mother.

— And while you were taking exams, my terrible skin fell off like a snake. I became alternately terrible, then I had a beautiful face and body.

The little mermaid exclaimed:

— Oh yeah! You have always been like my mother in your attitude towards me.

And the mother suddenly remembered and told her a story that Silena had partially overheard behind the door.

— I am a queen and gave birth to you at a time when your father had just ascended the throne.

And in the black sea kingdom, a feisty witch with her daughter ruled. The witch’s daughter wanted to take my place — she really liked my husband. Her mother agreed and made it so that I turned into her daughter and could conjure, and her daughter could no longer conjure, as soon as her heart became cold as ice, but outwardly she was my copy. And now the evil has melted like a mist, I have become myself again. And her mother had already died and all her strength had gone with her.

— I’m reluctantly changed fate with her daughter. I hope we spend the last night with you here and tomorrow I can return to the palace.

In the morning they could not stand it and fell asleep, and when they opened their eyes, they simply gasped. Mother-of-pearl shone in front of them, from black the lotus turned into soft pink. The diamond glowed, spreading its bright rays to the sides. And the former witch herself completely turned into a mermaid queen and became even more beautiful.

They again hurried to the fence, but it was gone — it dissipated during the night. And they, holding hands, swam freely towards the mermaid kingdom.

And in the meantime, when dawn came, the king, half awake, slightly rubbed his eyes and just wanted to hug his queen, as his hand fell on some rough, bumpy hairy surface. He recoiled in horror and opened his eyes wide. He jumped up and opened the shutters. Light burst into the room. He was horrified to see a disgusting monster next to him. It lay on the bed and snorted, snored and whistled in its sleep. The ugly monster turned on its side and looked for the king with its hand to hug.

The king jumped out of the bedroom and called out to the guards. They rushed in, bulging their eyes and drawing their crossbows.

— There’s something terrible… in my bed! The king pointed with his hand. — Grab and tie!

The witch leaned back and shouted:

— Are you out of your mind? Leave me! How dare you do this to me, to your queen?!

But no one listened to her. The guards silently did their work, grunting with effort as they tried to tie her up.

— Yes, leave me, in the end! — she yelled.

Meanwhile, Silena and her real mother arrived at the palace.

The king in the nightgown stood in bewilderment, and his eyes climbed onto his forehead.

And before he even had time to say a word, he ended up in the affectionate strong arms of his happy daughter and wife. He also embraced them, exclaiming:

— What’s going on here? I demand an explanation!

They vied with each other to tell him what happened and who the former queen really was. Terrified at the thought of who he had lived with all these years, the king was covered in perspiration. And he decided to imprison the witch back in her castle.

Bound, she was taken there on an electric ramp under escort and locked up. In front of their eyes, still sparkling with pink mother-of-pearl, the castle began to blacken, and the lotus immediately turned icy black.

Everyone rushed to the exit, so that, God forbid, they would not remain in an enchanted gloomy world. And, fleeing from there, for a long time they heard the piercing howl and curses that the real witch’s daughter sent them in pursuit. But no matter how frantically she screamed, she could not change anything. So she remained to live in captivity in her black cursed castle. She did not know how to conjure, like her mother, and only sent curses every day on the head of the king and all his subjects. But all these curses did not fly out of the borders of her kingdom, shattering into smithereens on the black mist.

The witch even had a nightmare, from which she turned green. She seems to be sleeping in her old bed. Morning came and her image disappeared, and the nasty appearance of the impostor returned, and the water king woke up and instead of his wife saw a terrible, ugly old woman lying next to him. Quietly he got up and forced the executioner to cut off the impostor’s head. And when the evil witch was gone, instead of a black castle, there was a beautiful palace, and in the maritime state, everything lit up from various precious stones, which stabbed in the eyes.

The witch jumped up in fear for her life, rubbing her sore eyes, but all around she saw only a black haze that did not disappear and no green outlandish plants with unprecedented flowers twined around the garden near her lonely palace.

And colorful fish were full of pebbles and flowers in another, neighboring kingdom, where everyone was preparing for a magnificent feast. Mermaids, vegetation and all living creatures were transformed into fabulous beauty.

