Marina Sprose’s poems and songs

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Venice. Book 2

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“Shadow Fight”

I went to the fight —

Shadow fight with you!

The invisible enemy is causing fear.

I’m afraid to surrender, I’m holding back.

I’ll be proud, I’ll fight vanity!

The invisible struggle is no sign of it.

I killed anger, that Thursday.

We’ll do a duel with fear now.

I’ll give him a right hook.

I’ll turn around and take a walk.

I’ll take my revenge on him.

For years of loss, I’ll answer now!

And the battle of the sword, I watch the shoulder.

How do you win? They’re all hosts!

Some power, it’s just been painful!

I got a sword.

You shouldn’t have…


The rain is knocking on the roof,

Like a heartbeat,

You’ll hear me —

I’m running in the rain.

It’s raining me

I’m all wet,

Half the heart —

You’re on bail.

Wind breaks:

— Maybe the light isn’t nice.

— No, in the world —

I didn’t like that!

What’s my twist?

It will rain me

And no fire and no smoke.

Take your heart

The rain is knocking so hard,

Heart knocking is like it.

There’s a twist —

What if you don’t come?

With tears of wet

 A drop of rain

To put it in words,

I can’t, I can’t…

We’re scared

We fear to live

We’re afraid to swim,

We’re afraid to believe

And love.


And one in the field of a warrior,

That’s the fate.

Seems calm.

And the heart is struggle.

To make life better,

Never push.

To our Lord

We kept living.

So that we may be with our Lord,

Doing everything.

Maybe you won’t hear

I repeat the words:

To make life better,

Never push

To our Lord

We kept living

I’m not sorry

How fake the violin plays…

How insensitive and not sorry —

I’ll have all your fake smile

Cowardice and sadness.

I’ve paid enough

To truthfulness and grace.

The insolence and the depression

Stop “torturing me”!

And hearing the sound and the herbs,

The look tired is in the sea.

I don’t feel sorry for you —

Fake Peñer!

Stop “torturing me”!

Who are you?

— Who are you?

— I’m human.

— Are you human?

— You got a name?

— Yes, I do.

My father

I’m supposed to be the name,

I’ve been wearing it since.

— Where’s your house?

— My house, where love was born,

Where he ran around and barefoot,

Where’s Mommy’s voice?

I’m a human being, and I’m simple.

— What are you wearing? Simple?

— What’s inside?

— What are you?

— I thought of the masty sometimes

My proud head.

What about this?

To him who is an outcast,

To the hero,

Inside, I feel my soul.

I’m a human being, and I’m simple.

— You’re a man!

— You’re not easy!

— You’re a man!

— And be Yousa!

Don’t be ridiculous, my head

I’m drunk with love

Take your time!

To be together great —

Make it funny!

You’re a funny story.

Don’t be ridiculous!

And that we should be together —

You’re gonna have to decide.

If you and I had a fight —

Write it!

The fates of obstacles

Don’t sin!

Don’t be ridiculous, my head.

Don’t be ridiculous!

Our holidays

I hate holidays!

Well, I don’t like a holiday days.

I’m warmer to celebrate with you —

Smiles days, where it’s like heaven.

Our days, special, colorful,

Where we have guests full of house,

The vanity in the kitchen and it seems,

We’re like waiting for something.

I want to celebrate with you,

Those minutes we’re together.

Where there’s a different kind of place,

Where you’re with me, we sing songs.

I hate holidays,

We don’t have a celebration.

I’m warmer, a moment of joy,

There’s a happy ending between us


I barely got up,

She’s been throwing tea in her skin.

Dressed, walked out on the balcony.

I’ve only gone through my eyes

It’s a street of the street.

And I see he’s coming!

The Major is from the movies!

The Major is from the movies!

I dreamed of him last night.

I was flying in my dreams!

I was flying in my dreams!

— Why?

— Nothing!

I’m in love!

And everything in the movies is set!

I love Majora!

— Wait, Major!

— I’m all yours!

He turned around and said,

— Why?

— Nothing!

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