Mastering NLP

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Mastering NLP

Nishant Baxi

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1:

All About NLP

Chapter 2:

How Does NLP Help You Grow

Chapter 3:

How NLP Helps With Career

Chapter 4:

How NLP Helps With Relationships

Chapter 5:

How NLP Helps With Confidence

Chapter 6:

How NLP Helps With Habits

Chapter 7:

How NLP Helps With Fears

Chapter 8:

How NLP Helps With Languages

Chapter 9:

How NLP Helps With Productivity

Chapter 10:

The Trouble With Not Adjusting Your Mind

Wrapping Up


The NLP systems provides for the circumstances to develop the individual excellence levels while also establishing the empowering belief of a particular system.

Chapter 1:

All About NLP


NLP is the short form version used when referring to Neuro Linguistic Programming. Simply put the NLP is the term used to describe the three basic systems within a vast array of connecting systems. These three basic systems are the neurology system, the language system, and the programming system.

The Basics

Basically the neurological system with the body is the one that regulates the different body functions while the language system of an individual determines how the said individual communicates and interacts with others around.

The third system which is the programming system determines the kind of world the individual creates for himself or herself based on the before mentioned systems.

Put together the three distinct systems complement each other to work towards the oneness of mind, language and behavior or interaction. All three systems interplay with each other to produce the images of the individual’s own little “world.”

Being a form of pragmatism the NLP is multi dimensional in its processing form and allows for the development of behavioral adjustments and competence with a touch of flexibility.

These inter twined systems also creates the possibility for the forming of strategic thinking and the understanding of the mental and cognitive which constitutes certain behavioral patterns in an individual.

The NLP systems also provides for the circumstances to develop the individual excellence levels while also establishing the empowering

belief of a particular system. It also functions as a discovery tool to facilitate self discovery, exploring the individual’s identity and also to create a self mission mindset.

There is also the element of spirituality involved as the NLP also provides the frame work for the individual to freely and with a higher level of understanding explore this part of the human existence. In essence NLP is not only about competence and excellence but it is also about discovering the potentials of wisdom and vision too.

Chapter 2:

How Does NLP Help You Grow


Everyone likes to be able to grow both mentally and physically. There are many ways of addressing this issue of growth; some are pretty easy and straight forward while others can be quite unnervingly complicated like NLP. Seemingly simple it has a lot of underlying complications and implications.

Behind It

Being able to truly discern the various levels of the understanding and thought process of one’s self and of those around will create the possibility of being able to better relate to each other and transfer information more efficiently.

Everyone has different ways and forms of processing the information around them. This information is processed by the senses while include sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.

When it comes to communication the sensors most used are the sense of sight which is then communicated through other skills or forms. These forms may include visual, audio, kina esthetic or a combination of these.

Being able to identify correctly the form used by the individuals on the receiving end of the information will ensure that the said information is correctly understood for what it is.

It would be a little more difficult to communicate when the NLP systems used by others are not quite the same as one’s self. However this does not mean communication is impossible; it just means it may cause a few confusions before the matter is understood completely and easily.

Therefore identifying which form is best suited to the individual would allow for the better and quicker absorption of information. If the form that is best suited is visual then perhaps being exposed to a lot of visually presented information would facilitate faster absorption.

If the mode of information is auditory then those that are better able to absorb auditory instructions or information would benefit. Similarly with kina esthetics which would require the involvement of touch and feel in order to be an effective tool of communication.

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