Silena’s father, the water king of the sea, met his beloved wife after so many years of separation and spent all day with her, listening again and again to the story of the treachery of the witch and her mother.

The Little Mermaid fully returned to school, but did not forget to do magic, although she did not become harmful and evil from this. Having forgiven her peers, close girlfriends, she also taught small transformations into a jellyfish or a goldfish, the little mermaid herself could turn into anyone and even take on an invisible appearance, so she often began to appear among people floating in the sea.

The royal family was reunited and lived so happily that it is impossible to describe with a pen, or to tell in a fairy tale. There are not enough words, because in this fairy tale love conquered evil.

Silena, having finally found her beloved mother, was immensely happy. So is the king and queen, and all the courtiers. Everyone cheered up, as the real queen treated everyone with kindness and attention.

And again they feasted all over the kingdom for several days and nights.

They carried out a general cleaning, throwing out all the dresses, outfits and jewelry that the impostor wore. In the kingdom, the light even became more transparent — everyone was so overwhelmed with happiness.

Mermaid and prince

Time passed, Silena grew up and after school she entered the Maritime Pacific University at the research department “Human Impact on the Marine Environment”. She liked this topic very much, and the story of shipwrecks was told by a very interesting catfish with a big gray mustache, and this catfish was a witness to none of these wrecks. Therefore, she especially adored this subject. Som and his students visited one sunken ship. The little mermaid collected souvenirs for herself: a jug and figurines of ancient gods. These were Aphrodite, Apollo and others. Having sailed home, she began to look, admiring the figures.

— So beautiful. They have legs, but I only have a beautiful tail. Oh, I can turn into anyone, I can, probably, into a person — I’ll try. I’m going to the beach right now. My parents forbade me to swim there, they said that people were bad and would kill me.

And among the souvenirs she got, she pulled out a bronze figurine of a young prince. And she admired the statuette:

— What a face! Ah, what a figure! We don’t have such beauties underwater! That would be such a meet actually. Can this one kill? — she sighed with a smile and put the young man on her chest of drawers in front of the mirror.

Having looked at the figurines of various gods and people, she was a little envious that they could walk, and put the figurines aside, putting them on a table with decorations, and swam to the nearest shore.

She appeared from the side of the rocks and, hiding behind them, began to watch the vacationers. White hot sand burned the tail. The hot sun beat down mercilessly and it was difficult for her to breathe without a habit. But she, as if spellbound, watched people. Here they walk on two legs, here they run along the beach, swim, dangling their legs, frolic.

After sitting for a few minutes, Silena plunged into the water to catch her breath, and in the water she watched from afar. Having sailed home, she decided in her free time from the coursework and from classes to practice walking on two legs. She Decided to delve into the old magical book of spells. But she feared for the consequences, because she remembered how her distant relative, the little mermaid, died, turning into foam from her unrequited love for the prince. She was bewitched by a sorceress on condition and the princess’s legs hurt very much from walking. She lost her voice, giving it to the sorceress by the legs. The poor prince at that time did not know that it was she who saved him and did not fall in love with her, but married another. Silena thought:

— But after all, I myself can turn into a girl and no one will set any conditions for me.

And so she decided, as soon as she writes a term paper about the creation of the underwater world and explores it, she will go to an uninhabited shore and there she will learn to walk on two legs.

And at this time, On the shore, in a large but impoverished kingdom, at this time the ruler called his son and sadly asked him:

— My son, your time will soon come to take my throne, but, unfortunately, our treasury is completely empty. You will take the throne after me. But alas, what can I leave you, besides the territory? Our stock of wealth is running out and therefore there are two ways out of this situation. Either you marry a rich princess, or another option. Your great-grandfather sank in the blue sea and carried a lot of jewelry. If only you could get them and save us from poverty. I have a map of a sunken treasure ship. We will sail tomorrow and I will show you that place, your grandfather showed it to me, but I could not find the sunken ship — the equipment in those days was useless. I sent divers to the depth, but it is big, and they did not swim to the bottom. Their breath was intercepted, their head was split under the pressure of such a thickness of water and the body was squeezed as if in a vise. Nobody survived. Now science has come a long way. We even have a new bathyscaphe, good scuba gear, with which you can dive to great depths. Moreover, you are in good health and last year you became a diving champion. I hope you dive in and get the treasure. I bless you for good luck, — and kissed his son on the forehead.

