Master of cunnilingus

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Want to become a better lover and quickly conquer women’s hearts? It is worth mastering the art of cunnilingus. If you think that doing this is not a male occupation, then you are very wrong. The girl will quickly feel your disgust and disparity. For a long time in her bed, you will not last, but most likely it will be a one-off unpleasant meeting for her at all.

In the manual correct techniques, how to prepare a girl, frequent mistakes, hygiene, etc. Tips for girls — how to hint the guy about the desire for oral caresses for themselves.

The right technique and secrets of the best cunnilingus

Oral caresses in the performance of women are perceived as completely traditional. But performed by a man cause a huge wave of gratitude and warmth of a woman. Possession of the technique of cunnilingus and the desire to demonstrate it instantly raise the male’s rating in the female eyes just to the skies. It is especially important to practice in delivering such pleasure to a woman also due to the fact that some women are able to achieve orgasm in this way only. If we take the statistical cut, then this is about a third of the female sexually active population. Oral caresses in any case are able to diversify the sex life and bring her some special sensations.

Oral sex: how to prepare a woman and what you need to know a man

Many men generally perceive oral caresses, as something humiliating, fastidious and unworthy of them. “This is not my level,” “I’m not on those matters,” is an entirely ordinary life story. However, the paradox lies in the fact that these guys are always ready to receive oral pleasure. What is this for gender injustice then? Accordingly, not every man in principle will condescend to kuni. And yet a smaller percentage of its performers think about mastering some ideal technique or even some technique in principle.

Of course, the hygienic side of the process plays an important role. Often unpleasant sensations of men are connected with the presence of abundant vegetation in the genital area of a woman. If this is a fact, then an unpleasant addition may be a rejecting odor. From the point of view of physiology, everything is perfectly logical. In the bowels of any hair is warm. And if it is still wet sometimes, then such a place is ideal for the colonization of bacteria and viruses. If we talk about female genitalia, then the relative proximity of the mucous membrane of the vagina, which also has its microflora, also plays its role in this process.

One of the important points that man needs to learn before moving on to mastering the technique of correct cunnilingus is that it is necessary to act delicately in any case. The language should not bore the provided territory. To think that the maximum strong pressure will lead to the maximum result, is mistaken. Clitoris and his “close environment” are very sensitive erogenous zone of a woman. Therefore, with aggressive action, a woman can moan and nail into the head not only with pleasure.

Fundamentals of the best technique for cunnilingus

In the ideal technique of cunnilingus, there are several important points. Here they are:

1. A woman should relax as much as possible. And for this she must always be in a comfortable position. You should not force her to take extreme bizarre poses and try to persuade her to demonstrate all the wonders of stretching. Let her just make herself comfortable. And there is one secret: a woman will finish faster if her legs are as close as possible.

2. A man does not need to strain too much. The main acting organ in the cunnilingus process is the language. But even it is better to relax and use flat. He should be affectionate and inviting, not aggressive and aggressive.

3. The tension of the oral muscle can also be perceived as an unpleasant sensation. Therefore, it is better to move your head gently and slowly, covering an ever larger surface of the accessible part of the female genital organ.

4. Of course, the main role in the process of female excitement is played by the clitoris. It is he who is the center of pleasure. But when there is only his stimulation, this sensation brings the woman very sharp, which is not always pleasant. Therefore, it is better to grasp the area surrounding the clitoris. Some women like it when a man takes on the clitoris with his lips, and then gently releases it, showering with his warm breath.


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