— My father, don’t worry. I’ll go down to the bottom alone. I will do everything in my power, I promise you. Tomorrow I will start, — the prince answered confidently.

And early in the morning, he and his team loaded scuba gear, food and other supplies and loaded it all onto a large boat. The king wanted to go with his son on a ship on a voyage in search of a sunken ship and jewelry, but the prince dissuaded him:

— Stay, I’ll find it on the navigators without any problems.

When they arrived at the appointed place with the latest equipment, they dropped anchor. They decided to first lower the bathyscaphe with professional scuba divers to check the bottom. The prince remained to wait, but more than an hour passed, and still no news came. Two hours have passed:

— What to do, what happened to them? — the prince was worried. He’ll have to check himself.

He put on flippers, scuba gear, put on a mask with a balloon and dived. But the undercurrent slightly carried him aside and the guy, no matter how he resisted, could not cope with him. And gradually the prince began to sink to the very bottom. Underwater flashlight illuminated the space around. It illuminated through the dark water column multi-colored jellyfish, small octopuses, huge tropical fish — all the beauty of the underwater world began to appear before the prince little by little. He had never seen such beauty, even though he dived more than once. Surprised:

— Something today everything looks like a fairy tale.

And then he saw a very huge fish with thick elongated lips, as if she was looking for someone to kiss. Her bulging eyes widened even more, clearly noticing the prince: is it really him I have to kiss?! But, having changed her mind, she hastened to sail away. The guy only managed to touch her tail, which slipped out of his hands. And at that moment he stumbled on something, and his hand grabbed onto something round. After examining it carefully, the prince realized that this was the helm of the ship.

— So I’m already on deck? thought the prince. — That’s luck. So our ship has slightly shifted along the course, or this sunken one has moved. Over time, he was swept aside by the current, and he began to examine the ship.

And at the same time, the little mermaid was there. She also decided to swim to the sunken ship, where a group of students sailed with Catfish on an excursion.

In the hold of a sunken ship, last time she discovered a large beautiful vase with carved flowers and wanted to take it away:

— I’ll put my underwater mimosas in it — they’ll look nice together — and she was already dragging a vase out of the wreckage.”

And at that very moment the prince was backing away towards her from the other side, curiously examining the ship’s hull. And, having scraped off a thick layer of mud and shells, he found ancient frescoes with half-erased inscriptions. The prince thought:

— Obviously, it says who this ship belonged to. Judging by the frescoes and documents that we own, he is of our dynasty, — and then he saw the coat of arms in confirmation of this: — So I found what I was looking for! Here are our treasures! But I need to hurry up, the oxygen is running out, — he, turning around, strained, trying to remove part of the fresco, but he didn’t have enough strength — the fresco held tight. The prince tensed even more, putting his feet on the wall, grabbed it with both hands and pulled it with all his might, so much so that he was thrown back.

Meanwhile, Silena was backing away, with an effort, afraid to break it, pulled her huge vase out of the cabin, which looked like a closet. The prince fell to the deck under the weight of the scuba gear, and at that moment the mermaid, pulling out the prey, stumbled over him and fell next to the vase in an embrace.

Seeing each other, they simultaneously cried out from the fact that they were face to face:

— Oh, what is it? Human! — she screams in horror.

— Oh, girl! Without a mask on the bottom?! — cried the prince in surprise.

Silena convulsively, not understanding anything, waved her tail, trying to get up, but the vase interfered with her. The prince, rising on his elbows, and seeing the whole picture, screamed in horror, realizing:

— Oh my God, I already have glitches from falling: I see a mermaid, and even with a vase!

Having hit a stone, the balloon was damaged and began to release oxygen — bubbles went. The prince began to choke, waving his arms. Fell and lost consciousness. The mermaid was frightened that the man would die, threw back the vase and quickly called the familiar stingray taxi using her underwater radio. Quickly plunging the breathless diver onto his back, giving an electric discharge, the stingray, shaking its wings, pulled with all his might along with the mermaid and the prince to the surface.

Once on the waves, she directed the stingray to the nearest island. The prince was still unconscious. Silena noticed that the guy was suffocating and tore off his mask. And she threw up her hands in surprise:

— Oh, how beautiful! As if I had already seen him before … — she slightly strained her memory and remembered: — Oh, he looks like my bronze figurine. Blimey? Well, this is what I wanted to meet! — quietly laughed: how quickly it came true.

Her admiration was interrupted by the stingray:

— So, we sailed. Let’s unload, I’m not helping you here. The little mermaid raised her head and saw the shore. Having dragged the prince off the slope by an aqualung, she dragged him onto the white sand of an amazingly fabulously beautiful island with palm trees full of ripe coconuts and thickets of lianas over which monkeys jumped.

Having quickly delivered the victim to the island and dragged him ashore, Silena stroked his hair affectionately. From this, the prince slightly opened his black eyes and in front of him through the muddy haze he saw again the green-eyed beauty mermaid. Opening his eyes wide and shuddering, he exclaimed:

— Again I have a glitch! — groaned and again fell into unconsciousness.

The mermaid furrowed her brow.

— Oh, what strange people: have you seen mermaids or what? How tender and sensitive they are. Slightly that — at once fall without feelings. Hmm, we’re not. We are very strong. If they tried to live in our kingdom, ha-ha, everyone would have clapped in a swoon, — smiling at her thoughts, Silena turned around.

At this time, the horn of an approaching yacht signaled. The mermaid started, frightened, and rushed into the water. Sliding behind a huge gray stone, she hid behind it and began to observe what was happening.

And on a two-story luxury yacht owned by an oil tycoon, a rich heiress and friends celebrated her coming of age. The snow-white ship really dazzled with its luxury. The youth celebrated. The father gave the yacht to his beloved daughter to have fun and the youth had fun, music played, everyone drank champagne.

And then the hero of the occasion, Milena, shouted:

— Today I’m a birthday girl, and I wish those coconuts out! — she held out her hand and pointed to the island.

Everyone shouted:

— Yes, yes, we also want to go to the island. Let’s continue our fun there! Swim, swim there!

The captain moored and immediately saw a man lying on the shore. Shouted into the hand:

— I see a man on the shore! It looks like he needs help.

Everyone rushed to the side, to see who was nailed there. Milena pushed everyone away:

— For my birthday, what kind of adventure? — the birthday girl raised an eyebrow and, seeing a young man really on the sand, she took off her sundress without explanation. Once in a bathing suit, she jumped into the water and swam straight to the prince. Others followed after her.

The little mermaid was scared:

— How many people! And everyone swims to my new friend, — she plunged into the water even more.

Milena climbed ashore and, seeing the victim, knelt before him. His wet hair stuck to his forehead and blocked his eyes. She put them aside and marveled at the beauty of the guy.

At that moment, the prince opened his eyes and saw a pretty girl above him. He closed his eyes from the harsh rays of the sun and whispered inaudibly:

— Who are you? Where I am?

— I’m Milena, I saved you. Are you all right?

The prince again closed his eyes from exhaustion.

Then her friends arrived in time and one of them recognized the victim:

— Is that Prince Edward? — and, jumping up to him, felt his pulse.

Finding the young man and recognizing him, Milena cried out:

— We must inform my daddy and the king! — and quietly added: — how beautiful he is.

She bent over him, and Edward opened his eyes and again saw a dark-haired, brown-eyed girl bending over him and decided that he had only imagined the green-eyed one.

Milena’s friends, forgetting about coconuts, helped the prince to get up, took off his scuba gear and took him to the yacht. Milena patted her thighs contentedly:

— Wow, a birthday present for me!

All the way to the house, Milena held the prince’s hand. Her brown eyes smiled slyly and her voice echoed:

— I saved you, now you, as in a fairy tale, must marry me.

The prince had not yet fully realized what had happened and asked her:

Where are your long golden hair and green eyes?

The girl, smiling, touched her cropped hair and answered:

— You were without memory, so you dreamed of all this. You must have thought the seaweed was my hair.

He took a deep breath and thought to his great regret:

— Along the way, I really imagined all this, — and was upset. — There are no mermaids. Wasn’t there that beautiful little mermaid either under water or on the shore? It’s strange, did she seem to me twice?

From the yacht they reported to his boat that they had found the prince safe and sound. And from Eduard’s boat they said that the bathyscaphe, stuck in the stones, had already been pulled out by themselves and they could swim back.

Milena herself volunteered to deliver Edward to the palace. And she introduced herself to the king as the savior of his son. The father immediately remarked to himself, winding his graying long mustache around his finger:

— And the girl is nothing, pretty, and her financial condition is even better. It would be nice to marry them — it would be a good match for my son, — and, slapping the prince on the shoulder, he winked: but you didn’t waste your time.

But Eduard did not share his feelings and without enthusiasm went to rest at his place, but according to the imposed etiquette, he returned again, having changed clothes so as not to leave the guests and saviors unattended.

And the king invited the savior to visit them more often and organized a reception on her occasion.

After they saw off the guests, the father detained his son:

— Son, stop. I need to discuss something with you.

— Dad, what are you talking about?

— I thought it all over and fate itself favors us. The girl is not of royal blood, but the daughter of a millionaire. Remember, you only have the title of prince, and we ourselves have long been penniless. If you marry her, you will improve the position of the state.

Edward thought about it.

Meanwhile, Milena, returning home, rushed to her father:

— Daddy, I found myself a groom! God gave it to me for my birthday.

— How? — raised an eyebrow papa in a dark blue suit, seated behind a wide bureau.

— This is a real handsome man with a royal title!

— Yeah, and now from here in more detail, — the businessman became interested.

— I found him on the island, saved his life.

— Well, we need to arrange a meeting with His Royal Highness and discuss this. Not a bad party.

The daughter was delighted and threw herself on her father’s neck.

And just like that, the doorbell rang. The butler opened and a minute later brought an envelope with an invitation from the king to a reception in honor of the salvation of his son Edward with the help of Milena.

— Fate itself favors us, — the satisfied millionaire chuckled.

The next day, in an expensive tuxedo, the oil tycoon, accompanied by a smart daughter of a model appearance, left the mansion and sat in a Jaguar. They rolled up to the palace. A buzzing swarm of paparazzi gathered at the gates, music played, garlands sparkled everywhere.

Eduard, seeing a smart delegation from the balcony gallery, clutched his head:

— Oh my God! Milena and her father rolled over. They impose her on me as a bride… Yes, although I am grateful to her, I don’t want to… Even if she is a beautiful girl, but what about feelings?

Just then his cousin Carl entered the room. Approaching the prince, he also looked down.

— Is she promised to you as a bride?

The prince grimaced.

— Yes, she is.

— Why so dissatisfied? She seems to be quite attractive. I wouldn’t mind such a beauty myself.

— Well, you know, friend, this happened to me…

And he told how at the bottom of the sea, near the ship, he encountered a mermaid. Was she real or was it all just a fantasy?

— If it is only my imagination, then how did I end up on the shore? Someone pulled me out? And there, when I woke up, I again saw for a moment her face with the penetrating gaze of her green eyes like emeralds. I think so much about this girl with green eyes. They sucked me in like a whirlpool and I can’t get out of there, I can’t forget her. Her magnetic gaze captivated me. Do you think she really exists?

The brother grabbed him by the shoulders.

— Of course, you did not surface with a damaged balloon.

— That’s what I’m talking about! both thought.

— And Milena was just passing by and found you, — Karl suggested. — Then she took you home. Thanks to her too. But, if the mermaid had not saved you there, then this beauty would have no one to take, — and burst out laughing at his joke. — After all, the daughter of a millionaire is also very beautiful. If she chose me, I would be happy.

— Well, take her.

— Well, if you allow! He-he, let’s get down, everyone is already waiting for you, — and shoved Edward with a whoop: — Yeah, you won’t catch up!

And Edward, as in childhood, when they played tag, rushed after his cousin. Both burst into the throne room with thick laughter, slightly flushed.

Throughout the royal reception, Milena made eyes at the prince, and he looked away, pretending not to notice her. Carl was only indignant:

— Oh, what a beauty she is! He’s lucky, but he’s just a simpleton, this Edward, and he still resists.

He looked at her with a flirty look, constantly trying to seize the moment to serve her, thereby drawing attention to himself: bring a glass of wine, offer to sit down, taste the amazing cake made according to the secret Arabic recipes of the Sultanate. And each time he tried to catch and hold her gaze. Edward did not care who flirted with whom, he never tried to court Milena, and she did not take her eyes off him and followed him everywhere.

The king invited the magnate to join the children and they shook hands in agreement. It only remained to determine the date of the engagement.

After the ball everyone dispersed. Karl offered Milena a ride in his Cadillac. But she politely refused with a smile and returned home with her father.

Edward could not calm down and kept thinking about his green-eyed beauty with golden hair.

— Even if she is a real mermaid, I would love to be with her.

Called Carl:

— Listen, Carl, I found that sunken ship. If we could find money to create such an expedition, we would have pulled these treasures from the bottom and then I would not have had to marry Milena.

Karl supported this proposal with great pleasure, since he liked the girl and it was to his advantage.

Together they explained to the king the plan and the importance of the upcoming voyage. Together, they began to persuade Milena to sponsor. She also readily agreed. It was a wonderful occasion to draw the prince’s attention to her. She was ready to do anything to please Edward and make him like her.

In a short time, the ship was prepared for the expedition. Everyone looked forward to this trip in their own way. Carl also decided to go with the team in order to see Milena there more often.

And Silena squirmed all this time, thinking about the saved handsome man. Already in the underwater “Earth News” the article was full of on the first page: “The millionaire’s daughter Milena saved the prince Edward” and then the article talked about how he almost drowned under emergency circumstances, and the girl pulled him out and brought him to his senses.

Silena indignantly crumpled the newspaper in her hands:

What is Milena? It was I who saved him! Why all the merit to others? He will now decide to thank her and marry her. And I will remain alone all my life, because now I don’t need anyone except him, — and tears flowed from her beautiful eyes.

Now I really need legs! she repeated to herself, biting her lips and darting about the room.

And, leaving the palace, she swam to the island on which she had left him. Such anguish gnawed at her, she wanted to see him again at least once.

And at this moment the prince says to Milena:

— Let’s go to that island, I’ll see. There I can remember how you saved me.

— Oh, yes, of course, and I didn’t try those coconuts last time.

Carl chuckled to himself.

— Moreover, the prince can meet his mermaid there again, and then Milena will be mine.

And they, approaching, lowered the boat into the water and moored to the island. Milena ordered her bodyguards to climb a palm tree for coconuts or knock them down. At this time, while she was busy with her whimsical order, Edward stood where he lay unconscious, and tried to remember at least something from those vague moments: how he woke up, how he tried to imagine again her languid green eyes.

At this time, Silena swam to the desired island and through the water column she saw a familiar silhouette. Such delight seized her that involuntarily she jumped out of the water, wanting to rush to meet him. Silena used to visit this island often in the hope of seeing the one she saved again. He saw her everywhere. She patted her head, repeating:

— Am I in love? Then I definitely need legs.

Just now she saw the prince with some girl. She wanted to run up to meet him, but she recognized the same Milena who had found the prince that day. Terrified, Silena was indignant that he mistook the wrong girl for a savior. She just began to get out of the water, not thinking that she had no legs, and, imitating people, wanted to go to him, but instead she saw her tail, spun in the air, waving it twice, waving her arms alternately, spun in the air and dived back into the water. And then the thought came back again. Now she definitely decided to find a book of spells.

At a sudden splash of water, the prince turned around and was dumbfounded with delight:

— Mermaid… she danced for me!

Бесплатный фрагмент закончился.

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